Moira Eco Village & Jungle Resort

Moira Eco Village & Jungle Resort

Best in class resort near Raipur, Chhattisgarh for quick rejuvenation and also for wildlife enthusiasts, adventure junkies and nature loving.

Services include Conservation, Learning, Adventure & Wellness programs. Moira eco village and jungle resort is for nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, adventure & fitness freaks. It serves people of all age groups from school to college children, families and veterans, Service class, executives and corporate. Facilities at Moira:
Moira has best of facilities available, such as arrangements for s

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Moira Eco Village & Jungle Resort for you friends

Photos from Moira Eco Village & Jungle Resort's post 01/12/2023
Photos from Moira Eco Village & Jungle Resort's post 01/12/2023

Adventure Activities @ moira


Lovely mornings Moira Eco Village & Jungle Resort


Nature treks and jungle walks @ Moira Eco Village & Jungle Resort


Pool activities @ Moira Eco Village & Jungle Resort


Moira today..


Guests enjoying the pool games @ Moira Eco Village & Jungle Resort

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Daily Shuttle Services for day picnics from major cities of Chattisgarh @1499/-
Inclusions: Welcome drink, Veg lunch, Hi Tea, Indoor-Outdoor Sports, Pool & Rain Dance

Photos from Moira Eco Village & Jungle Resort's post 14/11/2021

at Barnawapara. For more details call 7354990001


Dear Guests,
Thanks for visiting . Hope to see you soon


Guests at Moira Resort Enjoying the musical chair. What are you waiting for....


The personalised services at Moira makes the guest feel out of the world.

Guests personally meeting and giving him the gift for the special care given to him and his family

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Sabne Enjoy kiya aap kab aa rahe hain.....


We celebrated Deepawali with showing the tribal culture of Chhattisgarh.

At Moira Resort you have 365 days and 365 reasons to visit

More details soon till you enjoy the traditional Rout nacha


Enjoy the famous Sua dance of Chhattisgarh at Moira Eco Village Barnawapara Chhattisgarh

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Our Story

Moira Eco Village is an organisation comprising of conservation & learning programs, fitness & wellness programs, adventure & obstacle courses, skill development, survival skills and finishing modules, state of art outward bound Lab, team building and corporate training programmes under the aegis of Arhamm Learning and Healthcare foundation.

It is a destination for nature lovers, Conservationists, Naturalists, wildlife enthusiasts, adventure & fitness freaks. Moira Eco village is based on an experiential learning model where people are exposed to physical and mental challenges. It is planned and designed to take people away from their comfort zones, sedentary and monotonous life style and daily routines. It serves people of all age groups from school to college children, families and veterans, Service class executives and corporate. The challenges are in form of adventure and obstacle courses inside the camp and in wilderness settings.

We, at Moira believe that physically and mentally challenging experiences, when facilitated by trained & qualified professionals in a safe and supportive environment, help us to discover and develop the strength of character, ability to lead and desire to serve. We believe that reflection is as important as action in developing skills and learning from experiences. We respect the diverse capabilities and talents of each individual and are dedicated to helping them to discover their true potential.

Moira’s mission is to make every person physically and mentally fit to face the day to day challenges and the life ahead and Moira does it by;
• Designing physically and mentally challenging activities in controlled environment with minimal risk facilitated by trained & qualified professionals.
• Taking people out of their comfort zones and making them know that there is a world outside their comfort zones and work places.
• Making people learn how to live a life with minimum facilities and with bare necessities.
• Taking people out from of their nuclear families and teaching them how to live in groups, share things with friends and make new friends.
• Interacting with people coming from other cultural and ethnic backgrounds and completing the assigned tasks with the help of such people and group members.

Plans & Programmes
There are wide variety of plans & programmes available at Moira. The plans start from half day, full day, over night adventure and wellness programs to 3 day, 5 day, 7 day & 14 day. Moira also conduct many training programmes such as team building & corporate trainings programmes, Teacher training and faculty development programmes and finishing modules for personality development with the help of trained, qualified and experienced faculty associated with us. Moira has plans and programmes are for all age groups ranging from a 6 year child to a 65 year veteran.

Benefits and outcomes of the Plans & Programmes:
There are many direct and indirect benefits of taking up plans & programmes at Moira; some of them are as follows
•Building Self confidence, Attitude and Self – belief.
•Improved Self-awareness, Self Discipline and Self control.
•Increased team spirit, Enhanced communication & Interpersonal skills.
•Increased Problem solving skills and Decision making through consensus.
•Improved Leadership and Survival skills/ improved risk taking ability.
•Ability to face Adversities and Challenges head.
•Intra & Inter Group Dynamics, Cooperation, Coordination to Create synergy.
•Building Trust and Bonding, Retrospective Analysis.
•Enhanced Awareness of Environment and Social Issues.
•Improved Humility, Concern and Compassion for fellow human beings.

Facilities at Moira:
Moira Eco Village has best of facilities available, such as arrangements for stay in Luxurious air-conditioned and air cooled Suites, Pool side deluxe rooms, Dormitories and Tents. Moira also has a well furnished restaurant which serve vegetarian, non vegetarian whole sum, Indian, Chinese and continental food with multiple dining options in open and covered settings. Moira is also equipped with state of art Outbound lab, Swimming pools; Open lounging areas, Classrooms for teaching, Outdoor library and reading areas, Conference rooms, Seminar halls and Workshops with a wide range of training and finishing modules.

Activities at Moira:
There are wide range of Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Night activities available at Moira. The morning indoor activities include Yoga, Meditation, Aerobics & Zumba with outdoor activities such as Joggers track, Navigation, Nature walks, treks and trails. The camp also has Multigym, Indoor and outdoor sports facilities.

The afternoon sessions are for Adventure and Obstacle course activities with indoor & outdoor Classrooms, Conferences, Seminar and Workshops.
The evening session holds Camp fires, Borne fires, Music and Dance which further continue to late night with local Tribal & Cultural dances and Short films on wide variety of subjects.

Adventure and Obstacle courses at Moira:
At present Moira has started with Land adventures and shortly moira will be starting Water and Air adventures in the coming months. There are more than 25 land adventure sports activities and more than 15 obstacle course activities planned and designed inside the campus of “MOIRA ECO VILLAGE”. Moira has the added benefit of its location at the Barbaspur gate of the barnawapara sanctuary which is the nearest wildlife destination to the state capital. Hence moira also has jungle adventure activities such as
Jungle Safaris on 4x4 gypsies, Horseback, and ATVs (From January onwards)
• Nature Walks, Treks, Trails, Navigation and Jungle Runs
• Conservation activities and Village CSRs.
• Survival skill courses such as finding Water, Food, Shelter and make Fire in wilderness.

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