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You'll feel a difference in 10 lessons.You'll see a difference in 20. You'll have a new body in 30!! ~Joseph Pilates

Body Language, a Pilates Yoga studio and registered Cultural Association near centro Florence, Italy has been drawing a word of mouth crowd since it’s opening in September, 2005. Its intimate ambiance is perfect not only for small group Pilates and Yoga classes, but also for Ayurvedic massage, private Yoga sessions & private Pilates machine sessions. Most of the classes are taught in English and t


I love a NEW YEAR !! Hope to see you soon in the studio, and here's the schedule...


Elizabeth Orchard | Artist | Textile Painting

A rare extra post! Please check out my friend, Elizabeth Orchard's new Face Book page, Elizabeth Orchard - Artist. She's a marvelous painter and would love to hear back from you (with a LIKE, of course!) about her work. You can also check out her full scope at Good luck, Elizabeth! Elizabeth Orchard - collections gallery showing a broad range of her work, including many commissions

[09/20/12]   General Certification Information


We've just re-shot the photos for our Pilates Machines Certification Manual! The new manual will contain hundreds of original photographs taken at the studio here in Florence. I'd also like to thank the people who helped with the production: Ilaria Rubini, Lisa Irene, Chris Herring, Kathy Hochberg, Kathryn Cameron and especially Matt Langthorne. Thanks also to Melissa Ferrer for lending a much needed hand, her husband Jack and his buddies Davide and Alessio for moving equipment around. We'll springboard these images into several other projects, so stay tuned!!!!


Body Language Pilates Yoga Studio and Cultural Association's cover photo


Did you know that one of the foundations of the Pilates Method was Yoga? When Mr. Joseph Pilates was an adolescent he was plagued by rickets, asthma and general bad health. When just a pup, he devised a regime for himself based on martial arts, boxing, tumbling, calisthenics, deep breathing exercises and YOGA! By age 18 he had so fine tuned his body (and cured is asthma), he was modeling for anatomy books. If you're familiar with Yoga, you'll spot lots of exercises that resemble certain Yoga asanas. Though we tend not to hold those positions for so long in Pilates and keep moving, almost every Pilates exercise has an element of stretch built in to its choreography. Yoga has been around for thousands of years, but it took Joe Pilates to put it into a form that actually strengthens as it elongates muscles, creates flexibility while training certain muscles to fix the joints in a healthy way, and uses breathing as a form of momentum. 'Bright guy way ahead of his time!


Body Language Pilates Yoga Studio and Cultural Association's cover photo


A Plank is a Plank is a Plank, unless you have Wunda Chair pedals under your paws! With the Pilates Method you learn to stabilize with certain muscles that would normally be a prime movers and vice-versa: you'll isolate larger muscles (i.e. keep them busy doing something like stabilizing), and give the smaller intrinsic muscles a chance to develop (i.e. keep them busy doing something like motivating).
In the Up-Down stretch on the Chair, similar to the Swan on the Mats, your upper body will rise into light extension from the compression coming up from the under your hands, arms and shoulders. You'll you use your core, glutes and legs to stabilize that position. Then your abs and glutes work together to press back down to the lower pedal position while you stabilize your shoulders. During this exchange of motivating/stabilizing, your full-body Plank pivots up and down from your center of gravity and multitasks all the muscles.


The Wunda Chair is incredibly versatile. Besides doing about 100 different exercises on it, you can flip it, insert still available cushions for it, and use it as a chair in a tight NYC apartment (Mr. Pilates originally designed it for this). The exercise you see is a version of Control Balance. It takes concentrated muscle organization in abs, glutes, legs and arms to balance in this position whether you're on the Chair, on the Mats or even the on fitness ball! Once you've got this super advanced exercise down, with or without modifications, you know you're performing at your peak.


To come into contact with your low ab muscles, lay flat on your back and touch your hip bones (ASIS). Work your index & third fingers just to the inside of those bones where soft tissue begins. Stay in neutral spine, scoop your belly and draw in your pelvic floor and you'll feel lots of activity under your fingers. Using a Pilates breath, breath in through the nose and out through your mouth, and maintain that connection! If you're fairly advanced try the exercise pictured, "Footwork", keeping the connection under your fingers whether you're breathing in or out, or in whatever positions your legs move through. You'll feel empowered and strong!


At Body Language we focus on recruiting all parts of your Core to practice exercises that involve lifting torso and/or legs up from the floor. . . Core components like low abdominals, pelvic floor, obliques, latissimus dorsi, rhomboids and other back muscles. The shoulders remain fixed, the focus is intense and your abs feel like steel when you're completely connected! It takes a while to work up to the advanced version of these exercises, but along the way you develop the muscles and concentration it takes to do them.


'So you look good coming, but how about going?! The Pilates exercises that develop muscles to stabilize your shoulders also shape them and your back's contours ... who'd've thought?


Body Language Pilates Yoga Studio and Cultural Association's cover photo 13/03/2012

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Whether you're working on the machines or the mats, be sure to include extension exercises like the Swan, in modified or classical versions, to balance out the way we tend to do almost everything with the spine in flexion. (PS, it feels GREAT!)


The Boomerang - a great example of harnessing momentum!


Wow, Thursdays surely shaping up around here! We've got Melissa Ferrer starting her 6-week Ashtanga Series on this Thursday, Feb 16 at 6:30 pm and Hanna Drechsel planning her Giuma Kids' Yoga Program debut on Thursdays at 5 pm starting March 1. Please contact Dennis for more information on both programs and to get registered. Happy Valentine's Day coming up, too! — at Melissa at Body Language.


A lovely example of a Monkey Stretch on the Cadillac!


If you haven't already met Melissa Ferrer ... here she is doing a perfect Shoulder Stand - just one of the asanas she'll be teaching in her upcoming classes at BL!


"Teasers" at Body Language!


The Pilates Mats Certification begins this Saturday at 2:30! If you are interested in becoming a Pilates Mats teacher, please contact me at the studio to get started! Next certifications coming up will be this March - April on select weekends for Pilates Machines (remember that Mats certification is a pre-requisite), the Ashtanga/Mats dual certification in May, and another Mats Certification follows up this Fall. -Dennis


Balance and arm work behind the Cadillac at Body Language, Florence

[01/08/12]   Be sure to check out the Body Language Pilates & Yoga Studio Florence's website for up to the minute information about the studio!

[01/04/12]   Thanks Yvette and Rosa for you nice comments! Come on to Florence and visit -Dennis 02/01/2012

Body Language Pilates & Yoga Studio Florence

Here's another way to check our schedule for the week of January 3, 2012 and the see the rest of the site for more information.



Pilates Mats Intro Sessions - one on one session to familiarize a new client with the vocabulary, body parts and Body Language teaching style. Gratis.

Contact us to set up an appointment:
Dennis Clark (+39) 335.790.4029
Email: [email protected]



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