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aljazeera.com 28/03/2019

EU parliament approves ban on single-use plastics

Finally, things are moving forward! 😄

aljazeera.com The European Parliament votes by 560 to 35 in favour of banning 10 single-use plastics.

tuscanywanders.com 22/02/2019

Convergent Evolution

Shark vs. Dolphin! Who would win?

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tuscanywanders.com 15/01/2019

Attenborough’s Dynasties

" The latest series is called Dynasties, and it follows the struggles of five animal families as they do their best to rear their young, thus completing the cycle of life. "

tuscanywanders.com If you are in any way intrigued by the natural world, you surely know David Attenborough and his astonishing career in natural history film making. Since the 1950s David has been pioneering film ma…

tuscanywanders.com 09/01/2019

24th Conference Of Parties

"According to the report officially requested in the Paris meeting in 2015, more than 45% of the CO2 emissions have to be cut before 2030."

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tuscanywanders.com From December 2nd to December 15th, the Polish city of Katowice hosted COP24 (24th Conference Of the Parties), the UN Climate Change Conference. In a previous meeting, in Paris, (COP21) 195 countri…

tuscanywanders.com 15/12/2018

Welcome Back, Beaver!

Welcome back Beaver! 😍

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[12/11/18]   The taller one rises, the farther he sees; whoever farther sees, the longer he dreams.
(Felice Bonaiti)

lifegate.com 10/11/2018

Another giant has left us: the Sumatran rhino is extinct in the wild - LifeGate


lifegate.com In the Malaysian state of Sabah there are no Sumatran rhinos left in the wild, the Environment Minister says.

[11/08/18]   Foliage, the wonder of the autumn 🍂

The trees in the autumn are painted creating a wonderful mix of colors and then slowly undress forming a soft and slippery carpet on the ground. While evergreen plants keep the leaves for the whole year because their compact and waxy structure allows them to overcome the winter, plants with an expanded leaf lose them.
This is not a passive process but through a series of simultaneous actions, they are preparing for the cold and the chill of winter.
In fact, plants are able to feel the decreasing length of the day, so they stop making photosynthesis, performed by the chloroplasts, which are responsible for the green color during spring and summer season. At this point, other pigments like carotenoids and anthocyanins prevail, giving the leaf the colors of autumn, yellow, orange, red in thousands of shades.
At the same time, plants extract from the leaves all the nutrients that can serve them and then later, at the base of the petiole, form a layer of weakened cells that will allow its detachment with the first wind.
The miracle is not over: fallen leaves protect the ground from the cold and after the winter, they fertilize it.

tuscanywanders.com 05/11/2018


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Altro Sport e tempo libero Florence (vedi tutte)
Via Del Ferrone 5
Florence, 50125

KLAB Centers - L'universo del Fitnesa Contatti Klab Proxima B 0574572779 Klab Marignolle 3371057461 Lido di Marignolle (piscine esterne) 3349825819 Klab Conti 055215902 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

Sport Academy ASD Sport Academy ASD
Via Forlanini 6
Florence, 50127

Associazione Sportiva che organizza e gestisce progetti e attività per bambini e ragazzi su tutto il territorio di Firenze, e su Milano zona Corvetto. Il nostro fiore all'occhiello sono i Centri Estivi... noi siamo "un altro modo di fare Sport"!

Xs Persport Xs Persport
Vicolo Di Santa Maria Maggiore 1
Florence, 50100

Sport, Eventi e Tempo Libero

Scuola di Ricamo S. Jacopino Scuola di Ricamo S. Jacopino
Via Benedetto Marcello 30
Florence, 50144

Buongiorno amiche. Questa Scuola di ricamo, associata all'omonima Parrocchia di Firenze è nata nell'Ottobre 2004 per tramandare quest'arte bella ed antica.

Aeroclub Firenze Aeroclub Firenze
Via Del Termine, 11
Florence, 50127

Brevetto di volo PPL, scuola per Droni, scuola di volo, volo turistico, manutenzione aeronautica, CAMO.

Pedego Firenze Pedego Firenze
Via Del Castello D'Altafronte, 28r-30r-32r
Florence, 50122

Pedego Electric Bike, the new way to ride a bike... Rent - buy & customize. Choose your Touristic Tour Hello, fun!

Stefano Falsetti Guida Turistica - City of Florence Guide Stefano Falsetti Guida Turistica - City of Florence Guide
Florence, 50143

Laureato, docente di storia dell'arte, guida turistica e accompagnatore turistico qualificato, guida sportiva Creo itinerari su misura alla scoperta del territorio fiorentino.

Intralot Scandicci Intralot Scandicci
Via Boccherini 3
Florence, 50018

Sala scommesse, sala slot, apertura serale durante gli avvenimenti sportivi più importanti.

Torneo Amici dell'Arco Torneo Amici dell'Arco
Via Dell'Arciere Toscano

Pagina pubblica ufficiale del torneo toscano AMICI DELL'ARCO - torneo per compagnie di tiro con l'ar

Villa La Petraia Villa La Petraia
Via Della Petraia 40
Florence, 50141

Asd "Babbobike" Asd "Babbobike"
Florence, REGGELLO

Far beneficenza divertendosi.

Ti proteggerò Ti proteggerò
Florence, 50100

"Ti Proteggerò" è un thriller psicologico che racconta la storia di Riccardo, un giovane avvocato che si ritrova ad affrontare una crisi di coscienza.