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Posto per ritrovarsi a fare yoga e sanscrito
Place to study yoga and sanskrit

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Photos from Yoga in via Villari's post 15/11/2022

Samba setubandha sarvangasana, o “il dono di Dio”.
“L’azione di piegare indietro comprime gli organi della parte posteriore del corpo, in particolare i reni e i pancreas, migliorando la circolazione di tali organi. Le costole si espandono e i muscoli del torace diventano liberi. Il diaframma si allarga favorendo le inspirazioni più profonde”. ( dal capitolo 25 di “Arogya yoga”).
Quale variante del supporto preferite?
1,2,3 o 4?
Ho sentito incredibile rilassamento degli occhi e e il viso mettendo la coperta leggermente arrotolata sotto la base del cranio nella variante 3.

Photos from Yoga in via Villari's post 20/10/2022

Lāghava is a noun derived from an adjective laghu which means light, easy, agile, facile.
There a famous shloka in Hatha Yoga Pradipika :

haṭhasya prathama-aṅgatvād-āsanaṁ pūrvam-ucyate |
kuryāt-tad-āsanaṃ sthairyam-ārogyaṃ ca-aṅga-lāghavam ||

Āsana, being the initial limb of Haṭha, is spoken of first.
Āsana brings about steadiness, improved health and lightness of limbs.

Sometimes classical asana feels other then facile and easy - it becomes a struggle.
There we can utilize the help of a chair or other prop to make it accessible and be able to feel that lightness of the body or the limbs Svatmarama is talking about in his text.

The adaptations of some twists
1)Bharadvajasana 1
2) Parsvaupavistakonasana
3)Bharadvajasana 2
4) Marichyasana 3

Photos from Yoga in via Villari's post 28/09/2022

Ālambana means support.
One of the primal motion in yoga is give a support:
- To relax where there is tension
- To feel at ease with an unfamiliar movement, posture or breathing scheme.
- To be able to concentrate and to focus
- To creat confidence in our body and mind which we need so much now not to get scattered with all the global changes our world is going through.

We can use the support in the form of props for asanas.
We can use mantras, counting or focusing on different parts of body as a support for pranayama
We can use different concentration techniques as a support for meditation.


“Polly was all too aware that much of her time on holiday would be spent doing the laundry and the cooking and the child-care and all the other chores that back in London would be shared with her cleaning lady. A holiday with Theo and the children represented two weeks of domestic and maternal drudgery”.
I am so happy to be back from “holidays”!
See you in Florence!!!


"Iyengar Yoga e accenni di terapia con lo yoga": questo il tema del prossimo workshop tenuto da Gabriella e Agrippina, nella magica Montauto 😍.

Tutti i giorni lezioni di , e .
Nel pomeriggio, si parlerà della salute di , e .

7 - 11 settembre 2022

⚠️ Posti limitati!!!
Per info e prenotazioni:
➡️ LINK in BIO
➡️ [email protected]

"Iyengar Yoga and some therapeutic aspects of the Yoga": this is the thematic of Gabriella and Agrippina's next workshop in the magic location of Montauto.

Every day classes, and . In the afternoon, we will study some therapeutic aspects of asana for the health of , and .

7th - 11th September 2022

⚠️Limited places!!! For more info and booking:
➡️ LINK in BIO
➡️ [email protected]


What is the progress in yoga?
I think it cannot be defined by the difficulty of the poses nor by the time we are able to sit still in meditation.

We often hear from students: see my pose has improved; I do it better now; I feel more confident.
Physical stability, ease, confidence, effortlessness, calmness- side effects of yoga practice - for me are the important indicators of the practice going in the right direction. Patanjali gives a list of the companions of the obstacles ( which separate us from the goal of yoga - samadhi): Pain, bad thoughts, shaking of the body and unrhythmic breathing are the accompanying symptoms of mental distraction (duḥkha-daurmanasya-aṅgamejayatva-śvāsapraśvāsāḥ vikṣepa sahabhuvaḥ 1.31). Use them like the road signs: slow down, do a roundabout breathing naturally, find another road if this one is painful. Being able to practice without inviting these companions - seems a great achievement to me.
First I deal with distractions: sickness, dullness, laziness, doubts etc. And then observe that the friends of the distraction don’t sneak into the asana and pranayama practice. This is how I progress in yoga.
What about you?


Guru mean “heavy”. Heavy of wisdom.
Practice with a teacher.
The presence of your teacher does miracles.

Photos from Yoga in via Villari's post 20/06/2022

Seminario all’Elba.
Lo yoga come strumento per imparare i movimenti dei nostri sensi.
A occhi chiusi abbiamo esplorato gli asana e la stabilità.
A bocca silenziosa abbiamo sentito i suoni, gli odori e il suolo sotto i piedi.
A cuori aperti abbiamo fatto entrare il mare dentro.
E con questo mare ritorniamo a casa. Grazie Bianca, , .dina.1

Photos from Yoga in via Villari's post 17/04/2022

“Ho deciso di stare dalla parte dell’amore. L’odio è un peso troppo grande da sopportare”.
Buona Pasqua a tutti!


Here I am with my two teacher: the first one is teaching me shanti mantras and the second ( sleeping) one teaches me shanti mind: whenever you want to separate, dissociate- embrace.
“Mankind must remember that peace is not God’s gift to his creatures; peace is our gift to each other.” – Elie Wiesel


Очередное утро войны. Выхожу на работу. Ёжусь от холода. Переезжая мост площади Альберти, на рассветном небе мерещится бабушка из Мариуполя в трёх кофтах и пальто, которая варит картошку на улице. У неё в доме наверное ещё холоднее, чем тут на улице. Ловлю себя на мысли, что я постоянно примеряю их жизнь. Мама говорит: «не принимай так близко к сердцу». Она конечно переживает, что я вся покрылась прыщами от этого ужаса.
А Гриша спрашивает: «она и к нам прийдет, эта война».
Война пришла ко всем. А особенно к убийцам. И к тем, что на эти убийства молча смотрит.


Il seminario a Cava dei Tirreni quest’anno si terrà dal 22 al 25 aprile.
Save the date!❤️


Per un sereno fine settimana shanti mantra dal Taittiriya Upanishad


Imparare un asana significa imparare a respirare in quest’asana.


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Grazie a tutti che condividete questo viaggio con me!

Timeline photos 18/01/2020

I do enjoy doing this Saturday intensive every last Saturday of the month: students from different classes get together, nobody has to hurry as we do during the week and it’s nice to have a small conversation over the coffee/tea during the break between pranayama and asana.... thank you everyone!!!!!

intesivo yoga 1 incontro 26/10/2019


Timeline photos 27/08/2019

Le lezioni in via Villari riprenderanno lunedì 16 settembre.
Vi aspetto tutti i lunedì e mercoledì dalle 19.00 alle 20.30.

Timeline photos 08/05/2019

Setubandha sarvangasana

Timeline photos 11/03/2019

Let’s go?

Timeline photos 07/03/2019

Seminario di Iyengar Yoga in Costiera
25-28 aprile 2019
> 5 ore di pratica di pranayama e asana al giorno
> Escursione sul sentiero degli dei
> Escursione in barca

Prezzo: 250 euro include lezioni di yoga, 3 pasti al giorno, escursione in barca.
Per info chiamare Agrippina: 3273289503

Timeline photos 13/11/2018

Find the intruder 😊


LightStage - Sziget Festival 2018

Some echoes from our summer. Can you trace your yoga teacher at Szyget festival?

Timeline photos 07/07/2018

Le lezioni si riprenderanno a settembre ma ciò non significa che smettiamo di praticare. È il primo intento della giornata, è il movente dell’energia, è il sorriso per il mondo, - la pratica.

Photos from Yoga in via Villari's post 07/03/2018

Non solo yoga....grazie a tutti!

Timeline photos 17/01/2018

Nuove lezioni mattutine cominciano a breve!
Chiamate per prenotare la lezione di prova gratuita +39 347 4900637

Timeline photos 25/09/2017

Goodbye Bari, hello Florence!
Mercoledì ricomincia lo yoga in via Villari! Vi aspetto!😘

Timeline photos 17/07/2017

Le ultime lezioni a Firenze prima delle vacanze! Oggi, lunedì 17, ore 19.00.
Mercoledì 19, lunedì 24 ore 19.00.
Confermate la vostra partecipanzione. Vi aspetto!

Timeline photos 03/05/2017

As this aloe turned into a magnificent plant being watered and cared for so we nurturing the capacities of our bodies grow into more conscious selves

Timeline photos 02/04/2017

I risvegli di primavera.
La prossima lezione in via Villari sabato 8 aprile alle 9.00.

Timeline photos 14/03/2017

Monday 5.30 pm class. Flying, falling and laughing:)

Timeline photos 25/01/2017

Today's class. Beautiful ushtrasana of my students.

Timeline photos 16/01/2017

Yoga teachers having fun during the practice!

Garbha pindasana, embryo in the womb pose purifies spleen and liver and it also activates the first three chakras: muladhara, svadisthana and manipura. This pose is also believed to help bring spiritual union between one's mind and soul.

Timeline photos 14/01/2017

Pascimottanasana with the trestle.
Using the trestle helps us to extend the back and front spine in the forward bends.

Timeline photos 15/11/2016

Practicing and teaching a new pose: parivritta virabhadrasana 2. Thanks Garth for inspiration!

Timeline photos 23/09/2016

Nuove esperienze, nuovi esperimenti, nuovo anno yogico!!!

Timeline photos 07/09/2016

Cari tutti, le lezioni in via Villari si riprenderanno il mercoledì 28 settembre.
Gli orari:
Lunedì alle 18.00
Martedì alle 9.00
Mercoledì alle 16.45.
Mi mancate!

Timeline photos 19/08/2016

L'ultima lezione della stagione estiva sarà questo sabato alle ore 16. Vi aspetto!

Video (vedi tutte)

La mia piccola pratica quotidiana per il collo.Come bisogna preparare i polsi prima di andare in #adhomukhavrksasana cos...
Guru mean “heavy”. Heavy of wisdom. Practice with a teacher.The presence of your teacher does miracles.
Here I am with my two teacher: the first one is teaching me shanti mantras and the second ( sleeping) one teaches me sha...
Очередное утро войны. Выхожу на работу. Ёжусь от холода. Переезжая мост площади Альберти, на рассветном небе мерещится б...
Per un sereno fine settimana shanti mantra dal Taittiriya Upanishad
40 like 40 #urdhvadhanurasana Grazie a tutti che condividete questo viaggio con me!





Via Villari 33

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Aperta nel 1953 dal campione di body building Tullio Ricciardi, Palestra Ricciardi è oggi la più g

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“Why fear ? Yoga is 99 % practice, 1% theory .” YOGA @ Florence ( V_ROOM, YSE, retreats )

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Scuola di Hatha Yoga Yoga Alliance®-Italia/International

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A 7km dal centro di Firenze, una piccola realtà agricola in movimento. Associazione, luogo d'incontro e di scambio, dove praticare yoga, mangiare bene, privilegiando uno stile di vita sostenibile.

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Inbodhi - A place to surrender, connect, and breath in the beauty and truth of who you are.