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TB&Co specialises in managing boutique hotels in Japan with a focus on ski resorts. Our first-class

As an independent hotelier, TB&CO has been able to successfully compete against large scale chains because of the skills and expertise we have gathered throughout our years in the hospitality industry which means we are able to adapt quickly to situations.




Who will be joining us in Japan from 11th October when travel restrictions finally end? 😀😀

Come stay with us at SnowDog Village in the heart of the winter wonderland of Higashiyama in Niseko!

Book your holiday here

or with the YEN being so low why not buy your dream holiday home here



What was your Covid project?

Life on Lantau interviewed our own Jo Lodder to find out how he has kept motivated through the past Covid years and what he has done to keep his and JNW core values going through this time - check out the interview here on The Running Man!

Elizabeth Kerr Reports - PHOTOS BY Beatrix Malan – www.tmstudiohk.com


Timeline photos 17/08/2022

Do the airlines know something we don’t? ❓✈️❓

Scoot has announced the resumption of flights to Hokkaido in November 2022 in time for the winter ski season, with non-stop flights to Sapporo and one-stop options via Taipei.

Lets hope this happens! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽


Timeline photos 14/02/2022

Fingers crossed this is the start of the end of Japan travel restrictions as they considers easing non-foreigner entry ban🙏🙏

As of 28th February border restrictions will end as scheduled and the government will announce shortly the relaxed next steps.

Businesses have been crying out for the government to open borders especially since the Omicron virus has now become the dominant strain in Japan!

We sure can not wait for this to happen and for international travel to resume and to strategies 🙏😀 🙏




Let's Winter!

Niseko condo-style development for sale!

Check out our residences with this link http://ow.ly/NoFI50GY3UQ



Let's Winter!

Ski-in apartments & chalets for sale

Check out our residences with this link http://ow.ly/NoFI50GY3UQ

Timeline photos 04/01/2022

🎆🎉Happy New Year 🎉🎆

Wishing you all a happy & prosperous 2022

Timeline photos 22/12/2021



The magical charm of night skiing in Niseko.

Our very best wishes to you all for the holiday season!

#神秘的 #ナイター #冬旅行 #コンドミニアム生活 #羊蹄山麓 #ニセコ #北海道 #スキー #スノーボード



Lets Winter!

Niseko ski apartments and chalets for sale!

Check out our residences with this link http://ow.ly/wBkg50GY3UP

Timeline photos 28/09/2021

Koh Samui finishes a close second as the top best island in Asia!

We have opened an office in Koh Samui now and if you are looking to buy an apartment, villa or land there please get in touch!


Marriott President Stephanie Linnartz puts hotel recovery in perspective, details efforts to reignite business travel as the Delta rages - The Business Journals 26/09/2021

An interesting interview on putting the hotel recovery in perspective with Marriott President Stephanie Linnartz.

She is very, very bullish on the future of travel!

Take away:

- finding ways to be more efficient
- understanding occupancy break even levels
- very bullish about the return of travel

- the concern with the impact this has had on the youth as our sector employs 2x than any other sector.
- 1-10 jobs globally & we’re 10% of GDP as a sector


Marriott President Stephanie Linnartz puts hotel recovery in perspective, details efforts to reignite business travel as the Delta rages - The Business Journals As president of the largest hotel brand in the world, Stephanie Linnartz has the authority to say that, without question, this has been the most challenging period for hotel owners and operators in recent memory, perhaps ever.

The Top 25 Hotel Brands in the World 26/09/2021

The Worlds Top 25 Hotel Brands by Travel & Leisure is out!

Aman, Rosewood and Park Hyatt make the list which is exciting as these three are also in Niseko, Japan.

Park Hyatt Hanazono Niseko opened in 2020.

Rosewood will be located in Niseko Village just a few minutes from our own SnowDog Village

Aman will be located near Annupuri close to our Raku Ichi Residences.

We are very proud to be amongst such prestige brands, not to mention the Ritz Carlton and Hilton as well.


The Top 25 Hotel Brands in the World Larger hotel companies and boutique hotel groups are equally beloved by Travel + Leisure readers, according to this year's World's Best survey.

Timeline photos 23/09/2021

People are booking Christmas vacations earlier than ever before in the US and UK!

- what about in Asia - where will you be this Christmas and will you be travelling?


Timeline photos 21/09/2021

Bloomberg reports that Thailand is to ease their immigration policy to attract 1m high-potential long-stay foreigners and also have plans to waive quarantine for vaccinated international travelers starting October!


Timeline photos 19/09/2021

Want to holiday abroad - How about Niseko for Xmas then?

As a gift for Qantas announcing they will be resuming flights in December we are running an exclusive offer here - please check it out here


Timeline photos 18/09/2021

Holiday here? No thanks, I've had enough of Australia - see you in Niseko! 🙏😀⛷️




- Did you know Qantas is set to resume flights in December from Australia to Japan?

- Are you dreaming of skiing this Christmas and holidays?

- As a celebration, we are offering a 40% discount today on our ski apartments for a limited time only

- RISK-FREE - Money Down Today

Make a wish, your dreams could come true!! How would you like to be skiing in champagne powder snow in Niseko, eating delicious Japanese food, and relaxing in natural hot springs!

Take advantage of this limited-time offer of a 40% no money down discount today!


Timeline photos 05/09/2021

Where do locals like to go in Sapporo Japan?

One of the delights of staying at SnowDog Village in Hokkaido is the opportunity to visit its capital city Sapporo.

The city has lots of space with beautiful parks along with the surrounding countryside and mountain views with picturesque traditional Japanese temples.


Timeline photos 04/09/2021

Australian carrier Qantas are preparing for the resumption of international flights to Singapore, UK, Japan and the US by Christmas.

“We know there’s huge underlying demand. People don’t want another Christmas where they are isolated from their families, let alone internationally, but [also] in Australia,” Joyce said on CNBC’s


Timeline photos 01/09/2021

Hyatt to buy apple leisure's portfolio of brands, which includes 33,000 hotel rooms for USD 2.7billion.

This could increase their footprint by up to 60% and will also accelerate Hyatt’s asset-light transformation.


Timeline photos 30/08/2021

'One of the most dynamic property markets in Asia'

Join expert Bill Barnett, Managing Director of C9 Hotelworks here as he discusses the latest trends.

Points that he discusses:

👉 Huge transaction growth with increases in Niseko Village, Annupuri, and Hanazono.

👉 2 bedrooms are the most popular apartment configurations and 3 bedrooms with houses.

👉 The tourism market is heading towards becoming a year-round destination.

👉 Majority of properties are purchased as a holiday home investment.

👉 Land banking - looking at long-term appreciation as a given.

👉 Growth of traditional hotel and branded market as Niseko moves into a mature tourist location.

👉 Niseko has proved to be a highly stable market and will continue to be

👉 Sale price appreciation even with pandemic with an average price per m2 over 17k USD

Niseko is a dynamic property market with great snow and although seasonal at the moment, this is changing to be more like Whistler as an all-year-round tourist destination.

Download the report here - http://ow.ly/81jX50G0w6t


Timeline photos 27/08/2021

The BEAUTY of Japan's LONELY vending machines - there are some amazing photos in this article - take a look!

Japan has over 5.5 million vending machines - one for every 23 people and are a mainstay of their culture.

Photographer Eiji Ohashi spent years photographing them across Japan in the dead of the night, and now he has brought the images together in a book titled "Roadside Lights."

This photo, which shows Mount Yotei in the background, is his favorite from the collection.

Credit: Eiji Ohashi


Timeline photos 23/08/2021


Hotel brands are on the rise as Niseko's land prices increase - C9 Hotelworks report - check out here!

Hospitality sector set for an influx of hotel brands such as Six Senses, Moxy, Aman, Capella and New World (Rosewood Group)

Summary trend & outlook
👉 11% growth rate for apartments in 2021 - USD 17,056 per m2
👉 USD 2.69 billion in real estate transactions
👉 25% y-o-y land price increases
👉 Strong hotel brand confidence
👉 Increased building cost y-o-y of 5%


Timeline photos 23/08/2021

Netflix series 'Gourmet Stays' came to Niseko and stopped by our own Raku Ichi Soba to experience Tatsuru Rai genius in action & they were not disappointed!


Timeline photos 18/08/2021

GREAT NEWS for the first steps in opening up boarders! 😀

👉 First direct flight from Hong Kong landed in Phuket a few days ago with Cathay Pacific ✈️

What does this mean for Thailand and Phuket and all of us looking forward to traveling again?

According to the latest Phuket Sandbox report, a total of 353,529 room nights have been booked under this scheme. Of those, 190,843 (53%) were for July; 143,566 (40%) were for August; 19,120 (5%) were for September; and 9,797 (3%) were for October to February.

This is good news as Phuket slowly moves to opening up...Koh Samui is following suit too with their own Samui Sealed Route programme.

So who fancies a holiday in Phuket? Check out the rules needed here for entry....


Timeline photos 17/08/2021

Summer BBQ's Hokkaido style, in-house dog massages, road trips and golf are just a few of the activities you and your four-legged friend can enjoy whilst staying with us at SnowDog Village!

COVID times have been incredibly frustrating as a hotel operator however coming up with new experiences for our guests are one of the ways that we have been able to enjoy strong occupancy when there have been no restriction on domestic guests to travel.

We see a bright future as we move through these into better less restrictive times 🙏😀


Timeline photos 16/08/2021







Take advantage of long stay (from 20 nights) and early bird discounts at SnowDog Village, perfect for a workation!! Pack your bag (and your dog) and swap your everyday desk for beautiful views of Hokkaido's green season😉

Niseko's green season continues as we move into the beautiful autumn season!

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Timeline photos 14/08/2021

Changes in lifestyle and COVID-19 fatigue have highlighted a dramatic rise in urban flight.

FazWaz Co-Founder and CEO Brennan Campbell said “By tracking the data from Q2 2020 to mid-2021 on buying motivation of either a holiday home or for investment purposes, we can see a change in behavior towards lifestyle purchases in Phuket, Koh Samui and Pattaya, with the sharpest uptick being Hua Hin.”


Tokyo 2020 was Japan's best Olympics yet, with record medal haul 11/08/2021

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to Team Japan.

This has been a tough Olympics for everyone however its great to see that Japans 58 medal haul was their biggest ever with a whopping 27 gold medals to finish 3rd behind the USA and China.

Check out here where they won these medals


Tokyo 2020 was Japan's best Olympics yet, with record medal haul Japan won a record-breaking 58 medals at this year's Olympic Games. Here's every medal won by Team Japan

Timeline photos 02/08/2021

Taste of summer🥂

One of the pleasures of life in Niseko, Hokkaido




カジュアルな日には、併設レストラン で愛犬同伴でお食事、またはテイクアウトしてお部屋で🤗



#うに #ホタテ #夏休み #夏グルメ #夏旅行 #コンドミニアム生活 #羊蹄山麓 #ニセコ #北海道

Timeline photos 24/07/2021




The air is clean and the temperature is mild. Hokkaido offers one of the best golfing setups in Asia!

Check out our website for great golf deals and accommodation packages😉

#ゴルフ #夏休み #夏旅行 #コンドミニアム生活 #羊蹄山麓 #ニセコ #北海道

Timeline photos 12/07/2021

Thailand - "THE LAND OF SMILES" is back!!

As they launch Phukets "Sandbox Plan" with some 67 countries on the list including Hong Kong, Japan, UK, USA & UAE - the first international tourists arrived on Thursday 1st July - check this article out to see the list.

After completing 14 nights in Phuket, you are free to travel around Thailand (following local province rules)

This unique scheme is to provide relatively free travel within the country and baby-steps for the start of opening up the international tourism & hospitality sector!

Thailand's tourist industry has time and time again shown how resilient it is, and how quickly it can bounce back and I am sure that this will be no exception!!




His Soba Noodles did not disappoint!! 👍❤️❤️

Netflix loved our Famous Raku Ichi Soba Restaurant in Niseko.

Soba Master Tatsuru Rai received a standing ovation and Jo (presenter) said "that was by far one of the most special dining experiences I’ve ever had"

Watch the full series on Netflix "The worlds Most Amazing Vacation Rentals"

or follow us here and subscribe to our YouTube channel to see more videos posted regularly on food, culture & real estate offers!


Timeline photos 30/06/2021




Snow-like puffballs of cotton grass - a beautiful scenery found in the wetlands of Niseko area in the months of June and July💙

#ワタスゲ #湿原 #鏡沼 #夏旅行 #コンドミニアム生活 #羊蹄山麓 #ニセコ #北海道

Timeline photos 28/06/2021


Rippling fields of Hokkaido's green pasture.

#牧草地 #縞模様 #夏旅行 #コンドミニアム生活 #羊蹄山麓 #ニセコ #北海道

Timeline photos 20/06/2021

Calling all travel writers out there - who would like to receive 10 Million Yen (90k USD) to Travel Around Japan for a year??

A ‘workcation’ with the Fairfield by Marriott hotel and the surrounding Michi-no-Eki - “The Quest for the Unknown in Japan”.

You cant beat share your adventures with the world and being paid for it too - just head to the link below to enter!!

The winner is welcome to pop by Niseko when they are in Hokkaido!!


Good time for a workcation? 17/06/2021

👉 Have you ever dreamed of waking up every morning surrounded by beautiful mountains?

👉 Getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city?

👉 After all, you deserve to live a happy life, which will help you be more successful🙏

In todays changing world this is totally possible & not just for a holiday!!

Work & travel as we know it has totally changed - workcations & working remotely are more and more part of the norm where businesses have become more flexible with their working arrangements!

We are specialist real estate professionals in Niseko, Japan & Koh Samui, Thailand - Contact us today to find out about working visa permits, real estate investments & possible job opportunities!


Good time for a workcation? Working from home following the COVID-19 pandemic has become normal. Governments around the world have encouraged it, employees have embraced it and companies have seen that people can be trusted to work from home. The staycation has become the way to take a holiday, staying in your country whilst t...



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His Soba Noodles did not disappoint!! 👍❤️❤️Netflix loved our  Famous Raku Ichi Soba Restaurant in Niseko.Soba Master Tat...
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Autumn fun in Niseko for you and your dog!
Dog friendly hotel - SnowDog Village, Niseko





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