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Another one ☝️😍🤩sold na po ung pinost ko yesterday ☺️my other best seller Citizen watch na yes sabi nga ng Aking beautiful friend “gwapa jud diay kaayo xa,makaputi tanawon sa kamot”☺️🥰Thank you to this idol of mine sa negosyo,and as a woman,idol din ni nanay ko kay gwapahan jud daw xa ☺️my former classmate/elementary days…Thank you Luisa suki na tlaga kita😘💐grbe ang laughters last night 😅☺️🫶🏿sa uulitin


The true definition of “Beautiful with a heart ♥️” a good friend of mine 🥰all the way from California US of A pa ☺️thank you my dear Vela😘for the trust😘di lang isa but 2 Of my Citizen watches talaga ang binili🫶🏿🫶🏿🫶🏿nagustohan talaga…Hindi lamg po kasi maganda watches ko,yet price is just perfect 😌😉Tatak Japan Tatak Orihinal 🎌♥️🇵🇭

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Another on hand ♥️my best seller Citizen Sikbee & good watches 🫶🏿🫶🏿🫶🏿all water resistant na din po,and again mas maganda xa sa personal..and it’s so affordable huh 😉🥰open for 2 gives pa rin tayo lalo na sa mga suki ko dito 😊unahan lang din po,kung ano lang ung post ko un lang din on hand ko ☺️fresh from Japan pa rin po itong mga watches ko 🥰

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Ohayo Gozaimasu Japan,Magandang Umaga pinas🫶🏿🇵🇭🇯🇵 on hand ko po right now anytime time po pwedeng makuha dito sa Ejara’s residence 🫶🏿fresh from Japan po talaga to🫶🏿and is very gwapo na “Citizen”watch for men 🥰mas maganda pa xa sa personal 🫶🏿perfect pan regalo sa lalaki mahal mo,this Christmas 🥰and since it’s Christmas open for 2 gives tayo 😊for sure buyer only pm po agad dahil isa lang po ito ☺️

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My Tuesday ‼️😍🙌 so Pogi‼️☺️Sold😇another new “Casio Illuminator” watch for men..Thank you to my ever dearest reseller😚bound to PH🇵🇭again…If May other available color pa po nito huh 😊perfect gift for your special loved ones..Christmas is approaching darling🥰Get your Japan’s watch now‼️genuine & affordable 😉☺️


Happy Thursday 💜to my Kawaii Customers🌹my Reseller’s order😍1 Gshock & Citizen watch,fresh dating from here In Japan diretso hulog agad 😉☺️dito lang po yan☺️Thank you my dear 🥰yes tulog na ung pa H&M sunglass Christmas gift ko sayo☺️sa ulit-ulitin..Anyone na gusto po ng extra income.Pm me,be my Reseller 💜🙋‍♀️🇯🇵🇵🇭


And as I promise to my queen 👸 nanay,that I’ll give her a another new ring… k18 YG Wing ring 😍here’s for you my dearest mother☺️for ang K18 Jewelries feel free for ang inquiries po tayo 💜

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Choose yours😍🤩to my kawaii customers,Christmas is fast approaching,if you’re looking for some perfect gift ideas,well here’s for you 😍🫣☺️My best Seller Citizen watches🫰🏽🥰 Brand new✅Japan Quality✅Water Resistant ✅Affordable✅(Ligo-on pa sa relasyon😌😂) May coming po Ako nito next week..all of these will be on hand po..Perfect gift coz it’s useful and it will really lasts☺️Tatak Japan yan😉🥰to my trusted customers down for as low as 1k,this can be yours..balance is open for credit ☺️direct message me sa sure buyer


Hello my Kawaii Customers🫰🏽❤️on hand po right now 😍🫣it’s so Kawaii🥰(cute)🫰🏽brand new po ito k18 Bracelet☺️open for 2 gives sa mga trusted suki..Open din po for lay-away..Nag-isa lang po ito😌kaya pag bet,E mine niyo na po agad2x 🫰🏽☺️

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Ohayo Gozaimasu my Kawaii Customers❤️may on hand po Ako now na brand new K18 Butterfly & Onyx necklaces po🥰it’s so affordable at sobrang gaganda😊anytime po Pwedeng makuha..Open for 2 gives sa mga trusted customers ko na..open din po for lay-away sa mga wla pong pang cash ☺️direct message me sa interesado..No BoGus Buyer‼️I’m done with bogus buyers😌so be careful😌 Invest Wisely‼️Invest k18 Japan Gold Jewelries❤️‍🔥🫰🏽


Sold watches last week🫰🏽🥰 1 G-shock & 5 Citizen watches❤️🦾and again,domou Arigato to all my dear resellers 💐😚may pamaskong handog talaga Kayo sa akin niyan☺️All bound to PH🇵🇭🫰🏽Sa mga gusto pong magkaroon ng extra income po jan,for minimum of 200-1k per watch kaya niyo pong kita in guys,you’re welcome po maging reseller ko wherever you live in…Local or Abroad👍🏼Di po Kayo mapapahiya sa mga products ko..Tatak Japan‼️Quality comes First 🫠🫣🥰direct message me 🫰🏽


My Monday💫😍Thank you to my ever idol sa pagka flawless(puting pantay talaga 🫠🫣)now is my regular customer na talaga☺️its overwhelming,from 1 order ngayon pabalik-balik na talaga🥰Iba daw talaga kasi ang Japan’s quality😉Thank you to this beautiful,courageous,indecent woman🥰whom I truly admire 🦾🫰🏽 Thank you ate for patronizing Kawaii Japan’s Products💐your second Brand Casio Watch from me 🥰looking forward on your next order ate 🥰love love ❤️

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Before this night ends just like to flex this so 😍🤩”G-shock” gold watch💓so nice right? Well,mas maganda po xa sa personal talaga 😍sold to my childhood bestfriend my reseller🥰perfect choice Ms.Yang..gwapo/gwapa kaayo jud 😊Tama lang good laki niya so Pwedeng Pwede po xa for women 💓and guys,super kaya ng budget ang price☺️it’s brand new,genuine,& pawnable…Marami pa po akoang G-shock watches..from old to Latest 2022 models,from cheapest to most expensive G-shock watch 💓feel free for any inquiries💓may malaking discount pag cash 🫣☺️


Ohayo Gozaimasu to my Kawaii People 🥰feedback muna tayo😍these Citizen watches never disappoint me at all😇it actually makes me proud as a seller 💓dozens of these watches has been sold,and they all have the same feedback “gwapa kaayo(too beautiful) and it really is..And it’s so affordable 🥰sa mga wala pang relo jan,o di kaya mag gustong bigya,I could highly recommend these watches 😊Thank you my dear sa nice feedback 😘till your next order


Sold items last week😍 Brand new,2 BOSE speakers,1 Casio watch,1 Rechargeable Acebeam Flaslight,and the rests are my freebies to Mr.Bon Of MV Lowlands Horizon 🚢😇of Kobe Japan☺️and To my Kawaii Customers hello guys may shipping po Ako this Saturday pa Pinas naman,baka gusto niyo po magpahabol ng orders 😇any branded item po na gusto niyo from here sa Japan☺️no regrets po Kayo sa mga order niyo legit 100% orig and Japan’s quality..Small Downpayment is ok 😇feel free to message me 🥰

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My Thursday😇🤩Sold not just 1 but 2 “Bose SoundLink Flex Bluetooth Speakers”Thank you so much Sir Bon🥰this Is Portable Wireless Speaker with Mic Up to 12 Hours Playback Waterproof,Dustproof 🤩😍Bound to Kobe Japan😇domou Arigato “MV LoWLAnds Horizon” 🚢 at napadaan Kayo dito sa Japan☺️Bon Voyage to all of you guys(🌊 seafarers”)Till your next come back in Japan 😇☺️and TO ALL My Kawaii customers marami pa po tayong available na “BOSE speakers,headset,etc” feel free for inquiries ☺️

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My Tuesday second order ni sir Seaman🥰domou Arigato po sa Tiwala sir 😊very useful sa work mo talaga to 😇

Photos from Kawaii Japan’s Products's post 05/10/2022

Another sold item for Mr.Seaman B☺️a Brandew genuine handy “ACEBEAM Pokelit AA” rechargeable,650 Lumens Flashlight🤩Thank you so much sis B🙏🏻🥰your 2 BoSE speakers are coming na rin po☺️ingat po parati sa paglalayag sir and sooner welcome to Japan☺️Marami pa po tayong available ma ACeBeam flashlights po,mas mga bongga & lots of colors to choose for ☺️feel free to message me for any inquires 🥰

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Ohayo Gozaimasu everyone🥰most,esp to all my Kawaii Customers☺️Domou Arigato sa patuloy na pag suporta☺️Back to business tayo daming order😇🤩and it’s all paid🫣☺️Here’s the first one..Sold a Casio 2022 Newest Model🤩😍simply cute😍at Dami po niyang magandang features 😉☺️Thank you Mr.seaman ☺️your Acebeam Pokelit Rechargeable flashlight 🔦 & 2 Bose Speakers are coming na rin po☺️Maraming Salamat sir B😇🥰


And another one sold‼️😍🫠This really my number 1 best selling Citizen gold watch now 😍sobrang ganda naman din kasi nito,yet it’s so affordable ☺️Thank you my dear Beautiful Miss.Jerramae Albuera😘💐IDK kung pang ilang watch muna ito from me☺️maraming Salamat sa patuloy na pagtitiwala 🥰💐kind a happy and proud that you guys keep patronizing Kawaii Japan’a Products🖤that simply means you can trust ☺️Another bound to 🇵🇭again ☺️for any branded watch po,just feel free to ask lang po ☺️

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HI kawaii people 💐for red lovers out there po,kung Ayaw niyo po doon sa onyx or kung gusto niyo po mangollection jan here’s for you po🥰this so lovely K18 Agate ring & bracelet😍(set) set na po xa..Same price as that k18 onyx..This one is so lovely 🥰marami po tayong stocks nito,and available in any sizes ☺️🙏🏻message lang po

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Can’t wait to wear you😍I’m in love with u🫠it’s k18YG synthetic Moissanite (MSNT 12.000cts🫣☺️) ring 💍 isn’t this lovely?!🫣🫠🥰 shine bright like a diamond 💎 🤩Sa may gusto din po nito marami pa pong stocks guys and open for good for 2 months lay-away po tayo pag di kaya ng cash ¥85,000😚(42,500pesos)& free sf around JP…sobrang ganda po talaga nito perfect to us women 🥰


Such a Good morning Sunday💓💐 おはよう to all My kawaii customers 😊Thank you for patronizing Kawaii Japan’s Product💓Another batch for this month all bound to my first home 🇵🇭💓 “1 FOSSIL Generation 5 Smart watch🥰1 Casio & 1 Citizen watch and these best selling k18 Onyx ring&bracelets(3sets)talaga 🥰Thank you all so much 💓😘Makakaasa po kaunon dito sa Kawaii Japan’s Products every penny is worth to spend💓Japan’s Quality po talaga.Sa may mga gustong orderin pero kapos pa sa budget,may Lay-away naman po Tayo ☺️so just feel free to ask any 😇

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And another batch for this month😍🤩Pahabol orders ng mga Kawaii customers ko💐4 k18 Onyx bracelet & ring sets💓🥰3 bound to PH(gift for her parents) and 1 here in Japan 😚Thank you my Beautiful ladies 💐💐💐sa mga gusto pong umorder Jan for only ¥7000 lang po set na xa available in any sizes pa ☺️these are so kawaii po talaga💓feel
Free to ask lang po tayo ☺️😇


And this beautiful Citizen watch is back again 😮‍💨😍💓 it’s now my #1 best selling Citizen Gold watch ♥️bound to PH🇵🇭 again😍thank you my dear Eleanor Cempron💐no regrets ka dito,just a perfect choice 😉😚murayta at ganda na,Japan’s quality pa..Marami pa po akong stocks guys?for interested buyer,just feel free to message me☺️open for lay-away pag wla pong budget lang cash 🥰

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Oh My G🥹🫠🫰🏽This “FOSSIL Generation 5 Touch screen Smart watch is ♥️♥️♥️” it’s indeed worth the price‼️😍partida di pa po yan na ka on/set since I’m just the seller,the owner himself ang need mag set sa phone niya 🥰so imagine kung nka on na to🥹🫰🏽The box itself pa lang alam mong mamahalin at sobrang ganda🥰Overflowing din ang description ng watch na to‼️it’s waterproof, Allows you to use the smart watch for more than 24 hours on a single charge, The storage including RAM is 8 GB twice as much as previous generations to improve battery life and performance. It brings you the most class experience. Continuing from previous generation models features heart rate tracking, GPS, NFC function and rapid charging. Generation 5 has pre-installed apps: spotify, the world's most popular audio streaming services, Noonlight, Cardiogram and more. Cardiogram is one of the apps pre-installed on Fossil Smart Watch, a digital world friend to help your heart health. Cardiogram displays heart rate.Receive phone calls on the watch "is a content aggregation screen made with new Wear OS by Google updates for quick access to necessary information and app launching and a lot more😍🫰🏽domou Arigato To this kind & beautiful woman Ms. Lyn Apatan 💐😘PS; For more Fossil smart watches marami po tayo niyan,from previous to newest generations ♥️feel free for inquiries 🫰🏽


Ung customer Mong minsanan lang umorder,pero talagang BoNgGa‼️😘her first order was Made in Japan Seiko automatic Gold watch,(10,600peoss)and now‼️we’ll,mas Bongga pa‼️😍🤩”Fossil Generation 5 for Men's♥️Touch Screen Smart Watch, GPS function,Waterproof,High Spec,etc‼️😍lang naman at paid agad2x pa😚Thank you so much sa inyo lyn 🥰maraming Salamat for your second time around♥️it’s makes me feel great and proud na bumabalik talaga customers mo,that simply means maganda talaga mga binebenta mo🥲💓Bound to 🇵🇭again ♥️


My Thursday‼️😇nakaka happy lang na this “Citizen” gold watch is Best selling not just in Pinas but also here in Japan🇯🇵🇵🇭another one bound to Ama shi Aichi ken 🫰🏽🥰Thank you ate Sita💐Naging suki na din talaga kita ☺️looking forward sa k18 stud earrings naman ☺️


Ohayo Gozaimasu my Kawaii People🥰💐Guys my on hand po tayo now huh,this so cutie K18 Paper clip bracelet😍I have 1 of this and I love it..di kasi common ung style🤗open for 2 gives pa po xa(sa mga regular customers)for only ¥23,000 lang po…Grab it while it’s still cheap ☺️Invest wisely‼️invest Japan Gold 🫰🏽😉


Good morning my kawaii People💐on hand and Buy 1 take 1 pa🫰🏽😍 for only ¥5000(2,500pesos)😚these earrings are perfect for babies/toddlers or to anyone na gusto lang po ng cute earrings ☺️Grab it na guys ☺️


Hello My kawaii people🫰🏽🙌💙on hand po right now😚K18 Kiara double earrings😍😚ang daming nag hanap nito before,ito na po🫰🏽Cash price for only ¥19,000,open for 2 gives sa mga kakila/preferably mga suki ko na for only ¥20,000☺️pa mine na lang LaDies 😚

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It’s always nice and it really feels good when your customers are so happy and satisfied with their orders🥹🥰thank you my beautiful and lovely ladies 🫰🏽💐k18 Onyx set (Bracelet & ring) for only ¥7000+sf po💙you can order na ring or bracelet lang din po…Marami pa po akong stocks so feel free for inquiries 😚


Good morning Kawaii People🥰☺️when they know they can trust you”magpabalik-balik”talaga 🫰🏽Domou Arigato gang 😘Rez.S..Second purchase of k18 Gold jewelry 💙reserved for next month na agad2x 🫰🏽thank you sa support at tiwala mh dear 😘more Japan Gold I’m the future..Can’t wait sa bracelet at watch naman after this 🫰🏽for any l18 Japan Gold jewelries po,marami po tayo niyan so just feel free to message me for inquiries lang po🥰🙏🏻😇


Such a Good morning ahead🙏🏻🌹 おはよう💙To my Kawaii Customer☺️Birthday gift 🎁for herself granted‼️🫰🏽🥰this Beautiful K18 Mini Monaca Necklace 😍bound & sent to Imari City Saga Prefecture🫰🏽💙Sold in cash na niya para next month naman ang k18 Earrings☺️ Thank you to this wonderful mom,beautiful inside & out💐 Arigato gang Resil Sisbreno😘 Invesg Wisely‼️Invest Japan Gold 😉🤩🫰🏽🤌🏿

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To all Kawaii ladies out there,you might want this super Kawaii(cute) k18 Pinky Finger ring😍😚it’s brand new po ang it’s on hand,size 8…for only ¥6,000+sf cash…This is really cute and I personally have 2 of this for my both hands 🥰I truly love it coz Pinky Finger Ring symbolizes “Self-Love”🥰isa lang po ito kaya unahan lang po🥰open for keep until end of this Month


It’s Good Morning to my Kawaii Customers🌹🥰My best selling Citizen watch is back‼️😍Nag-inquire at nag confirmed agad w/DP agad2x 💙☺️Thank you gang Eleonor 😘no regrets ka dito sobrang ganda talaga nito,not just from me but coming to my previous customers also ☺️Another bound to PH🇵🇭Sobrang ganda at Japan’s Quality na‼️water resistant at yet so Affordable pa‼️😚💙Take note;open for lay-away po tayo pag no enough budget for cash so anyone could have ☺️

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I’m so Inlove to this🥹😍k18 Onyx Bracelet&Ring😚set na po xa sa murang Halaga yet sobrang ganda‼️😍4 sets today😍thank you my beautiful ladies 😘🌹💙Sa nay gusto po,marami po tayong stocks and available in any Sizes ☺️Sa taga Pinas po na nag-ask pwedeng Pwede po Kayo umorder ☺️Feel free to message me lang po 💙

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😍K18 Onyx Ring & Bracelet Set‼️😍Super murayta yet set na☺️🥹as Of yesterday 4 sets of orders sold and another 6 reserved & other 4sets waiting for final confirmation💙Saan aabot ang ¥7k mo?! 😉🥰unlimited stocks kaya U can order as many as u can‼️Pwede po ito for men & women and available in any sizes pa‼️💙have yours☺️I personally love Onyx bracelets thou,it’s simply cool,it might just look ordinary one but yet is k18,so di xa Takaw tingin(sa Pinas😅☺️) get yours ladies & gents while it’s still affordable 💙


Early Grind tayo💙 おはよう to my Kawaii People🥹🍀🌻Reserved order for Lay-away this beautiful and brand new K18 Mini Monaca set necklace to my very own neighbor in 🇵🇭new comer to Japan☺️🥰Domou Arigato gang,and indeed you’re such a wise woman to think na mag-invest ka na agad while you’re here‼️👏🏻you’re not just beautiful but a smart wla man as well👏🏻😊Good decision‼️☺️Invest wisely,Invest K18 Jewelries‼️😍🤩never bumababa ang value ng Japan gold,and by the time comes,you will go home with such a expensive Investment😉💙 Domou Arigato gang Ms.Rez Sisbreno🌹after this necklace ung next plan mo naman 😍☺️



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Hello My kawaii people🫰🏽🙌💙on hand po right now😚K18 Kiara double earrings😍😚ang daming nag hanap nito before,ito na po🫰🏽Ca...
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