Musanda United FC

Musanda United FC


Friends continue practising l remembered. U well l will join u soon
Natamani sana kumit na nyinyi musanda united
hey guys,,, we are looking foward to play division II
hey guyr,,, we are looking foward to play division II
Nataka friendly na musanda fc so if it's possible let me know coz kuna team apa 0759066873
Team mafisi
Mwenye ako na boots 2 naomba ani komboeshe 4 2 days nichape nayo zoezi Nita mlipa nime sahau zangu kama iko tukutane grow hiyo time 0721339445
Patrick Abungu ameuliza swali but cja pata jibu sisi wenye tuko njee wakati tuko home tunaeza kua join tufanye zoezi pamoja hata kama kuna game tuandamane twende tuna pea team nguvu tuko mamoja
hey guys tuweke bidii tusi kubali kupoteza game
hope this time round muko na madiff na wshambulizi poa am coming
ugunda iko ndan

Musanda United F.C is a God fearing,united,hardworking and determined soccer club which plays in the Nationwide league

Dear well wishers...

About the new year 2020

The lads


AFCON 2019 Fixtures (East African Time)

Friday 21 June
Egypt 🇪🇬 vs Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 11pm

Saturday 22 June
DRC 🇨🇩 vs Uganda 🇺🇬 5pm
Nigeria 🇳🇬 vs Burundi 🇧🇮 8pm
Guinea 🇬🇳 vs Madagascar 🇲🇬 11pm

Sunday 23 June
Morocco 🇲🇦 vs Namibia 🇳🇦 5pm
Senegal 🇸🇳 vs Tanzania 🇹🇿 8pm
Algeria 🇩🇿 vs Kenya 🇰🇪 11pm

Monday 24 June
Ivory Coast 🇨🇮 vs RSA 🇿🇦 5pm
Tunisia 🇹🇳 vs Angola 🇦🇴 8pm
Mali 🇲🇱 vs Mauritania 🇲🇷 11pm

Tuesday 25 June
Cameroon 🇨🇲 vs Guinea-Bissau 🇬🇼 8pm
Ghana 🇬🇭 vs Benin 🇧🇯 11pm

Wednesday 26 June
Nigeria 🇳🇬 vs Guinea 🇬🇳 5pm
Uganda 🇺🇬 vs Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 8pm
Egypt 🇪🇬 vs DRC 🇨🇩 11pm

Thursday 27 June
Madagascar 🇲🇬 vs Burundi 🇧🇮 5pm
Senegal 🇸🇳 vs Algeria 🇩🇿 8pm
Kenya 🇰🇪 vs Tanzania 🇹🇿 11pm

Friday 28 June
Tunisia 🇹🇳 vs Mali 🇲🇱 5pm
Morocco 🇲🇦 vs Ivory Coast 🇨🇮 8pm
RSA 🇿🇦 vs Namibia 🇳🇦 11pm

Saturday 29th June
Mauritania 🇲🇷 vs Angola 🇦🇴 5pm
Cameroon 🇨🇲 vs Ghana 🇬🇭 8pm
Benin 🇧🇯 vs Guinea-Bissau 🇬🇼 11pm

Sunday 30 June
Burundi 🇧🇮 vs Guinea 🇬🇳 7pm
Madagascar 🇲🇬 vs Nigeria 🇳🇬 7pm
Uganda 🇺🇬 vs Egypt 🇪🇬 10pm
Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 vs DRC 🇨🇩 10pm

Monday 1 July
RSA 🇿🇦 vs Morocco 🇲🇦 7pm
Namibia 🇳🇦 vs Ivory Coast 🇨🇮 7pm
Tanzania 🇹🇿 vs Algeria 🇩🇿 10pm
Kenya 🇰🇪 vs Senegal 🇸🇳 10pm

Tuesday 2 July
Benin 🇧🇯 vs Cameroon 🇨🇲 7pm
Guinea-Bissau 🇬🇼 vs Ghana 🇬🇭 7pm
Angola 🇦🇴 vs Mali 🇲🇱 10pm
Mauritania 🇲🇷 vs Tunisia 🇹🇳 10pm

Round of 16
(5 July - 8 July)

Quarter final
(10 July - 11 July )

Semi final
14 July - 7pm

Losers final
17 July - 10pm

19 July - 10pm


Our boyz...

Musanda F.c v Esh*tari F.c
First win of the season,Thanks to God Almighty,the office,the team and our beloved fans!
Matchday tomorrow:
Musanda F.c v Lugusi F.c

Bad start over the weekend
Sato: lost 1nil against Rubani fc (A)
Sun : lost 4:1 to Bee all stars fc (H)
We live to continue fighting another day

Western league tuko locked,
We resume the league from this Tuesday at 1pm,@ Musanda primary grounds
Karibuni...tupee vijana morale

Bado wapo...branch league waiting

Musanda United FC


[08/24/17]   musanda united fc revival,new office,new faces,,,,we welcome ua views and opinions,

[12/25/16]   Full time score.
Musanda United 2:2 Lubinu Rangers
We wish all our fans the best festive season.

Still existing, sorry haters, we apologize for being offline

[10/09/16]   I take dis opportunity to remind you guys time is running out n we mst hold dat tournament in Dec so let's show commitment by evn sending half da amout thanks

Musanda United FC regrets sudden death of its chairman Mr Obock. It's indeed painful n a loss to the team bt we pray dat God gvs us energy n courage to move on. Burial 23rd this month at his home musanda. RIP Wemusanda

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Defender Jeff spana

Timeline Photos

Fulbeki on sale,no.3 kwa mpigo tena sana

This combination, finished business somewhere

[04/30/16]   lets take this opportunity to thank all the Musanda utd fc players en officials for their efforts in making the burial of chris nyende's daughter,we rily appreciate the team spirit portrayed and therefore urge members to keep the spirit f togetherness for the success of club at large,merci'!

[04/30/16]   We regret to announce the death of nyende's child. burial is today we shall appreciate your contributions to assist in the burial you can send thru ma no 0727393447 and post da amount u have contributed here thax

Timeline Photos

with MCA Martin Shikuku 2017

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

[01/24/16]   lets vote for Musanda United fc player of the year,drop ua man tumwekee kwa voting list

[01/01/16]   thnx all our fans for making it to 2016,a year where we expect to propel our team to the #SuperLeague#...we thnk everyone 4 evrythng tht made 2015 to be successful 4 de club as we were participating in de Nationwide lig...may God continue granting us success in our endeveours so as to enable the team accomplish its 5-yr vision..thnk you...

[11/16/15]   With deep sorrow that team office is totally failing and corrupt. Most shoking is that during weekend we travelld away to Kakamega without lunch and officiating fee... what a shame! Mheshimiwa Naika salvage us! How can a team arrive late to the grounds late by an hour? Due to lack of fuels the team got stranded at Shianda mrt for more than 3hrs!! This office should be disbandld Mheshimiwa!

[11/07/15]   thnx players for that huge win,#msd-utd 3:1 #Mosomborfc.....goals frm #Nuru,Mandela,Zac

[10/16/15]   Spanner!

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

[09/27/15]   I tek dis opportunity to thank muhoroni youth fc chairman Adagala for hosting Musanda united fc at his place in muhoroni.we ar ver grateful for everthing he did for us and entire team may God help him n his team.We pray dat the partnership btwn the two teams may grow strong for the development of talents Amen

[09/14/15]   I thank all musanda utd players who managed 2 force adraw against comandos even without some key players congrats ombunya n all others bila kusahau our loyal fans

[08/23/15]   position four na first leg imekufa

[08/14/15]   kesho musanda untd fc vs okore fc kisumu moi sports ground welkam

[07/19/15]   2dey musanda united fc plays Butere united fc Buchenya grounds all r welkamd

[07/17/15]   kesho,18/07/15...musanda united vs #Boca juniour fc,kick off 1pm.....welcam all

[07/10/15]   11/07/15...sato...#Musanda united fc vs#Green #[email protected] pri.sch
welkam all palz en be wid us in prayers

Musanda United FC

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