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Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm Grass Valley, CA
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Rainbow Kids Yoga
Pure Yoga Official Page
Endure Yoga
This week we're featuring Stephanie Main Yoga, one of our favorite teachers who's all about balancing out hardcore workouts with effective stretching. Learn more about what inspires her, her tips for cross-training, and her audio classes! http://bit.ly/2lR39TH
Keep your recovery game strong with Endure Yoga's WOD Recovery Yoga for Open Workout 17.4!
Raise your hand if you had a big weekend and are wondering what the next steps are. We believe firmly in radical self care as the best first step towards making change, so we're launching our MoveMix—five-day balanced workouts with a daily focus on different parts of your mind, body, and soul. Join us now! https://spark.movewith.com/2017/01/22/movemix-your-way-to-a-balanced-mind-body-and-soul/

This week features Endure Yoga, Melissa Mae, Stephanie Snyder Yoga, Maggie Shih, Julianne Aiello, and David Magone
Ready to find balance? MoveWith Now Members, check your emails this week for a daily workout from the impressive powerhouse that is Stephanie Ring (Endure Yoga). If you're not part of Now, join us at movewith.com for a free beta account. There are a few spots left!

So proud of all the work Endure Yoga is doing regarding yoga and strength training! She's another one of our teachers who will be offering a free class at Yoga Journal Events next week on Friday the 13th from 1:30pm - 2:30pm at the Hyatt Regency! Her class will fill up. Click here to register: http://sched.co/9BBG
SO proud of Endure Yoga! Check her out on the cover of Muscle & Performance. Pick up your copy and learn all about her Yoga for Strength program.
Get more from your running workouts with yoga. Strengthen and lengthen your muscles, improve flexibility and prevent injury, learn more here: http://bit.ly/RunnersYogaFlow - And if you need some one on one, our Union Teacher Stephanie Ring Endure Yoga will give you a great foundation to start from!
In Janet Stone Yoga's Vinyasa classes, she brings attention and intention to our bodies and our breath. Lifestyle Athlete, Endure Yoga, had a chance to experience her teachings in the packed and sweaty Saturday morning class. Go inside her class and take a peak into the Yoga Tree Castro sanctuary in our latest Studio Spotlight! Interested in taking her class? Expect to sweat, sing, laugh, and maybe cry. She brings it with authenticity and teaches from the heart! Find her on the mat ~ zenrez.com/yogatreecastro
Hi Stephanie, can you please post a few photos of the Hindu squat with breathing info. Thx in advance : )
Yoga is calming the fluctuations of the mind and it is a lifelong journey to find yourself. The practice is about being present and mindful firstly with yourself then, secondly, with the world. Yoga teacher, Martin Scott, uses this in his teachings. Lifestyle Athlete, Endure Yoga, got to take an All Levels Vinyasa class with him at his studio, Union Yoga. Go inside the class and get to know Martin's energetic and authentic teaching style!

Improving Athletic Resilience She began teaching yoga at YogaFlow SF and Planet Granite in San Francisco, CA. I am here to help in any way I can.

A San Diego native, Stephanie is a former ballerina and triathlete who has always understood the demands of training, and the importance of body maintenance and mobility. During that time, she also created Endure Yoga, a movement method for recovery and athletic resilience. With a focus on athletes and her own fitness journey, she found CrossFit in 2015, and began coaching at CrossFit Marin. She n

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Today we talk Handstands!

Join me today at Live on Youtube on Crossfit Humanity page, at 12pm or later if that's your preference for a 40-minute Yoga practice where we will discuss core and shoulder position while upside down. Great for beginners and those comfortable upside down.


Timeline photos 16/04/2020

A break for your day! This lunchtime 30-40 minute yoga practice is geared toward beginners, athletes, the inflexible and those finding it difficult to stay moving during this stressful and abnormal time.

Visit the Youtube page for more details!

Timeline photos 03/04/2020

Though these are strange times, regular movement is critical to maintain health fitness and sanity.

For yoga geared toward athlete specific mobility, flexibility, fitness and mindset, subscribe to the YouTube channel and checkout my Yoga with Stephanie videos.

Each practice helps you recovery from the previous workout and helps mobilize and get you warm for the workout ahead.

Power Yoga with Stephanie 22/03/2020

Power Yoga with Stephanie

Power Yoga with Stephanie Think yoga is too easy? Just wait....Get ready to move, sweat and breathe!

Timeline photos 22/03/2020

Morning flow at 8am and Evening Yoga at 8pm this coming week on Youtube Live. And for you athletes, Power Yoga Sunday at 11a.

It’s simple, from my home and there for you if you need a little break from the world.
If you haven’t been on YouTube this past week, you missed some awesome home programming & coaching from the best coaches around! Here’s how to stay fit and sane during these 🥴 weird times:
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Our workouts are 100% designed to be done with the objects you probably already have at home: Broom sticks, jugs of water, books from that one class you never went to, or a backpack full of weight! Oh... and btw, around here no barbell ≠ easier 😈

Timeline photos 19/03/2020

Myself and the other coaches at will be posting live videos all week to help you stay moving and fit during this crazy time.

If you need to start and end your day with some movement and breath work, head on over to the CrossFit Humanity Youtube Channel, hit subscribe.

And check out all of our upcoming videos from yoga to workouts to self isolation cooking ideas.

First live class is today at 8am! See you there!

Timeline photos 01/03/2020

*Reverse Table Top*
As recovery for movements like pushups, dips, bench press, Reverse Table Top stretches the pecs, delts and biceps. Hold for 10s and repeat 2-3 times.

Join me Sunday’s at 815am at for a 60-minute Yoga for Mobility and Recovery class. DM me for details.

Photos from Endure Yoga's post 24/02/2020

Yoga and Recovery at 8:15-9:15am every Sunday. Lots of heavy barbell work this week and so we focused on mobilizing traps and lats while breathing into stretches like pigeon and reclined twist. Not only do recover from the week of training, but mobilize for the week of training to come. Send me a DM if your interested in attending or if you have questions!

Timeline photos 24/02/2020

Do you have the flexibility you need to improve performance and simple tasks like touching your toes or scratching your back? If not, where do you struggle the most and how much time each day would you be willing to spend working on mobility?

Timeline photos 16/02/2020

A quiet Sunday morning Yoga and Recovery class at .
Every Sunday at CrossFit Humanity from 8:15 - 9:15am.
A 60-minute restorative yoga practice focused on improving functional flexibility, joint mobility and breath control through seated postures, dynamic flow and static stretching. This yoga class will help balance out your weekly CrossFit or sports training and help get you ready to run, squat, lift, push and pull your way back into the week, with better movement and mental focus. Appropriate for all levels.

Timeline photos 04/02/2020


I’m so excited that not only do I get to coach at , I’m also taking on their Sunday Yoga class!

Class Details:

Class is every Sunday from 8:15-9:15am.

This 60-minute restorative yoga practice is focused on improving functional flexibility, joint mobility and breath control through seated postures, dynamic flow and static stretching. This yoga class will help balance out your weekly CrossFit or sports training and help get you ready to run, squat, lift, push and pull your way back into the week, with better movement and mental focus. Appropriate for all levels.

Come by, get your stretch on, then stay for Women's Cardio and Core, Sunday Funday or just enjoy the rest of your day off!

See you there! Steph

8 Things Newbies Don't Know About Yoga 27/08/2019

8 Things Newbies Don't Know About Yoga

8 Things Newbies Don't Know About Yoga Think you've heard all there is to hear about yoga? Think again. Make sure you know these eight tips before hitting up your local studio.

10 Reasons You Should Finally Try Yoga 18/08/2019

10 Reasons You Should Finally Try Yoga

10 Reasons You Should Finally Try Yoga From addressing important physical limitations to improving your overall mental health, there’s little yoga can’t do for you.

Timeline photos 16/08/2019

High Half Squat - for when you need a quick and accessible stretch for your inner thighs and hips. 🏋️‍♀️ Use it as a recovery stretch or as a dynamic warmup.
Want to learn more? Visit endureyoga.com for ebooks, articles and online programs related to mobility, flexibility, athletic recovery and strength.

How to Assess Your Full-Body Flexibility 13/08/2019

How to Assess Your Full-Body Flexibility

A simple and short at home flexibility assessment to help you understand your movement limitations and mobility issues.

How to Assess Your Full-Body Flexibility These five movements will help you narrow down what flexibility issues are holding back your progress.

Timeline photos 12/08/2019

** San Diego Athletes **
Is your body ready for your upcoming season, competition or training cycle? Do you have the flexibility, mobility and range of motion you need to perform at your best?
The 60-minute Flexibility and Mobility Assessment will help you understand how your body moves from head to toe. It will provide you with a road map of your movement and allow us to create an individualized mobility program for you!

It's time to take the next step toward greater range of motion and strength so you can perform, train and live the way you want to!

Let's start moving and feeling better today! Send a DM or email to [email protected] to set your appointment today!

Timeline photos 12/08/2019

One of my favorite ways to use a band. I’ve worked with many athletes over the years and this pose, Twisted Monkey, is one of those stretches where using a band not only increases the intensity of the stretch but allows the athlete to gently enter the pose. Too often I see hamstrings cramp because it’s working so hard to try and draw the ankle in enough to grab. Just use the band. 😁👍🏼

Timeline photos 12/08/2019

No matter when or where, adding yoga to your day will improve your breathing, focus and flexibility. It’s even great as a pre-workout warmup!


*Handstand Drill*
Hand Release Handstand is a great tool to develop control, strength and comfort upside down.
Work in shifting your hips side to side as you unweight then weight each hand. Try it at the wall and as your progress challenge your balance and your stamina.
For more drills for , and focused exercises visit endureyoga.com. Interested in training and in the San Diego area? Send a DM and we’ll connect!


Breathe through it.


Candlestick rocks

Candlestick rocks with burpees, donkey kicks and handstands. Four great movements for core strength, control mobility and strength. Practice moving your body in different ways daily. and
. . .
Try 10 reps of each variation as a warmup, workout or active recovery.

Timeline photos 30/07/2019

Do you think you'd perform better with a stronger core? The answer, YES.

Core strength is critical for athletic development and performance. You could spend hours in the gym doing 1000 sit-ups, and get really good at them or you could spend 10-15 minutes every other day doing hard, gymnastics style abdominal work that would not only get you stronger but make you look better as well.

Click the link below for 3 core focused workouts guaranteed to improve strength and stability.


Timeline photos 25/07/2019

Looking for a full body workout that includes mobility practice for your hips and hamstrings? The short workout included in the blog link below, will increase your heart rate while also working your squat mobility and hamstring flexibility.

Tip: If you can't get out to a track for this workout, swap out the 200 and 100 meter runs for 1:00 and :30 of running.


Timeline photos 23/07/2019

NEW BLOG POST / The Injury Pickle - Breaking Free From the Cycle of Pain

Developing a chronic injury is like being thrust into a game of pickle you don’t want to play. It’s a frustrating back and forth between wanting to push through, but ultimately being bound by your injury’s limits. And if you’ve ever developed an injury like tendinitis, impingement or bursitis, then you’ve experienced both the nagging pain and long term treatment protocols required to get back to 100% function.


Timeline photos 21/07/2019

Happy Rest Day!

Frog Pose is not the most relaxing pose but you'll reap the benefits of this pose through your hip and squat mobility. Relax into the position for up to 1 minute.

Tip: Try to keep your hips inline with your heels.

Timeline photos 16/07/2019

Looking to add yoga to your weekly training routine? Want more balance, strength, body awareness, flexibility and core strength?

I've partnered with Oxygen Magazine to bring you a comprehensive Yoga for Strength Program for athletes of all sports and abilities. This 13-module course includes:

-Sections for - Warm-up and Muscle Activation, Core Strength and Stability, Strength and Body Awareness
-Comprehensive do-anywhere workouts
-Scalable move options for anyone at any level
-Advice on how to hone mental focus and concentration to improve results
-Exclusive tips, pointers and instruction tailored to your needs

Click the link below!



I know how you feel, because I’ve been there. I know what your body and mind go through after a heavy squat day, a marathon, a half ironman, or a heavy conditioning day. And I know that your training is important to your physical and mental health and well-being. I also understand that mobility, stretching, and active recovery days are critical aspects of sustaining that training. This is why I coach because I want give my fellow athletes a way to feel better, move better, and perform better—every day.

I believe in functional fitness to help you reach your goals. I believe in functional fitness to help you stay mobile and flexible enough to perform at your best. I believe in looking outside of the box to help you reach your goals. And I believe in guiding athletes toward becoming the best version of themselves through better movement.


Based in San Diego, CA






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