Life: whether you choose the easy creases/roads of life or the hard petals/mountains chasing your dr

I was sitting in my kitchen one evening cooking dinner and thinking about what I wanted to do for a career and I looked down and I was drinking a beer that next week I bought a home brew kit and started learning. I found myself very intrigued by the amazing flavors of a good craft beer and totally disgusted by giant beer makers I devoted my research and education to brewing diverse quality beer.

Funcionando como de costumbre

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Gnarlee Brewing will be out at El Tapeo Wine Bar Peñasco TONIGHT June 30th at @ 6PM with a 4 Beer Tastings
-Red Wine Sour (Dry)
-Red Wine Sour (Sweet)
-Pale Ale
-Belgian Coffee Ale

🍍 🍍

THEN next weekend set up at La Arena 3c Saturday July 6th at @ 6PM with
-Dry Hopped Sour
+ Maybe More 😜



BEER TASTING at El Tapeo Wine Bar Peñasco June 30th at 6 PM 🍻


Nice little run today 🦵🏾💪🏾☀️🇲🇽

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Weird combinations 😋

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Always tough to stay motivated on your goals. Mind over pain can only make you stronger mentally. New Year New Goals. #2019


Ice skating is good cardio! 🤙🏾 🦵🏾 💪🏾 🍍

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Eat healthy and fuel your body. Think about this.... does it come in a package and can it be stored for more than a week? Probably don’t buy it unless in order to eat, then it requires cooking. When you go to the grocery store stay on the outside walls and you will be healthier.


Haha that time the rock wall was closed in Ipoh so we climbed a set of bars. 🧗🏽‍♂️💚 🍍🤪

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You know you are in a great gym when they have kegs for you to drink! Haha jk not drink but use for exercises nice 👍🏾

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Carbohydrates are something you have to watch out for! Especially when they are in Tortilla form haha just remember You have 4 energy sources 1. Fats 2. Carbohydrates 3. Proteins and 4. Alcohol YES those produce a caloric intake of 7 calories per G where as Carbohydrates and Proteins are 4 calories per G and 9 calories per G of Fats. Now for carbohydrates it is going to be your main energy source for your body. With carbohydrates they are composed of Glucose which when consumed glucose gets stored until converted to glycogen if not used through exercise to burn the energy. It will then convert to a visceral fat which is one of the hardest fats to break down and digest. So consume carbs but stay active! Always eat a well balanced meal and remember to eat a lot of healthy fats to keep your digestive system working as well as your overall health and body will appreciate the quality fats from natural sources.

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Back when I had Arturo Vidal and Thiago Alcantara for biceps 💪🏾

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The painted these to motivate you to look like a súper héroe 🦸🏽‍♂️


Staying fit and active in a stranger way than most. or

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Just have fun and move. The less you move the more you have. The more you move, the less you have. Be Happy and surround yourself with happy people. Learn about different cultures and accept everyone for who they are. 🍍🤙🏾💚

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When you work legs 🦵🏾 don’t waste your time and do it half way... Bring those knees to your chin! You want to work your 🍑 then do things right! ***y


One set. Being weird in healthy ways. 🍍Inspections 4 U


One set. Being weird in healthy ways. 🍍

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Eat nutritiously and stay active! Who cares what you look like... it’s about how you feel and the abilities you have using you own bodies strengths.

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Suck it up Saturday. I know it’s tough to exercise some days. What happens is that you eat food and drink alcohol which releases more mucus from your pollops in your nose 👃 and sedentary lifestyles put your muscles to sleep. So today we stay motivated and go for our goals because even though the road is tough the end result is better! 👃🏽💪🏾🍍 and .

Chúpalo el sábado. Sé que es difícil hacer ejercicio algunos días. Lo que sucede es que usted come alimentos y bebe alcohol, que libera más moco de sus sondeos en la nariz y los estilos de vida sedentarios ponen sus músculos a dormir. Por eso, hoy nos mantenemos motivados y apostamos por nuestros objetivos, porque aunque el camino es difícil, ¡el resultado final es mejor! 👃🏽💪🏾🍍 and

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Workout even on Thanksgiving because I have to recover. I can’t take it any longer. My neck, back and shoulder crackle and pop too much. Really though the rebuilding of muscle and muscle fiber groups is very painful but that’s how I gain my straight and life back. 💪🏾🦵🏾🦍 even in a gym setting I will be doing weird stuff. You’ll see again 😉🍍📈📉




Happiness is the key to good health. Smile, Laugh, Love and Relax because life is a 🍍

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Backpacker bulking 💪🏾 🍍🎒🇦🇺


out in bruddah 🤙🏽💪🏾🍍 Live A ☀️ a key ingredient to a healthy lifestyle is to get outside, soak up some vitamin D and interact with other humans! 🦍🎒✌🏾💚

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Just over 1 year ago I had surgery on my nose a septoplasty surgery amongst other before that happened I was bed ridden with pain throughout my entire body, I had blurred vision, dizziness, headaches, confusion, no motivation, my hands and body had jitters and I was under the impression I have Parkinson's disease. For years these symptoms built up not being able to afford the expensive insurance in the United States I could only visit a Ignorant doctor every so often. After seeing over a dozen doctors that conducted blood tests, a gastroscopy, brain tests, lumbar puncture, X-rays and more I was the one that told my stupid Practitioner to send me to an Otolaryngologist where I found out I had such a severe deviated septum and needed surgery. During that whole time I had passed out from lack of oxygen I guess as well as had a seizure from drugs that the stupid doctors prescribed me rather than treating the problem. Which left me today with broken ribs, a broken shoulder, and Back and neck damage. No matter what life throws at my I will do my best to keep active and stay as healthy as possible. Today I travel the world again because my damaged body and mind does not believe you should subside to the fu**ed society they want you to live in. Instead you should LIVE A 🍍 because Life is like a pineapple for the grooves and petals are just paths and obstacles but the good stuff is always going to be inside... If I can still walk and exercise then what is your excuse..? 🌏🌎🌍✌🏾💚🎒


Here is a video for a great hip stretch from when I was living between Hue and Da Nang in Vietnam for a month just riding motorbikes 🏍. The rain really restricted my exercise, I fell into a not so good routine that delayed my but no matter my eating and activity level is I WILL ALWAYS FIND SOME TIME IN A DAY TO EXERCISE or STRETCH! DOESN'T MATTER WHERE IT IS! in and because Life is Short so LIVE A 🍍


Food is such a temptation. When you have to live with a bad Back, Hips, Shoulder and Neck it can be much easier to give into the temptation and just be lazy. But that is not what life is for, it is to strive for AMAZING GOALS! As I travel the world I struggle to remain Fit but learn from each culture in their health habits and techniques that may seem strange to many in Western worlds cultures... 💯 ✌🏾️ 🍍


You always have to get some into your daily routine. Even at I was 💪🏾 Travel the Earth 🌏 Create 💯✌🏾️ 🍍💜

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Appreciate Life 🍍 Hope you have a and 🍍🌏🌍🌎


Some Juggernaut out in Vietnam last month. It has been a crazy experience in and this month been in so get out travel and see the world 💪🏾🌏 🍍🌎 Have a


Hiking is a great way to improve your health because you get better quality oxygen into your body at the same time as killing the MOST IMPORTANT Part of your body! 🍑 👍🏽 Keep your flexibility, if you cannot then you need to work on it. Ever wonder why Many Many plus more don't put weight on....? That squat engages more muscles than most exercises you could ever perform. EVERYDAY AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS. 💪🏾🍍👍🏽 Have a and Don't waste your life in a do some 🌏🌍🌎 🍍

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Enjoy Life! It is and can be shorter than anybody could ever wish or ask for. It can also be longer than anybody could wish and ask for.... make everyday a and 🍍 Is in what you appreciate not what everybody thinks makes them happy. 🌎🍍🌏 🌏🍍🌍

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SevenRonin JiuJitsu SevenRonin JiuJitsu
Bulevard Benito Juárez Y Calle Juan Aldama , Puerto Peñasco, Son
Puerto Peñasco, 83550

- Escuela de Jiujitsu Brazileño - Aprende jiujitsu/lucha con nosotros , se parte del mejor equipo.

CAN Puerto Peñasco CAN Puerto Peñasco
Francisco I. Madero 96, Centro, Centro, Son
Puerto Peñasco, 83550

Centro de acondicionamiento físico y nutrición, para tratamiento de sobrepeso, obesidad y ganancia

Guillermo Prieto. Y Lazaro Cardenas Esquina Colonia Centro
Puerto Peñasco

🙆‍♀️BARRA FIT 7:00 am y 8:00am 🥊BODY COMBAT 9:00 am

Element Training Center Element Training Center
Avenida Alejandro Sobarzo Entre Francisco Javier Mina Y Hermenegildo Galeana
Puerto Peñasco, 83556

ELEMENT Training Center es un gimnasio de ejercicios funcionales (CROSSFIT-TRX)

Monik Fitness Monik Fitness
Agustín Melgar, 358
Puerto Peñasco, 83556

Somos un espacio deportivo, dinámico y social de mujeres que ofrece clases de aeróbicos, step,kick

Olympia GYM Olympia GYM
Lazaro Cardenas , Niños Heroes (Puerto Peñasco, Sonora)
Puerto Peñasco, 83550

Aquello que habita en el pasado y aquello que habita en el futuro es solo una pequeña cosa comparad

Nicolás Bravo Calle
Puerto Peñasco, 83550


Go Spinning Club Go Spinning Club
Miguel Hidalgo Y Abelardo L Rodriguez
Puerto Peñasco, 83550

- Tonifica y endurece los músculos de las piernas y gluteos - Logra una mayor resistencia física -

Crenshaw Fighting Center Crenshaw Fighting Center
12 De Oct Entre Sinaloa Y Cedros
Puerto Peñasco, 83340

Las artes marciales conllevan una filosofía, una manera de pensar o de ver las cosas inculcando val

ProFitness Gym ProFitness Gym
Alejandro Sobarzo Esquina Con Agustin De Iturbide
Puerto Peñasco, 83553

El Gym perfecto para tí, ven a conocer nuestras nuevas instalaciones

Bagheera Crosstraining Bagheera Crosstraining
Boulevard Godoy Entre Calle Aquiles Serdan Y Nicolas Bravo
Puerto Peñasco, 83550

Bagheera Crosstraining centro de acondicionamiento físico con ejercicios funcionales ideales para t

I Love ZUMBA Fitness I Love ZUMBA Fitness
Puerto Peñasco, 83553

Rutinas de zumba, step y yoga. Tips de nutrición y acondicionamiento físico.