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Enneagram Europe - Mastering Mindsets

On April 21st 2017 we start the core and first training of our Enneagram Foundation Programme; the 5-day Intensive Growth Yourney. Check our website for more information:

Let us know if you like more information or personal advice.
Hope you're able to join us!

Enneagram Europe - Mastering Mindsets Are you passionate about personal development? Do you professionaly support others on their healing or growth journey? Are you dedicated to your own on-going learning & developing? Are you always on the outlook for and interested in learning new models, instruments & methods? If this applies to you,…


Enneagram Europe - Mastering Mindsets

On October 20 we offer one of the three trainings of our Enneagram Foundation programme: the 3-day training "Growth with the Subtypes". Watch our website for more details:

Let us know if you like more information and advice. The training will take place in a venue very near Birmingham. Hope you're able to join us there!

Enneagram Europe - Mastering Mindsets Are you passionate about personal development? Do you professionaly support others on their healing or growth journey? Are you dedicated to your own on-going learning & developing? Are you always on the outlook for and interested in learning new models, instruments & methods? If this applies to you,…


Our thoughts are with all who suffer from the awfull terrorist attacks in Paris. Offcourse in the first place with all who lost family and friends.

But aren't we suffering all from this.

It's an attack on our free Western world. Our free, open and peaceful life as we know it. France has closed its borders.

Our thoughts are too with the millions of Muslim people who live a peaceful life and practise their religion in order to love their fellow human beings. Who do (try to) live their life by the spiritual holy laws. We can waite for it, its just a matter of hours before people in the Western world will turn themselves against all muslims and will see the Islam as the source of this aggression and violance. Who will see this as a reason for not (longer) wanting to give shelter to the millions of Syrian refugees. France has closed its borders... which country will be next?

Our thoughts however are also with the terrorists and the people who are in their thoughts with them. How awfull, how sad that these people are so much filled with hatred that they have come this far. They maybe are not aware of this but they suffer from their own inner war, from their hearts filled with hate. They have closed the borders of their hearts (and minds) a long time ago and separate themselves from their fellow human beings.

In the suffering we are one.

But let's not receive this 'gift' of hate and war by responding with hate and war in our hearts against them. Let's not buy that, let's not go into their war. Since if we will, then we have truly lost. Then they have truly succeeded in getting what they want. In what they were and are aiming for. Let's not separate ourselves from our fellow human beings. Let's not be open to fill our hearts with hatred too.

The only answer is love.
Love, compassion and forgiveness.

Love thy enemy. Let love rule since love unites. It's the only medicine there is against separation and hate. And untill we'll learn this and are able to live from this, we'll suffer.

Personal note:
I am on a lifetime journey with the enneagram to learn and try to live my life from this concept of unity and love. And yes, life is challenging to live from this and yet, it's the only option I see. The only option I want and choose for.

On behalf of our teachersteam,

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What's your type-specific communication style?
Click on the link to read more and to download another free article.


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How do you score? - Enneagram Europe 25/06/2015

How do you score? - Enneagram Europe

Are you curious about how you score on the three aspects of a fulfilling life?

Click on the link below and read about contribution and authentic Personal Leadership.

In this blog you will find a link to another free article. This time it is about my perspective on the stages of life we go through and their location on our path of self-realization.


How do you score? - Enneagram Europe In order to achieve a fulfilling existence, how do you score on the three aspects: relations, contribution and health?


Mastering yourself, mastering your life.

Discover, learn and experience the powerfull method of the enneagram for development, growth and transformation on November 13-17, in Birmingham, Uk.

Looking forward welcoming you and others to this new group and journey.

Jeanette van Stijn

Which value system do you apply? 01/06/2015

Which value system do you apply?

Which value system do you apply? Or maybe it is better to ask: ‘what colour do you have’?

One value system forms the foundation for many personality tests and ‘colour systems’ which organisations use for team building.

Click here for my blog about value systems and the source they share with the enneagram.


Which value system do you apply? This blog is about theoretical value systems which are used as the foundation for many personality tests and management tools for team building. For example, Spiral Dynamics. It is a start of an investigation on how the enneagram relates to …

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Each enneagram type has aspects which fall out of sight because these are not essential from the type’s nature point of view. This could also stand in the way of the company’s growth when it is not addressed adequately by the entrepreneur.

Read more about it in today's blog and free downloadable article about the 9 types of entrepreneurs.


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Dear friends of Enneagram Europe,
I'm so happy to announce that we will again organize the 5-day Enneagram Intensive in the Uk! It will take place on November 13-17. At this point we're working on the last organizational details like the venue.

Maybe more interesting to you is that we will offer this at a very very special tariff to get the programme of the ground in the UK!

Mail us your emailaddress if you don't want to miss this offer. Send this to: [email protected] (*)

Hoping to meet you in November!
Jeanette van Stijn

(*) due to work on our website our 'europe'-emailaddress is temporarily out of order

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In my previous blog I showed how every enneagram type thinks it is not to blame for the conflict. Today I will tell you about the four levels on which the enneagram can be of use in conflict mediation.

Read it here: http://www.enneagram-europe.com/it-is-not-because-of-me/

3 big steps in every transformative process 04/02/2015

3 big steps in every transformative process

The first blog in a series of three about big steps in every transformative process is online.
Click here to read it: http://bit.ly/1LLaqLO

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3 big steps in every transformative process Did you know the enneagram is a traditional symbol for transformative processes? This symbol includes ancient wisdoms, spiritual lessons and universal laws.

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How often do you listen with full attention?

Timeline photos 09/12/2014

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 02/12/2014

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An inner state of happiness, is not affected by a thunderstorm.

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Last but definitely not least; type 9 and their addiction.

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Do you work with the enneagram?
Are you on a growth path yourself?
Do you love and support or work with young people?
Do you think it's important to teach young people its wisdom?

If you can answer 'yes' to any of the following questions then this conference is for you and needs you!! Read more in our newsletter below and share this with anyone you know who has taken part in the Enneagram Intensive (EPTP-1).


Timeline photos 23/10/2014

How important is it for you to be in control?

Timeline photos 14/10/2014

For type 7 it's all about having exciting experiences!

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Type 6 have their own addiction...


Invitation to the Enneagram Intensive

Experience the power of the Narrative Tradition in the Enneagram Intensive from November 14-18, 2014 (in Swindon, UK).

- Are you ready to take a major step in your own personal and/or professional development?
- Are you interested in learning a powerful tool for human development and change?
If your answer to either question is YES, then this Intensive offers an exciting opportunity!


Invitation to the Enneagram Intensive The Enneagram Intensive is a 5-day training that will bring you a deeper understanding of yourself and others. In a varied and experiential programme you'll learn how to recognise your own automatic patterns and practices that will help to relax and shift them. Time and again this proven approach br…

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It's all about knowledge for a type 5.

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The European Enneagram Conference 2015 is coming!
Mark the dates in your calendar.
We hope to see you next year!

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And in our series of addictions, it's time for type 4.

Timeline photos 01/09/2014

And what is type 3 addicted to?

David Whyte 26 sept 2014 Amsterdam 27/08/2014

David Whyte 26 sept 2014 Amsterdam

I like to inform you about a rare opportunity to experience an amazing inspirational speaker, philosopher and poet in person in Amsterdam, on September 26th 2014: David Whyte.

I happen to enjoy his presentation during an Enneagram Conference in California and experienced this as highly inspirational and moving. And he has a lot of humour to in the way he introduces his poems. Really a very worthwhile experience. Our enneagram friends may attend at a discount so contact our office if you are interested.


David Whyte 26 sept 2014 Amsterdam Join David Whyte on 26 sept in Amsterdam. By Invitas and Hartwerken group.

Timeline photos 06/08/2014

This week the spotlight is on type 2.....


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Msicstraining Msicstraining
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Met veel enthousiasme help ik je met diverse fitnesstrainingen, ben ik je hulp bij chronische vermoe

Pro Coaching by Anis Ammar Pro Coaching by Anis Ammar
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Gezondheid, welzijn en beweging. Gespecialiseerd in voedingsbegeleiding, supplementen, mental coaching & bewegingstherapie.

Floris V. Floris V.
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Welkom op de Fitclub facebook pagina. Hier kun je al onze werkzaamheden en events vinden. - Personal Training - gratis bootcamps / FitCamps - Duo Training - Ouder & kind training - Motivatie - Trainingschema's - Voeding

Coach Ramón Tromp Coach Ramón Tromp
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Personal fitness training - 1-op-1 en duo personal training - duurzaam resultaat - gestructureerde trainingsprogramma’s op maat - trainen in high end personal training gym en/of buiten - voedingsadvies - leefstijladvies

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Sabra's bootcamp - Groepslessen - Kleine groepslessen - Privé-lessen - Workshops - Agressie en

Bulletproof Fitness PT Bulletproof Fitness PT
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Bulletproof Fitness biedt de totaaloplossing voor vertrouwen in je lichaam en jezelf!

Personal Fit Training Personal Fit Training
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Inzicht & Regie Inzicht & Regie
Bazarlaan 40
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Expert in het begeleiden van vrouwen met ambitie om de beste regisseur van hun eigen leven te worden.

LMNTS health & lifestyle studio LMNTS health & lifestyle studio
Juliana Van Stolberglaan 248
The Hague, 2595 CN

Wij helpen je om aan je fysieke en mentale gezondheid te werken en begeleiden je bij het behalen en vooral behouden van je doelstellingen, zodat je energieker en fitter in het leven staat en meer voldoening uit je dag kunt halen. Gegarandeerd resultaat!

personal performance training personal performance training
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Personal Performance Training is gespecialiseerd in personal training, kickbokstraining, medisch fitness, senioren fitness, voedingsadvies, voedingssupplementen, sportspecifieke training en bootcamp.

Your Best You Your Best You
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Health Coaching voor vrouwen Den Haag

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