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Ashtanga Yoga 19/01/2020

The Art of Ashtanga - SanātanaYoga

This is a new magazine published out of India. ❤️ They visited last month while I was there practicing. Paramguru Sharath Jois explains why there are no short-cuts in ashtanga and what it takes to practise and teach the Mysore-style method.


Just a reminder—primary series led class Friday at 8:30am! Let’s fog the windows in unison. 😅


Our moon day is Sunday, February 26th. No class! Last Mysore at the Lewis Street location will be Tuesday, February 28th. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your beautiful presence. 🙏🏽

[02/08/17]   In anticipation of the overnight and morning snowfall, we will be closed on Thursday, February 9th. Friday is a moonday--see you Sunday for Mysore, 7:30am-10am! 🔥

[01/26/17]   Friday, January 27th is the new moon! No classes on Friday, take rest!


Don't forget! Sunday following Mysore--everyone is welcome!

Join us on Sunday the 22nd for another Chat and Chai discussion at Ashtanga CT! 10am, open to everyone. 😊

[01/14/17]   Regular schedule for Sunday on this long holiday weekend but we close early on Monday for building maintenance!
Sunday, Jan 15th 7:30am-10am Mysore
Monday, Jan 16th 6am-9am Mysore

[01/13/17]   Friday is led primary class! 6am or 10am.


Join us on Sunday the 22nd for another Chat and Chai discussion at Ashtanga CT! 10am, open to everyone. 😊


Moon days for January:
Thursday, January 12th
Friday, January 27th


Friday led primary series--rain, snow, or shine! 6am and 10am today. 🔥

[12/28/16]   New moon on Thursday, December 29th! The shala will be closed. See you Friday for 10am led primary series.

[12/22/16]   Due to illness, Friday's led primary classes are canceled for Friday, December 23rd. See you next week!


Holiday hours:
Sunday, Dec 25th CLOSED
Monday, Dec 26th 7:30-10am
Tuesday, Dec 27th 7:30-10am
Wednesday, Dec 28th 7:30-10am
Thursday, Dec 29th MOON DAY
Friday, Dec 30th 10am Led Primary Class
Sunday, January 1st CLOSED


Hello from India! Miss these shala faces? The sun is bright, the days are hot, and Mysore is working its magic. ✨💥❤️😎 #ashtangact #mysoreworks #greenwichct #practicepracticepractice #kpjayi #ashtanga #sunscreenselfie


Thanksgiving Schedule:
Thursday, November 24th CLOSED
Friday, November 25th 10am led primary only

[11/13/16]   It's a full moon day on Monday, November 14th. The shala will be closed. Enjoy this supermoon and see you on Tuesday for morning Mysore, 6-10am!


Katie returns to Greenwich to resume teaching this week after a month of assisting Sharath here in the shala! And more Connecticut faces arrive today just in time for Diwali! 💥🙉

[10/28/16]   Sunday, October 30th, is our moon day! No class, take rest.


Just a reminder that our Friday led primary class is canceled while Dominic Corigliano is teaching this week! Instead we will run Mysore on Friday from 6am-7:30am. #ashtanga #practicepracticepractice #greenwichct #ashtangact


It's happening! Certified Ashtanga teacher Dominic Corigliano has landed at Ashtanga CT for the week. Join us! #mysoreworks #ashtanga #yoga #practiceandalliscoming #loveandalliscoming #kapotasana #ashtangact #greenwichct 16/10/2016

Tova Steiner

Catch up on your reading on this moon day! Tova reminded me a long time ago that Guruji said the empty pots will make the most noise. Yesterday Sharath said it again. These interviews are so valuable because there are daily programs and daily teachers out there with all sorts of experiences and magic bubbling every morning who we get to hear from in an authentic and personal way. Enjoy! ​ Tova, can you please share your background pre-yoga with us? It’s funny, you have asked everyone else this question, but it just occured to me: my background in what? I guess it really comes...


Greetings from the middle of Saturday night traffic in Mysore! Sunday is the moon day--no class, take rest!


From the KPJAYI conference yesterday: Without the breath, it's all just circus. 🐒

There's a full week of practice ahead, Ashtanga CT practitioners! Pay attention to what your breathing is telling you. 😊
📸: Ellie Tonev ❤️


Friday led primary series at Ashtanga CT! Two chances for class--6am or 10am. 💥💥


4 years ago today I finished assisting in the shala in Mysore and today this one starts her turn for the month. What a blessing!


Friday is the moon day! The shala is closed--no class. Sleep in or have your coffee while sitting down. ;)


This Sunday 9/25 at 10am. Discussion. Coffee. 🤗💥 All are welcome!


When it's raining, we sometimes have to make our own sunshine. Like with a bright and shiny vegan cookie chock full of almonds and raisins and all the good stuff. We've been blessed with pastries this week. Reason #253 why you need to get in here! 😉

[09/15/16]   Our next moon day is Friday, September 16th. No class, take rest! 🌛✨


Some of our crew today. We missed some faces but met a few new ones! Thank you for coming out today to celebrate 3 wonderful years of early mornings and lots of coffee. Thank you to the teachers and assistants and to YOU. ❤️ Amazing dedication. And thank you, Greenwich Lululemon, for your support!


Don't miss the boat! Remember, our 3 year anniversary celebration for Ashtanga CT is this Saturday!


Led primary series this morning, 6am or 10am! TGIF!


Labor Day weekend yoga schedule--
Sunday, Sept 4th: Closed (home practice!)
Monday, Sept 5th: 7:30am-10am
📸 Nelli J Castro

[08/31/16]   Moon day is Wednesday, August 31st! Take rest, no class. ❤️

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