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It's freebie time every single sunday until the end of 2019!

We will give away 1 tshirt per sunday and 1 LBS (13ci Butt Stock) per month, to all our fans and followers of Lynx Tactical Gear social networks:

How to win?

1) Join just one or all the social networks (more chances to win);
2) Like the post;
3) Invite a friend on the comments.

Every sunday we will randomly choose 1 winner that has meet the 3 requirements.

Fell free to use #LynxFreebieSundays to spread the freebie love with your friends!

Game pictures NvS 2019

Going home

Evasion night game, hunter cadre

Party in Birmingham

Arrival to NvS 2019

GPL 2019

Thanks for å great weekend

3-2-1 F**k Sweeden - ready for NvS


U want another shot? Make it a strong one on gin? Ok

Knoll og Tott

Spyle væske

It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!

Here we go again

Monkey brain

RIP Birmingham

GPL 10y anniversary trip to NvS biggame. Wy walk....

Finally at Ibis Newstreet Hotel - Birmingham

GPL 10y anniversary trip to Warped Paintbals NvS 2019 - Tripp to Birmingham

Warped North V South BIG GAME Festival (official)

GAME MAP & Info for UK v ROW at Warped North V South BIG GAME Festival (official)

Two 90 minute scenario games sponsored by Enola Gaye pitch the invading JNTFor against the UKCF (South) and the UKCF (North).

Saturday is a super busy day with LOTS going on, SO if your planning to play Magfed Games, Mechanical Games, Mini Games, Megarena, CQB, or have a go at the other activities on offer AND want to play in the UKV game, please make sure you understand which game is relevant to you (N or S) and ensure you are at the game start 30 minutes before game on !

The start gates are close to the campsite, Air, Chrono, and the whole festival "central" area - just look for the UK Versus signage !

Generals Tommy Webb and Reinier Pol will be on hand at game entry to brief you and allocate missions !

Follow the link to Dload map and find out HOW IT WORKS, and HOW TO TAKE PART here..

Let’s go!

Well lookie here ! Now this one is going to be a SCRAP !!!

With the widening number of countries in attendance the two Saturday paintball scenario games return to the UK VERSUS series - with the Enola Gaye UK V Rest Of The World games !

The guys who will general both games will need no introduction to NvS regulars !!

Tommy Webb has quite simply made the head of the UKCF team his own ! Who DOESNT love to run with Tommy! Whether your playing for the UK South team in the morning or the UK North team in the afternoon, against the ROW, you can be sure Tommy will be leading from the front and in your face if your slacking !

With increased numbers of players from The Netherlands and Portugal, plus new blood from Spain, Germany, and all the way from the USA and Australia, Reinier Pol is looking forward to leading an eclectic but hugely experienced JNTFor coalition - and relishing the challenge of taking on Tommy and the two (UK-S and UK-N) teams !

Check the webpage for the start times and HOW TO TAKE PART, and watch out for the game map coming this weekend !


Warped North V South BIG GAME Festival (official)

North V South 2019 planning is already well underway !

Friends please SHARE this poster with your mates or team so they can get all the info as it unfolds !

Website is being prepared and we expect to open ticket sales in August !!


Warped North V South BIG GAME Festival (official)

Warped North V South BIG GAME Festival (official)

After an incredible amount of work we are proud to release the details of the North V South WASTELAND BIG GAME

Sunday 6th May Warped North V South BIG GAME Festival (official)

Many hours of trudging the Swynnerton Training Area terrain and brainstorming the game design concept have resulted in what we believe will deliver our most epic game EVER !

We have discussed and visualised many simulations of how this game will play, and are confident it will produce memorable gameplay on the optimum areas with the best terrain & buildings. It should result in a fair and challenging game for both sides.

In addition we have built in significant reduction in potential walking, waiting, and quiet times.

A revamped shuttle bus service, ON GAME REST areas, and tweaked Respawn procedures are features previous NvS attendees will notice. We learn every year, and this is our 26th North V South!

Please read the details over a couple of times before hitting us with any queries about the game infrastructure, scoring, rules etc.

For tactical discussions you should head on over to your relevant North or South Generals/teams groups

Choose NORTH. Choose SOUTH. Choose GLORY

1500 Players. 350 acres of MOD training ground.

The Once In A lifetime Post-Apocalyptic Big Game !

Staff & supporters please SHARE !

Players please share, and tag a mate who needs to experience this game !


Ready for greatness

Vil du plassere din bedrift på toppen av Gym-listen i Oslo?

Klikk her for å få din Sponsede Oppføring.

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