Prime Time Ultimate Fitness Community

Prime Time Ultimate Fitness Community A 700 square meter athletic and fitness facility that caters to just about all your physical fitness needs.

Along with our Highly Trained and Professional Trainers, we have a complete Weight Training Facility, full Circuit Training equipments, a Rock Climbing Wall, a Bronx Street Style Indoor Basketball Court complete with cyclone fencing, Rivera BJJ/MMA Mixed Martial Arts, an official Boxing Ring complete with Punching Bags, Speedball, Floor to Ceiling Ball, Upper Cut & Hook Wall Bag for Boxing and Mua

Operating as usual 19/12/2020

FACE MASK RANT! The mask debate & underlying truth, a rant about face masks

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#maskup #facemaskrant #maskrant #maskon #MaskUpAmerica The never ending face mask debate continues as many refuse to wear a mask, while others insist on wearing one at all times. Why is there disagreement about w...

[02/26/19]   Pricing Updates:

Circuit Training Monthly: 999
Boxing monthly: 1999
Muay Thai Monthly: 2499
MMA Monthly: 2499

**Prices valid for first 100 members to sign up, guaranteed same rates for 12 months

Walk in weights basketball and track: 60 (2 hours)
Monthly weights basketball and track: 500

[02/14/19]   Welcome back coach Nice! The PTUFC Team and all Members are excited to see you back in the ring!


Stop by to sign up for Ultimate Fit, exclusively at PTUFC! This is the ultimate functional training program in Angeles City, at the best price for personalized monthly training. Now only 999 PHP per month. All ages and fitness levels welcome! Also offering Boxing and MMA.

[02/14/19]   PTUFC is the only gym in Angeles with over 9,700 followers on Facebook, 2,596 check ins, and 14 years in business! Stop by for best prices, value, and professionalism. New classes, program, and prices.

[02/13/19]   Boxing is now only 1999 per month, Muay Thai and MMA is now 2499 per month (unlimited)! Prices have been reduced - as a community based gym we are not interested in profit. Our goal is to provide best value, safety, and fitness in Angeles City at an affordable price for the community we serve.

[02/13/19]   Attention all PTUFC members (past and present):

999 pesos per month Circuit Training! Starting Now!

As we are a community based fitness center our goal is to provide an affordable, safe, professional fitness experience for everyone in Angeles City regardless of fitness level. The owners have decided to cut prices in half for our very popular Circuit Training (Ultimate Fit). Same great class, same challenge and health benefits, for 50% less. This will help our community to benefit from our 14 years of fitness experience in Angeles City. Stop by and sign up soon, at these prices classes will fill up fast.

[02/13/19]   All New Circuit Training only 999 Pesos per month! Up to 4 days per week of super intense fitness for weight loss, stamina, health, strength, and overall well being for all ages/fitness levels. Sign up now while space is still open.

[12/31/18]   Prime Time Ultimate Fitness Club will be closed on Monday December 31, 2018 through Tuesday January 1,2019 for the New Year's Holiday.

Thank you! 02/10/2018

The Workout That Helped This Guy Lose 96 Pounds In 11 Months

Looses 96 pounds in 11 months? Wow! Boxing is really great for weight loss! Perry Panesar was always the "fat guy"— until he got dumped and decided he didn't want to be him anymore 02/10/2018

The fittest do live longer

The Fittest Do Live Longer! Fitness is the key to a long life, irrespective of body shape or even smoking habits, a study has revealed

[05/14/18]   Reminder: Prime Time UFC opens at 11am today, in observance of the election. See you all soon!

[05/12/18]   Dear Members,

In support of the Election, Prime Time will open at 11am on Monday. This way PTUFC staff will have time to vote in the morning before coming to work.

You can continue your work out Monday from 11am until 9pm, so plenty of time to stay on track and achieve your goals

See you Monday!


Prime Time Ultimate Fitness Club's cover photo 19/03/2018

5 Tips for Crossfitters to Avoid Knee Pain and Injuries

Some good tips on how to protect your knees during intense workouts... It doesn’t matter what sports you are in, knee injuries and incorrect movements go together. Squats can cause knee pain, but so can walking or running if your movement patterns are being compensated due to poor body posture and muscle imbalances. 19/03/2018

The Health Benefits of Mixed Martial Arts Training | Peak Performance Blog | Peak Performance MMA Keller

Sign up for MMA classes to get in shape and have FUN. The Health Benefits of Mixed Martial Arts Training. MMA classes for all ages. Serving Keller, Watauga, Southlake, North Fort Worth, Roanoke and Haslet.

[12/15/17]   We are open all days except Dec 25 and Jan 1. So come on in and work out Monday-Saturday 9am-9pm and BE FIT for the holidays! We have our best promotion of the year still going, 30% of all monthly training passes. 15/11/2017

Physical activity extends life expectancy Leisure-time physical activity is associated with longer life expectancy, even at relatively low levels of activity and regardless of body weight, according to a study by a team of researchers led by the NCI. 15/11/2017

Every Minute Of Exercise Could Lengthen Your Life Seven Minutes According to a major paper, one minute of exercise can bring an average of seven minutes of longer life. 15/11/2017

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Training Muay Thai for self defense 15/11/2017

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How Long Will it Take to Lose Weight While Taking Boxing Classes? You will lose weight during your first boxing class although your weight loss might be imperceptible. How much weight you lose during boxing classes depends on how active you are during the class, the kind of boxing you’re involved in, your exercise heart rate and your weight. Improving your boxing…


Plans & Passes

To check our affordable prices, flexible schedules, and complete fitness solutions, visit our membership website by clicking the following link:


Prime Time UFC is pleased to announce the most successful year in company history. After 12 years in business in Angeles City, we feel great about this achievement. Thank you to all of our long time members, to our new members, and to our loyal, dedicated, professional staff for helping us achieve this exciting benchmark.

[10/25/17]   Prime Time UFC is pleased to offer licensed professional trainers, competition size boxing/MMA ring, running track, basketball, weights, showers, and a full range of services including Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, Weight Training, Circuit Training, and CrossFit. As the most experienced full service combat sports and fitness gym in Angeles City with 12 years of service to the community, we are a one stop fitness destination for those wanting to loose weight, to get in shape, or to learn/improve the combat sports. We also work with professional athletes and international celebrities, and as seen on ABS-CBN we offer a spacious professional environment and top level training within the Philippines. Stop by and take advantage of our rock bottom prices and special promotions.

[09/02/17]   As many of you know, we had to make some staffing changes recently. This was due to employee embezzlement and theft, and it was a challenging time when we realized how much had been stolen. Once this was identified and we cleaned house, we have since been able to give all employees raises, increase commissions, and overall this has been a very positive change for the gym and our many loyal and dedicated members and employees. The theft cost our employees and our customers so much, in terms of lost resources and financing. We are pleased this is now in the past, and look forward to positive change continuously in the future. People may not realize that when theft occurs it is not only the owners who experience loss, it is the employees and the customers as well. PTUFC is not a gym that focuses on profits, we instead focus on community service. Our goal is to provide affordable fitness solutions to our community, to compensate our team of loyal staff generously, and to provide access to training, basketball, and gym equipment at a price that everyone can afford. This is our mission, and our purpose. We want to assure you that now that we have eliminated the problem, our budget has improved and we can now give back more then we ever have before.

[08/24/17]   Floryvic Montero will weigh in shortly for her fight tomorrow night. She is ranked #3 in Philippines. Pushing for #1. This will be a great fight!

**update - made weight. Next stop is the fight tomorrow.


So you want a Free CrossFit Class??

Ok fine, you win.

Starting now all first time visitors can try one CrossFit class free. The cashier will need to set up your profile when you arrive at the gym, and 5 minutes later you're on your way to your first free class! No costs. No catch. Simple. And yes FREE!

Valid for new members only, starting now.

This may expire in a few weeks so come in and try CrossFit for free while this promo lasts :) 22/08/2017

7 CrossFit weight loss and body transformation success stories

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[08/09/17]   You asked, we listened. Here we go...schedule enhancements!

Here are the changes:

Cross Fit Schedule:

M-F Group Classes at 9am, 5pm, and 7pm. Saturday at 10am.

Bootcamp: M-F at 4pm. Saturday 2pm.

Cross Fit members can attend Bootcamp also!

Any schedule issues? Let us know - we can help! Late arrivals ok. Early arrivals hang out stretch and selfies ok.

Visit our website for more details and pricing:


All New BOOTCAMP totally intense FITNESS DRILLS starting now. This is the ULTIMATE FITNESS solution for those wanting to get in shape, stay in shape, loose weight, gain strength, improve overall health & fitness. 4pm M-F and 2pm Saturday. ****Attention Ultimate Fit Members!! Your plan already includes BOOT CAMP :)You can use this as your daily class anytime. ****New members...stop by drop in and sign up now! 2000p/month includes Ultimate Fit & BootCamp + gym membership! No sign up fees. 160p walk in price.

Note: Tues & Thursday classes focus on Definition Training - this is for key muscle groups to help achieve your specific fitness goals.


FV. August 25. Makati. JM. Sept 9. General Santos.

Let's get ready to RUMBLE!!!

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Students LOVE boxing at PTUFC. Great for fitness, fun, and self defense :)


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