Helsingborg Saints

Helsingborg Saints


Hi guys. I am a football jersey collector in Australia. I was hoping to find the jersey used by this team between 1997-1999? I think these were auctioned to players. Happy to pay for it too. It looks like the attached photo. Thank you!
Tjena grabbar!
Vi Copenhagen Giants spelar I Malmö på lördag
Någon som har möjlighet att spela o hjälpa oss att slå dem? 😜
Hey saints. If anyone is keen for a game in Farum this weekend for Odense then let me know. The maulers and lynx will be playing after so it will be a fun day to relax and have a few brews!
Sorry to hear about the whitdrawl from the PL this season, but do anyone fancy helping out the Roos on saturday in Farum at 13:00?
We’ll provide beer!
Could be an interesting format for games with little players.
Hej kelle!!

Are people staying in Aalborg på lördag?

Eller komma tillbäka möt Helsingborg?

Just gotta plan my Saturday night drinking 🍻
Hej kelle,

Is anyone staying in Aalborg on Saturday or is everyone coming back to Helsingborg?

Just want to plan my Saturday drinking 🍻
Är festar gänget ute idag?

Helsingborg Saints officiella Facebooksida. Här kommer information om allt som händer i klubben.

Helsingborg Saints
Sveriges första Australiensiska fotbolls klubb med säte i Helsingborg. Laget består av ca 25 man och laget spelar i den danska ligan, som styrs av DAFL. Klubben grundades 1993 av Terry Lundquist som än idag är involverad i klubben, sedan starten har klubben haft Brohult IP som hemmaplan fram till 2014 då vi gick vidare till Norvalla IP i norra Helsingborg. Helsingborg Saints är


Hej alla gamla unga Saints.

Är ni sugen o lira lite Footy igen?

Nu på lördag behöver Copenhagen Giants låna lite spelare för att få ihop 12-a-side (dom är själv 11 stycken). Oavsett antal är dom ett stark lag (5:a i Champions League förra helg).

Matchen börjar kl 12 i Farum mot Odense Lions.

Ny behöver inte öva på er danska eftersom svensken Calle Wrang coachar..

Jag skall döma och åker ca 09:30 -10:00 tiden. Har plats för fyra spelare.

Så häng med, gratis resa och gratis öl efter matchen.

Bra ursäkt att fylla på ölförrådet hemma (egen kostnad).

Skriv här om ni är intresserad eller kontakta mig.


vimeo.com 25/09/2018

2018 Helsingborg vs Odense

17 September 2017 Helsingborg Saints played it’s last competitive game. Their opponent was Odense Lions with the winner getting a place in the finals. Unfortunately for the Saints they could not get the job done what would have been their final final series.

Nearly a year later on 15 September 2018 Odense sent out a challenge to the Saints to play for the newly created Gammal Dansk Cup (an alcoholic snaps that tastes like liquefied Vegemite).

The Saints with their Gothenburg contingent took up the challenge and despite with only one Saint player Christer Hjelm having played matches for his new club Aalborg this year, the Saints showed no rust and got up quite comfortably.

Final Scores:
Helsingborg 24.9 (153) vs Odense 8.6 (54).

It probably be safe to say if the Saints had got it together in 2018 they would have remained competitive in a very even DAFL season.

Thank you Morten and his Odense for putting up the challenge and hopefully Helsingborg Saints can have some more games next year.

Luckily some phone camera footage surfaced on the game.


vimeo.com Gammel Dansk Cup 2018 Saints vs Lions

Svenska Cupen part 4 11/06/2018

Svenska Cupen part 4

Svenska Cupen part 3 11/06/2018

Svenska Cupen part 3

Svenska Cupen part 2 11/06/2018

Svenska Cupen part 2

Svenska Cupen part 1 11/06/2018

Svenska Cupen part 1


Anyone interested? Contact me or Chris


Yesterday four Saints still wanted to have a kick of the Footy helped out struggling Aalborg in the Premier League games against the ever strong Farum Cats.

Fred Sajjadi (second from left) has joined Port Malmö this year, but have to wait to make his debut with his Maulers because of train hassle.
Still free agents Max Välemark (second from right) and Andreas Svensson (far right) were among the best in the team yesterday. Old timer Christer “Kryddan” Hjelm(far left)was bought for a case of beer and made his debut for his new club after 25 years in Helsingborg.

Add 2 tired Giants in the mix and you nearly had the upset of the year!

The Roos were up by 5 points at half-time and it was a tight tussle in third before Farum broke away late in the quarter.

It was expected the Cats would now run all over Aalborg. But the Kangaroos dominated the last quarter, and pegged the Cats lead to down 9 points. But easy misses at goals meant the upset won’t going to happen and the Cats late in the quarter again piled on goals to win rather comfortably.

Match stats:

Hopefully more Saints as traveling nomads or finding a new home will want to keep playing in the Premier League and keep the Saints spirit alive in DAFL.


Hi all

Just want to inform everyone that Saints don’t have enough players for their first home game this Saturday.

Because of the rapid decline of player loss and this also resulting in more expenditures than income we regretfully have to pull out of DAFL.

The club is hope to remain active on a local level in the Skåne League and various cups.

Thanks all, it’s been an awesome 25 year’s of Footy and meeting all friends and foes along with the journey. We see what the future holds.


Yesterday Helsingborg won it’s 7th Indoor title at the 9th Annual AFL Sweden Indoor Cup.

The only two years we were not crowned champions was in 2016 when we did not attend and in 2013 where we split to two even teams - Helsingborg Saints and Påarp Kickers (who made the Grand Final).

But yesterday it came down to the last wire. Despite winning all games, it took a super effort in the Grand Final against the very impressive Norrtälje Dockers to steal the game with a goal after the siren by Kim “Principal” Skinner to sn**ch the victory by 4 points.

Maybe it’s time for a regular home and away indoor league season during the cold cold winter months?


Action from the Odense Lions vs Helsingborg Saints game, part 4 (sorry no 5th quarter pictures as there are people under 18 here).


Action from the Odense Lions vs Helsingborg Saints game, part 3


ction from the Odense Lions vs Helsingborg Saints game, part 2


Action from the Odense Lions vs Helsingborg Saints game, part 1


Congratulations to the Odense FC on cementing the final spot to the Finals. You guys were so much more determined than us, and you will go far by playing this kind of footy. Good luck in the Finals Lions from all of us of the Saints!


The Footy Record > Database > Match > #4479

After being in front most of the day, and having a lead of 17 points with about 5 minutes to go.... only to loose it on the final siren with the final kick...


But the boys played extremely well against very classy opponents. (For some reason - Saints vs Barracudas games are very close recent years).

It means we now have to win our last three games of the year, and a little bit of luck to make the Finals.

'can the Saints

Match stats:


thefootyrecord.net With five minutes left, the Saints were in the box seat 15 points up. But the barracudas came back and sn**ched the game.


For those who were wondering where they heard the name Mike Frencham on the Saints team list against the Giants last week?
The answer is the same guy who played for Aalborg in 1994.

Yes after 23 years in-between breaks (a DAFL record), Mike was finally again playing a DAFL match, this time in the Saints colours.

So for the first time we present on video the Rd 12 match between Helsingborg and Aalborg at Brohult IP.

The then 19 year old Mike is playing with the Roos number 18 and kicked 7 goals against us.
The Aalborg newsletter reported:
"And finally the Saints big full-back went down like an old broken Volvo"

But don't miss the old Saints legends as:
Joacim Aulin (2)
Jörgen Nielsen (5)
Björn Persson (9)
Michael Garcia (10)
Joakim Jakobson (12)
Michael Leontini (14)
Terry Lundquist (15)
Reini Masarek (16)
Tomas Polacek (19)
along with more current or active legends such as:
Andreas Svensson (1)
Christer Hjelm (20)
Paul Rämö (6)
Dario Donelli (7)
Joakim Christiansen (12)
Also in the film is footage of the late coach Don Scotland and caretaker Lars Åhfeldt. Also our late full-forward Kent Frödeberg (17). We miss you guys.

Match stats:

Match footage:


Yesterday the Saints got the rarest of wins - a win at the Farum ground. The only other win on this ground was in Rd 14 1996.

It was also the first physical win against the Copenhagen. Giants/FC Demons. The other win coming from a forfeit.

Match result:

The Saints blitzed the game right from the start with the wind and were ahead by 36 points.

They then kept the Giants relatively quiet in the 2-3 goal wind in the second quarter and still had a five goal lead at half-time.

The third quarter the Giants kept the Saints quiet and it looked very similar to the second. But two quick goals near the end by the Giants meant the Saints lead had dwindled down to a mere 16 points.

Despite going against the win, most observers thought the Saints would go on with it.

The first 15 minutes of the last quarter was a stale mate with both teams only able to register behinds.

With around 5 minutes left of the game, spearhead Robin Brenmo kicked the first goal of the quarter taking the Saints lead to 21 points and thought to be the sealer. But Giants immodestly snapped back with a goal. The margin was back to 15 points.

With 1:30 minutes remaining on the clock the Giants kicked another and only 30 seconds later another, which meant the Saints lead was only 3 points with a minute to go. Was the Saints going to loose the game they never looked like loosing?

The Saints steadied and hung on in what seemed the longest agonizing minute for them.

Match Stats:



DAFL 2017 Helsingborg vs Farum

Some highlights from Saturday's game against Farum


AFL 2017 Helsingborg vs Farum Highlights


and even more pics of today's game.... Have a good night all!


more pictures of today's game....


Today in the hot steak midday sun, the Saints were visited by the most dangerous and successful side Farum Cats. The Catters had previously disposed their nearest contenders the Copenhagen Giants. So the Saints had to be wary.

The fist half the Cats leaped away and the Saints maybe thoughts were on beach, sun and drinks then the game. To make matters worse the full back enforcer Anton Tellström had to leave for a christening at half-time.

It look liked on the cards that the Saints would loose another game by the ton.

Luckily two Saints from a blast of the past were watching the game - the NWO Outsiders Kim Mårtensson and Robin Barté. They pulled on the boots, pulled on a jumper (with great difficulty). They made immediate impact, with Barté making a physical presence in the back line as well as in the ruck. And Kim Mårtensson the unmovable object pulling down marks with ease and slotting four goals. Kim's effort put the heat off Robin Brenmo's in having to kick all the goals. Brenmo finished up with 7. Not bad for a loosing side by over 10 goals.

Nevertheless, the Saints won the third quarter and the second half they lost on an average of 14 points.

Full match stats:



DAFL 2017 Port Malmö vs Helsingborg

A longer than normal music video showing the intensity of Saturday's derby match between Port Malmö Maulers and Helsingborg Saints.

Arguably the biggest rivalry in Scandinavia . It dates back to 2003 with a 3 team trifecta of players from Helsingborg-Lund-Malmö competing who was the king of Southern Sweden in the Skåne AFL.

Lund Magpies are long gone and the team that represented Helsingborg - the Helsingborg West Raptors exist in name only.

But this hasn't stopped the rivalry spreading to DAFL. And despite the scores, no team gives an inch.

By the way the song in the clip a bit exaggerated, for most of the players are good buddies.

It's just a game of footy after all.


DAFL 2017 Port Malmö vs Helsingborg


More pictures from the game yesterday between Port Malmö and Helsingborg


2017 Saints vs Roos preview

Here is a little Easter Egg for ya all. A short music highlight video from last week Helsingborg vs Aalborg-Gothenburg combination:


Helsingborg vs Aalborg-Gothenburg 2017


Saints vs Kangaroos 2017 part 2


Saints vs Kangaroos 2017 part 1


The Footy Record > Database > Match > #4451

Yesterday the Saints finally got back to their winning ways.... well sort of

With Aalborg only finding five of their own players, the game was already Helsingborg's win even before the game started. So with six strong Saints players from Gothenburg already booked their tickets, the Saints thought it be a shame to split them up and leant them to Aalborg to be an Aalborg-Gothenburg combination vs Helsingborg. Not surprisingly this combination proved too strong for the Saints who fought hard all day.

Big thanks for the boys from Gothenburg coming over and big big thanks to Aalborg for making the game possible despite the forfeit.

Official DAFL Match result:


Stats for Helsingborg vs Aalborg/Gothenburg




Skåne AFL celebrates it's 15 anniversary this year.

To recognize this great achievement the Helsingborg Saints will wear heritage gurneys on three occasions honoring the founding teams.

First up will be against Farum Cats on May 27, so come to Norvalla, Helsingborg to see this pretty familiar jumper...


AFL Sweden 2017 Indoor Cup Highlights

2017 AFL Sweden Indoor Cup Highlights


2017 Indoor Cup played in Jönköping


Helsingborg Saints Swedish Indoor Champions of 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, added the sixth title by remaining unbeaten yesterday. In the Semi Final they overcame a brave and ever improving Port Malmö Lynx. In the Grand Final they fought off the challenge in a close game against 2016 champs Port Malmö Maulers.

It was a great evening with all teams being equally competitive.
Results to come soon.


Nu kan alla visa sin support för Saints

Vi har fått möjligheten att beställa 4 olika plagg från BIG DOGG.
Beställningar görs till vår klubbmail senast 15/8 Beställningar är bindande och i samband med beställning betalar man till klubbens konto (Glöm inte skriva namn vid överföring).

När kassör bekfräftat betalning får man en bekräftelse via mail. Leveranstiden är ca 6-8 veckor efter slutdatum och beställningar kan hämtas på träning/matchdagar eller överkommelse.

På denna sidan finns bild och pris på varje del samt en storleksguide under kommentarer.

Shortens finns bara en bild på men båda ser likadana ut fast är olika långa. Korta modellen är av typen footyshorts som vi har när vi spelar och den långa är en vanlig shortslängd.

OBS! Hoodtröjan kommer vara av modellen Ziptröja, med en dragkedja alltså!

Träningslinne 300:-

Shorts 210:-

Footy Shorts 210:-

Hood Tröja 400:-

Klubbmail: [email protected]

Bankgiro: 336-5954

Glöm inte märka betalning med namn!!

Frågor görs enklast via klubbmail.


The Footy Record > Database > Match > #4399

With the long long sunny summer break upon us (the Saints next game is not until 27th August). Seven Saints and one Terry decided to participate in a game in the Skåne League (SAFL) based in Malmö. There we were divided to play for the GV Rebels or Malmö Red Eyes.

It was a huge turn out and both teams had 15 players each with a mix of men and women playing a fast flowing very competitive match.

Saints new sensation Alex Olsson was voted best player on ground and Christer "Kryddan" Hjelm 2 goals were outdone by Terry kicking a goal.







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