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Vi är Helltown Hellcats Roller Derby lag i Helsingborg! Skulle du kunna tänka dig att testa på vad vi anser vara världens bästa sport?

Hos oss får du inte bara utöva en idrott utan även vara en del av den gemenskapen! Kontakta oss här på Facebook för mer information eller maila [email protected]

Öppet som vanligt


On the 11th and 12th of May we are hosting a big tournament of 6 games in total. We are now in search of announcers! 💥 Please send us a message or comment below if you’re interested or know anyone who could be. 🏆🎤


New bout shirt revealed! Looking real snazzy in Luleå this weekend thanks to our sponsor .

One game done, one to go! 💪


We are travelling to both Luleå and Austria for games this coming season! As you can imagine this will cost a lot for a small club like ours. You can support us by donating via swish or gofundme! We are super grateful for every krona we get to cover our travel costs 💚

Swish: 123 431 89 03

Gofundme: https://www.gofundme.com/f/helltown-hellcats-goes-to-austria

Helltown Hellcats goes to Austria, organized by Helltown Hellcats 26/04/2023

Hellcats are going to Graz in Austria to play in a tournament! Help us out by donating 😸 Every single krona will go towards travel costs and is very much appreciated 💚

Helltown Hellcats goes to Austria, organized by Helltown Hellcats I oktober åker Hellcats för att spela en turnering i Graz i Österrike! Hjälp oss … Helltown Hellcats needs your support for Helltown Hellcats goes to Austria

Photos from Micke Falk Photography's post 26/03/2023

Photos from yesterdays bout!


Officials - we need your help!

We are unfortunately a bit short on officials for our two games on the 11th. We need both skating officials and NSOs for a junior game and a game in Seriespel division 2.

Here is the link to sign up as officials:

Link to facebook event:

Please share this post or tag your derby friends so we can still make this game day happen!

Derby love
/Helltown Hellcats 💚


Snart dags för oss att ta oss hela vägen till Sundsvall för en match!

Vill du placera din affär längst upp i Gym-listan i Helsingborg?

Klicka här för att få din sponsrade notering.

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New bout shirt revealed! Looking real snazzy in Luleå this weekend thanks to our sponsor @vesterlins. One game done, one...
So much fun to be scrimming at practice again! Considering it’s been a while for all of us and some are new to scrimming...
Checking the floor in preparation for our homebout! It works for skating AND dancing 💃 7th of April!#helltownhellcats #h...
So we're a bit early to the Sunday scrim in Gothenburg! #helltownhellcats #helsingborg #rollerderby #hbg #gbg
Panic pratar om gemenskapen i laget! Bara dagar kvar till årets sista nyintag. Anmäl dig nu och bli du också en del av g...
Pepps lagkamrater peppar henne! Vi kan peppa dig med, anmäl dig till vårt nyintag! #helltownhellcats #helsingborg #rolle...
Lula talks about how it feels to skate! Do you want to feel the freedom to join our team now! #helltownhellcats #helsing...
Secret mår toppen av träningen! De kan du också göra, anmäl dig till vårt nyintag! #helltownhellcats #helsingborg #rolle...
Greebo berättar om de bästa med roller derby! #helltownhellcats #helsingborg #rollerderby #hbg
Coach Alcoh är stolt! #helltownhellcats #helsingborg #rollerderby #hbg #hthc
Panic är allmänt gladare! De kan du också bli om du går med i vår förening! #helltownhellcats #helsingborg  #rollerderby...
Knekten säger de som de är! #helltownhellcats #helsingborg #hbg #rollerderby




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FC Helsingborg FC Helsingborg
Mellersta Stenbocksgatan 10
Helsingborg, 25437

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Helsingborg City FC Helsingborg City FC

VÄLKOMMEN TILL VÅR FACEBOOKSIDA! Besök gärna vår hemsida: http://www.helsingborgcityfc.se

Helsingborg Cricket Academy Helsingborg Cricket Academy
Norrvalla IP, Rundgången 15
Helsingborg, 25452

Helsingborg Cricket Academy is there to make the sport cricket available for the many in Helsingborg and thereby in Sweden.

Helsingborg Kempoförening Helsingborg Kempoförening
Furutorpsgatan 67

Äntligen öppnar vi Kempo i Helsingborg 👊 En kampsport som blandar slag, spark, kast och brottning.

Griab Fotboll Griab Fotboll
Brohult 1

Helsingborg Gymkhana Helsingborg Gymkhana

Members of the club belongs to diverse of age groups, cultures and ethnicity. One thing thats common about all of us is that we are cricket fanatics. We at Helsingborg Gymkhana believe in true sportsmanship and welcome all sport lovers with open arms.

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Helsingborgs IF Helsingborgs IF
Helsingborg, 25437

Helsingborgs IF.

Spanska Akademin Fotbollsförening Spanska Akademin Fotbollsförening
Filbornavägen 103
Helsingborg, 25661

Spanska Akademin FF vill erbjuda bästa, möjliga fotbollsutbildning i Sverige. Detta gör vi genom

Helsingborgs cricketförening H.C.F Helsingborgs cricketförening H.C.F
Helsingborg, 25250

(This is the official page of Helsingborg's Cricket Association & team. If you are interested to join or play cricket with us so most welcome^)

TenshoKarate Goju-kai TenshoKarate Goju-kai
Idrottens Hus
Helsingborg, 25437

Nybörjar barn kl. 17-18 Barnträning kl.18-19 Barn avancerade, Ungdomar och nybörjar vuxna samt vuxna 10,9,8,7 kyu kl.19-20 Höggraderade 6 kyu och upp kl. 20-21-30