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Photos from A Feminine Way's post 16/05/2024

She is our home and she is where we all belong and come from 🌏

We have such great potential to heal from her and heal our relationship to her.

Healing our relationship to Mother earth is of outmost importance for all women, all humans if we are to come back home to wholeness.

Because She nourishes and sustains us.

Our womb is a little microcosm of Mother Earth, because the womb carries the same creative capacity and if we are to heal our relationship to our womb, we turn to earth and let her be our sacred mirror.

Ways to connect to earth as mother:
🌱 offer your menstrual blood as a sacred ritual
🌱 do womb yoga outside
🌱 take some time off by leaving all responsibilities (+ your phone!) and immerse yourself in nature, walk barefood, lie on the earth
🌱 pray to the earth, bow down to her feel her touching your skin, ask her questions and see what answer comes to you

May we all walk on her sacred back with reverence and honour 🌏

Photos from A Feminine Way's post 12/05/2024

One of the things I love the most about my job is that I continually need to walk my talk 👣

I’m by no means a perfectly healed woman, I have many wounds alive in me that I’m healing, but I’ve come so far.

I’ve grown massively from the little good girl, Maiden I used to be, and all that I share in my work is based on my own healing journey.

I wholeheartedly share the tools that’s been deeply integrated in my life 🗝️

Integrity is one of my greatest values ❤️‍🔥

This month I’m reminded of walking my talk, as I’m sharing about Awakening your Sacred Body through reclaiming your unique beauty inside HOLY WOMB membership 🔻

This has been a massive process in my life because I’ve been so critical about my body.

I’ve had a lot to own up before I felt ready to share this month’s theme in holy womb.

And this is the rare beauty of my work, I get to deepen my own healing while sharing with women.

I’m so looking forward to our first circle of Awakening your Sacred Body tomorrow at 12pm CET.


Slowly emerging from the cave of illness.

The recent weeks I’ve been with some pretty challenging health issues.

Motherhood is giving me some hard lessons of taking charge of my life and choosing radical self-care. I’m absolutely humbled by this journey. I’m also humbled by how something that seems like a big curse can be alchemised into the greatest blessing of stepping up to loving myself.

I’m humbled by how Motherhood is teaching me huge lessons of what TRULY being present in my body means, bringing me step by step closer to myself.

I’m in awe by how I keep learning that underworld journeys are absolutely necessary, if I am to step up to the most intimate self-love, because they teach me so much about myself, where I am not being authentic with my needs and where I need to listen more deeply inside to what is true in the moment.
Motherhood is surely next level feminine awakening, emotional maturity, healing unconscious patterns and understanding how to care for my delicate feminine being.

♥️ Jenny


This is so fun and unexpected! I've had a calling to step into the kitchen again to share my love and knowledge about tasty, nourishing and healing food.

Cooking is one of these things that always came easily to me. I love to create and be inventive in the kitchen. Most importantly, I love to transform the cooking experience into a mindful spiritual practice of being fully present while I cook and pour my love and devotion into the food. I offer the food to Annapurneshvari Devi, the goddess of food and nourishment, which suffuses the food with divine goodness.

This is what I'll be sharing in my upcoming gourmet food retreat, accompanied by one of my dearest friends, Christiana who's also a chef in Shambala. She'll be sharing some of her Greek delights.

This retreat will focus on cooking and eating as a nurturing and holistic experience, where you will learn how to create easy to do meals in day to day life. You'll also learn some finer dishes which you can serve when inviting friends for dinner.

If you are one of those who's wanted to learn to cook like we do in Shambala, this is for you.

If you cannot come on thrusday, there is also the possibility of staying Friday-Sunday.

👉 You'll find a link in comments to read all the details about the retreat.


Photos from A Feminine Way's post 02/02/2024

pleasure is deeply connected to how sensitized our body is.

and accessing our sensuality - our sensitivity is connected to how much we can sense our five senses.

to truly feel ourselves, we need a nervous system that feels safe and a mind that is reasonably settled down.

we need to allow ourselves to let go of life for a moment. that’s when we’re moving into presence in the body, which is such a key for awakening your feminine current 🗝️🌊

slow down your movement, connect to each sense organ and savor in sensing each one of them.

witness your inner landscape awaken to life, notice waves of goodness and pleasure flowing inside of you, allow the sweetness of being present with yourself flow in your body 🍯

this is one of the greatest body reclamations we can do. it sounds simple, yet it’s so deep and healing to allow the sensous nature of our body to awaken from her slumber, so we can delight in the pleasure of owning our sacred feminine body.

when I can surrender to these moments of fully feeling myself, relishing in my sensous nature, which is so easy when I stop everything permit myself to be. I feel waves of love gushing through me, reminding me that I am love ✨

Photos from A Feminine Way's post 02/02/2024

Pleasure is deeply connected to how sensitized our body is.

Accessing our sensuality - our sensitivity is connected to how much we can access our five senses.

Allowing the nervous system the slow down, your mind to settle, letting go of life for a moment, will allow you to feel your five senses

Slow down your movement, connect to each sense organ and savor in the sweetness of sensing each one of them 🍯

Witness your inner landscape awakening to life, notice waves of goodness and pleasure flowing inside of you.

This is one of the greatest body reclamations we can do, allowing the sensous nature of our body awaken from her slumber, so we can awaken the pleasure of living in this feminine vessel 🩸🌀🍎


Last call! Do you want to spend new years with us and a beautiful group of heart connected people? Spaces are filling up for our new years retreat and the program is full of nourishing, creative and musical inspirations.
if you want to know more, follow the link in the comments or send us a message 💗


Womens healing circle

Another precious gathering in Ritmo da Terra.

For women who long to connect to herself and other women in a tender and loving way.

When women come together in a safe and heart connected way, we become each other’s healers.

A space where you can be yourself, without any masks, where all of you is welcome to be witnessed and held.

We’ll explore
🐍 returning to our roots - connecting to our yoni and womb
🐍 the deep healing of being in a safe and supportive circle of women
🐍 giving & receiving a hands-on healing ritual, that allows your entire being to open up to love

Through womb yoga, somatic embodiment practices, sharing circle, hands-on healing ritual, sister witnessing and deep relaxation, we’ll lean into the healing space of sisterhood.

📆 Saturday December 16th
⏰ 11.00-14.00
🛖 Ritmo da Terra
✨ Exchange 20-30€
🍑 Please bring a small snack to share together

Find the link to sign up in my bio

Jenny Janaki

Photos from A Feminine Way's post 23/11/2023

Why I think you should join our new years retreat.

The ending of the year and the holiday season can often be a time with high expectations and intense social settings.

Joining us is a real r e t r e a t, in the sense of stepping away from worldly duties and expectations. It’s a deep sigh of relief, giving yourself time and space to just be, rest and contemplate the year that has passed 🕯️

It’s important in life to take moments of being with oneself and process life, in a setting where you simultaneously can rest your body and mind, while being skillfully guided to tap into your deepest self.

The space we hold is deeply inward going and emenates love and depth to be with yourself.

Since Shambala is our home, we feel like we’re inviting you into our own living room as a family, which is often what our participants experience, that they’ve spent the weekend with a heart family, chanting, mediating, yoga, resting, sauna, ice bathing (for the courages ones 💪), eating healthy gourmet food and just being in an easy going social setting where nothing is expected by you.

We have lots of beautiful friends contributing to this retreat with Sanna .co cooking her delicious food, Cornelia teaching morning yoga, our beloved friend Joakim on drums, with Annie’s honey like voice and instruments.

Sounds like your kind of new year? 🎇🎆

Me, Johan and the entire Shambala family Warmly welcome you!

Look for sign up link in my bio ✨


Liquid Healing Grounding Gold

I started drinking this drink, blasted with goodness after birth, to balance my energy and handle the stress of having a baby.

This is a combination of Ashwagandha + Chai + Golden milk and it tastes marrrvelous!

Not just that, there's several ingredients that contributes to calming down the nervous system after an intense day.
Ashvagandha - ghee - nutmeg & something sweet all helps nurture a good sleep.

Ashwa means horse in sanskrit and one of its definitions is that it gives the strength of a horse.

In Latin it's called 'somnifera' which means 'sleep inducing'.

Nutmeg is said to be a sleep inducing spice.

And ghee + something sweet (I use dried figs), also supports bringing down the nervous system.

How I make it:
2 dl organic milk
1 tsp Ashwagandha
1 tsp turmeric
2 dried figes chopped
A pinch of pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, vanilla, star anise, cloves + fresh ginger
🍲 let it all simmer on low heat for about 10 minutes and add a teaspoon of ghee.

Enjoy! ☕

(you don't necessarily need all these ingredients, but I wouldn't leave out Ashwagandha, figs, ghee, pepper).


On Friday we're heading to for The Yoga Experience, and I'm honoured to be sharing my greatest passions: Womb Healing and journeying into the deep body. There's such a beautiful line up of teachers, and I can't wait to spend some days with dear friends and join classes in a sweet sacred gathering.

Photos from A Feminine Way's post 05/07/2023

Your womb is a well of treasures waiting to bless you.

She’s patiently waiting for you to journey into her, so that she can reveal all her potential as an incredible source of love, life, healing and creativity.

Awakening your womb will open you to her mystery as a wise woman, a magician ✨🪄, a lover and a guide to turn to in moments of doubts.

It's such a great life-shift, going from a mind-led life, to a deep listening to your body, inner being, into the great temple of your feminine, letting your womb lead your life 🔻


Vulnerable mothering

Motherhood can at times strip you of all layers of protection and leave you all naked in your vulnerability....so raw and open.. to life, to grief, death of the ego, death of my longings and desires. Raw and open to the purest deepest love I've ever felt...

.it leaves you raw and open to all your shortcomings, core wounds and all that's hidden in the deep layers of the unconscious.

It's honestly the most vulnerable and humbling experience of my life..

Grieving that I can't meet people and situations from a strong and loving heart. Accepting that people get disappointed because I can't be the strongest version of myself. ..simultaneously needing support more than ever.

The greatest medicine in these times is letting go of e v e r y t h i n g.. focusing on ME, my little one and our family.

In times of overwhelm the greatest task is to return within. To rest into my own being. Healing during short moments of silence..surrender.. and letting go.

Staying alive and breathing, swimming with the riptide of life's messyness 🌊🏊

.all is in sacred order, even disorder is in sacred order.


# motherhood


Note to self..

It's okay to be soft and receptive. It's okay to take a longer break every now and then.

You can give yourself permission to lean back in the soft embrace of trust, and dare to let trust guide you on the path of what serves you right now.

It's okay to let go and rest even if there's an endless to-do list that keeps growing longer.

Life's been really intense on all levels lately. In these moments, all I do I rest whenever I can + return to Mother Earth 🌍👣

The summer months are incredibly beautiful, yet their fiery energy tends to burn me out at times.

How's your energy during the summer months?



Motherhood right now

I feel a small, warm chubby hand reaching out for me in bed, making sure I'm there.
As she wakes up, she beams the most joyus smile, thrilled to see me.
My heart melts, while my body wants to sleep more..

We get up and I go to my yoga mat while little one plays. Half way through my sun salutation she climbs on me and wants to be held.. and my practice is over.

Time to take a shower while she plays beside me. She longs for me and crawls into the shower, pyjamas wet and all, cries because she's wet and water is scary sometimes. Shower over, mama is half clean. Wet pyjamas off and I wrap us in a towel with a long hug. We go over to the mirror and laugh and admire each other with indescribable love.

We go to the kitchen to make tea. Little one cries and wants to be held. I make tea, with baby resting on one knee that's balanced on the kitchen bench. Cannot burn her because she wants to explore the tea cup. I put her down for one second and she cries. One more hug needed.

Time for a nap. We walk out into the forest. Mommy longs for the long beloved forest walk she used to take everyday. Little one falls asleep, but ouch my back hurts. She's so heavy to carry now, need to turn around after ten minutes, it feels way too long already.

Finally at home. Carefully sliding her down from the carrier, thank goodness I didn't wake her up. I look down at my sleeping baby and I'm convinced I've been given an angel.

Mummy flips up her computer, the endless to-do list starts ticking in my head. Ah my brain is too tired to think, be structured.

Time to nourish and take care of ME. Later that night I have a long bath with lots of Epsom salt while I listen to music that makes me weep. Finally I can nurture those tears of love that's. the most healing balm.

It's a blessing to be a mother, it's expanded my heart to great depths I'd never imagined I had.

But heck, it's hard to not prioritize me.

Motherhood is hard, it's really really heard and we're all doing so incredibly well, despite our short comings.



After hours talking together about our journey of healing, the divine feminine and all matters of awakening to our feminine essence, and I decided to share our precious converstations with YOU.

In this podcast we will dive into the heart of the feminine and themes that we are really passionate about.

This is an intimate conversation between the two of us, who have been on a spiritual path for many years, while also diving into the field of the sacred feminine and finding deeper wholeness as women.

In this episode we introduce some important themes that we'll be exploring during our upcoming retreat Into the Heart of the Feminine in June 8th-11th.

We talk about sisterhood and why it's so important to us, combined with journeying into yourself and finding your inner sanctuary of love.

Just hit the link in my BIO to listen 👂♥️

Photos from A Feminine Way's post 25/04/2023

Allowing a circle of women to hold me is one of the most profoundly healing experiences I’ve received in life.

Simultaneously as I’ve allowed myself to open, I’ve faced the fear of rejection, feelings of not belonging and being ‘good enough’ to be part of women’s circles.

Sisterhood has been a healing balm for my feminine being.

It has made me realise that I needed to recover the separation I’ve felt from sisterhood, to recover a wholesome relationship to myself.

When we can go beyond the fear we at times feel when relating other women and rest into the arms of love, we become one.

We become a sacred reflection toward one another of our own lovableness and wholeness.

When we look into another woman’s eyes of love, fear may still be in our hearts, but we dare to meet and reveal ourselves, and her loving eyes become deeply healing medicine for our soul.

This is what me and my beloved sister will be sharing during our retreat 𝑰𝑵𝑻𝑶 𝑻𝑯𝑬 𝑯𝑬𝑨𝑹𝑻 𝑶𝑭 𝑻𝑯𝑬 𝑭𝑬𝑴𝑰𝑵𝑰𝑵𝑬 on June 8th-11th here at

We will also guide you to finding your inner sanctuary of love, as this is vital on the path of feminine awakening.

Your inner sanctuary is where you can be with yourself in safety, and discover parts of you that may not have had the chance to be seen, felt and explored. It’s a journey of finding wholeness within.

This will be a very special experience and we cannot wait to go on this journey with you if you are feeling called to journey into love with us.




Photos from A Feminine Way's post 22/04/2023

Returning to my source

Yesterday I had for the first time in nine months five hours all to myself, without having any plans and just following my inspiration.

I spent them on the forest floor, walking bare foot, staring up at the blue skies and the trees swaying, while listening to the river stream.

There's nothing that fills me with more healing and inspiration than resting on the back of mother earth, taking in all her beauty.

When life throws a spin at me, which it has lately, it's essential to take a step back to rest and heal in whatever way possible.

Today i was gifted with what I love the most to do to care for myself - being with Earth Mama🌍

In deepest gratitude for earth mother and her constant gifts 🌍🌱🙏


In the first module of Nourished Root, we are Embodying the Yoni.

We will be looking at simple to understand anatomy to learn about our sacred parts.

We will then go on an embodiment journey of the Yoni landscape and activate all her parts.

This is the fundament to start feeling Her again.

To physically embody her so that her powerful energies can awaken.

As we are activating her, we will start inviting in a simple breath practice to deepen our connection to Her and start awakening her energies.

This will allow you to feel her and become aware of her in your daily life.

You may also become aware of patterns of tension that your Yoni is holding, which creates energy blocks.

With awareness, you can release these tension patterns and allow energy to start flowing to forgotten and disconnected parts.

If this is calling you, read more about this five week journey that starts on April 20th. Link in BIO 🌹

Picture .lalita


The feminine doesn’t work fast - she’s not a ‘quick fix’
She can’t be fixed, because she needn’t be fixed

What she needs is to be listened to

She needs to be received

She needs slowing down

That’s why we can’t feel her, in this fast-paced world, where our senses are overstimulated.

She’s not to be found in the mind, in ‘quickies’, when you ‘look’ for her.

She is to be found in the leaning back. In the slowing down. In the ‘opening to feel’.

It’s really not hard.

Yet it is hard. Because we're living in a world that doesn’t support her blooming.

However, we can decide to go against that. To stop and listen. Pay attention.

To 〜 R O O T 〜 down into the source of our Feminine - our Yoni.

Allow her to bloom. Because she deeply longs to be heard. Seen. Felt. Touched. Sensed. - then she will reveal herself - The Radiant one - who contains endless jewels to bless a woman’s life.

・𝗡 𝗢 𝗨 𝗥 𝗜 𝗦 𝗛𝗘 𝗗 𝗥 𝗢 𝗢 𝗧 ・

.is coming soon 🤍


Beloved woman - sister - mother - friend - priestess - goddess 👑
- near and afar

You are so dear to me 🪷

Thank you for enriching my life with so much love, tenderness, healing, warmth, inspiration, knowledge.

Thank you for being a sacred mirror to me so that I can constantly grow and heal and deepen my intimacy with the Feminine

Being around women is a homecoming to me.

Being a woman is the greatest honour and gift.

- I love the intense emotional weather of woman, I love being a cyclical being.
- Most of all I love the healing of sisterhood

On this day I thank all the women that has walked the earth before me. Who's battled for women's rights, who's carved the path for me to live such a priveledged life.
I am blessed🌹

I thank the WOMB for her magnificent ability to birth - we all come from her, and her creative powers has blessed my life profoundly.

In love and gratitude to you all who keep blessing my life with your presence,
♥️ Jenny


Free Womb Yoga online class tomorrow evening at 18.30 CET

In honour of International women's day, I'll be sharing a Womb Yoga class.

It will be a soft and nurturing journey into your body and Womb - honouring the birth place of all human life.

Find the zoom link in my bio - I’d love to see you there, sister ♥️🪷


The sacred feminine always brings with her change.

Because, she is
.and that's the way I love her.

Change (and healing) can be uncomfortable and scary, and feel as if there's nothing familiar to hold on to.
We feel safe with stability and order, the unchangeable.

However, the truth is that nothing is stable apart from your own being.

The feminine constantly changes because she strives for you to awaken to your divinity, to your true nature.

How can we find stability in the ever changing nature of the feminine?

🪷 We can find a home inside
🪷 We can rest back into the stability of our own being, the one that has always been there within you. The one that will never leave you.

We are living a human life. And in this life everything falls apart at times, we loose it, we become a "lunatic".

Still.. We can pick up our lost parts and come home to the sanctuary of our being.

This for me is living a spiritual, sacred feminine path... Falling apart, then reminding ourselves of our wholeness, by again and again coming home to the sanctuary of our being.


〜 My Yoni, My Sanctuary 〜 🪷

My daily sadhana (spiritual practice) nowadays is being with my Yoni.
Journeying down into the root of the feminine.

Feeling her. Sensing her. Embracing her. Speaking to her.

How am I sitting, can I soften into Her?

How am I walking, can I move in a way that softens her?

Can I guide my breath down into Her so that She breathes?

Can I touch her in a way that makes her sigh and soften?

Can I let her speak to me and share her story, her longings?

I love to do Yoni rituals, I love Yoni Steaming, massaging her, doing Yoni yoga.

Yet I’m coming to realise that it’s the daily 𝗣𝗿𝗲𝘀𝗲𝗻𝗰𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗶𝗻𝘁𝗼 𝗵𝗲𝗿 that brings bigger shift, healing and embodiment.
In short moments and often, dropping down into her and let her intelligence speak to me, connect me to the feminine rythms within.

Relating to her as her own being, that I can speak with and get to know, has been a great opening into my Yoniverse and understanding her needs and longing.

How present are you with your Yoni on a daily basis? Are you noticing her in your day to day tasks?
Share in comments below






Photos from A Feminine Way's post 16/01/2023

Healing my Yoni post partum has helped me let go of any ideas or agenda of how Yoni healing “should” look like.

Because she needs her own time and healing path unique to her.

Learning to honour and making her feel safe by going really gentle and slow, are important keys to gaining a wholesome relationship.

Taking in that there’s a physical, emotional and spiritual aspect to the Yoni that needs to be considered and listened to when going into healing work with her.

There’s many ways to enter Yoni healing and here are three ways that I find gentle, yet powerful.

📚Study the anatomy of your Yoni.
When you know what your Yoni consists of, it will help you embody her deeper. When we learn the visuals of a body part, we directly connect to that body part and become conscious of its existence. Energy goes where attention flows.

How to: I warmly recommend the book Anatomy of Arousal by Sheri Winston

🧘‍♀️Do a Yoni Meditation
Meditating on your Yoni is so powerful and sacred. It can be really helpful if you’ve learnt the anatomy, as it will allow you to imagine the different parts of your sacred landscape, but as I mentioned, you can also go by intuition.

How to: Put on some loving, sensual music that helps you relax. You may cup your Yoni with warm and loving hands, and breathe into her. You can also move your pelvis very gently to bring more awareness into your Yoni.
Start visualising the different parts of your Yoni, gently breathing into her and allow her to speak. Meeting her with your heart of love and acceptance.

🪞Yoni Gazing
Is such a powerful way to deeply connect with your Yoni and start healing.

How to: In a space where you feel absolutely safe, warm and comfortable, have a mirror at hand. Put on gentle, soothing music and dim the lights. Gently undress and sit down comfortably. Take some time to connect to yourself, your body and Yoni. A supporting preparation is to do the Yoni meditation first. When you are ready, pick up the mirror and gaze at your Yoni, with outmost love and care. Lovingly embracing any emotion arising within you. This can be a very powerful ritual, so go very gentle and soft.

🤍 Jenny


One year
So many blessings
So many lessons

The year that changed my life

The year where I went from being one, to being a th*****me, constantly together, pretty much 24/7.

Its the year that I met my strength in away I'd never dreamt of having.

It's the yeary my heart was stolen by the most beautiful being I've ever seen "walking" this earth, our little Prema Sophia - Uddhyatbanosahasrabayai Namaha ; she's like a thousand suns shining all at the same time.

It's the year I've got to really see how the fruits of the knowledge I've received from Mother Veda is blessing me again and again and again, what would I do without my precious teachers who's given me the teaching of teachings?

I've had plenty of chances to practice the emotional maturity that self-knowledge brings about, and this is only the beginning of getting cooked as a parent 🙉

Yet it's the greatest gift that I've ever been given.

It's especially the year where my heart has been torn open so deeply that I never thought I could experience a love this big, neither feel the suffering of others so deeply... One of the presents of motherhood ❤‍🔥

I am bowing to this year, in gratitude and honour for all that's been given to me 🙏

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