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5 reasons you should add Beetroot to your grocery list.🛒

1.Boost energy
2. Lowers blood pressure level
3. lowers cholesterol and improves circulation
4. Rich in Iron
5. lowers risk of heart

⭐Food Tip Fridays


Aranguez Boot camp is Back and better that ever!

You can expect a hybrid training of Strength, endurance and muscle building.

We do personalized each workout to your level and needs.

Boot camp Includes
⭐ 3-5 sessions per week
⭐Monthly evaluations
⭐Diet and nutrition tips
⭐access to morning zoom sessions
⭐special monthly activity ( e.g. hike or yoga class)

📍Aranguez Savannah
💲$250 a month
💲$400 for you and buddy

you can also try your first day for Free

Sign up now call/WhatsApp 4725526


Time to Return to the best you!!
Hit us up now. Outdoor, at home or even online we got you!

✔Personal training
✔Group training
✔House calls

📍Outdoor evening sessions

Time & Days- Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday 5pm-7pm

$400 for the month

Contacts Us for more information. Let's get you right this year.💪


Happy New Year everyone!!!!🥂

We got a bargain for the Gains!!💥💥

Pay for 2 months and get the third one Free!!!!👀

Contact us now and let's work!!

Let's start off the year right and strong💪

#2023 #

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One for the big boys👌🏾 They said i hard it on easy mode too long 🤷🏽‍♂️

Try it out and let me know how it goes would love to hear the feed back

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A morning routine to start off your day right!☀️🙌👌🏾

Don't know some of the exercises? We got you. Demos dropping tomorrow 🙌


Work out Wednesday🙌

4 rounds
30 seconds active 30 seconds rest


Plank jacks
Push ups
Jump lunges

Dropping demonstrations video later on my stories and reel

Save,share and try👍


August challenge Alert🚨
Let's go!!


Happy Emancipation Day

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Drinking Oolong tea daily is an easy way to help yourself daily for the long run. It has a wide variety of health benefits from promoting weight loss to strengthen your bones and teeth to name a few.

For those interested in getting their hands on a box of tea or more information, you can call/WhatsApp us at 4725526



📍Aranquez Savannah


Monday, Wednesday & Friday's

Morning sessions☀️

Evening sessions 🌜🌚

$60 for single session
$400 for the month
$500 for gym buddies or couples( 2 persons)

Packages include, personal meal plans for all fitness goals.

We utilize a blend of training styles and methods such as resistance training, crossfit, calisthenics, yoga, and interval training. 💪




How many times can you spell your name.

Comments your name work out in the comments section.



We Ting Fitness

Aranquez Savannah 📍
Mon-Fridays 😎
6am & 5-7pm 🙌
$400 per month

All fitness levels are welcome.

Personal and groups spots available


🚨 Challenge Alert🚨

For The month of February we hitting 50 push up Daily💪

Tag us on your stories and join in on the gains.

Tag a buddy to keep you accountable.

Look out for our push ups progression video to help keep things spicy😎🔥


Post workout shenanigans this morning.


It's recommended that everyone detox twice a year.So tell me when Last did you detox? When you were 10 years old lol😂. That's okay. We got you. Pop Up and we will talk.


At WT Fitness we preach that your health is your wealth. We tend to pay a lot of attention to physical training but what we should also focus on what we use to fuel the body. Nutrition and supplementation is just as important as training.

Supplements we offer

Protein powders
Daily vitamins pack ( men & female)
Kids' chew-able vitamins
Bone & joint health
Immunity and energy boosters
& more!

For those interested, dm for more info or whats app 472-5526


How Stable is your core? 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♂️Its important to challenge your body in different ways. Here are some exercises you can do strengthen your core and improve your stability. 1)The plank
No one's favorite but a classic that still works today. the plank strengthens the entire trunk and doing it on your hands can help build that straight arm and shoulder strength for those that struggle to perform push ups

2)The bird Dog 🕊🐕
This exercise as simple as ot may look challenges you to stay stable unilaterally while strengthens the glutes lower back and shoulders if doing it on your knees are too easy simply try them on your feet

3) wall planks
This one might be a bit tricky for beginners. If it is too difficult to place both hands on the wall just try it one at a time untill you build of your core strength.
A pillow for your might be useful too lol

For more content like this check out

As always ~ Fitness is a religion ~ 🎧 music - Big Rich town Remix 50 cent ft Trey songz

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Oh the notorious "spot Reduction" method😣😡

For those that are not sure what is spot reduction; it is the belief that by training a certain body part more you will increase the fat burning process in that area. for example doing a million crunches on the floor to get rid of your tummy fat.👐👐👐

sorry to burst your bubble but spot reduction is a myth and doesn't work. 😲😲😲😲😲😲

The only way to lose weight is to be in a caloric deficit ( burn more energy than you consume). when you lose body fat you lose it all over your body and not any particular area.

you might say you are losing weight in other areas but not where u want.😥 This may be the case for you simply because persons store more fat in different places such as the tummy, legs , cheeks, back etc. 🤔🤔

Just keep at your training , stick to your nutrition plan and you will get there. The key is consistency😁👍👌


~Fitness is a religion~

# determination

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Many of us or maybe the person next to you have experienced lower back pains for a number of reasons. So let us address it now

Swipe to see a few stretches to help relieve and strengthen the lower back.

~fitness is a religion~

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We all have those habbits and cravings to snack uncontrollably when we are stressed or binge watching our days away on netflix.
When the goal is to drop some pounds on the scale you really are not doing yourself any favours by snacking away for 3-5 episodes of Orange is the new black.
If you really can't help yourself we sugguest you stick to the classic go-to movie snack, POPCORN.
Please do not go and buy cheesy popcorn or extra butter pocorn or even drown it in salt 😡😡😐..just regular popcorn (light salt if you must)

Thats right folks popcorn only has 35-40 calories per bowl👀😲 compared to 150 calories per serving of a snack like cheetos crunchy

So if you must snack snack light with popcorn🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿

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Monk Fit Tip💪

So you got your monk fit meal plan, downloaded myfitnesspal and are tracking all your meals but the weight is taking forever to fall off

A common mistake people make is only tracking what they eat. They completely ignore what they drink. 😢

Drinks have CALORIES TOO!😰😰 Try to stick to water as much as possible. Your body needs water more than any other drink you can buy. It is cheaper too. Swipe to the next picture to see what some of your favourite drinks contain

~Fitness is a religion~


Monk Fit 🇹🇹presents!! SOCA & SWEAT Bootcamp💪
With carnival right around the corner lets sign you up today!! Limited spaces available!
🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🕺 The Bootcamp is geared towards losing weight, toning, boost fitness and muscle endurance👐

Each session will be 45 minutes to an hour of fun,intense and effective work outs. And soca plenty plenty soca🙄

Starting from Sept10th
Days - Mon Tues Thurs & Fri
Location : Uwi St Augustine ,Top field, Trinidad
Time: 5-6pm *new locations coming soon*

Dm for more info

And remember here at monk fit Fitness is our religion



Monk Fit 🇹🇹presents!! SOCA & SWEAT Bootcamp💪
With carnival right around the corner lets sign you up today!! Limited spaces available!
🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🕺 The Bootcamp is geared towards losing weight, toning, boost fitness and muscle endurance👐

Each session will be 45 minutes to an hour of fun,intense and effective work outs. And soca plenty plenty soca🙄

Starting from Sept10th
Days - Mon Tues Thurs & Fri
Location : Uwi St Augustine ,Top field, Trinidad
Time: 5-6pm *new locations coming soon*

Dm for more info

And remember here at monk fit Fitness is our religion


Our meal plan coaching is a science based approach to nutrition and wellness, it allows for fat loss and lean muscle building all while remaining satisfied from our food selection based on foods you enjoy. DM so we could get started on yours today (local and abroad).


Happy Independence SWEET T&T!!!


If you're looking to gain muscle, cut fat or increase your performance our programs have a track record of progress, affordability and satisfied clients.

Message us so we can start

Timeline photos 17/07/2018

Spotlight on client 8week progress. With the help of our personalized training programs and nutrition coaching Jaden has managed to change his body composition, bodyweight all while increasing strength. We love to see our clients work HARD and remain disciplined, because we work very hard for our clients.

Timeline photos 03/07/2018

Congratulations to the lightweight team securing the highest total and best deadlift + squat award, congrats also to coming In with the second highest total and at a tie for the third highest total. You're gonna see us on podiums for a long time. Thanks to .ja and for them continuing to invest and spread love for the sport we love. Major thanks to the supporters that came out in numbers to watch us lift as well, you are appreciated


Giving bago some love💪

MonkFit was invited by .ent to the beautiful island of Tobago as part of their Rummer Fitness beach event. And yes ofc we took a dip after. 🏊‍♂️🏊‍♂️ We had a blast and Monk Fit will definately return to do Another beach event in tobago or even another island near you.🤘 ~Fitness is a religion~

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Let's talk about genetics and abs. Genetics predetermines a lot of things in the human body such as height, skin colour, hair texture, and even muscle shapes. Plenty people obsess over getting abs like their childhood heroes not realizing their abs will probably never look like theirs, simply because of genetics. ➡️ to see how different abdominal muscles could be from person to person.

Photos from We Ting Fitness's post 18/06/2018

We've all heard about vitamin D coming from the sun, but what does vitamin D.. do? ❗️Aids in keeping bones strong and healthy, ever wondered why some British people tend to have brittle teeth? Lack of vitamin D from the overcast weather. ❗️prevents brain and memory decline, vitamin D is extremely important for mental wellness, often times helps with depression. ❗️Heart attack and stroke prevention.
Scroll ➡️ to see the best sources of vitamin D you should add to your diet.

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Work Out Wednesdays .....on thursday lol





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