Grays Harbor Guns, Aberdeen, WA Video December 24, 2018, 11:31pm

Videos by Grays Harbor Guns in Aberdeen. Grays Harbor Guns Located in downtown Aberdeen. We are open for business Monday through Saturday 9AM to 6PM. GHG is SOT (class III) dealer

Holiday greeting (Chuck Norris style)...

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Wait, what just happend....

Coldwell AR15 Charger supplied with the purchase of Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sporter GEN 2. Works well with GECO .223 ammo that is packaged with stripper clips.

Holiday greeting (Chuck Norris style)...

You need this!

Re-stocked on VISM 250 lumens flashlights with pic mount and 3 switch setting. $45.99 in stock

VISM new solar Flip red dot sight.. $129 in stock.

The life card, folding single shot .22LR pistol.

This just happened. Locked up store for the night, was walking to car and saw fire in window. Called 911. The fire dept showed up very quickly and did an excellent job putting out the flames. Thank you to all our first responders!!

To all our friends, we would like to wish you Merry Christmas!!

Here is another short video showing the takedown procedure..very easy and fast...we will keep the pistol in our shop for those who want to check it out..

Takedown AR pistol build completed and tested today. Based on Aero Precision upper/lower, Ballistic Advantage 7.5" barrel, Law Tactical folding apparatus, SIG PSB and prometheus barrel quick detach system. Pistol is great for back packing and rapid deployment.

I promise will have more in - depth review video, but so far it is very promising.. SIG SRD338TIQD mounted on .308 platform. Non-subsonic ammo used.

Shooting the KV today.. note the almost no muzzle rise

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