Fit and Fire Studios with Lean Body Barre and Hot Yoga

Fit and Fire Studios with Lean Body Barre and Hot Yoga


I am looking at booking a private session. I am on Mind Body, and am not seeing an option for that. Do I call?
Yogathon 2020 Aerial Flow
I hope you can see where I signed up! Well, I think I did!
Buti yoga tonight at 6:15?
I see there is a sub today, for Restorative. The announcement says noon. It is 12:10, right? I am driving in, so just wanted to make sure of the time. Thanks!!!!!
Aberdeen Yogini's unite in Deadwood.

Profiling Beauty Health and Wellness Center Features Varying types of Yoga, Barre and Pilates. All classes focus on full body and mind wellness

Hot Yoga - This is the traditional Hot Yoga class. The room is heated 103-104 Degrees (39-40 Degrees C). This has been found to be the optimal temperature to assist in flexibility and detoxification. Any higher, and the body becomes distracted and the benefits of the pose are lost. Hot Yoga consists of a series of slow moving poses. Each held for a period of time. Each pose involves flexibility, strength and balance. Even though your body is not moving, your muscles work isometricly for a metabolic boost. Participants are encouraged to drink lots of water before the classes. Ideally, you should take your body weight and divide it in half. This will give you the amount of water, in ounces, that your should drink before the class. Optimally most water should be consumed before class, but bringing a water bottle is encouraged. Participants may also choose to bring a large towel, like a Yoga Towel. You will sweat like crazy and the towel will help keep you from slipping. No prior yoga experience is necessary. People can walk in off the street and do Hot Yoga. But, advanced Yogi's also love Hot Yoga for the added benefits it brings to Yoga practice. Lean Body Barre - Using a ballet barre for balance, we begin the class with slow movements to warm up the muscles. Lean Body Barre concentrates on the muscle groups that are not often used. Rather than using the larger muscles like the Quadriceps, Hamstrings and Biceps which are muscles that are used so often that they become very efficient at what they do; we concentrate on the inner and outer thigh muscles and shoulders and the back to boost our calorie burn and create a leaner body. We then move to the floor to dance and stretch. Disciplines of Ballet, Yoga, Dance (hip-hop and jazz) gather together in the fun-filled hour long class that is great for all ages.

Operating as usual


:You are in for a TREAT tonight at 7:30PM -- Join Teri for Yin and Tonic in the Infrared Light THerapy Room -- Yin is Tonic for the Soul, Mind and Body -You will leave feeling refresehed, restored and so chill - NOTHING can phase you :)


"Check your Ego at the Door," You hear that phrase ALOT across the self help platforms. But Yoga kinda invented the whole process. It is important for both student and teacher. For Students -- leaving ego behind means that you are unaffected by how successfully you held the pose, instead you embrace the idea that yoga is a "practice" not a perfection. As students, even if we master a pose, we leave ego behind and resist "showing off" because just as important as the success of the pose, is the journey to get there - and we accept that everyone is on their own journey.
As teachers we HAVE to release ego for two reasons: 1. A teacher with a prominent EGO will eventually harm their students practice, and leave the student feeling disconnected (and we KNOW that connection is a huge part of the healing process) 2. In the word Namaste - the student and the teacher are on the same level -- the student is as important to the learning process as the teacher is. In fact, we tell our teachers, before you correct a student, try what they are doing on yourself - It may feel better and the student just taught the teacher a new way to do the pose.


She’s going places, friends. And you’re invited!


Here’s a pretty neat update on one of our 300 hour teacher trainees:

Anna Rostad is currently attending Harvard University to deep dive into as much health and wellness education as she can. 📚

She has been adamantly advancing her tool kit to be able to offer the most effective wellness offerings she can to her community and beyond!

The 300 hour really propels you to dig deeper into what YOU want to do with yoga and wellness and our team is so very proud of her actionable efforts! ♥️♥️♥️

Stay tuned for more details!

#300houryogatraining #aberdeensdyoga


Happy Easter! From all of us to all of you, have a beautiful, and blessed day. Xoxoxo


The New Schedule Launches Tomorrow!!!!! And there is SOOO MUCH GOING ON -- read below for the highlights!!!

Mondays - Monday Night Switch Up switches to Hot Yoga - traditional Flow and Stretches
Reminder of the late morning 9:30 Strong flow with Jon
**KIDS BUNGEE - Brand Spanking NEW - We just added kids harnesses to the bungee equipment -- the kids are going to HAVE A BLAST 4PM on Mondays Starts April 12th
*Aerial Trapeze/Silks - Fitness and Trick Training for Beginners Starts April 12th

Yin and Tonic with Teri and Jennine -- Tonic for the body and soul - Yin is a nourishing healing practice that will alleviate hip and low back pain and reduce your stress and anxiety levels. 7:30 in the Infrared Light Therapy Room
Welcoming Taylor to our schedule to lead the 6PM Hot Yoga Flow class
Reminder not to miss the 8:30AM late morning class we added with none other than Mikala -- you'll get a multifaceted healing and flowing class
Luanne adds a class at 4:30 in the Pilates Remedy room using the Reformers and Chairs for a full body effective workout
CLASS ADDED IN THE SALT CELLAR -- Join Sam Tuesday nights for Pranayama YOga and Candlelight Meditation in the Salt Room - Pranayama Yoga is a healing breathe based yoga and done in the salt room - you'll add stress and anxiety reduction, respiratory health and better skin and hair

OUR YOGA THERAPY sessions launch with Yoga Therapy for the Neck, Chest and SHoulders 7:30PM in the Infrared Room -- using tools, myofascia principles and restorative yoga to deal with pain in the upper body
Join us at 3:15OM for Max Flow Restore your focus and tune the world out for and hour with our slow burning, electrifying afternoon flow with Jolene
7:15PM in the Infrared Room Look out for Thursday Night Switch up -- we offer this as a more healing or fun based class slot
9:30AM Barre with Wendy in the Infrared Room -Weekends are great times to try new things and Barre is an effective and fun workout to try and add to your fitness and wellness routine
10:30AM Pilates Reformer and Chair with Sterling (NEW TO THE SCHEDULE and TEACHER ROTATION!!)

THREE REGULAR CLASSES added on a Monthly basis
Aerial YinStorative - 2nd Sunday of Each Month 5:00PM
Svara Dhyāna; finding peace through sound therapy and meditation in the Salt Cellar - Starting April 24th at 1 PM
Sun Salutations and Bloody Mary's Last Sunday of the Month at 5:00 PM


Please welcome Taylor to the teacher team!
Taylor recently graduated with a yoga 200-RYT. She will take over the 6:00 p.m. class on Tuesday, she will offer a wonderful flow-based class that has some focus on the core.
This is an extremely proud and happy moment to see her grow into the yoga teacher We always knew she could be. We've got to be with her so long on her journey, I don't think she's done, there will be so much more she can offer
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Fit and Fire Studios with Lean Body Barre and Hot Yoga's cover photo


Please Welcome Sterling to the team. He recently trained on the Pilates Reformers and Chairs and will take on a regular Saturday time slot at 10:30AM Starting April 10th.
We are sure you are going to love going to his classes, you'll probably burn a few extra calories laughing as an added bonus :)


Lol. Thoughts on barre
We will soon be adding even more barre classes on the schedule. In the meantime it's hot barre Monday through Wednesday 3:35 to 4:10 (in the hot room) and barre sculpt at 5:15 Tuesday and Thursdays in the infrared room. And finally therapeutic barre at 3:30 on Sundays in the infrared room.
#barre #barreshakes #hotbarre


Have you tried barre yet? It's like the hardest class, but the most addictive. So much science behind it, but you won't even concentrate on that, just the way your body feels.
We have four more weeks of the hot barre series at 3:35 Monday through Wednesdays, but every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:15 you can do a barre class in the infrared studio, switch up your workout and see the difference. It's a low impact way to actually create effective change within the body. Then join Katy at 3:15 on Sundays for therapeutic barre ... A more healing take on the principles involved in barre #barre #barreworkout #hotbarre #barreshakes


This class has been a light to so many in the community. Welcome them to the world of yoga as they graduated today! ♥️♥️

There’s a lot of JOY when you accomplish your goals. 🌟

^^ Read that again! ^^

These 7 amazing souls are on their journeys to exploring all that yoga is, yoga does and what it means.

Congrats to you all! And congrats to Jolene Malsam for leading a great group!

#200houryogateachertraining #aberdeensd


🖤Today. Is. A. Big. Day. 🖤

Several yoga teachers in training are about to set forth on their own path to discover the beginnings of their own healing journeys.

We strive to to connect with our trainees and students. To build relationships and trust, so they can happily start their next chapter upon graduation of our foundational 200 hour program.

#yogateachertraining #yogaaberdeensd

There’s a lot of emotions involved when we have a yoga teacher training graduation.

♥️ Like today. ♥️

Today we say, “you’ve got this” to many of our trainees. Here’s one that drove from Fargo because she heard that our program was amazing. Nicole, we wish you the best in your endeavors. 🙏🏽

We’ve really upped our program, since we first started. But that’s how we all continue to grow.

#yogateachertraining #aberdeensd

[03/20/21]   I'll retreat today are $25, or you can purchase four retreats for $85 or five retreats for $100. For those that have signed up and not paid yet, I will either catch you before or after class


Today is our spring equinox, join us for multiple retreats and even if you're not signed up for any of the retreats, stop by the building anyway we have free teas, kitchari tasting, and open house, and you can even do a self practice in the tea room!


💚 And it's okay to be YOU! 💚

108 Sun Salutations later... these beautiful souls mended their hearts and paced themselves to mindfully practice their own yoga this morning to welcome spring.

Today at the studio we celebrate the spring equinox with mindful classes that matter. Join us!

#108sunsalutations #aberdeensdyoga

How else do you spend your morning other than 108 Sun Salutations on the Spring Equinox?!!

These beautiful souls practiced early morning with Aimee Burmester as she inspired everyone to go at their own pace!

Come explore everything we have to offer in Aberdeen!

#springequinox2021 #yogaaberdeensd


So many exciting things happening tomorrow, even if you are not signed up for any of the retreats, make sure you stop by! There will be free Ayurvedic teas And I'm so excited for everyone to try kichari. CJ's is making up a special batch and you can taste it for free, but trust me you'll want to buy a full bowl. Kitchari is something that you can use to boost your health, get over an illness, and is traditionally done around equinox time to do a cleanse. Many practice the idea of only eating kichari for 3 days before and/or 3 days after an equinox. It is a huge boost for digestive health, and trust me it is absolutely delicious, it is one of those health prescriptions that you really won't mind following!
Also we have a very talented henna artist, she's already booking appointments, you can text her at 605-377-8592. She is a dollar a minute, if there's a henna tattoo you would like to have, you can text her a picture and she can give you an estimate of how long it will take.


This Saturday's activities we'll run all day long until 4:30 p.m. but the beginning event is 108 Sun salutations done in the hot studio It's very traditional to start the sun salutations with coffee or a coffee alternative, then practice the 108 sun salutations, followed by a shot of coconut water.
There are multiple traditions that use that number 108, and the practice of doing 108 cent salutations during an equinox goes back thousands of years. Please join us in this beginning retreat starting at 6 am It is $25, and if you buy multiple retreats during the day, you will get a discounted rate.
There will be lots of free activities going on throughout the day as well, please join us as we celebrate the spring and start to take our steps out of our winter, and all of the discontent that has overtaken the world in the last year. It's a new beginning, and we're so happy to celebrate with you!
#108Sunsalutations #springequinox #springfestival


What Happens In A Gong Bath

Candace Here: So during my Restorative Yoga class on Tuesday, I talked about color and how it is intrinsically linked to emotions and experiences in the brain. We know this because when certain types of brain damage occurs - some people can lose the ability to see color ALONG with a personality trait,
But along the same lines and some beleive to be actually more powerful is sound therapy. Music takes the WHOLE BRAIN to process. You may have seen videos of people "waking up" from Parkinson's or Alzheimer's. Music and sound have powerful healing components both through the development of how the sounds are "stored" in the brain and the vibrations that are caused by the music.
Sound Therapy is effective in not only achieving a state of relaxation but it also has a way of moving through blockages in the body. Sound Therapy has been known to help treat such conditions as stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, sleep disorders, and pain
Nicole's Gong bath is at 12:15 in the Hot Studio this Saturday. $25 (Discounts if you sign up for multiple retreats that day). ONLY 5 SPOTS REMAIN!!

Watch an excerpt of a gong bath taken by leading gong master Leo Cosendai at Yoga West. For more information and to book future gong baths with Leo atYoga We...


Lula is here just proving how relaxing it is in Rustic Roots.... Join Sam for a wonderful spring equinox retreat in Rustic Roots, with vision board creation, crystals and a healing yoga surrounded by art and plants...$25. Discounts if you attend multiple retreats. This Saturday at 1:30
#springequinox #springfestival #visionboard #equinoxyogaflow


OK -- SOOO MANY TREATS in Margarets Retreat this weekend
1. You get Margaret CANT leave in a bad mood after her class...impossible
2. A Spring Equinox Flow is rich in meaning and symbolism - truly one of the most mindful flows you could experience
3. Its in the Hot Room -- sweat out the crap from the winter and prepare your body/mind for the new season
4. Journaling -- start (or continue) a journaling practice. It is such and easy thing to add to your life-- it soothes the soul, lessens anxiety and has so many similar benefits to meditation - you'll feel refreshed
5. You get ROCK (and if you know alot of the rock geeks in the studio, this is a SELLING POINT LIKE NO OTHER ;) )

SIgn Up today (space limited due to social distancing)$25


So this weekend is our spring equinox party and it's been something that I have been working on and planning since December. I really truly think with everything we've been going through with the pandemic and a rough winter, we need some reason to gather together and just celebrate life.
You don't even have to be a customer of ours to participate. Just like spring festivals that were done by our ancestors, you're invited whether you're the town drunk, the town fool, or the richest person in town. The fact that we are all humans and we all experience rough times is reason enough for us all to celebrate together.
There are paid retreats going on, and unfortunately the crystal bowl therapy session is full, but there are lots of other retreats. There is also going to be an open house, free kitchari tasting, some Ayurvedic teas You can try, and we are opening the tea room for self practice. It is traditional to do 108 sun salutations to welcome the new season. So we will have that open for you and your family to utilize.
We will be social distancing and wearing a mask in the hallway, everything we can do to keep us safe, but truly this is the briscoe building's gift to the community. All of the businesses that are housed here are run by kind and compassionate people. And it's one of the most rewarding things about going to work each day is seeing how people can work together to create wonderful and lasting changes in the community.
#springequinox #equinoxparty #springfestival #gongbath #springyogaflow #visionboard #aerialyoga #salttherapy #108sunsalutationd


Cicuit Training. ✔️✔️

Hustle. Grind. Repeat 🙌

Circuit Training starts Monday.



💋💋 SNAP! 💋💋

Look who got a Karisma Boutique kiss today!
——> Tiffany had such a great kick out of her Karisma kiss after she sweated it out on the mat today at class!

What a luck girl! Thanks so much Rachael Van Liere Crank for delivering. We 💗 you both!

#karismaboutique #karismakiss


Let’s be real. 💋 Circuit Training is legit. 💋

This is not your HiiT class. Circuit Training is structured to bring change in your body - by being as personal as we can get with our services that cater to YOU.

Throw your body scale away and feel better by being knowledgeable on what matters most to you. (Maybe you want a macro scale though😀).

Are you working out regularly and nothing is changing? Do you know why? Is your caloric intake high enough? Do you understand muscle mass density? Do you understand hormones?

We pride ourselves on having the education to back our programs. We went to school for these things! 🏋️‍♂️

Look at your investment this way: you can pay to drop in for classes and just burn calories, have a good time, and make friends.

🔺Or you can pay for people to help you make educated decisions for your long-term health!

Circuit training starts Monday with Leah and Nicole! They both work diligently to understand whole health and fitness, with attention to nutrition, HORMONES and food and body disorders. It’s pretty much what they talk about. 😘




New teacher alert!
New class time alert!!!
We are so excited to welcome Jon to our team! Jon teaches a very strong yoga flow, that is the perfect class for anyone from beginners to expert.
He's already done a few switch-ups and covered for some people and everyone absolutely loves the class.
Jon will be teaching at 9:30 a.m. on Mondays starting next week. We are beginning to add the later morning time slots, and may continue to add them with your feedback.
So sign up today! We are sure you're going to enjoy his class

Variety is the Spice of Life

Heated & Non-Heated Yoga, Buti, Pilates, & Barre - We offer so many classes in our heated and non-heated studios, some are traditional and some are fitness based. We believe in lifting your spirit, finding balance, alleviating stress, assisting with both mental and physical awareness, and so many other wellness-based activities. Each class is YOUR class - we are here to guide you to be the best YOU. We also offer healing full-body classes that help relieve stress - for both internal and external stresses. The hot room is heated 95-104 Degrees (28-40 Degrees C). This has been found to be the optimal temperature to assist in flexibility and detoxification. Any higher, and the body becomes distracted and the benefits of the pose are lost.

No prior yoga experience is necessary.

People can walk in off the street and do Hot Yoga. But, advanced Yogi's also love Hot Yoga for the added benefits it brings to Yoga practice. Each class can be modified to fit your body’s needs and abilities. Our team believes strength and flexibility should be the focus. You don’t have to touch your toes, and you can show up as you, without the frills. Each teacher offers a unique style, unique cues, and also character - that’s the beauty of our studio. We like to laugh and empower you from your first class with us to your 100th class.

Variety is the spice of life.

-LBB Team

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Cicuit Training. ✔️✔️
Pilates core 🔥
Pates advanced classes.
Pilates Arc arrived!
Pilates Apparatus classes start!
Prices set to increase 3/1/21





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