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Massenomics Gym is the strongest weight room in Aberdeen, SD. "Power for the People"

Operating as usual

With the Most recent city ordinance shutting down Massenomics Gym temporarily, we’ve got members setting up short term solutions all over the place. Here is Tim’s @tfeathers21 storage shed setup.

I think by now the message has gotten out to all the members, but posting here just in case: No visitors allowed to come lift for now. And we are not accepting any day passes or new members at this time. Anyone that’s interested in joining will have to wait until the coronavirus situation settles down. With large gyms closing there will be more and more asking. The goal is to keep the gym accessible for our small group of members.

Big PeeWee with a 315 pound deadlift PR

We aren’t closed for COVID-19. If you’re sick it’s probability a good idea to stay home. There are cleaning sprays underneath the sinks if you want to use them on machines. I’ll also bring some extra wipes.

Big Adam @a_scherr46 with a 280 pound bench single and a sweet Dave Hoff @mr.3k103 fist pump at the end

Tim @tfeathers21 carrying around the big 330 pounds atlas stone.

Big Derrick @derrick_allery just joined up! Here he is deadlifting an easy 405 pounds on the trap bar! #strongestgyminaberdeen

First platform we built in the original gym location. This was October 2015. This platform is now the bigger deadlift platform with the band peg frame around it. Shoutout to everyone that backed this gym from day 1 and has helped turn it into the #strongestgyminaberdeen


How much could these NFL players total in powerlifting? Do you think there are any potential world record holders here?

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What does it take to put together a strongman showdown for the ages other than a sweet Ford Focus hatchback?

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Build your own. It's so easy a meathead could do it.

Aberdeen American News

Things that make you say wow.
Strength on display The Brown County Fair Massenomics Strongman Showdown 2016


You can't fake that knee-sleeve funk!


Did you watch any of the 2016 CrossFit Games?
Want to know what a powerlifter thought of the whole thing?

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Have you ever thought about getting started in the gym, but not quite known where to even begin?

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It's Massenomics Monday again! That means another new episode of the Massenomics podcast.

In episode 15 we talk about all the things that suck harder than that $599 Roomba Vacuum you bought off Amazon the other night after a few too many beers.


Check these large humans out.

These powerlifters can do some CRAZY stuff!!

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Two powerlifters, a crossfitter, and a professor walk into a Cheap Trick concert....

Click on the link to hear the punchline to that one in episode 14 of the Massenomics Podcast! This episode also gets pretty serious for the first time as we discuss the early passing of an icon and pioneer in the strength training industry.. but then we bring it all back to normal by finishing with some poop talk.


An inside look at how much of Massenomics Gym was made.

This week on The Massenomics Podcast, we let you know how to make some of your own strength training equipment with Massenomics OG Ryan Anderson, and special guest host Ross Taylor.

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Get your questions answered by a multi time world record bench presser.

Tomorrow we will be interviewing IPF World Bench Press Champion Jona Leo..

We're very excited to have the opportunity to interview Jona, and find out about the experiences and lessons he came across while on the road to an 865lbs bench press...

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This week is Part 3 of our "Do You Even Eat, Bro?" series. We have Professor Schanz on the podcast via the miracle of technology and he drops all sorts of Nutritional Knowledge Bombs, including one that will make you wonder if you've been drinking coffee the wrong way your entire life...

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This week we play anchormen and bring you some news from the world of Strength...
Some near-1000 pound squats, a South Dakota man wins Gold at the IPF World Bench Press Championships, and MORE...

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I'm Ron Burgundy?


It's Tuesday.
The Tuesday after a long weekend.
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We can't forget where we came from.

It's Massenomics Monday!!

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In this episode we talk about moving the gym, and getting over-served afterwards.

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Case of the Mondays anyone??
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Five guys that have been at Massenomics Gym since day 1.

By now you probably think the only thing the guys here at Massenomics headquarters do is talk into microphones and look pretty.

Well, here is video proof that some of us even lift... bro.


Here is some Massenomics motivation for you to take into the weekend!

Enjoy this short trailer... it's in black & white, so you know it's artsy.


Wanna see how fast we moved tens of thousands of pounds of iron from the O.G. Gym to the new and improved Massenomics Gym v2.0?

Check out this video..

WESTSIDE BARBELL The Official Fan Page

I have never refused to help or pass information on to others, especially to the younger generation and even to those who have disputed our methods.
When I was growing up in this sport none of the greats ever refused to help me and I swore if I was ever in a position to pass on helpful and accurate information I would!

Powerlifting and Life have taught me humility and that you must think lightly of yourself and more about the betterment of others.
At Westside Barbell it doesn't matter how strong,wealthy,famous and smart you are, everybody is treated the same. An army is only as strong as its weakest solider so it's our duty to bring that solider up to par.

#westsidebarbell #louiesimmons #tbt #conjugatemethod #conjugatenation #conjugatestrong #powerlifting #olympiclifting #oldschool #fitness #track #mma #strength101 #strengthtraining #strengthandconditioning

Keep it simple.

Nose tork fills your nostrils

Chalk covers each hand

The bar is loaded

Bend over... Grab it... And stand

South Dakota USA Powerlifting

A lot of Aberdeen guys in there!

Records are updated!! Thank you all for your patience! Check out the many new names and congratulations to you all!!


A few guys from the #strongestgyminaberdeen

Monster arm wrestling tournament that took place in Brentford, SD on 2-27-16. Pulling on the "Monster" arm wrestling machine. "Raw pulling power" Watch Kyle,...

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