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"Every moment of your life, including this one, is a fresh start." - BJ Marshall

They are just looking for somewhere warmer to be.
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It's my favorite peaceful place.

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I am so excited to go back to visit our resort friends, yogis, and beach and sun in Punta Cana this year!

Allow your every moment of every day to be just this!

Life is good. So good.

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Found my homemade yoga flashcards from my yoga training while cleaning on a rather wintery day ❤🧡💛💚💙💜

While the weather outside is frightful, won't you please check your email and fill out a 3-question survey for me please?


Things are not quite so simple always as black and white.

But wouldn't it be nice if they were?

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The best gift of all is self-care.

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Hello 108 Sun Salutations.

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Be grateful 🤗

I have spoke with my close yoga tribe either in email or in class. But if you missed the emails and class announcement, please read on.

I will be leaving my space in the Citizens Building as of December 31, 2019.

NO! NO! NO! I am not quitting teaching! I am simply moving my teaching practice. Yoga is a part of who I am, and I will continue to teach in the community - always. I hope to plant my teaching roots at another studio. I hope to find a new home that shares the warmth, kindness and unity that yoga has brought me.

My space is a calm and cozy sanctuary where within the walls has been wonderful in many ways. It has provided a space for all of us to be still and breathe, a space to learn about ourselves, and a space to be even more curious than ever before.

My space began with no intentions. This space began as a cozy corner, a meeting space for private yoga and grew into so much more. It grew not only into group yoga classes, but into a community of curious and able bodies who learned to love yoga for many different reasons.

Yoga can be practiced anywhere. Please remember that yoga can be practiced in a living room, kitchen, basement, office, backyard, patio, sun room, gym - so many places. A studio can be big, small, bright, gloomy, plain or fancy. I would be honored to serve you, wherever that may be, you just have to ask. Yoga class is a location - Yoga is You. It is journey within.

Know that I love you all. Even on the worst days where my cup was empty, I left private sessions, workshops, and classes with my cup filled once again. It was full of the joy that you bring me, and to the joy I know that yoga brings you.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss my departure from my space, please feel free to reply to me directly. I am happy to answer any questions that you may have. My email address is [email protected]

Please continue to follow my page to know where you can find me. Yoga truly is a journey even for teachers! This, too, is good.

Namaste, Always~
Jolene Malsam
Certified Yoga Instructor

COMMENT below!

Yoga is not just a set of exercises, it is the whole philosophy which defines a healthy lifestyle, capability to create harmony, and save it inside and around you.

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It's the only kind.

I remember the first time I found true joy in yoga. It was honoring my own self in my own, personal yoga practice. I was standing exactly like this. I relive that experience often, it was life changing - an into the universe experience.

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It might be the longest, but it's the best journey of your life. I promise you this.

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Another great class I am offering at the YMCA. Last time I offered this, I was so honored, people were pouring out of the room!!

Members and non-members are welcome! Class is included in memberships. Non-members just check in at the front desk to pay your $8 class - day pass fee.


Members and non-members are always welcome to attend yoga at the YMCA. A class, or day-pass, for individual non-members is only $8!

One of the reasons I 💜 the YMCA yoga studio is because there is so many props including blocks, wedges, mats, bolsters, weights, sandbags, straps and so much more!

In this class we will flow through only a handful of poses, connecting conscious breath and slow, controlled movements. Yes - we will do 108 rounds but I promise you there will be options and rest that make this doable for all.

Non-members simply check in at the front desk!

Do you want to do Private Yoga but have no idea when you would do it? I've been doing 30-minute Private Yoga sessions and ya know what - I kinda like it! It's hard for me to find time too some weeks so I totally get it!

So here's what I have for you. When you book four 30-minute Private Yoga sessions, I will give you a copy of the yoga sequences that we do to help develop a home practice.

PM me!
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"Tell the story of the mountain you climbed. Your words could become a page in someone else's survival guide." -Morgan Harper Nichols

In some way or another, all of you have been on my journey, but also know that I am not done climbing. There is so much yet to explore and discover.

Come along with me!

It is so important to me in any yoga class, whether it is a beginner level class or advanced level class, to offer options or modifications to poses. It is my responsibility to teach you options that are suitable for your body. Unfortunately, in a group class, it isn't possible to teach modifications to each and every pose, to each and every person in the class. That is the purpose of Private Yoga Sessions - I love to teach privates! It's a chance for me to get to know you, your body, and break down poses and options so that you can be more confident in a group class! PM me!
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It is indeed a winter land. I'm not sure about wonderful, though.

Message me for more details!
Or email me at [email protected]

Thankful for my journey this year. It's so wierd to explain, but it's been a year of experiences and impressions that have come full circle with realizations and truths.

I just added three classes in December!

December 5 - Wall Yoga
December 12 - Restorative Yoga
December 19 - Restorative Yoga

These classes are all 75-90 minute classes with designated time for centering and breathing, guided meditation, and much needed relaxing yoga! PLUS receive a free sample-size of Lavender Essential Oil to take home and apply right before bedtime to sleep like a baby!

See ya snoozin' in class soon!

Type "YES" if you agree!

Yoga can be anywhere. I think in modern society, we get hung up on impressions. Yoga can be in a beat-up space, the fanciest of all studios, a home, a garden or gymnasium. In the end, Yoga is your body, your mind, your soul no matter where you are.
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We had a super relaxing Wall Yoga class last night. It is becoming one of my favorite classes. As we lay there with the eye pillow on our eyes the entire time, it eliminates any temptation to compare yourself to someone else because you can't see them. Not to mention the eye pillow is crazy relaxing!! Be on the lookout for more of this in December!!!

One of my favorite services is Personalized Private Yoga Sessions. During a 1-on-1, we get to learn about your body, your goals, and build a personalized yoga strategy. Plus there is the opportunity for more individualized hands on adjustments. Schedule a Private Yoga Service online. #linkinbio #personalyoga #privateyoga #yogaetcsd #yogateacher

Happy Monday! I don't know about you but after sitting in a car for six hours yesterday to bring this sweet pup home, I need some yoga!

Slow Flow at 6pm

Vinyasa Flow at 6pm

Restorative Yoga at 6:30pm

Chair Yoga at 6pm

Class sign up at

What a Fun Friday! Here I am taking a vacation day to celebrate mom-day (praise the Lord!) feeling grateful for YOU!!

Offer will expire at Noon - TODAY!

Now, you'll have to excuse me while I watch Netflix and drink a little ... or a lot of coffee!

You've only got a couple of hours til this yoga-mazing deal ends!

*** Purchase 2 Thirty Minute Sessions for just $50 ***

So listen, yoga is flexible and so am I! You pay $50 for 2 thirty minute sessions OR $50 for 1 sixty minute session. You choose how YOU want to use it! (A $25 Savings off an hour sesh)

Listen, I know that yoga is scary - I'll even let you bring 1 person at no extra charge! Yaaaas!!!

You can use private sessions however YOU want ❣
Such as ....
- Personalized mini yoga class
- Perfect a pose
- Practice poses
- Get tips and modifications
- Create a home practice
- OR, even give sessions as a gift!!

⚠️ Offer expires TONIGHT at midnite!

Purchase at

You've only got a couple of hours til this yoga-mazing deal ends!

*** Purchase 2 Thirty Minute Sessions for just $50 ***

So listen, yoga is flexible and so am I! You pay $50 for 2 thirty minute sessions OR $50 for 1 sixty minute session. You choose how YOU want to use it! (A $25 Savings off an hour sesh)

Listen, I know that yoga is scary - I'll even let you bring 1 person at no extra charge! Yaaaas!!!

You can use private sessions however YOU want ❣
Such as ....
- Personalized mini yoga class
- Perfect a pose
- Practice poses
- Get tips and modifications
- Create a home practice
- OR, even give sessions as a gift!!

⚠️ Offer expires TONIGHT at midnite!

Purchase at

⚠️ SALE ⚠️ Private Yoga Session ⚠️ SALE ⚠️

Purchase 2 Sessions for just $50!

You can use two thirty minute private sessions however YOU want ❣

- Personalized mini yoga class
- Perfect a pose
- Practice poses
- Get tips and modifications

OR, Give as a Gift 🎁

⚠️ Offer expires TONIGHT at midnite!

Purchase at

Goodnight All 🌕 Just finished preparing for Wall Yoga tomorrow night.

Settle in with centering and breathing, movement at the wall, ending with a yoga nidra for the ultimate relaxation 🕉

I think there may be 1 spot left if you wish to join.


Ready. Set. Rest.

Tonight at 6:30pm.

Save time and sign up online before class at

It has been so wonderful reconnecting with this one again in yoga.

Meet this Month's Yogi of the Month:
-- Melissa White

What is your occupation?
-- I’m a CPA/Senior Tax Manager at Eide Bailly.

What do you do for fun? What brings you joy?
-- I’m currently taking Masters classes, plus have a busy career, so I don’t have much extra time right now. I do enjoy cooking and baking, photography (macro and wildlife), puzzles/brain games, and music. As for what brings me joy, besides my husband and our furry feline Hazel, I do find a tremendous amount of joy in my career because of the specializations that I have.

How long have you been practicing yoga? Why did you start practicing yoga?
-- I’m a new yogi – just started in September after a friend mentioned that it was helping her back. ... Yes❣❣❣

How has yoga helped you?
-- I am gaining strength. I also use the breathing and certain stretches during the day to help relax. 💞

What are your favorite classes at Yoga Etc?
-- I have enjoyed them all. Each class provides a unique benefit.

Favorite pose? Why?
-- Child’s Pose – It provides a great stretch after sitting at a desk all day but because I don’t have to worry about falling over while in this pose, I can also clear my mind.

Least favorite pose? Why
-- Any pose that I can’t do.

What is your favorite book?
-- I don’t have one true favorite. Some of my recent favorites are The Day the World Came to Town and Band of Brothers.

Finish this sentence. Yoga is ....
-- my escape

If you can think of one person who needs Yoga in their life, who is that person?
-- My husband.

Who else wishes their hubby would follow them to class 👫

Breathe and Center. Find the good vibe, the positive affirmation, the best part of you and breathe it in.

Yoga classes are Monday through Wednesdays with occasional pop-ups!
Sign up is at

In the spirit of the Holidays and upcoming seasonal stress and sometimes sadness, I hope to put a few more classes on the schedule the rest of the year


Wall Yoga - Thursday - 7pm!
⚠️ Limited to 4 students ⚠️

Class must be at maximum capacity to be held. Ask a friend to join you! Good for all ages!

Let me save you time - Use THIS link to sign up right now!

Inquiring minds want to know - Who is Gabriella Laimer?

Gabriella Laimer is a yoga teacher, caring soul, and creative founder of BellaFigura Media.

Learn more about this beautiful being Tuesdays at 6pm Vinyasa or check out the start of her entrepreneurial journey at

Sign up for Tuesday Yoga at

This is too sweet

Students are in with our Vinyasa Yoga teacher, Gabriella Laimer of BellaFigura Media!

Here's some of the Q&A that I've been getting!

Q: "Is the Class hard?"
A: No. You have the opportunity to push yourself to your own edge and make the class as hard as you want!

Q: "Does she teach like Jolene Malsam?"
A: No. She doesn't teach like Jolene because there is only one Jolene. The only person that has Jolene's voice, style, flow is Jolene.

Gabby has her own unique and lovable vibe and you'll sense that in her Vinyasa Flow, Tuesdays at 6pm.

Sign up at

[11/11/19]   I haven't had a Wall Yoga class in a couple of months. Who wants one? Cast your vote!

Type "ME!" and I'll contact you 1st!

Sit and feel grounded in the seat of your chair and inhale the arms up reaching for the sun you wish was overhead.

Live this experience with me at Chair Yoga tonight at 6pm. Suitable for all bodies of all ages.

Sign up for class at

You know those days where your head is so, so full. The days you're looking for anything and everything to destress - chocolate, ice cream, Starbux, Amazon.... There’s hope. All you need is the right type of yoga to help you stretch and unwind that won't cause you any stress of not being "good enough".

Tomorrow I am hosting a Chair Yoga Class Bethlehem Lutheran Church where we put our mind and body on auto-pilot and flow through 12 or more easy yoga moves that will melt away your stress. The best part? You can do 'em right in your chair.

I promise you - You'll enjoy it! You don't need to be flexible. You don't need to know to do Yoga. You just need to be able to sit in a chair and listen!

Sign up so I can reserve a chair for you at

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