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"I used to be so fit but then.." - we all have different setbacks but now It's time for your comeback. Let me help you be the best version of yourself!

"I used to be so fit" - "Before I got injured I worked out all of the time" - "I had a great fitness routine before kids" We've heard it. We've even said It. But it's time for your comeback! Let me help you on your journey to a better you. In 2009' as an active military Air Force member I was overweight. I was unhappy and it was time for a change. I started off just running with no goal or plan just to get healthier. It was amazing how much better I felt physically and mentally just with a little bit. I had to find out more. I started lifting weights and found myself in a CrossFit box in spangdahlem Germany. It was an instant love. After a few years I wanted another challenge and decided to compete in NPC bodybuilding. I competed in 2014 and loved the stage. I love finding new things to challenge me. I have my Bachelors degree in exercise science and the CrossFit level 1 certification. I am a member of the American College of Sports Medicne. I started coaching CrossFit in 2010 and have since expanded my experience into the medical fitness career field. Physical therapy and cardiac rehab patients come see me for continued exercise when they finish their initial programs. My clients range from 15 years old to 92 with all types of backgrounds and medical histories. I offer online programming, personal training and classes all completely personalized to your goals. For prices please click the email me link

Mission: To help you become the best version of yourself.

FINALLY getting back to a routine. After three months of chaos and two big moves, I am back in NC and crushing Sunday funday workouts with my accountability partner.
Walking is overrated..
look in comments for this mornings 🦵 🍑 workout
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Sure big muscles are great but are you functional!? My goals for @wheelz4life was to become as functional as she could. Oh you want to do pull ups? Ok let’s make it so you can get to that bar in your own! What you’re doing in your workouts should transfer to your daily life.

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Open your heart. Open your mind. Be free to be you!

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That time i paid a lot of money for people to judge me. The experience was priceless though. Great time and I learned a lot about myself throughout my prep. If you have an itch to compete, I encourage you to do it!

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Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 Duke and I hope you all had an amazing day filled with love and laughter.. and lots of good food! Get back after it tomorrow #dogsofinstagram #pitbull #boxer #rescue #olddogsarethebest #pitbullsofinstagram

There are no words.

Monday is #legday. I don’t think I’ll be able to walk tomorrow lol. Training legs is my absolute favorite. It’s such a good calorie burner and working these big muscles helps to increase metabolism. Added a few different movements today just to keep the body and mind guessing!

workout was inspired by @clairepthomas
Leggings: @1stphorm link in bio

Message me for the full workout!
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Be strong. Be brave. Be you

Sharing your goals with close friends can help you be more successful in achieving them but be careful who you tell. Not everyone appreciates your dedication. Keep pushing. Ignore the negativity and thrive on the positive influences in your life.

Side note- you don’t have to do cardio when you’re lifting this fast on shoulder day 😃💪🏻

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Mobility work is an aspect of fitness that a lot of people ignore. We jump straight into a workout or into our daily routine after sitting for hours at a time. It’s not “sexy” but mobility is so important for injury prevention and better performance. Thank you American Adventurist for allowing me to share some knowledge and tips for vehicle dependent travelers at #appalachianrendezvous. Tony and I focused on opening up the hips and gaining thoracic spine mobility through movement. Nutrition on the road is another huge consideration for those long trips so we hit a little on food tips and tricks as well.

For those of you spending hours in the car, these are just two crucial areas to spend some time on. If you need help or have questions, please feel free to message me or email me at [email protected]

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Getting ahead of the competition! You still have a few days to get signed up to win 💰 💰 💰

Registration for the 50k Fall Sprint Challenge is open!! The challenge starts Monday 10/29, and it’s FREE!🙌🏻 When you join, you’ll get:

🌮 Customized meal plan
💪🏻 Home or Gym workouts
📔 Recipes, blogs
🙋🏼‍♀️ Me as your coach
💌 Access to my private FB group for education, support, and accountability!

1️⃣To register, click the link here:


2️⃣Purchase 1 of the 3 options. You’ll see 1 that is completely FREE and 2 that contain discounted stacks both of which I highly recommend!

3️⃣youll receive 2 emails. One will just confirm your “purchase.” The other may come an hour or less later and will contain the site link and your login info (check your spam folders)

4️⃣Follow the link in that 2nd email and log in to answer initial questions that will customize your dashboard.

5️⃣By Monday 10/29, upload your front/side/rear photos holding your contest card and click the link to access our private FB page

6️⃣ Introduce yourself in the FB group and tell us your goals for the challenge 🥇

If you have registered anytime in 2018, all you need to do is update your pics by Monday!

Message or email me at [email protected] if you have any questions and I can walk you through this! I’m doing this right along with you, and I’d love to have you on my team! Time to put in the work and make a lifestyle change for the better!

Are you letting life beat you down? I sure have been. It’s so easy to let that voice in your head get louder every day. You know the one I’m talking about... telling you that “you aren’t enough” or “what makes you so special”. Finding inner strength can be difficult on those days and that’s where true friends come in.

So thankful to have such amazing people in my life who believe in me and know when to give me a little nudge. Thank you for this “just because” gift today @thakatsmeowz! I can’t wait to use the journal and these magnets are going on the mirror to see every day when i wake up!

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This cold fall weather had me feeling extra festive today. I don’t bake. It’s just not a thing for me but I had to try the recipe @drlindseyschmidt put out for pumpkin protein cookies using @1stphorm PSL Level 1. Y’all. They’re so good! The don’t look nearly as pretty as hers but they taste amazing! I added some @enjoylifefoods dark chocolate chips to half. Try them out! link for free shipping on this seasonal protein is in my bio for and it’s almost sold out!

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Sometimes you’re really feeling a heavy strength workout... or sometimes you get pissed off and throw your weights at the trainer so she makes up a circuit while you cool off on an 800m run (Cough cough @thakatsmeowz).. some play time with bags of sand = 10-8-6-4-2 of sumo dead lift high pulls, rows and med ball slams with core work in between.

Adapt but don’t quit. Even when you’re mad. Even when you are disappointed that the weights don’t look like you want. Just move. Keep pushing. Adapt and grind on. This applies to trainers as well! Recognize what your client needs and be ready to adapt at any moment! This is where trust is built and results are seen!

Good job today @thakatsmeowz! You recognized your frustrations and handled them in a healthy way... but maybe next time we don’t throw barbells at the money maker k? 🤣

Been a while since I’ve been back in @spartcnc with these wonderful humans! I have been feeling wayyyy off of my routine and getting back into it has been tough. We let so many things get in the way of our goals. Make them a priority. Getting my workout done in the morning is one of the best ways for me to make sure I do it and don’t let life get in the way. It helps me get moving and sets the intention for my whole day. Thanks @thakatsmeowz for crushing this workout with me today. I’m so proud of you!!! And @lahafit that photobomb and those boulder shoulders are 💯!

So much fun in charlotte last week! Exploring was completely based around the food and drink recommendations we got. Can’t wait for our next trip and totally stoked about my kombucha haul from @lennyboybrewingco

It’s totally acceptable to enjoy life. Eat the food.Hang out with friends. Skip a workout day. It happens. It’s in these moments that we will have some of our most precious memories. Learn to love yourself even when you “fall off” your plan. See you in the gym tomorrow.

#charlotte #iam1stphorm #travel #wanderlust #travelwithme #foodie #northcarolina #pizza #beer #kombucha #brewery #leanseason #personaltrainer #trainwithme

1st Phorm

Kat took home Runner up this challenge! What a freaking rockstar. Now on top
Of losing 70 pounds, getting off all medication and enjoying her improved quality of life EVERY DAY, she gets some $$$! Go buy you some Clothes girl! Time to replace all that stuff that doesn’t fit anymore!!!!

Repost from Kat:

“Just found out that 1stPhorm picked me as one of their winners during the summer sprint challenge! I won a cash prize for my continued efforts to transPHORM not only my physique, but my LIFE!!!

Sign up with me for the end of year winter challenge! You MIGHT win a cash prize, but you will for sure win INCREDIBLE results! I don't make any kind of commission nor do I get any kind of "kick back" from 1stPhorm for you joining. Truly....this is about REAL people getting REAL results!!

My goals for the final challenge of the season will be based on strength and fitness, less on the number on the scale. If this sounds like something you are down for...PM me or comment below!

Thank you so much to Jeremy Mullins, Sarah Durbin, and my amazing husband, Tony Cerruto for your coaching, ass kicking, and incredible support.”

Tonight is the night we announce the winners of the 8 Week $50,000 Summer Sprint Challenge! This was the hardest decision we've ever had to make by far. So many awesome transphormations to choose from.

Our Grand Prize winner receives $50,000 and our runner-up will get $10,000! On top of that, all the 1st Phorm supplements they purchased during the 8 week challenge will be reimbursed!

Congratulations to our winners and thank you to everyone that participated in our Summer Sprint Challenge! You all make it so easy to come into work every day so again… thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being so awesome.

You guys are truly an inspiration to millions of people with your hard work. Tap the link in our bio to watch the full video and find out who won! #iam1stPhorm #Legionofboom #1stPhorm

I know I’ve been absent on here for a bit. I promise to give you all an update soon but wanted to make sure everyone remembers to upload final progress picstures by midnight for the summer sprint challenge! @thakatsmeowz is kicking some serious booty and I know there are so many of you doing the same! Get them in! #iam1stphorm #mytransformationstartstoday #duespaid #neversettle #personaltrainer #comebackfitnesswithsarah #leanseason #50kchallenge

We made it to Texas! 21 hours of driving later and Duke is completely over being in the car for a while. Sending lots of positive vibes to everyone back home in NC sticking through the hurricane. See y’all in a few weeks #dogsofinstagram #furbaby #dogmom #texasgirl #gulfportmississippi #beachdog #wanderlust #roadtrip #travelwell #arewethereyet

Meal prep Monday! With the long weekend, I took yesterday to completely avoid all adulting possible. It was needed but today I’m playing catch up. @kodiakcakes with @1stphorm cinnamon cake batter or German chocolate cake level 1 protein are so easy and yummy!

Also on the menu to meal prep today- chicken and veggies on the grill, quinoa and chop up lots of fruits and veggies for snacks. Making it ahead of time helps when I’m running between client locations and with 4 days out in Goldsboro this week.

Set yourself up for success! Make it easy but make it delicious! Meal prepping doesn’t need to be boring to be healthy.

For any questions on meal prep, fitness or supplements, DM me or email me [email protected]

Photo credit Doin' It Nerdy Studios

My core isn’t tight enough. My hips aren’t aren’t stacked over my shoulders. I’m not flexible enough in my shoulders... the list goes on.

But you know what? I have a healthy, strong body. I can play and have fun and enjoy every moment of moving in new ways.
There will always be parts of me I think aren’t good enough. Things I want to change. Things I want to make better. But I don’t stop often enough to appreciate everything I have right now.

Do you treat your body with the love and appreciation she deserves? Do you value the things you CAN do or are you constantly agonizing over being “better” in some way or another? You must recognize the value of your own body before you can fully put the work in. She is a machine. Fuel her properly. Maintain her with love. Build the strength from the inside first.

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Sunday shoutout to this amazing lady @vidadiamond82! She’s been busting her butt! Total overhaul of her eating habits and doing weekly workouts= results! She is constantly checking in and asking “ok what’s next?”. This has been a complete lifestyle adjustment and I’m so proud of her for making these changes for her and her kids. That second picture alone shows a huge increase in confidence!
What are you waiting for?! Join my [email protected] transphormers! Let me help you change your lifestyle and improve your quality of life!

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This little hint of fall weather had me itching for a good hike. Exploring as many of North Carolina’s state parks as I can before I say 👋 (still to be determined) so headed out to a new one [email protected] morning. Hanging Rock State Park is a must! The hikes range from easy to strenuous, the views are breathtaking and the little towns just outside of the park were so cute! Loved it all and definitely want to go back for more.

Explore the world. Explore the next city over, the next state, wherever you can get to! You will learn so much about yourself and open your ❤️ up to so much more than you could imagine.
#comebackfitnesswithsarah #personaltrainer #trainwithme #wanderwellness #wanderlust #travelwithme #northcarolina #hangingrockstatepark #functionaltraining #fitnessisalifestyle #exerciseismedicine #optoutside #bewell #hiking

“Lipo would be so much easier”... “Why can’t I just pay for abs?!”... “this is hard and I hate you”.. ok I might have over-exaggerated that last one but I know she thinks it every time we work out. But today, I decided to snap some pictures in between her complaining and when I sent them to her this is what I got back “ok I’ll admit all the hard work and pain does pay off”. You have to do the work people! It’s not all about aesthetics (that’s just a big bonus). Exercise is medicine. It is a way to improve your overall quality of life. It reduces stress and makes your boy STRONG! It’s not always fun and you’ll probably sweat a little but do it anyway.
If you need help with that extra push to get workouts in, message me today! Stop making excuses and put in the work. You’ll thank yourself later.
#comebackfitnesswithsarah #personaltrainer #trainwithme #spartc #exerciseismedicine #goalgetter #functionaltraining #iam1stphorm #iammilitarymuscle #fitnessisalifestyle #gethealthy #leanseason #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #fitnessmodel #wellnesswednesday #pullday @spartcnc @gigii_roberts

Happy Wednesday!!!! Halfway to the weekend!

Don’t miss boot camp tonight to get you through the rest of this week

It’s been almost two years since @thakatsmeowz reached out to me asking for help. She wanted to lose weight. She wanted to be fit again. She wanted to feel healthy. Her transformation has been so so educational as a trainer and influential as a friend. Kat puts in the work! Not only is she healthier and off ALL medications, but her confidence shines as soon as she walks in a room. This lady is amazing and I am so happy to be a part of her journey! Keep going Kat Kat! You are turning heads and showing people what it means to take your life back!

Repost from @thakatsmeowz using
@RepostRegramApp - Feeling incredibly emotional this morning after taking my progress photos. *

There are NO quick fixes!! There is dedication, consistency and perseverance required if you are ready and willing to take charge of your health!! *

This is the result of lifting heavy things, running many miles, fueling my body with the macro and micronutrients it needs, and complimenting my nutrition with @1stphorm supplements. *

I have not taken a single “fat burner” on my journey. I use MicroFactor vitamins daily. I reward my body with OptiGreens50 every morning. I use the best Omega-3 formula available in Full Mega. *

I will be 47 years old in about a week. I’m just a regular middle-age woman who is determined to #neversettle putting in the work, and getting the results. #iam1stphorm #mytransphormationstartstoday #duespaid #47andfit
#comebackfitnesswithsarah #personaltrainer #exercisescience #girlswithmuscle #correctiveexercise #fitnessisalifestyle #mytransphormationstartstoday #iam1stphorm #girlswholift #functionaltraining #spartc #exerciseismedicine #fitspo #motivated #goalgetter #50kchallenge @spartcnc @1stphorm

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