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On The Mark Pulling Sled Rental

On The Mark Pulling Sled Rental

What's going on at the Bingham farm?

Drunkin Punkin

Heading out to a pull where the Punkin will be? make sure to stop by and purchase a new shirt

MAD Pulling Pics

Wayne County Truck and Tractor Pullers

Ohio Diesel Truck Pulls

Winning pass at the #WCTTP Spring Pull in 3.0sb goes to Dane Kick and 48 Special with a distance of 309’

A&N Pulling Team

Blackbourn Racing Components

Dyno session number two for the day! This tractor just got a fresh rebuild after 20 passes or more. It's ready to go for this season. Good luck Spiegelberg pulling team.

Prime Diesel & Automotive


Well, this wasn’t how I saw my day going! I’ll be the first to say I’m glad I was in the truck and not someone else! I have been personally running my dyno for the last 12+years straight and have a shutdown procedure when sh*t goes south. Inside the cab wasn’t as scary to me as it looks in the videos. First priority was to get the truck stopped so it couldn’t go anywhere and kill the power. Reading all the comments is crazy to say the least. Personally I’m glad no one came up to the truck without full fire gear on cause that would have been bad for them. The turbo let go for no reason (sh*t happens and it is what it is, no one to blame for us pushing sh*t to the limits) and when it blew and was like a hand grenade going off. It destroyed the high pressure fuel lines and shorted the ecm electronics. This causes the cp3’s to go wide open and was a high pressure fuel spray at full tilt feeding the engine through the hole ripped through the intake plumbing at the engine and was already around 5k rpms so she ran away. An air shut off wasn’t going to do it any good at that point. Only thing that would have done good was an injected fire suppression system and honestly no one runs one at this point but may in the future! To everyone bashing the dyno operator for running, 95% of you would have probably ran before he did! Nothing he was going to do at that point that wasn’t going to be more dangerous for him than helpful for me. Kody did the right thing at that point and everyone needs to leave him alone! I stayed calm(for the most part except for when I was trying to find the door handle to get out and couldn’t see anything at all) and I held my breath from the moment the cab filled with smoke so I wasn’t breathing it in. I didn’t feel the heat til I bailed out the window since I put on Tony’s firesuit thanks to Lavon’s recommendation to wear it, thanks bud I owe you one for sure! I’m more upset for the amount of work Tony and his crew put into this truck and something like this destroys it. It was a badass truck!!! He feels bad for putting me in the seat and I told him I would do again without bating an eye because it’s what I’m trained to do. Sh*t happens and it could have went way worse a million different ways but the good lord was there for me and my family and friends and everyone that was there close by! Thanks to all my friends and family in the industry that have already reached out to me, love you all!!! We live to fight another day and do what we love to do!!! Hug your family members a little tighter and tell them you love them cause you really don’t know when your number is up!


One more view of the DHD truck... after a horrific fire on the dyno last night to laying down a killer pass today to take home 2nd in the pulls is saying something! Hats off to Tony & his crew!

Hell yes! Thats how you come back!!! Dirty Hooker Diesel / DHD #ucc2019 #ucc19 Ultimate Callout Challenge #crispyhooker
Full class of ucc trucks pulling here https://youtu.be/jnllH3s4eqg

Ultimate Callout Challenge

Congratulations Dirty Hooker Diesel / DHD
You guys burned it up on the dyno and came back hard during the sleds.

Ultimate Callout Challenge

Here is your UCC Overall Champion! DNR Customs Derek Rose congratulations to this team who put forth their hard work and dedication.

For The Love Of Pulling Built with Trav's 4x4 Performance llc

I can’t say it enough on how amazed I am at the dedication of Tony Burkhard and the Dirty Hooker Diesel / DHD crew. Most people would have thrown in the towel, but for these guys to thrash all night to get it back together. Not only is it a feat just to get it back together, but lay down a great second place pass. Congratulations guys.

Ultimate Callout Challenge

She’s back and at it. Thank to you everyone who participated to get this build back together. Other pit crews that came in and made sure these guys were taken care of. We couldn’t ask for a better group of guys. Good job Dirty Hooker Diesel / DHD your dedication is phenomenal. They went 308ft and 11inches. What a PULL!

Ultimate Callout Challenge

Guess who’s about to get attached to the sled

Ultimate Callout Challenge

Ethan Schneider went 252ft / 10”

Ultimate Callout Challenge

Banghart Diesel & Performance giving it all she’s got.

Ultimate Callout Challenge

Boom oily situation. Warren Diesel Injection LLC

Ultimate Callout Challenge

Shawn Baca with Industrial Injection Diesel Performance went 287ft!

Ultimate Callout Challenge

T-Pain making a run. Goes 259ft.

Ultimate Callout Challenge

DNR Customs BD Diesel Performance 263ft 7in

These guys come a long way over night! Hats off to them! Good luck!!

Let's do this! DHD Pride! A million ppl to thank and lots of hands yet to shake. Hats off to everyone involved in the resurrection! 17hrs of not giving up to hear it fire. Now we sit trackside.

Smoke & Speed

Look who's in the staging lanes 🔥😎😍

Ultimate Callout Challenge

Sam Gabel 232ft

Ultimate Callout Challenge

Way to go Power Driven Diesel 326ft!

Ultimate Callout Challenge

What a shot!
Granby Truck Shop

Photo credit: Savanna Brown

Ultimate Callout Challenge

Ultimate Callout Challenge

Amazing Dirty Hooker Diesel / DHD is ready to pull!

Ultimate Callout Challenge

1st hook of the day... #ucc19. 313.78. Quality Diesel Performance

Ultimate Callout Challenge

Here we go!

Ultimate Callout Challenge

@the diesel shop NY broke the front drive shaft. 😮

Ultimate Callout Challenge

What a pull.

Ultimate Callout Challenge


Ultimate Callout Challenge

Miller Pulling Team

Here is a few more pictures of Gunslinger😁

Big Ass Diesel

In #diesel #truckpulling sometimes things get a little smokey. #dieseltrucks #cummins #ram #dodge

Decision Maker Pulling Sleds

Our General Tire sled getting pulled by the Super Stock Diesel 4wd Trucks last weekend in Julian, NC for the Rudy's Diesel Spring Opener.

Macksimus Prime Pulling Team

Nothing good to listen to on the radio?

TNT Truck & Tractor Pull

Due to the weather forecasted for the next few days, the pull for this weekend in Lawrenceburg has been cancelled. Our next event will now be on Saturday May 18th in Georgetown KY.




Blackbourn Racing Components

After a long day of work, this beast is ready! I'm glad we were able to fix its issues , and also get it tuned correctly! Good luck at the track guys.

Girls Night Out Pulling

Back to the drawing board for us 😞 but glad we’re coming home in 1 piece. Congratulations  Perkins Diesel in the dual wins this weekend. Thank you Bri Tallentire for the video. Results for both nights in the comments.

Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League

Saturday results from the Rudy’s Diesel Spring Opener.


TNT Truck & Tractor Pull

Logan County - night 2 results. Thank you to everyone who came and participated and congrats to our winners!!

Mayhem Pulling Team

April 27th & 28th: Julian, NC
4th Place | 3rd Place

Big Ass Diesel

We were able to get a ton of great video at the Rudy’s event. Here is just a sampling. Follow us & stay tuned. #startup #coldstart #dieselstartup #diesel #cummins #pulling #dieseltrucks #superstock #blacksmoke #liftedtrucks

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