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Oz Motors sells e-bikes and e-bike conversions, with on-site delivery and service. We make biking accessible to people of all fitness levels in Aberdeen, SD and the surrounding communities!

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You may not need to charge 8 batteries at a time like i do, but it is a good time to charge your battery now and 3 months from now if not riding during the winter. As you can see - I have many batteries that translates to many bikes that can be found on ozmotorz.com... I'll see you there. Enjoy your electric bike.

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[10/21/20]   Just a note - Oz Motorz is open through the winter. Yes, riding is a bit difficult, but buying isn't difficult. An e-bike makes a great gift. I can be reached at 701-680-8122 or you can check out the bikes at ozmotorz.com.

Last day of summer fest. We made it. Stop by if you get a chance. Together let's make it a great day.

At Summer Fest 2020. We are ready to sell you a new ride.

[07/24/20]   Given the predictions on the weather for Saturday the 25th, I think it best to cancel the event that was posted. I will look forward to the Summer Fest as my next event. I will be in booth 442 - the same spot as the 2019 Brown County Fair. Hope to see you there. Again the event for Saturday the 25th is canceled.

Oz Motorz E-Bikes

Oz Motorz E-Bikes

Thanks to everyone that came out on Saturday the 27th at Lawson and 6th. Radio really works!

Thanks to those brave individuals that came out today. You are an answer to a prayer. The next event will be June 27th at 9am. On the corner of Lawsome and 6th Ave. Across from Snap Fitness.


E-bikes and the Livn's Easy | Aberdeen Magazine

aberdeenmag.com Electric motorbikes gain momentum in Aberdeen. Jason Osborn is using his engineering background to develop e-bikes and e-bike conversions at his new business, Oz Motorz. His bikes have two modes, pedal-assist and battery-only, and have a max speed of about 20 mph. If you have an injury or a physical...

We are here at the corner of 8th ave north and Commerce. By cardinal tool. Will be here till 4pm.

Spring has sprung: Benefit Series: "E-bikes are the future of transportation." This statement seems a bit definitive. I would like to modify it to read "E-bikes are a part of the future of transportation." I have touched on this before - the idea of an electric economy. That being the future I am talking about. E-bikes carve out a portion of that future. We are living part of that future right now. E-bikes are charged by a wall outlet. That translates to a cost - 7 cents for 16 miles. There is an electric economy now. It is small. What is missing is when all transportation is electric. Think about that. This includes things like semis. Solutions are needed for this to happen. It is a big undertaking. Like all things start small and go big. I am starting small and hope to go big. E-bikes are the start. "E-bikes are a part of the future of transportation." E-bikes can be viewed/purchased on ozmotorz.com.

[04/19/20]   Thinking Spring: Benefit Series - "They are easy to own and operate." To operate. You turn on the battery and turn on the display. (if you are in a kit you turn on just the display). From here you set your level of speed (some models remember your level from previous). Then you ride - start pedaling or activate the throttle (if equipped). When done, charge your bike. Repeat on your next ride. To own. I say an e-bike is like a battery operated drill. it simply makes your life easier. A drill comes with some added tasks. You need to charge the battery and care for the battery to lengthen its life. An ebike is no different. You need to charge the battery and you need to care for the battery to lengthen it life. I have had my drill for over 10 years. I expect to have my e-bike for at least that long. E-bikes are easy to own and operate .

Thinking Spring: Benefit Series - "e-bikes help cut back expenses." On March 25th I took a trip on a bike. The goal was to go until the battery on this e-bike was empty. I drove 16 miles (I was hard on it, 20mph and over both overpasses). When I came back to my place , I charged the bike. I did measure the energy I used and it turned out to to be 0.53 Kilo-Watt-Hours. What that means is this. It costs me 12.5 cents per KWH where I live. This may be different depending on your electricity carrier. For me this means the trip cost me roughly $0.07 cents. I played around with this and my car. At its most efficient point of use I would have used 0.53 gallons of gas to go 16 miles. Gas was at $1.999 on the 25th. That trip will have costed me $1.07. Save a dollar for every 16 miles traveled. Or save 6.25 cents per mile traveled. As I mentioned, I calculated the car at its most efficient point. Efficiency gets worse the shorter the trip. For the electric bike, efficiency is more consistent. The shorter the trip, the more money you will save. E-bikes help cut back on expenses. I have e-bikes at ozmotorz.com. If there is something you like, give me a call. 7016808122.

[03/22/20]   Thinking Spring - Benefit series: "They help you exercise more often." There is a thing you do when you are truly having a good time. We naturally smile. It isn't forced at all. When you are done smiling you realize I want to do it again and again. A natural thing happens when you ride an e-bike too....you smile. You even say things that emphasize the good time you are having. I'm telling you that you will want to do it again and again. When it is fun - you will do it more often. E-bikes make exercise fun. "They help you exercise more often."

[03/07/20]   Thinking Spring: Benefit Series. This week is how E-bikes are nature friendly. In short, they help us get to an electric economy. An economy based on emission free electricity generation and use. E-bikes are on the "use" side of the equation. I have stated that in battery only mode the e-bike will travel 10 miles (2020 models are saying 20 miles). In that time there are no emissions at all. A car traveling 10 miles will generate CO2 just because of its engine and gas. One will say that "you are only putting more burden on the generation side." I would agree to that statement. We all should. Investments need to be made to get to emission free generation as well. It won't be easy, but it makes sense. We live in SD and the wind blows - Wind Turbines are popping up on a continual basis. Electric companies are seeing the benefits of having high efficiency and emission free generation in their short term planning cycles. We are getting there. Sure it is slow. I mentioned that E-Bikes are on the "use" side of the equation. They are the nature friendly solution for summer. Visit us at ozmotorz.com to see what solutions we have for you.

[02/23/20]   Thinking Spring: Benefit series - "E-bikes are fast and flexible." With a maximum travel speed of 20 mph, you can quickly get to where you need to be. They are flexible in that you can pedal-assist, or use the throttle. You can easily switch between the two. For example you start out pedaling. You realize you are getting tired. You can reach for the throttle to take over or lighten the load. If you want to pedal through, but still getting tired, you can adjust the setting on the pedal-assist. You have choices. Instead of just one choice in pedaling alone, you can do the above. In short, you can get where your a going faster with less effort. E-bikes are fast and flexible.

If I lost you with the terms pedal-assist and throttle. Think of it this way throttle is like coasting without slowing down. Pedal-assist is just this - it reduces the amount of push you need to do at the pedal.


Thinking Spring - benefits series: "E-bikes make cycling easier for all ages and fitness levels." Think of the strain going up one of the two hills we have in Aberdeen - the overpasses. E-bikes with their 250 to 350 Watt motors and battery make going up the hill easier. You can go up the hill at the speed you choose. Heck, you can go up and down the hill more than once if you choose. You will have fun. Its your choice. If you are not going up hills all the time, distance may be your nemesis. 10 to 30 miles can get you anywhere in Aberdeen our out of Aberdeen - faster and easier. E-bikes make cycling easier for all ages and fitness levels. Check us out at www.ozmotorz.com.


[01/31/20]   Thinking Spring - planning ahead: new in the news is an article from Electric Bike magazine that discusses the classes of electric bikes. It details Class 1 as pedal assist only up to 20 mph; Class 2 as pedal assist plus throttle (battery) up to 20 mph; Class 3 the same as class 2 except the speed max is 28 mph. This article is tailored like our state law. Our state law goes into details about what can and can't be ridden on our bike paths. All three classes of bikes are represented in our current stock offering. If you have questions give me a shout. 7016808122

This is Cool!

A man drives up and expresses his excitement over his ride on an e-bike.

"This is cool!"

[12/28/19]   Another snow storm on the way. I am thinking spring. The Jack ur ride tour continues in 2020. Where in this region shall I go this spring?

[11/25/19]   My van has moved for snow removal reasons, but I am still open for business. All inventory is taxes paid and $200 off now through Christmas 2019. Happy Thanksgiving!

[09/20/19]   Oz Motorz will be on Ksfy news tonight at 6pm. I won't see it so tell me what you think. :-).

Attention all! www.ozmotorz.com has a new look. Check it out. Thanks goes out to Josh Latterell at Elm Digital for the new look and functionality.

The Jack ur Ride tour continues September 21st at the Chautauqua Event at Easton Castle in Aberdeen. I hope to see you there riding an e-bike.

[09/08/19]   Called it on account of rain yesterday in Oakes. The bikes were fine in it but we are not. Thanks to the couple that did stop. Will have to set up another time to ride electric bikes. Glory to God.

Congratulations to Gary and Sandy Cahoy for being the winners of the Oz Motorz drawing during the Brown County Fair. Thanks to everyone that stopped out and showed interested in the technology that we have to offer. Look for a call from me describing the end of summer deals. Cheers always.

We are ready for you Aberdeen. Booth 445 right next to the big juke box of Hub City Radio. . I invite you to take a free ride on an electric bike. Hey, you can eve register for our drawing - $300 off of a kit or kit bike. See ya at the fair!

[07/28/19]   Thanks to all that came to north commerce in Aberdeen on Saturday. It was a good turnout on a great day. Catch us next at the Brown County Fair booth 445.

Thanks to Erin Ballard at the Aberdeen American News for the great story last Friday! Be sure to check out our free event Test-Ride an E-Bike: "Jack Ur Ride" Tour this Saturday near 8th Ave NE and Commerce St in Aberdeen!


E-Bikes Can Energize Bicycling, Especially Among Older Adults

E-Bikes are a great way to help older adults and seniors enjoy biking long past retirement!

aarp.org By providing a boost to get up hills or give older bones and weary muscles a bit of a break, electric-assist bicycles make cycling a practical option for getting around



Oz Motorz is a mobile business based in Aberdeen SD with a reach of 100 miles. We are also on the web at ozmotorz.com. We specialize in electric bicycles and perform e-bicycle conversions of your current bicycle.


Oz Motorz is officially open for business. I am ready to take orders for bike kits and pedal assist bikes. Look me up. Here is my contact info. Today is a day in history.


‚Äč8 Benefits Of Using Electric Bikes - Peak Adventures Blog

What are the benefits of owning an e-bike? Read this great article to find out!


Electric Mobility Solutions For the Hub Area

What are the benefits of E-Bikes?

  • E-bikes make cycling easier for all ages and fitness levels

  • E-bikes are nature-friendly

  • E-bikes help you exercise more often
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    This is Cool!
    "This is cool!"




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