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We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday! We sure are thankful for so many things here at GritFit, and our members are at the top of our list for sure!
We thought we’d kick off the weekend with our next #PEOPLEOFGRIT feature... this time of grit member @brittnae_clark
Brittnae’s positive attitude and fun spirit can brighten just about anyones day! She pushes hard and is never short on encouraging others next to her. We love the energy she brings to class!
•What makes you feel accomplished?
I feel accomplished when my head is clear (which is rare) and I can get a sense of calm, like at work when my desk is clear I feel like I’ve really pushed through the day. But at the gym anytime I can nail a new skill is a win in my book, I love the learning process and seeing how much I can actually do even when I doubt myself too much, I get to prove myself wrong constantly!

•Out of the positive emotions of compassion, positivity, enthusiasm and initiative, which one is your biggest strength?
I would say enthusiasm is my strong point. I’m always really good at pushing others and trying to keep the mood light and fun! It’s my favorite thing to just be excited and proud of others and myself and to get those around me to feel that same way.
(cont’d in comments)

“You C A N. You S H O U L D. And if you start, you W I L L.”

We’ve said it before and we will say it again... first step towards anything is the hardest. But make no mistake... you CAN do it and you WILL achieve goals and get better day by day. You just need a little bit of courage to start; we can help. 😉

#youcan #youshould #youwill #juststart #stopwaiting #heresyoursign #wednesdaymotivation #humpdayvibes #gritfitabilene #gritfam #grit #humility #fulfillment #community #accountability #gritguys #yourewelcomehere #abilenetxgyms

“I N V E S T in yourself.
It pays the B E S T interest.”

You will never regret making yourself and your wellness a priority. It’s also never too late to start. Invest in yourself and see the return on that investment tenfold. You are worth it! #investinyourself #returninvestment #investandinspire #mondaymotivation #mondaymood #makeyourselfapriority #youareworthit #gritfitabilene #gritfit #gritgals #grit #humility #fulfillment #community #abilenetxgyms

Congratulations to some of our #gritgang for representing at the 6th annual Tribute to Heroes Endurance Challenge! We sure are proud of how hard our members continue to work and challenge themselves! Y’all did awesome! 👊🏼💪🏼👏🏼#gritfitabilene #gritfam #grit #humility #fulfillment #community #competition #endurancechallenge #waytorep #proudgymfam

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Happy Saturday Grit friends! We are excited to offer a PRE-ORDER purchase option for our Black on Black GritFit hoodie! We ordered a handful of these just to see how they’d turn out and we had SO many people requesting these hoodies that we wanted to give the opportunity to get your hands on one too!
Follow the link below and place your order by Thursday Nov. 19th!
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A little #humpdayvibes headed your way with our next #PEOPLEOFGRIT feature! Y’all better grab a seat and enjoy this read cuz Juan Carlos Martinez did not hold back 😄 I thoroughly enjoyed reading through his answers (more than once lol)! Btw he only had to answer 2 questions lol! But we just HAD to include all that he answered! 😂
Carlos not only has the funnest personality, but he is always one of the hardest & most humble workers in the room. He is first to say “good job” and cheer on others to the last second. We love the energy and vibes he brings to Grit and love that he’s a part of our #gymfam

•What motivates you to work hard?
Britney Spears. She said "if you want a nice body... you betta work b#%•!"

•What makes you feel accomplished?
Seeing my work being appreciated.

•What are you most thankful for?
The people who continue to believe in me even when its hard for me to believe in myself.

•What is something on your bucket list?
Skydiving & to Kayak the bottom of the Grand Canyon!

•What’s a big regret in your life?
Waiting till my 30s to start working on myself.

•What’s been your biggest mistake in life and how did you learn from it?
Judging a book by its cover. Some of the most influential & loving people arent always what youd expect.

•Where is your favorite place to go?
To Sleep! I love it there. I can be anything anywhere & with anyone. It's amazing. *insert deep blink here*

•What qualities do you admire in your parents/spouse?
My mom was the strongest most loving giving compassionate honest loyal hardworking person ever. I long to be an ounce of who she was.

•What’s something you can’t go a day without doing?
Being Dramatic. I know its hard to believe but i can be alil dramatic at times lol.

•What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve done lately? Joined crossfit after almost 3 years out the game. No regrets.

•What accomplishments are you most proud of?
I moved here with 200 dollars in my pocket rent due in 30 days with my niece and did it. I started with nothing raised my niece and worked my way up to where i am now with nothing but hard work and prayer.

-cont’d in comments 😄

“People who avoid
F A I L U R E also avoid
S U C C E S S.”

You can’t have one without the other. Embrace the failures, they’re the stepping stones to success...
#dontavoidfailure #failurecomeswithsuccess #successandfailure #gritfitabilene #gritfit #tuesdaymotivation #grit #humility #fulfillment #community
#roberttkiyosakiquote #abilenetxgyms #ropeclimbs

FACT: wearing GritFit apparel increases your #happyvibes even in the middle of a workout! 😅 (seriously try it) 🤓

And bc we wanna spread that joy to everyone, we thought we’d get started celebrating our Grand Opening/Member Appreciation Event a little early with a #winitwednesday giveaway!
That’s right, this is our FIRST giveaway and we are gonna draw 3 winners.

We will be giving away one free hoodie, and two free T shirts.

For your chance to WIN:
1: follow our page
2: like this post
3: tag 3 friends in the comments
(Must do all 3 for your name to be entered)
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That’s it! Pretty easy!
Giveaway ends tomorrow at 8pm. We will draw 3 winners tomorrow night! Good Luck peeps! #gritfitabilene #gritfitapparel #giveawaytime #wednesdayvibes #ourshirtsaremagic #instandmoodlifter

Good Morning and Happy Wednesday friends! It’s time to bring you another awesome #PEOPLEOFGRIT feature! ☺️...Grit member way before there was even #gritfit 😄 @sarahlafawn
Sarah is as modest, humble, and genuine as they come. Her kindness, encouragement, and sweet spirit are easy to gravitate to. And thats one of the many reasons we LOVE that she’s part of our #gymfam . Not to mention she has the most adorable little mini me she brings to brighten anyone’s day! 🥰 She has always been a constant in our morning classes, showing commitment and drive cuz all the mommas know it’s not easy getting kids up and ready and still hitting the gym! 👏🏼

•How would you summarize your life purpose?
Ultimately, I think my life's purpose is to glorify God in whatever I'm doing. For most of my life that has been working with vulnerable people and populations, specifically homeless and at-risk youth. I love hearing people's stories and being a small part of God's work in helping redeem parts of their stories that seem broken or lost.

•What is one dream you have yet to accomplish?
Double unders 🤪 But really - I hope to one day start a nonprofit that creates equitable access to mental healthcare for anyone who needs it!

#gritfitabilene #gritfam #grit #humility #fulfillment #community #theseareourpeople #weloveourpeople #weallhaveastorytotell #whoweare #weallhaveapurpose #yourewelcomehere @ GritFit Abilene

“Your D I R E C T I O N is more important than your
S P E E D”

Doesn’t matter how fast you’re going, what matters is that you’re going... make that commitment to yourself and for yourself to just G O and D O. Hardest step is the first one.

#rightdirection #directionoverspeed #juststart #mindovermatter #tuesdaymotivation #gritfitabilene #gymfam #grit #humility #fulfillment #community

Let’s start off our weekend with another #PEOPLEOFGRIT feature! This one is of grit member Lisa Reed
Lisa made the decision a few months ago to get back on the wagon and stay on this time! And because of that drive and dedication, she’s already lost 23lbs while she’s been at Grit and she is getting stronger every day! She comes in ready to put in work regularly at our 5am class. She never backs out of a challenge or a nudge from coach to go a little heavier or faster. And she is just one of the funnest people to share class with. We love that she’s a part of our community!

•What motivates you to work hard?
I have always been one that loves to workout and go to the gym. I’ve also been one that does really well going to the gym and then I fall off the wagon. Once life got crazy in March I decided to get control of my health. I started walking and running daily. Then I saw a post from Alex about opening up a new gym. I reached out and went to Logan’s house and did a half of a Murph- which I said I would never do again. I’ve been committed to making myself healthy because I’m almost 40 and my son is a Senior this year. I didn’t want to look back at pictures in a few years and think - why didn’t I try harder? Why was I always making excuses? I love going to the gym at 5am. We have a great group of people at that time and it makes getting up a lot easier. Thanks to GritFit I’m down over 20 pounds. Can’t wait to reach my next goal. Thank you to all the trainers for always believing in me and pushing me to be my best!!!

•What are you most thankful for?

I’m most thankful for my family!!! They push me to become a better person!!! They motivate me to make time for myself because I’ve always put them above my fitness. I’m going to stick with it this time because it’s about me loving myself all over again.
#gritfitabilene #weloveourpeople #weallhaveastorytotell #theseareourpeople #whoweare #grit #humility #fulfillment #community #gymfam #gritfam #weallhaveapurpose #motivation #yourewelcomehere

••• M O N D A Y M O O D •••

Alllllll S M I L E S for this cooler weather finally!
NOW it feels like
O C T O B E R 🍁😁

Interested in trying a class soon? DM us to reserve a time! We offer several class times throughout the day and would love to have you come try your first class free!
#gritfitabilene #gritfitgang #grit #humility #fulfillment #community #fallishere🍁 #octobervibes #mondaymood #allsmiles #yourewelcomehere #firstclassfree #abilenetxgyms

This next #PEOPLEOFGRIT feature is of #GritFitOG @cstone1160 😁
Casey was one of our very first “founding” members at Grit but has been a longtime friend and fellow motivator before that. You will never see this guy give up...and we promise you’ll never see him let others give up or quit either. So if you ever wanna be pushed in a workout... you might wanna set up next to him! 😉

•What is your day to day mantra?

Get Up!!!
When you fall...Get Up
When you fail...Get Up
When someone hurts you...Get Up
When life is unfair...Get Up
When you don't want to go to work...Get Up
Whatever is holding you down...Get Up!!!

•Name something that can always make you smile.

Walking into the gym. I have had terrible days and I'm intentionally wanting to walk in mad, but it gets wiped away as soon as I walk in the building. The light overcomes the darkness around me in the moment.

#gritfitabilene #gymfam #weloveourpeople #weallhaveastory #weallhaveapurpose #gritfitfam #thesesreourpeople #grit #humility #fulfillment #community #yourewelcomehere

GritFit was honored to have the Abilene Fire Department Cadets stop by this week for a special training session with fellow firefighter @cfroygamboa and let’s just say he put them to
W O R K!
These guys and gal crushed it of course! And we expected no less! These future firefighters are already making Abilene proud!
Thank you to the @abilenetxfire for all you do! #abilenefiredepartment #abilenefdcadets #abilenefirefighters #firefightercadets #futurefirefighters #communityproud #motivation #gritfitabilene #grit #humility #fulfillment #community

Our next #PEOPLEOFGRIT feature is of grit member Sarrah Barton
Sarrah came to us just under two months ago, ready for a change, and with a drive like no other. 🔥She EMPTIES the tank at each and every workout 👏🏼, never gives up and finishes every rep! Her positive attitude and the things she’s achieving every day are inspiring and just a couple of the reasons we LOVE having her as part of our community. Y’all be sure to keep a lookout for this girl cuz she’s already made incredible progress! We can’t wait to see what the next couple months bring!

•What quote resonates with you more than any other?
“Every storm runs out of rain.”
I remind myself of this any time I am going through anything difficult. Whether it’s challenges at work, relationships, or workouts. There is a lot a I can’t do. It’s very easy to feel defeated, and often times I do. It’s in those moments when I tell myself “Every storm runs out of rain”. Strength is more than just how much you can lift, but how much you can withstand. While I may not be able to do 99 out of 100 things we do at the gym, I will give the 1 thing I can do 100% of my effort. It’s reminding myself that it’s not that I can’t do it, it’s that I can’t do it YET!

#gritfitabilene #grit #humility #fulfillment #community #theseareourpeople #whoweare #weallhaveastorytotell #yourewelcomehere #weloveourpeople #gymfam #gritfam

Don’t take yourself too serious.
Learn to R E L A X.
Have F U N.
L A U G H.

These are things that are never lacking at Grit! Come hang out with us and see why this will be the best hour of your day. 😎

#relax #havefun #laughterisneverinshortsupply #whysoserious #hangingaround #tuesdayvibes #joyinthejourney #Gritfitabilene #gritguys #grit #humility #fulfillment #community #abilenetxgyms

•M O N D A Y M O O D•

Head down, mind right.
Let’s put in W O R K! 🔥🔥🔥

#stayfocused #headdowndowork #mindsetmatters #mondaymotivation #mondaymood #getyourmindright #newweekvibes #gritfitabilene #gritfitgang #grit #humility #fulfillment #community #abilenetxgyms #assaultbike #gritfam

Our very first installment of our #PEOPLEOFGRIT , features grit member @tori_quinton .
This girl is like a ray of sunshine at the gym! Her positive attitude, kind spirit, and encouragement is such a gift! She comes ready to learn and ready to work each day too... and she’s an incredible runner who never seems to run outta energy! We are blessed to know Tori and we are glad to share a snippet of her story.
#gritfitabilene #grit #humility #fulfillment #community #theseareourpeople #whoweare #weallhaveastorytotell #youarewelcomehere

•What is the greatest struggle you’ve overcome?

Honestly this is such a hard question for me but one I also love to share about because it’s a part of me that gets to relate to others in this specific way, help them through it and also bring awareness. I had an eating disorder, anorexia nervosa, when I was 11 and it was the hardest point of life for me by far. It almost took my life and from what I remember everyday was a struggle to just stay alive.
But, I think the biggest thing is that season of life is where I met Jesus! So, now I really just want to love on people who struggle with the same thing and bring awareness to others!!

•What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve done lately?
I moved to Texas! Haha
I’m from Tennessee and literally just picked up my life and moved here in April! So, if I have a strong accent, it’s the East TN coming out! 😛

This girl got her first rope climb ever today! 👀🔥🔥🔥 We love seeing our members accomplishing goals and learning new skills. 🙌🏼
GritFit peeps are killin’ it! #progress #keepworkinghard #ropeclimbs #proudgymfam #accomplishments #thursdaymotivation #surpriseyourself #gritgals #obnoxiouscheering 🤣#gritfitabilene #grit #humility #fulfillment #community #abilenetxgyms #gritgang
Katy Gaona

At GritFit, we are in the business of health and wellness...but more than that we are in the
P E O P L E business.


We wouldn’t be anything without the amazing members and team who make up Grit. We just want to thank our people for loving this gym and those a part of it with such passion, humility, selflessness, and loyalty.

And...Because we have some
I N C R E D I B L E humans that make up GritFit, we want to share some of those amazing stories and shine a light on the many #peopleofgrit

Stay tuned.... we’ve got some good stuff coming!

PS. Happy T H R E E months GritFit! 🔥🥳
#happy3months #justgettingstarted #staytuned #ourpeopletheirstories #ourpeoplemakethedifference #gritfitabilene #gritfit #grit #humility #fulfillment #community #bethelight #loveonpeople #gymfam #blessed #communityishere #abilenetxgyms

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