Eisenhower Marathon

The Eisenhower Marathon follows the Historic Chisholm Trail used by cowboys to bring their herds to Abilene in the 1800s. It is a qualifier for the Boston Marathon. Many personal bests are set on our fast and nearly flat course certified by USAT&F.

The R.H. Viola Family organized the Eisenhower Marathon in 2003, with financial revenue assisting thousands of needy individuals and families in Dickinson County, Kansas.

Mary Jean Eisenhower, the former President's granddaughter, often assists with medal presentation at the event. Awards are presented at the Eisenhower Visitor's Center

Mission: To encourage healthy activities and to use financial revenue to assist those in need in our home county. 31 nonprofit organizations now profit from the annual marathon event


Eisenhower Marathon Results Leaderboard

Results for 2019 marathon, half, and 10K, 5K are at https://www.athlinks.com/event/138255/results/Event/751766/Results. When you click on the circular runner photo at the top of his or her section and scroll down to the bottom of the information given for that runner, you will see their finish-line photos. Thanks to Ben Sigle and Red Dirt Timing Co for adding such a neat feature to their results section!!! For a small fee, Eisenhower Marathon is able to give you runners a nice gift for your memory books.

athlinks.com View the race leaderboard for Eisenhower Marathon


Eisenhower Marathon Results Leaderboard

race results at: https://www.athlinks.com/event/138255/results/Event/751766/Results

athlinks.com View the race leaderboard for Eisenhower Marathon

[03/29/19]   In addition to the two top male runners who are returning to the Eisenhower, we just had Katie Kramer-Ochoa sign in also...#1 female runner several years and can she fly through the course! Thanks, Katie, for joining us April 6!

[03/19/19]   Top two male runners from last year are returning this year...should make for an exciting marathon finish!

[02/11/19]   No worries about government shutdown with us! Packet pickup, registration and medal presentation all in Parish Hall, right across the street west of the Eisenhower complex, April 6, 2019. Register at https://register.chronotrack.com/r/42302

[02/11/19]   Don't forget to register before March 1 to be guaranteed a free T-shirt for the Eisenhower Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K and 5K at https://register.Chronotrack.com/r/42302

[10/03/18]   Eisenhower Marathon registration site for April 6, 2019, is https://register.chronotrack.com/r/42302

[06/26/18]   Just got the sheets from the timer which will lead to the page being posted SOON for those of you who enjoy registering early! We appreciate YOU!

[04/09/18]   The results are posted on the Manhattan Running Co website. Find the calendar that lists results for races Manhattan Timing Co has timed and click on "results" at the end of the Eisenhower Marathon listing. You can also see your pictures when you click on your listing.

[12/11/17]   Registration for the 2018 Eisenhower Marathon, Half, 10K and 5K is at https://register.chronotrack.com/r/31861

[11/21/17]   One runner just asked if there were pictures of the 2017 race somewhere. I replied, "Yes and they are free! Go to Manhattan Running Co (the Kansas one) and click on "events" in the bar across the top of the home page. Then click on "results" at the end of the Eisenhower, April 8, 2017 listing. Click on the runner's name (and you can search for that if needed) and then click on "photos" on the left side. You should get several pictures of each runner which you can download and enlarge. How's that for service from a great timer! Thanks Ben Sigle

[11/21/17]   So many runners rank the Eisenhower Marathon, Half, 10K and 5K events among their favorite. This year, Mary Jean Eisenhower will present the awards medals for the age groups and the overall winners medals and checks (both women and men) within 15 minutes of when the winners cross the finish line. No more waiting on an awards assembly to get your medals. If the weather is nice, they will be presented on the steps of the Catholic Church, right at the finish line and you can head in immediately after that for a great brunch of pancakes and sausage in Parish Hall beside the church. We think it will be a nice change in our format over waiting for the assembly, OR missing getting your medal and having to ask for it mailed to you. Overall winners will be given their cash prizes: $500 for men and women first placers in marathon, $300 for 2nd, $200 for third...$150 for Half first placers (both men and women) $100 for 2nd and $75 for 3rd...$35 for 1st, $25 for 2nd and $15 in 10K (both men and women), and $30 for 1st, $20 for 2nd and $10 for 3rd (both men and women in 5K. We hope to see YOU there!

[11/21/17]   As you plan your spring running events, don't forget the Eisenhower Marathon, Half, 10K and 5K on April 7, 2018. To register: https://register.chronotrack.com/r/31861

[07/03/17]   Registration for the April 7, 2018 Eisenhower Marathon should be up soon and I will post the new address through Chronotrack. We will require all runners to register on-line this year. I'll also post some folks e-mails who can help you register if on-line is not easy for you :0)

Getting excited about some changes this year...results medals will be presented within 15 minutes after you cross the finish line. That should help those who have to leave early and cut out our having to mail medals all over the country! Mary Jean Eisenhower will be there to present your medals!

Last-minute registration and packet pickup will be in the same hall where the pasta dinner is served, making it easier for you to have a delicious pasta dinner and finish packet pickup at the same time.

More later...

[07/03/17]   Registration for the April 7, 2018 Eisenhower Marathon should be up soon and I will post the new address through Chronotrack. We will require all runners to register on-line this year. I'll also post some folks e-mails who can help you register if on-line is not easy for you :0)

Getting excited about some changes this year...results medals will be presented within 15 minutes after you cross the finish line. That should help those who have to leave early and cut out our having to mail medals all over the country! Mary Jean Eisenhower will be there to present your medals!

Last-minute registration and packet pickup will be in the same hall where the pasta dinner is served, making it easier for you to have a delicious pasta dinner and finish packet pickup at the same time.

More later...

[06/05/17]   Just wanted you to know that the Eisenhower Marathon races will all be on the first Saturday of April in 2018...same place....same prices. We think this will alleviate some competition with other races. Hoping to see you then!

[05/03/17]   I just finished laundering all the jackets, shirts and sweaters, even a couple of pair of gloves from the 2017 Eisenhower Marathon. If you left something at an aid station, please send me a message, describe the item, send your mailing address and I will see if I can find the items and mail it to you! Many thanks for your participation in this year's event!


Eisenhower Marathon

Photos of the 2017 Eisenhower Marathon, courtesy of Dee Budden.
Many thanks!

Here are the pictures from race. I hope you like them


Dee Budden

photos.google.com 333 new photos · Album by Dee Budden

[04/09/17]   Thanks so much to the wonderful group of runners that attended our Eisenhower Marathon events in 2017. I would LOVE it if you could send a brief mention of our strengths/weaknesses this year. I'm always trying to improve where possible! Many thanks

[03/24/17]   Feature story, Jaclyn Long, ultra runner
by June DeWeese, Event Coordinator for the Eisenhower Marathon (with added information provided by Eric Steele of Epic Ultras online)

Displaying a love for running when it’s hot and humid and enjoying running 80-90 miles per week, long-distance runner Jaclyn Long knows how to persevere and will be the guest speaker at the Pasta Dinner April 7 before the Eisenhower Marathon. Most runners prefer courses that are “flat and fast,” but people listening to Jaclyn will be amazed at how much she loves the challenge of running in the Flint Hills.
She won’t quit and dropping out of a long-distance race is something Jaclyn will not consider, even when facing severe injuries during the race.
“My worst injury happened about six years ago,” Jaclyn said. “I was running on very severe shin splints and my orthopedic surgeon warned me to take time off, but I refused to rest. I went ahead and ran a marathon in Kansas City, and on mile 23 of the marathon, my tibia snapped in half, a complete break. My shin splints were so bad they had started to turn into stress fractures and pounding on concrete turned them into a complete break. I am proud to admit that I still finished the marathon in less than four hours. The thought of dropping out of the race never crossed my mind.”
That day, according to Jaclyn, she discovered a new level of pain that she never knew the human body could endure. She continues to run, even after two surgeries including plantar fasciitis and nerve compartment surgeries, plus having a torn lateral collateral ligament and both hamstrings torn many times.
“I don’t like to rest and recover,” Jaclyn said, “and that has led me to many injuries. When the going gets tough in any race, I remind myself that quitting or giving up would be much more painful than finishing a marathon on a broken leg.”
After finishing 14 marathons, Jaclyn decided to run longer races and her first Ultra was Brew2Brew, a 44.5-mile race.
When asked about her training routine, Jaclyn said, “I never follow training plans. I just keep my running mileage up year round and try to do at least one long run each week.”
Abilene’s long distance runner Will Sprouse says Jaclyn is the top female runner in the state of Kansas, but Jaclyn says her only title is being the Kansas State Record Holder for the 12-hour Endurance Run for Females.
“I earned that title when I ran the Endurance Run in Wichita in November 2016, running 70.5 miles in 11:58:39. I finished 1st overall and at the same time set a new Kansas State Record. I beat the old female state record by 8.9 miles and I also beat the men’s state record by 4.5 miles.”
Jaclyn will be doing her first 24-hour Endurance Run April 1 in Lebanon, Tenn., where she hopes to run at least 100 miles. Then in July, she will run her first 100-mile race at the Honey Badger Ultramarathon at Cheney State Park, Kansas.
Since Jaclyn is a single mom, her practice runs are usually from 4-7 a.m. while her kids are sleeping, and claims she can get in more time when the kids are visiting their Father.
Setting a good example for her children is important to Jaclyn. “If they see me struggle and quit, they will think it’s acceptable to give up when things get tough and that is not what I want to show them.”
Jaclyn’s 12-year-old son began cross country last fall, fulfilling a dream Jaclyn had for her kids to enjoy running.
“Every Sunday during his season we would run together,” Jaclyn said, “and every time he had a meet, I would greet him at the finish line because I knew what he was feeling and my emotions were crazy, too. My daughter doesn’t like running yet, but my youngest son will run with me occasionally. I try hard not to let my running interfere with their lives.”
Jaclyn’s running goals include setting a new Personal Record for the marathon. Her current marathon PR is 3:10:29. However, she will not be trying to set a new PR at the Eisenhower Marathon this year, as she will have just finished running her first 100-miler in Tennessee the weekend before and so will just complete the Eisenhower at a slower pace, as a practice run.
“I would also like to do a half and a full Ironman and run the Boston Marathon someday.” Jaclyn said.
Jaclyn qualified for the Boston 17 times, but has never had the money to be able to go. She has been running for 18 years
“I even ran throughout my three pregnancies,” Jaclyn said. “It wasn’t until I was done having children that I started running competitively. Since then I have completed 21 marathons, nine 50ks, two 50 milers and other distances up to 70.5 miles. I have done eight triathlons and one duathlon. I run primarily because it makes me feel good about myself.”

The Eisenhower Marathon’s Pasta Dinner will be from 5-7 on Friday, April 7, with Jaclyn speaking at 6 p.m.
The community is invited to enjoy a delicious dinner and visit with runners from across the states and Canada. Tickets are available at the door.

[03/23/17]   Did you know...Our Our Eisenhower running start/finish line is 351 meters above sea level with the highest spot on the course being 371 meters above sea level and the lowest being 342. Most people call that a flat course! Many call it "getting to set your PR because the course is so flat and fast!"

[03/19/17]   Runners, we need your help in sharing information about our Eisenhower Marathon event April 8, 2017! Our marathon race entries are above normal...HOORAY! However, our half marathon entries are lower than normal. It is a little hard to tell about the 5K/10K races as they so often have runners registering in large numbers at the last minute.
I'm hoping you will share a reminder that this is a charity event for Dickinson County. We hope to distribute the financial gains among 16 nonprofits which are busy all year helping folks in our county. Kids in Crisis, for example, served 1,953 cases for children last year, currently helping with a $10,000 need for the sweetest of 13-year-olds who is one of 2 known anywhere to have her particular disease! She needs our help most sincerely as do many other children in our county!
If some remark that our prices are a little higher than other places, remind them we are helping children face better lives with their race registration, ask them to look at what that other race will charge them on race day, Prices for Eisenhower races will remain the same as they are today!
Where else can runners shake hands with the granddaughter of the best president ever, IKE! Granddaughter Mary Jean Eisenhower,will present winners medals (both overall and age groups) in all 4 races!
Where else can they listen to one of the most outstanding woman's runners in Kansas, Jaclyn Long, who will be speaking at our Friday pasta dinner?
Where else can they set their PR as quickly as they do at the Eisenhower, with volunteers screaming for them in encouragement?
Please help us in spreading the word to your non-registered friends that they will have a wonderful experience in Abilene, Kansas, and share, share, share this post. Many thanks!!!
June DeWeese, event coordinator

[03/09/17]   Mary Jean Eisenhower is coming to the Eisenhower Marathon this year to present medals to winners...don't know if she will do all 4 races or just marathon and half, but she might do all 4. HOORAY! It is so much fun to hear her talk about her grandpappy Ike, and I love her caring presentations to our runners! Several of her staff are running/walking the 5K. Now how about that!!!!!! You will never forget receiving your 1st, 2nd or 3rd place medal from a former President's granddaughter!

[02/25/17]   As written by the editors of RaceRaves:
""Happy Presidents Day week! We wanted to let you know we've featured your Eisenhower Marathon in our “10 Presidential Races of the United States (PROTUS)" article on RaceRaves.com – we thought you might like to share it with your Facebook followers and/or email list.

"To introduce ourselves, we created RaceRaves as a Trip Advisor-like resource for runners of all levels to discover new road & trail races around the world – from 5Ks to ultramarathons – as well as rate, review & track the races they've run.

""We've worked with dozens of running events – big & small – to help them extend their word-of-mouth marketing at no cost to them, by encouraging their finishers (in post-race emails and on their page) to "rave" about their experiences on RaceRaves.

"Realizing your finishers are your best evangelists, the point is to have their endorphin-fueled reviews live on a site that's dedicated to helping runners find the best races to run."
It looks like an interesting publication. Hope you all will check it out!

[02/24/17]   Don't know if you saw where the Eisenhower Marathon was picked as #1 in the article about the 10 best running events in Kansas. YAHOO!

Just in case you didn't see them earlier, here are our marathon and half finisher medals (I Like Ike, silver for half, gold for marathon, 3 and 3/4" across). I will post the placement medals later and they are awarded to all 4 races, (1st, 2nd and 3rd places for both women and men). They're pretty neat, don't you think?

[02/20/17]   Some readers wonder why our prices have increased a bit this year. Our answer: We distribute the financial revenue from the Eisenhower Marathonannually to 15+ nonprofits who are working hard to help folks in Dickinson County, and thousands of low-income children and families are helped with the revenue generated. For example, Kids in Crisis worked 1,953 cases for low-income children needing assistance during 2016. The number of agencies helped depends on the amount of revenue generated. The agencies benefiting: Kids in Crisis, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Lutheran Church youth, Methodist Church youth, 4-H groups, Masons, Helping Our People in Emergencies (HOPE Center), Abilene Lions, Kiwanis, Optimists, Sister City youth, AHS Natl Honor Society, Certified Emergency Response Teams (CERT), Daughters of Isabella, Knights of Columbus, Catholic Youth, among others. And Guess What? These groups are helping run our event. They are manning your aid stations, serving as intersection watchers, cooking your meals, serving at the finish line, helping with registration. They work HARD! Why? Because they love helping others and live in a community that cares deeply for those who are needy! WE thank YOU for registering for our Eisenhower Marathon, Half, 10K and 5K so we can continue our missions of helping others!

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General information

The Eisenhower Marathon is run on the second Saturday in April annually. It offers, in addition to the marathon, a half marathon, 10K and 5K. A pasta dinner is held Friday evening and a pancake/sausage brunch is available free to runners Saturday morning. All runners in marathon and half receive finisher medals and technical shirts. $2650 in prize money
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