Western Masters Martial Arts, Inc. 1979

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Western Masters Martial Arts offers training in Aikido, Tae Kwon Do, Self-Defense, Japanese Sword, Boxing, Combative Drill, Ving Tsun Kung-Fu. Our curriculum is balanced and well structured every effort assures sound physiologic principle are followed! Our attention to detail and the impressive combined experiences of our founder make our approach to MMA - truly unique. Parents our instructor's are not just excellent martial artists and teachers they are accomplished professionals outside the Dojo! In the fields of medicine, pharmacy, military, and education. We teach real martial arts and take a real interest in helping our students grow and achieve for a lifetime. Fostering a better, safer, and more peaceful world...One student at a time!

Mission: We are focused on fostering a better, safer, and more peaceful world...one student at a time!

[05/27/20]   Tae Kwon Do - Self Defense skills that are hidden within the form patterns (Hyung) with David Henry - 5th DAN!

Control Principles - Renshi Harden

Principles of various controls - and a focus on NIKKYO or second control. We relate the sword to how these moves apply and look at various movements between the collective locks...we even do a little percussion - to emphasize how building skillsets of various skills makes one a more versatile and complete practitioner.


Morio Higaonna's Karate practice #3 | SURIASHI&SABAKI | 東恩納盛夫先生の鍛錬その3


Excellent warm up drills.

The daily discipline of Higaonna dojo Higaonna dojo http://www.eonet.ne.jp/~kijyaku/htdocs/iogkfjapan/iogkf.html Okinawa Karate Federation http://www.okinawa...

[05/24/20]   Uchu-no-chitsujo: Universal Order.

O’Sensei believed that food was chief among all things. He felt there was a strong bond between agriculture, farming and Aikido. At first it seems hard to connect but food is medicine for the body and from food we grow, all things come from food. Food we eat was just one intention - O’Sensei saw food as anything we take into our bodies physically, emotionally and spiritually. These things can have good and bad effects - just like a poor diet can lead to diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia...so to can the intake of poor emotional, spiritual and psychological things cause harm. They are all food...find the balance and nourish your body, mind and soul.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend...No Politics, No arguing...just Remember.



Russian Team - Aikido - World Combat Games 2013


Beautifully done - real Aikido!

Aikido Demonstration by the Russian Team at SportAccord World Combat Games 2013. Footage courtesy of IES in Sports and SportAccord.

[05/22/20]   An Article on COVID written by Colonel Dane Harden - founder of Western Masters Martial Arts.

Abingdon you have a Nationally renowned martial arts instructor - in your back yard!

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Basic Pattern.

Tai Chi Chuan

Breath control movement of chi/ki

Tai chi exercise

Happogeri kihonwaza Happogeri-oyowaza

Sword 8 direction basic and advanced.


Shihan Dana Abbott Sword Training: Stance & Posture

O’Sensei once said if you understand happo-Geri you understand martial arts. For many Aikidoist’s the reality of the sword is only an awakening to the deeper
Meaning of the “eight”...Osu!

For more information on Japanese sword training go to our website at https://www.learnthesword.universitymartialarts.com/ Bokutou Wood Bokken Disc-One: Expla...


Shihan Dana Abbott Sword Training: Kiai = Breath Control

My friend and my teacher - Shihan Abbott and kokyu - breath control!!

For more information on Japanese sword training go to our website at https://www.learnthesword.universitymartialarts.com/ Bokutou Wood Bokken Disc-One: Expla...

Dojo Reopens for Outdoor Training!!!

Outdoor training area - this video is from a self defense seminar and it features Mike Wright from Trained Wright Dogs!

Reopening Monday May 18 at 6:30 PM
Register on line - Pay on line

My friend Doug Rowe who was a student of mine in 1982 send me several photos. This one is so very special too me. My Dad. Mick Harden was awarded an Honorary Black Belt on this day. I had more hair then and it was most definitely blond...Thank You Doug for sharing - this made my day!!!

This month in Black Belt Magazine an article by Colonel Dane S. Harden regarding our toughest opponent yet.

Western Masters Martial Arts, Inc. 1979

Points of Contact

Points of Contact...with Master Harden.

Western Masters Martial Arts, Inc. 1979

Older training video but for my Aikido students it’s applicable.

Session Two - single strike



Some feel it’s just a symbol, some take a knee in protest - which is their right...but when I see the flag - I see home...I see my lost medics and soldiers who laid beneath this flag...I see hope and I WILL ALWAYS STAND - because to “me” it’s not just a symbol, it’s the definition of what we are and can be...I see the flag, I remember...Kenny, Ron, Mark...and so many others...my soldiers, patients and brothers who never came home. I was there and remember their utterances and last thoughts...whispered or screamed - thoughts of their wives, mothers or home...disagree if you wish - it’s your right but I will choose to stand, bow my head and remember.


[05/03/20]   Hachiriki - Sangen is the mystery of hifumi: spirit, mind, and body as one.

Dojo is still scheduled to re-open on May 11, 2020 Monday evening at 6:30 PM for Tai - Chi and 7:30 for Budo-Advanced class! Plan to be there - I will keep checking on this - and do updates. Right now based on our square footage we have to limit class sizes to a maximum of ten students per class.

Please go to www.westernmasters.net and register as a new student and do the automated selection for monthlies. We are trying to greatly limit payments in the dojo when they can be done on line.

Western Masters - Excellence Since 1979!


Colonel Dane Harden, Guest on SuperTalk with Kristi Slaughter


Colonel Dane Harden on SuperTalk Saturday Mornings with Kristi Slaughter on 92.9FM, WFHG. For more information on Colonel Harden: http://www.westernmastersma...


We wrote and recorded this piece which was edited by Joe Lewis protege Mark Graden as a tribute to the man whose brainchild became the PKA, whose intensity and passion fueled the fire of the early fights and champions and whose personal battle with cancer is the most intense fight of his stellar life. Our Battle of Atlanta 2012 and this entire piece were part of the broadcast we did for the TheBattleNation.com. The Battle of Atlanta Centurions were glued to the screen as they watched this piece as Joe I looked on from his hospital room in Philadelphia, and there was an extended standing ovation, the sharing of the Battle of Atlanta fans’ love for Master Joe Lewis.
We lost him later in 2012, but as the hundreds of comments over the last 8 years attest, his memory lives on. RIP Joe Lewis.

Ichi Rei Shi Kon

It translates “One Spirit and Four Souls”...it means to balance all things.

This is Kannon-sama : in the illustration she is at peace and resting on the back of the dragon. Balanced, relaxed and unopposed. The dragon’s eyes are open and waiting. Waiting for a lack of focus or concentration...but there is no break in emotion, spirit or anger. There is no suki -
No opening or weakness for the dragon to exploit...Osu!


Veteran Mindset - Military Motivation (ft. Jocko Willink)


Everyday is a gift given to us by the warriors before us some of whom never came home...the warriors before us are the Sensei - those who came before.

Every breath, every moment with my wife, my son, my daughter and my students. Every moment we owe to those men and women - some who will forever live only in my memories...soldiers or Sensei...they may be gone but their lessons remain.

Everyday is a gift - even if you are angry. It’s a gift - find a solution and grow...move on, move out and breath - our purpose is revealed through our journey and our efforts along the way...purpose and honor are the greatest gifts a teacher can impart pursue it - it came at a cost...knowledge is work and when you’re taught - be grateful of the effort.

The knowledge your teachers gave you came at great cost to them...🙏


Subscribe for more motivational videos: http://bit.ly/2fNveap Your free gift: http://bit.ly/2aqb7y9 NEW motivational video is up! Let us know what you think ...

Pogoda has five levels. Photo taken of Mount Fuji. Aikidoist students - why five levels...🥋🤔🙏

On Dogen’s wash basin was this ideogram. Dogen was a Zen Master from the Ryoanji Temple in Japan. Naobi is reflection or the Origen. It’s meant as “one spirit” and is based on the four souls or perspectives we each have...Kush*tama means heaven or intuition, Aratama means Fire or Judgement, Nigitama means water or memory and Sakitama means earth or spirituality. The point of Dogen’s wash bowl was it’s reflection...we reflect who we are through our thoughts, deeds, actions and beliefs...”Reflect well and Reflect deeply”...Naobi - reflection.



“Dojo reopens Monday May 11, 2020”

[04/17/20]   Our website is being upgraded and we will be off line until Monday - April 27, 2020. We are working on adding video lessons and chat.


WMMA - Management.


Western Masters Martial Arts

Students in order to facilitate opening on May 11, 2020 - you need to go online to our site and cover your monthly fee payment there. This reduces contact at the dojo and also because of the 10 student per class recommendation - there will be a limitation to allow for physical distancing.

Folks who pay online and register for any of our five options: Sword, TaiChi, Taekwondo, Aikido and Kickboxing - will have that seat reserved. Please register and Pay:


Looking forward to seeing everyone soon and hopefully by June the entire Ban will be lifted and we can “Rock and Roll”...


Management WMMA, Inc.

westernmastersmartialarts.com Traditional Martial Arts with real world applicability taught by a true warrior and soldier. providing training in Aikido, Taekwondo, Sword, and Firearms.

Western Masters Martial Arts, Inc. 1979

The Latest Information from Virginia is that we should be able to REOPEN ON May 8th!!
We will OPEN for Business if there are No changes on Monday May 11, 2020
Classes will be limited to 10’students students per class.

[04/16/20]   The Latest Information from Virginia is that we should be able to REOPEN ON May 8th!!
We will OPEN for Business if there are No changes on Monday May 11, 2020
Classes will be limited to 10’students students per class.

Chon-Ji...a basic form in TaeKwonDo that I’ve done literally thousands of times. When there is no longer any difference between outside (form) and the inside (feeling) we manifest martial principles effortlessly. Chon-Ji’s definition of “Heaven and Earth” references mankind we are rooted in both heaven (spirit) and earth (body) - when we train to a point that these two elements are unified we discover Wa (peace)...a basic Korean Hyung but when you dig deep - you see Aikido lessons, taekwondo lessons and life lessons...

Be One with Mankind on this Easter Day...you’re interpretation of Ki May be a burning bush that Moses spoke too or some other spiritual principal..We are all the children of God.


Happy Easter!

My student - Brown Belt and friend Nathan Roark! Western Masters - more than a dojo it’s a family! 🙏

Western Masters Martial Arts, Inc. 1979

This Morning at 9:15 AM

Tune into SuperTalk Radio WFHG 92.9 this morning at 9:15 AM. Kristi and I will be talking martial arts, medicine and in general a host of topics!

[04/11/20]   Tune into SuperTalk Radio WFHG 92.9 this morning at 9:15 AM. Kristi and I will be talking martial arts, medicine and in general a host of topics!

FOX 13 News - Tampa Bay

Can’t STOP a Veteran!!!

QUARANTINE 'CAN'T STOP THE FEELING'! This 97-year-old World War II veteran isn't letting the coronavirus pandemic dampen his spirits! The former Navy pilot has some dance moves that are sure to put a smile on your face! 🇺🇸 STORY: https://bit.ly/2RwFRDx

Koans are used in martial teaching as well as in Zen studies to help a student problem solve. In the military we “brained stormed” or creative thoughts - no wrong answer but there is often a more logical answer. So...figure it out.

A Koan for my students to ponder...”A stone woman who gives birth to a child in the night”...A hint for you guys - Amatsu Iwasaka and Kototama - have fun and write your answers or opinions below...?

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Harai Senaka Geri
4th-5th Dan Black Belt Moon-Moo TKD.
UL-Gi 4th-5th Dan Black Belt - TKD.
Yong-Gae 4-5th Dan Black Belt Hyung.
Ue-Shin.  (spellings are different) TKD.
Ko-Dang 2nd-3rd Dan TKD
Chum-Chung 2-3rd Dan
Hui-Um 2nd to 3rd Dan
Kae-Beck 1st to 2nd Dan Black Belt
Po-Un 1st - 2nd Dan Black Belt




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