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This isn't your average pushup... it's a scapular pushup and if you sit in front of a screen during the day—you're going to want to give them a try. Scapular pushups work to maintain and restore your posture to keep your muscles and bones in alignment.

Who's adding a scapular pushup into their next workout?🙋🏻‍♀️

Loving yourself, right now, exactly where you're at in your fitness journey is priority #1! Show yourself some love today, inside or outside the gym. 💜

Wow, Andy from AF Eden Prairie is seeing some major results and we are so excited for him! He's down 5% body fat and has gained 4lbs of muscle in just three weeks. Incredible work, Andy! 💪🏼

Your wellness journey isn't about saying no to things you like, it's about saying yes to the things that make you feel your best!

You know the feeling. 😂

Reasons Why You're Gaining Weight While Working Out Explained

If you've been committed to your health journey, but aren't seeing results like you expected—this article is for you!

TL;DR: it's perfectly normal. 😉 Are you gaining weight despite your best efforts to shed pounds? You are not alone! We're unpacking some common factors that can make losing weight tricky.

Lloyd Black came to AF Semmes at 90 years young, motivated to make daily life become easier. He comes to the gym three times a week, rain or shine, and brings inspiration to everyone he meets on the purple turf. Lloyd lifts weights, walks on the treadmill and helps fellow elderly members find their way around the gym. On his influence, Lloyd says, "If it helps others, I’m glad to do it." We love Lloyd!

Make healthy happen by opting for organic produce when you can! Organic produce contains fewer pesticides than their conventional counterparts. Here's a list of the top produce that experts agree are the highest priority on the swap-for-organic list.

The Best Couple's Workout Routine To Do With Your Significant Other

💜 A workout with your significant other? Now, that's amore! 💜 Find another way to stay connected to your swole-mate this Valentine’s day with a couple's workout routine.

Grab a partner and try this fun exercise, I Go You Go! 👯‍♀️

Who will be watching a few rom coms this Valentine's Day? If your hand is up, we've got a challenge for you! Screenshot this image and make healthy happen while watching your favorite romantic flick! 💜

I will follow you anywhere………..
Our Anytime fitness story starts February 13 th , 2012. Ironically with our first date
in a gym that no longer exists. See, I was a member of Anytime Fitness and
convinced my new girlfriend that she needed to switch gyms. From that point on
we have been inseparable. We have traveled from coast to coast hiking and
using Anytime Fitness facilities in Rapid City, South Dakota, Fort Collins, Colorado
and Wilmington, North Carolina to help maintain not only our health, but our
relationship also. The time we spend together at our home gym in Abingdon,
Virginia is priceless. Anytime Fitness has a very special place in our hearts. In
October 2014 I asked her to marry me in the Anytime Fitness. Now if you know us
and you see me working out without her it’s probably just deer season. Stacy and
I hope that you find your workout partner and take them to Anytime Fitness! Congrats on Many Happy Years as a Couple and Anytime Fitness Abingdon Members Kevin And Stacy!

Put the kettlebells and weights aside and give the resistance bands a try! Work your biceps a little differently and try using resistance bands for your curls.

Who's on #teamresistancebands? 🙋🏻‍♀️

Today Show

“It's cute because he will go to the other silver sneakers, the elderly members, and he'll show them how to use the machines.”

This isn't your average plank! Get ready to light your core on fire with this variation on the traditional plank. Grab a partner and get planking!

Exercising is all about living healthier and feeling better in your own body! Each wellness journey is unique. 💜

Chances are you've seen resistance bands around the gym, but if you're looking for a fun way to use them: give this Bow and Arrow exercise a try! 🏹

Don't forget to do reps on each side! 💪🏼

Have you tried a Team Workout yet? If you haven't, you may want to reconsider! Team Workouts offer:


Anytime Fitness - Abingdon, VA

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Its Inspiration Wednesday at Anytime Fitness Abingdon. Meet Anytime Fitness Abingdon Member Ginger.Ginger has Multiple Autoimmune Diseases as well as A Seizure Disorder.Sometimes it Seems like Ground Hog Day to Ginger as with the Many Health Issues she has , She starts Over with Her Fitness Journey on a Regular Basis. Ginger works out to keep mobility and gain strength, so that when she does have a set back,She is as strong as possible to Fight the Fight both Mentally and Physically. We are Proud of Ginger and her No Excuses Mentality!

Workout Wednesday! 6 am AF Group Training!

It's National Heart Health Month and we're encouraging you to incorporate some heart-healthy foods into your diet to give your ticker all the love it deserves! Here are a few of our faves:

💜 Carrots
💜 Tomatoes
💜 Lentils
💜 Oats
💜 Swiss Chard
💜 Raspberries

Grab your workout friends, hit the purple turf and get ready for the Tunnel of Love... the Tunnel of Love exercise, that is. 😉💜

Do you know that thinking positive thoughts can actually reduce your stress? Stress has negative consequences on both your physical and mental health and focusing on positive thoughts can help combat that! 💜

Put the store-bought dressing aside and give this super simple and powerfully flavorful, oil-free raspberry vinaigrette a try! 🥗

Saturday Morning Training... Free To ALL Members!

Marvin J. from AF Pinehurst was looking for a challenge. He decided to give the Mount Everest challenge (climbing 29,029 feet!) a try and we are happy to share, he succeeded! What an incredible achievement, Marvin. We're so proud! ⛰💜

If you've set goals for this year, you've got this! Keep with it and remember: every movement counts and every good decision adds up to big changes!

Make healthy happen, #AFfamily! 💪🏼

Keith S. from AF Sault Saint Marie is living proof that healthy happens when commitment comes with a coach! After seven months in the gym, Keith has transformed his life and is now working with his coach to begin his bodybuilding journey. We're amazed by you, Keith! 💜

What's your health journey? 💪🏼Share with us in the comments!

Planks done incorrectly can do more harm than good! Don't miss these tips from AF Coach Rachel Prairie on how to get Perfect Planking Posture™️ while keeping your body safe at the same time.

It's Transformation Tuesday at the Abingdon Anytime Fitness! Transformations aren't always about the Physical, However Jamie's Physical and Emotional Transformation can Inspire us All... Way To Go Jamie!
I cannot even begin to express how thankful I am for my gym and the new friends I have made there. When I say it has been a life changer, I mean it. I debated on whether I would share this next part, but, in the event that it might be of some small help to someone out there, I am going to swallow my pride and do it.
For three years, I had been fighting depression. Just prior to that, I was balancing a demanding full-time job, plus a part-time job, and mentally exhausting full-time doctoral coursework and, somehow, I managed to juggle all of it for quite some time. But, then, my dad got ill, and nothing mattered more than my spending time with him. When he passed, I crashed. I remember the anger I felt for being that workaholic for so long and sacrificing time I could have spent with him. And that extraordinary amount of negative energy overwhelmed me. I decided to resign from teaching as I didn’t feel it fair to continue when I wasn’t able to give it my all. I pared down to part-time work and the continuation of my doctoral studies. And, eventually, like any addict, the lack of stimulus took its toll. I now had hours of time for myself and my thoughts (and boy did they run rampant!). Depression settled in like a dense fog. And darkness came. It wreaked its havoc and my physical and emotional health deteriorated.
About eight months ago, I decided to work toward breaking this cycle. I started going to the gym from time to time; no real commitment. It was really just something to do for an hour and I rarely said a word to anyone there. I did that for about three months, again, just showing up every now and then; but it wasn’t enough, and the depression moved from annoyingly cumbersome to severe. It knocked me out again. I was at the end of my rope. It had brought me to my knees, and while there, at that lowest most humbling of points, something happened. Something clicked inside of me. The anger that had since paralyzed my engagement with society was now telling me to get the hell up and do something about it. And by some miracle, I finally got the hell up.
I remember going to the gym and pouring my heart into it that day. Every exercise, regardless of whether I even thought I was doing it right, I poured my guts into. And, at the end, I got on the treadmill and kept moving until I was too tired to be depressed. And I went home and discovered that I felt better for about five hours; the depression lifted…for five hours. And then, it returned with a vengeance. So…I got the hell up. I went back to the gym for a second time. I worked out again and earned five more hours of emotional relief. And then…as before, the depression returned. And I Got The Hell Up. Sometimes three times a day; sometimes intermixed with trips to the local jogging trail. It was working. I sometimes felt like the sweat was filled with all that anger and depression and, as it fell off my body, so, too, did the negative outlook. My senses returned. My creativity returned. My gifts returned. My kindness returned.
And this is where the story changes even more drastically. I’d been going to the gym for a while by this point and I would put my headphones on and just try not to even look at anyone’s faces. I was escaping the depression, but I didn’t feel worthy of a friend. But then, one day, something within me clicked yet again and I reasoned that if I were going to spend this much time in this place, I may as well at least TRY to meet people. I decided to throw caution to the wind and I walked up to a stranger and I introduced myself. And, it went well. He’s my best friend now. In fact, I did it over and over again. Now, I think I probably know a good half of the regulars there. I go there and I work out for sure but now I have people to talk to, to connect with. Friends in their 80s down to friends in their 20s. I love it there. And I’m boxing and dancing and lifting weight I never dreamed of. And, my body is forming muscles! Lol And I feel like a new person. The depression, if it does try to get near me, doesn’t last long. It can’t penetrate like it used to.
That first push up; the one I finally had the courage to attempt, became my friend and my strength has grown ever since. That first person; the one I finally had the courage to approach, became my friend and my strength has grown ever since. I hope and pray that I will always remain receptive should someone approach me with that courageous act. I pray I welcome them and befriend them and become a part of their process toward strength. And I pray we all continue to recognize that we can build ourselves again, we can connect and learn with, and from, others, and we can love people again. And no matter how tough things may get, again and again, for as long as it takes, we can always (always!) get the hell up.

Note: Jamie is now working toward certification as a person trainer with a specialization in strength and conditioning.

If today is arm day, we've got a challenging resistance band exercise for you to try!

Pro-tip: the thicker the resistance band, the more difficult the exercise will be. 💪🏼

If you are struggling to see the results you want, fast—don't worry. Progress can't always be measured, but know that every step you take towards making healthy happen is a step in the right direction! 💜

Monday morning Group Training! #AFA #grouptraining#motivationalmonday#letsmakehealthyhappen

Stop scrolling and do yourself a big favor! Make yourself a batch of these delish egg bites that will make your morning breakfast routine a major breeze. 🍳

Get the recipe for Low-Carb Mini Egg Quiches here:

[01/25/20]   You do not want to miss this inspiring story of redemption, strength and transformation. We are amazed by Catherine's courage to change her life for the better! 💜💪🏼

Do you have a story to share? Email us at [email protected]!

Do you know you can use a resistance band for shoulder presses? Well, you can and you should! Next time you hit the purple turf, give it a try. 💜

💜 Inspiration time! 💜

Rashea R. came to AF Findlay after her friend suggested working out together when Rashea found out she was at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. As a mom of two young children, Rashea knew that she needed to make a change if she was going to be able to keep up with her little ones and live life to the fullest. She stayed committed to her goals and after a year of making healthy happen, she is down 85lbs and loving life.

We are so proud of you, Rashea!

Be proud of what your body can do and try not to focus on what it can't do as you reach your goals. 💪🏼

Are you new to Anytime Fitness? Welcome! We're so happy to welcome you to the #AFfamily.

What are your goals? We'll help you reach them! 💜💪🏼

With Anytime Fitness reaching all seven continents, Running Man has a LOT of running to do! Show us your best Running Man and make sure to snap a photo or share a video on Instagram using the hashtags #AnytimeEverywhere and #sweepstakes and don’t forget to tag us @anytimefitness for a chance to win a trip for two to Antarctica!

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We hope you’re thirsty for today’s #AnytimeEverywhere Challenge! To celebrate Anytime Fitness reaching all SEVEN continents, we’re giving you seven seconds to empty your water bottle. Make sure to snap a photo or share a video while downing your water bottle in seven seconds on Instagram using the hashtags #AnytimeEverywhere and #sweepstakes and don’t forget to tag us @anytimefitness for a chance to win a trip for two to Antarctica!

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Best mode of transportation on Antarctica? Sled! Well, we might be taking some liberties there—but with all that snow it’d be a shame to miss out on a sled ride. For today’s #AnytimeEverywhere Challenge, we’re asking you to have a little sled-inspired fun on the purple turf. Make sure to snap a photo or share a video of your “sled push” on Instagram using the hashtags #AnytimeEverywhere and #sweepstakes and don’t forget to tag us @anytimefitness for a chance to win a trip for two to Antarctica!

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