I am on a fitness journey to a healthier, happier ME! Saved by grace, I know I can't do it on my own so each day I hope to inspire you too!

Mission: Finding inner beauty, releasing the Beast.

So we super failed at getting a sweaty selfie. After class, we did a bonus song to target the glutes! Good thing I grabbed this quick boomerang during class! They killed it!💓
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Let's Dance💓💓💓💓 See you tomorrow at 8am!

Self-Care Saturday 🌼
Do something good for yourself. Join us Saturday for Cardio Dance at 8am, Vinyasa at 9am, and Yoga for Beginners at 10:15am

💪Workout hair.
😏Don't care.
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🙌🙌🙌🙌 see y'all in an hour!

Tomorrow there are 2 opportunities to shake it with me! 💓 (⬅️Happy heart dance)
8am Cardio Dance at Beachbee Yoga and SUP (please save spot at

10am Slay and Sip at AleCraft Brewery (tickets available at
No excuses. You want to see a change? Take the fist steps and SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF 🎤⬇️

Whew! What a night😎😎 These Rockstars showed me up! They could be the next POUND pros!💚⚡🤘 #mwfit #mwfitcrew #poundfit #fitnessrebels #rockoutworkout #beachbee #yoga

Had such a fun weekend! It was super busy for me so I totally haven't had time to post pics until now! Thanks for everyone who showed up and got down with us this weekend! Such a great time! 😍
Tons of classes this week so no excuses not to get to one and get in a good workout!
Tues: POUND! 6:15PM @ YMCA Abingdon; Thurs: POUND! 7:45PM @beachbeeyoga ; Fri:Cardio Dance 9:15am @YMCA ; Sat: Cardio Dance 8am @ BeachBee Yoga
Event Alert! Saturday, March 30th 10am is our next Slay & Sip at @alecraftbrewery in Bel Air! Tickets are available online! Don't miss it!🔥❌❌

Good Morning!💚
I'm so ready for tonight! 🤘
Will you be rocking out with us tonight?
6:15pm at the Abingdon YMCA!
⚡Let's go!

Bahahhahaha! 💚
Okay so let's have some fun in our workouts this week!
Tuesday: POUND! 6:15PM at the Abingdon YMCA
Thursday: POUND! 7:45PM at Beachbee Yoga and SUP
(Sign up on MINDBODY
Friday: Cardio Dance 9:15am at the Abingdon YMCA
Saturday: 8am Cardio Dance at Beachbee Yoga
10am Slay & Sip at AleCraft Brewery (tickets available for $16 online at or $20 at the door. T-shirts available, $15 each. See event for more details
Have a fabulous week! 💪😎

💪Cardio & Chai ☕
#weekendwarriors #weekend #goodvibes #dancedance #dowhatyoulove #beachbee #cardio #coffee @ Beachbee Yoga and SUP

Look at these ROCKSTARS!🤘 Thank you for an awesome night! Y'all made noise, rocked out, sculpted and sweat!⚡ See ya next week💚 #makenoise #rockoutworkout #loveloud #sweatsculptrock #beachbeeyoga #poundfit #fitnessrebels

Tonight's class at Beachbee Yoga and SUP is FULL! I cannot wait to rock with y'all!💚⚡🤘 See you tonight at 7:45, Rockstars!

Hahahaha if this ain't 💯!
Well, hold up.
Okay, yes 8am on a Saturday can be grooling but after the 3rd song, I swear I see smiles on my #weekendwarriors faces.... Even if they are silently hating me. I agree I feel super amazing when it's over. It's the best way to start the weekend!💪

Don't act like you forgot... It's EVERY Saturday at 8am, Beachbee Yoga and SUP🦵🏻

I'll see you there, #noexcuses

Saw this on a friend's timeline and had to share! (Thanks Tiffaney) I hear a lot of people who have problems with their knees and hips. It's amazing what just one pound lost can do!🤯 Let's lose some weight together so we can enjoy working out 🤘 #yesisaidenjoy #weightloss #lose #gain #jointpainfree #workit

I love this.
The struggles of everyday, the expectations people silently lay down for us, the stress, the pain- it slowly builds up and will definitely change a person.
You can be positive, bubbly, happy and kind but still have insecurities, fears and exhaustion creep up on you and change your heart and mind over and again.
For me, I don't know what I'd do without Jesus and Pound. Seriously, I love that I can show up to class and for 45 minutes it's perfectly acceptable to scream, hit things and make noise. But I also laugh, come together with new friends and get a killer workout that helps me destroy that stress and break the mold.
Join me tonight and bring that fearless, happy, spirited you back.
Little tip. So our class last week was pretty full and we have a class starting immediately after us so I'm gonna start a few minutes early to get all our set list in. I have plenty of sticks but not the same amount of space so come a smidge early to get a good spot! We also need to use the thicker mats tonight! Are y'all ready to ROCK?💚⚡🤘

Don't let your week control you. YOU control your week!💚 Make time for you and your health.
Tuesday at 6:15pm we are at the YMCA for POUND!
Thursday is POUND! again but at Beachbee Yoga and SUP 7:45pm
Friday 9:15am we have Cardio Dance at the YMCA
Saturday at BeachBee again with Cardio Dance 8am!
Meet us for coffee on Saturday!😍

Don't forget about our Slay and Sip events in a few weeks! You can find more info in our events tab and tickets are available at We have some cool tshirts for you too-check that out in our first event!

I look forward to working out with y'all this week! When will I see you?!❤️❤️

#weekendwarriors #dancedance #beachbeeyoga #saturslay #coffeeandcardio #friends #sweatyselfie

New month means a switch up in the playlist! Many have been asking, so here was this morning's line up at the YMCA! (Not pictured is "Latch -Jersey Remix and "Phoenix"- Olivia Holt for cool down)

Don't miss it next week!🤩

Gonna call tonight our VIP band session! To rock out, sweat, laugh and work it- we had a blast!💚 Thankful for my #poundposse ⚡
#poundfit #sweatsculptrock #loveloud #makenoise #beachbeeyoga #selfcare #workout

Anyone else?⚡
Thank you again to everyone who came out last night to our first Pound class at the YMCA!💚
I'm totally feeling it this morning and loving every minute of it!
🤘If you loved the class, please fill out a comment card at the front desk and come to next week's class! These are not only the best compliments, but it helps keep your favorite classes on the schedule ⚡⚡
Ready to rock one more time this week?! Join me at Beachbee Yoga and SUP tomorrow (Thursday) night at 7:45pm! 💚 We have 3 spots left so please save yours on MINDBODY! CANNOT WAIT!🤘


Not to sound like a broken record, but

If you've never been to the Y, you can try your first visit for FREE! If you've used a free visit, you can drop in for $10!
So come on by Tuesday night at 6:15pm and ROCK this workout with us! Bring a friend! Let's make some noise! 💚

Today and tomorrow. Technically, a day and a half. We are counting down to POUND! AT THE ABINGDON YMCA!⚡⚡⚡
🙌 It's gonna be 🔥
Tomorrow (3/4)at 6:15pm! Come rock with me! 💚
Tag your friends! I'll see you there! 🤘

Not to sound like a broken record, but

If you've never been to the Y, you can try your first visit for FREE! If you've used a free visit, you can drop in for $10!
So come on by Tuesday night at 6:15pm and ROCK this workout with us! Bring a friend! Let's make some noise! 💚

One of my favorite songs in my current POUND! set list is "You Can't Stop Me" by Andy Mineo. I am my worse critic but I gotta keep going. If I can keep going against my own anxiety and self-doubt then I surely shouldn't worry about anyone else's doubt about me.

⚡ Let's crush this week together, shall we?

💚Tuesday 6:15pm POUND! @YMCA Abingdon
💚Thursday 7:45pm POUND! Beachbee Yoga and SUP
🙌Friday 9:15am Cardio Dance @YMCA Abingdon
🙌Saturday 8am Cardio Dance @ BeachBee Yoga

📌Tuesday is a NEW CLASS and I would absolutely LOVE if you could join me! Please share this week's schedule and tag your friends! Let's fill the class! 🤘

#workout #rockout #dance #exercise #schedule #workit #mwfitcrew

Good Morning! I had several requests yesterday for the recipe to the protein balls! These are my "go to" every week! In fact, I'm due to make more today for next week! I simply throw all the ingredients in my KitchenAid and do other meal prep while it mixes. I use the smallest scoop from Pampered Chef to make the perfect size! Yesterday, I used Vanilla Meal Replacement from AdvoCare. I need to order more chocolate, so if you're interested I can get you some too! #mealprep #advocare #poundandpour #yummy

's cover photo


Photos from MWFIT's post

Photos from MWFIT's post

Dancing with these beauties this morning was the perfect start to this crazy fitness day 🙌🙌 Thankful for my weekend warriors!

Good Morning! Let's do this!!

Cardio Dance at Beachbee Yoga and SUP 8am
Pound and Pour at AleCraft Brewery 10am

It's been a long week, but let's show up for YOU this morning!

Okay, so NO CLASS this morning at the YMCA due to the delays. But, let's talk about this exciting news right here...

So, if you're a member of the Y, I'm ready to ROCK! ARE YOU?🤘
First class Tuesday, March 5th at 6:15pm! Then dance with me on Friday at 9:15am!

Whew! These Rockstars came to #makenoise ⚡
Class tonight was so much fun! Thank you so much for rocking out with me!
➡️Rockstar of the month is Tina Krass! She didn't miss a class this month AND she brought a friend to rockout with us! Love her energy! What happens when you are Rockstar of the Month and already received a necklace? You get a Pound! t-shirt, of course! We'll show it off soon!
➡️➡️Surprise! My friend, Heather, came to rock tonight! It was so great getting loud with her and catching up! I'm so proud of her and all she is doing to make the world healthier and happier! Get it, Girl! 💚🤘
Ready for class next week? Sign up on MINDBODY now! #mwfitcrew #mwfit #sweatsculptrock #poundfit #rockoutworkout #loveloud #fitnessrebels #beachbee @ Beachbee Yoga and SUP

When your SPARK arrives 🙌🙌🙌🙌
#strawberry #orange #spark #advocare #rehydrate #neccessities #need #fuel #energy #love #happymail

Super excited about our last February POUND class tomorrow night! Who will be named our Rockstar of the month? You'll have to come see!
Who is ready to MAKE NOISE?! We have 2 spots left in our band tomorrow night, 7:45pm at Beachbee Yoga and SUP💚
Sign up here, on MINDBODY
🤘 See you there, Rockstars!

We came to sweat! #weekendwarriors #buryafriend #bicycle #insidejokes #laugh #love #dance #saturday #slay

Hey hey! Happy Friday!
💥News Flash! ⬇️⬇️
💥💥Double News Flash➡️➡️ Cardio Dance on Saturday is a 45 minute class soooooooooo #noexcuses
😎Start your weekend with us tomorrow morning, 8am at Beachbee Yoga and SUP

Sign up on MINDBODY! ⬇️

These rockstars showed up and killed it! Save your spot for next week! We are already almost filled! #nofilter #sweatsculptrock #poundfit #rockstars #rockoutworkout #poundpromandi #loveloud #makenoise

Tonight! Come get happy and POUND all those snow day blues away!
Shout out below if you're coming! We have 2 spots left ! Grab them on the MINDBODY APP!

#rise #fire #spark #inspire #mwfit #mwfitcrew #motivate #ignite

bury a friend - Billie Eilish | Caleb Marshall | Dance Workout

Too creepy for class? Asking for a friend.

A fun easy to follow cardio dance fitness routine to Billie Eilish's "bury a friend" JOIN THE BOOTY ARMY livestream wor...

Whew! Did some work today! #hustle #fitbit #run #weights #fuel #stressmanagent #keepingittogether

Today is gonna be a tough one so I'll amp it up tonight for a good workout. What are you? #mwfit #mwfitcrew #workout #harder #motivation #inspire #do

Happy Monday!
This week's workout schedule with Mandi!
⚡Remember to Sign up for POUND! on MINDBODY. Just a few spots left!
⚡And just a few tickets left for our Pound and Pour on March 2nd! Check it out here!
💚 Comment below when we'll see you! Accountability is key, tag your friends!

I hope you don't quit either! 💚⚡#pound #poundfit #rockstars #fitnessrebels #dontquit #thestruggleisreal #makenoise #loveloud #loveatfirststrike #poundandpour #poundpromandi

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