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Personal Training 1:1 Partner Training 1:2 Small Group Training 3-6 clients/hr Team performance Training 10-20 clients/hr Contact Matt Gummel for more information [email protected]

MATTHEW GUMMEL "Coach G" MASTER TRAINER - LIFE TIME FITNESS Fort Washington, Pa "THE FORT" (Put in my ID:215210 for discounts)

Mission: G Fitness helps individuals overcome obstacles, maintain motivation, and maximizes potential for Results!

A Standard Squat is one of the primary exercises used in the G Fitness, Long Term Performance Development Program. I will find the best squat that specifically relates to your body's structure and teach you how to execute your Squat efficiently and effectively to maximize performance and results.
If you, like Eric (video below) are the culprit of Overactive Calves and Hip Flexors, you are probably tight, and range of motion is limited in the Hips and ankles. Excessive Leaning Forward may occur while you Descend in a Squat. You could possibly benefit by slightly Elevating the heels during a Front, Back, and/or Goblet Squat. Try it and tell me what you think.

[06/24/16]   Tomorrow's Workout Routine of the Week will be...Stay tuned.

I will continue to post one "Routine of The Week" to help you all learn different styles and exercises to help get you closer to accomplishing your fitness goals. Each Routine will give an example of what I do throughout my training on a typical day as well as maintainance that is need for your body to recover from activities and prevent and/or manage injuries. I will only be showing video descriptions of the exercises/stretches that I consider to be unfamiliar to most people. If there are any exercises/stretches that you would like to see comment on the post from the "Routine of the Week"

I hope this becomes helpful for you all :)

[05/11/16]   Hello all! If you are in need of a personal trainer or have any interest in hiring a personal trainer, I will be looking to fill a few hours for new clients for private and/or small group training.

Limited times are available!

I am offering a very big discount for new clients. Let me help you prepare for beach season :)
Also, pass this info if you know anyone looking to improve/maintain good health and learn the importance of proper function and maintaining good posture. Studies are showing that for every hour you sit down, you lose about 21 minutes of your life!

I recommend my services to anyone who:
- Is sitting for long periods of time throughout the day (i.e. drivers, office workers, students).
- would like to lose weight and increase strength
- Pre and/or Post Natal
- wants to learn proper exercise and lifting techniques that you can apply during your own gym/at home workouts
-wants increase performance in sports and recreational activities.

My theory is based around but not limited to 3 main phases

Phase 1
Fundamental phase:

Improving and maintaining
-Core Strength
-Joint Stability

Phase 2
Primary Movements:

Learn Basic - Advanced mechanics
-Hip Hinge
-Push movements
-Pull movements
-Max Tension Plank

Phase 3
Performance phase:
- Overall Conditioning
-Strength training
-Power training
-Endurance training

All training includes a Nutritional consultation consisting of:
- Daily Recommend Intake
- Macro Nutrient requirements
- food and supplement recommendations
-sample recipes

Initial Health and Fitness Evaluation is required before training begins. This Evaluation will determine which phase of training needs to be the main focus during programming and will determine primary needs/personal goals for your program. Phases of training may also be interchangeable due to my philosophy about staying consistant and practicing quality in all aspects of training.

Schedule your Evaluation today!

Contact Matt Gummel
[email protected]

"Mobilize the Body, Maximize your Life."

[04/14/16]   Here's a workout that will kick your ass!And it only take 15 minutes of work.
I call it...The 15 Minute Workout.
Complete as many reps or as far a distance as possible in the given amount of time. My reps and times are at the end of each exercise.

1 minute of push ups
1 min of rest

2 min pull ups or chin ups
(Modified - TRX Low Rows)
2 min rest
34 pull

3 min of burpees w/ jump
3 min of rest

4 min row
4 min of rest

5 min run

Total exercise time = 15 minutes
Including rest = 25 minutes

To make it 10 times more challenging, Rest for half the time or try not resting at all between exercise.

Show me what you got!

[12/19/15]   It's Saturday!

Perfect day for a push-up challenge!

Start in a standing position.

Drop down and do 1 push up and then stand back up as fast as possible to a standing position.

Drop and do 2 push ups then get back up.

Drop and do 3 push ups and get back up.

Repeat this up to 10 reps.

It's a total of 55 push ups.

Do it and your pretty sufficient in push ups.

Do it in under 2 mins and you can brag!

Do it under 1 min and you're GOD

Challenge a friend
Or try and beat your times.

Remember: Full rage of motion. Chest must tap on the ground and arms must lock out. None of this half push up BS!

Go For it!

I did it in 54 seconds! I'M GOD!

[12/15/15]   This week only! 3 personal training sessions for the price of 1! And you can multiply that as much as you want!

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Great for Runners and Stop and Go Change of Direction Athletes! Here’s how to fix your achy knees, prevent injury, and keep the squats coming. Check it out.

Who is Coach G?


In-Home Private Maintenance, Performance, and Recovery Coach Fitness Coach @ OrangeTheory Fitness

About: Get to know Matt Gummel!

Born: Philadelphia, PA

Education: Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science, East Stroudsburg University of Pennsyvainia

Hobbies: Cooking, Arts and Crafts, Video Editing and Producing, (Art Major before changing to Exercise Science)

Recreational Activities: Ice Hockey, Hiking, Mountain Biking


  • Bensalem High School League All-Start Team 2000, 2003

  • ESU Kappa Delta Rho Social Fraternity 2006-2009

  • ESU Ice Hockey Leading Scorer 2006/2007

  • ESU Ice Hockey Points Leader 2007/2008,

  • ESU Ice Hockey DVCHL League Championship Appearance 2008/2009

  • OrangeTheory Fitness 2000 Classes Coached 2016 (approaching 3000)

  • PA Dragon Boat Festival, Class Winner 2016 (Orangetheory Fitness)

  • Face Off Against Cancer Fundraiser All-Star Team 2017
  • To Be Continued......

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