Paintbrush Adventures

Paintbrush Adventures


Another wonderful trip up the Stillwater thanks Murphy Lyn for the pics.
Wanda, Just a quick note to say Thank you for such a great experience this past Sunday.... From the horses to your staff and the beautiful surroundings, it was spectacular. But with that said, sitting at the picnic table afterwards, listening to your stories from 'Dixie' to 'Tater-Tot' was simply the best! Hope you don't mind if we come visit again..... And please let us know if your ever in Traverse City, Michigan.... Accommodations are on us! Paul & Lisa Bonaccini
What a beautiful ride we had the other day. Thank you Wanda! We enjoyed every minute.
A huge thank you to our auction sponsor Paintbrush Adventures. If you are attending the 23rd annual Beartooth Ball April 21st at Rock Creek Resort look for their gift and get in on the bidding to support your local Hospital Foundation.
A big thank you to Paintbrush Adventures for donating a getaway for two, which will be auctioned tomorrow during SAINTS 2017. This 3-day, 2-night pack trip for two includes everything you'll need for an outdoor adventure, including: fly fishing on the Stillwater with a guide from Montana Fly Fishing, horses, tents, and food. All proceeds raised at SAINTS will support our Spiritual Care program, which promotes healing and hope for our patients and their families.
Its not often that many people can say that this what they get to do on a daily basis. Spend hours in the saddle with magnificent views like this one of Cathedral mountain. #myofficeviewisbetterthanyours With Paintbrush Adventures, you too, could experience the beauty and grace of the Montana Backcountry. For one or a couple days. Its truly one of Montana's best kept secrets.
Words cannot express how much we appreciate your hospitality, kindness, friendship and knowledge. We had an amazing time which we will never forget. Your ranch-family is awesome. Thank you again for everything!
Was a beautiful day. Even though the weather was a little touch and go. Everyone sure enjoyed the ride.
Thank you to Paintbrush Adventures for a wonderful day of riding this past Monday. Beautiful day great company. Tini was awesome great guide. Loved every minute. Got to see my first bears. Just wanted to let you'll know how much I appreciated the wonderful experience.

Paintbrush Adventures is a licensed guide company. We offer one and two hour horseback rides, day rides, drop camps and pack trips as well as ranchvacation

Looking forward to a great summer!!!Horses look great I love them so much.It is a great joy to feed my animals.

Love this cowboy with his golf clubs using a cowpie. Summer is booking up fast !!! Summer will be here soon. Horses are doing great.

[10/10/19]   Blue sky snow melting we had 8 inches it is going to be a beautiful day in Montana. I wish summer was not over have a ranch vacation this next week excited I miss the new friends who appear on our trips on the ranch,packtrips, hour rides, and day rides. Winter is approaching!! Miss all the clients we have had through the years we need a reunion!!! Maybe at the ranch or the meadows?

[10/10/19]   What a wonderful summer!!! This old mountain gal met some amazing people made new friends for life. Had great help

Great dayride up the Stillwater again! These little boys make grandma so proud, getting on and off their horses helping around and looking so good

[06/20/19]   What a beautiful summer with all the moisture. So very green and wildflowers are amazing. We had a girl with spinal Bifida from France she made me appreciate life she was so thankful for all things!!!! My Sonja Nitsche is back life is good my assistant she understands me and my temperment thank God!!!

[05/22/19]   A sad rainy day one of our helpers is leaving today she is from Austria . She has been the best help she can tub a lamb or answer emails. She helped at all the brandings she vaccinated Thank you Patrizia Abroad from the bottom of our hearts. Our friend forever always welcome.

Luckily we still have Olympia from Switzerlabd to help around the ranch.

We are lucky to have a lot of help and company, Alexa Lowe just arrived and Sonja Nitsche will be here soon.

My sweetie. Off to a new season

[03/03/19]   -27 this morning what a cold day!!! We sure have to be tuff this winter to make it through!!!May the good lord provide for us and our animals this winter. Sun is shining today and no snow yet. About 2 1/2 feet of snow up to my waist. Take care!!!

Have a cup of coffee with us in the Beartooths with Paintbrush Adventures 2019!!!

Life on the ranch in the off season is interesting trying to feed all the animals and keep them happy!!! I love it they are so happy to see you everyday no matter what they are all your buddies. The mountains will have plenty of moisture to grow feed for the horses and mules in the summer. Trying to tell others across the world of our beauty in Montana in the summer and all the seasons!! Come have a cup of coffee in the Beartooths with Paintbrush Adventures!!!

[01/21/19]   Five inches of snow beautiful peaceful!!! Had to knock off snow so birds could eat out of feeder. Actually my snow boots were not tall enough and Tini did for me!!! Thinking of summer and spring and what this moisture will bring to our area. We live in such a perfect place with season change!!!!

[01/11/19]   What a beautiful winter!!!Less feed for the cows and horses. Hay will be a lot less than last year!!! Summer and spring will be here before you know it. Looking forward to a great year!!!

A woderful day with friends

[12/30/18]   Amazing day we hitched the team up and took our friends on a wagon ride. They loved it we also checked out the Longhorns. What a wonderful day and lunch at the Dew Drop l!!!!

[12/04/18]   Today Troy and I looked at the so many memories. I feel my life has been so rewarding meeting so many amazing people along the way the trail of life on the Beartooths has been a absolute dream come true!!! My job is the best good for the soul,mind and body!!!THANK YOU LORD!!Got a care package from a group called Casting Crowns a religious group it was amazing they sing!!!

[11/22/18]   Happy Thanksgiving you all have been such a blessing to us in 2018

[11/02/18]   Today I am feeling so blessed!! I might be selling a horse in Polland. We had ranch guests who fell in love with a horse when they were here in the summer. The horses are like my children and family so I have been checking airlines and all things included in shipping. You want the best for the horse!! I got a letter from some clients yesterday thanking me for such a great ride this fall. They had some difficult challenges they had to deal with I believe the Mountain and a horse helps them figure out the best solution for a problem.Just a thought!!! Looking forward to meeting new people and seeing old friends on the rides in the future!!!

[09/25/18]   What a beautiful day up the Stillwater fall colors were amazing and seen a moose and a baby. The storm did not hit us until we got to the trail head home. Everyday is a great day and new experiences and meeting new clients.

Wanda Wilcox - Western Horseman This Montana rancher and backcountry guide has seen firsthand how riding into the mountains can change a person’s life. At age 24, Wanda Wilcox found herself waiting tables to support her family. The single mother had been divorced and lost her father and grandmother all within six months, and she...

[09/02/18]   We still are busy with rides. We are sure meeting some amazing people !!! Success stories of coming to America with $400 to their names to $1000 , They went to college and became Doctors,Lawyers,Scientists and teachers. Their families are third generations in America. They tell me we should be so thankful that we have such opportunity and privilege to have a choice of religion and education !!! I am so thankful I live in America and my family raised me in the Stillwater Valley!!!

[08/25/18]   We just had a amazing trip to the mountains. We had a family from Holland they are all amazing individuals. I have had a amazing assistant from Germany Sonja Nitsche !!!!! She has been by my side helping me get on ,cook,horse wrangler, baby sitter you name it she has been their!!!! The good lord sure looks out for me!!! I can say no quit in me!!! I sure love those mountains!!!

[07/24/18]   Well mountains here we come. We have already had a trip up the stillwater with four women from California they caught their first fish!!! Troy was great help!!! Jace Williams was our main helper he did a great job. This week Troy is on the west fork of the stillwater with a client from England. We have a new helper from Germany Sonja Nitsche She is wonderful she can really ride.We have a family of five at the ranch kids 5-10. Happy summer stay cool!!!

[05/05/18]   We are off and running spring is here and lots of rides and inquiries!!! A few new horses and a few sold. The mountains will be filled with flowers this year record snow fall. It was a winter what I grew up with. No global warming this winter looking forward to a great summer come and ride with us!!!

[02/17/18]   Lots of interest this week in packtrips and ranch vacations!!! I got asked to bring my baby goat and sheep to the assisted living at Shipps. I know the residences will love them I will bring a bottle so they can feed them. Life on the farm can be shared with all people and I love sharing my world witheveryone in the whole wide world!!!

[01/22/18]   Agriculture people must stick to gather we had the Beartooth Stockgrowers banquet satureday night and it makes my heart so happy to see old friends and I made new friends all with something in common. It takes Paintbrush adventures clients,sheep,cows,goats,guest house and horses to pay the bills. I would not have it any other way I will not retire well!!! I love Agriculture and the Mountains!!!

[12/30/17]   We have almost 2 feet of snow now. It is hard to imagine summer!!!The animals are fed and we will keep the fire going!!!The summer dayrides and packtrips are in our winter memories looking forward to 2018 year.

[12/15/17]   We have been putting most of our horses and mules out on winter pasture lots of feed and they are happy animals. I sure do miss them for the winter!!!! A few people are starting to book for next year every year is a adventure!!!May the good lord guide us each days of our adventures!!!

Paintbrush Adventures

Today we were visiting about the upcoming year 2018!!! We are looking forward to a great season with help from Troy Wilcox and Brooke Bryant !! Youth is the future of all our lives !!!Troy and Brooke are very capable mountain people and ranch vacations!!!.

[12/04/17]   Today we were visiting about the upcoming year 2018!!! We are looking forward to a great season with help from Troy Wilcox and Brooke Bryant !! Youth is the future of all our lives !!!Troy and Brooke are very capable mountain people and ranch vacations!!!.

[11/26/17]   I hope all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! We had such a amazing summer with great clients. I feel so blessed we have met some of the most amazing people and from so many countrys!!! It was 60 degrees yesterday so we kicked the bum lambs out of the barn I guess my babies are on their own. May your hearts be filled with giving thanks for all!!!

[10/20/17]   Rides today another honeymoon couple !!!It is a great fall day Sharon and her husband is taking the ride. I am so glad they choose Paintbrush Adventures I am babysitting my grandsons!!!

[10/12/17]   We have been so blessesd with great clients this summer and fall. We had people from England last week who were jaustors and taught us about Knights and shining armor!!! Then a young gal was here for three days from Norway. Yesterday we took some musicians from nashville and they were wonderful. I guess Rory had some hit songs and they wrote a book about his life. I guess it was a best seller.We are so thankful for all the new friends we have met all summer and fall.

[07/14/17]   We are headed to the mountains for our first packtrip on sunday. The wild flowers are beautiful have had dayrides but now we can sleep under the stars!!! I am so excited. Friends leaving and new guest arriving always a few tears are shed when they leave. We always say see you soon!!! K eep coolI know I will!!!

[06/13/17]   The rain put a damper on the rides so tomorrow is getting booked up. The guests from Belgium and England left and we sure feel a void!!! They were great people game for anything. The clients next week are celebrating their friend being a cancer survivor I am so glad we will be able to help her celebrate!!!

[05/14/17]   We have our first seven day ranch vacation starting today for two people. It is a mother and son and the son is Autistic and she has devoted her whole life to raising her son. I hope we can provide a great ranch vacation his dream is to be a cowboy!!! We have a wonderful young man helping us know Jacob from Penn.

[04/28/17]   We are having rain and more rain now big flakes of snow are coming!!! I know the mountain is getting lots of snow so it will be awhile before it thaws out. We were on a day ride last week seen lots of elk they kept circling us we were looking for some cattle but no luck. Spring of the year is so great and now everybody is branding.A really fun time of year!!!

[02/24/17]   The sun is shining in Montana today between snow showers. Our first guest of the new year arrives on March 1 so here we go of the a running start of 2017. We will be calving and lambing so he will be a busy little beaver. He is from New Zealand i bet we will here alot of stories from his part of the world and broaden our horizons also.

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Pack trip 2016

Pack trip 2016

Paintbrush Adventures's cover photo

[02/15/17]   The wonderful weather is greatly appreciated!!!The snow is melting and we got 80 ton of hay hauled in the horses will have full bellies for the rest of the winter!!!We are going to start lambing soon I have 140 ewes cut out now in the barn we are patiently waiting the new babies. I think we will have lots of grass and flowers in the mountain this year from all the snow fall!!!

[02/02/17]   Lots of snow!!!Over a foot now I know it will make more green grass in the summer!!! We are getting booked up for the summer and I had to update the calendar so we did not over book. It sure is a blessing that our summer will be full. I cannot wait to meet new people and share our adventures.

[01/03/17]   Well a few days past and I am wishing all a very Happy New Year 2017 will be a better one!!! It is -2 now and the neighbors need help getting some cattle in Tini and Troy are saddling up to go help get some sick cows in. Good neighbors are hard to find in this weather. I said I will mind the fire keep it going. Clients are starting to book two from England for 10 days in June can't wait for June.

[12/06/16]   Well we are starting to receive bookings for 2017. We have about 4 groups planned. The warriors are coming back such a joy they give me. Wounded marines I will never forget last year when a young man with a missing leg helped arm and arm crossing the stream to fish.The people we meet is so rewarding they remain with us forever.Looking at those mountains today makes we wish for summer. They are beautiful even in the winter as the snow makes skiing better.

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This was the best rafting trip I've ever been on with my family. The guides were great, and the water was exciting!. We will be back!-John Hardley, New York, New York