Skate Time 209, Accord, NY Video June 10, 2019, 7:05pm

Videos by Skate Time 209 in Accord. Under new Ownership Soon to be NEIGHBORHOOD 209 Grand Opening 10/10/2020 Event Space and workshops space. If you have an event, workshop or more, call!

Come Move&Groove With Us!

Other Skate Time 209 videos

Elsa at skatetime209

MR 70s Paul DiMarco in the house EVERY SATURDAY from 7-10pm! Celebrate YOUR birthday here with us at Skatetime209!

Awesome night tonight with the Napanoch Ladies Auxiliary!

The Trains are Rolling at Skate Time 209!
The Trains are Rolling!! Check this out! An amazing night last night!! You’ll want to watch until the end. Amazing build...

Come Move&Groove With Us!

Nicole's loop jump 5-5-19
Nicole Newton working hard on her loop jump, 5-5-19, we missed you today Meghan Loggia!!!

Nicole has been working REALLY hard on her loop jump, and it was looking really great today!

Megan is multi talented.... a member of Chicks 🐣 in Bowls.... she has also been working really hard on her Waltz Jump!!!...

Nicole, Loop Jump, April 28, 2019
Nicole Newton has been working REALLY hard on her Loop Jump! It’s starting to come together and look good!!!

Megan, Waltz Jumps, April 28, 2019
Meghan Loggia has worked so hard on learning to jump! Today at lessons, it really, really clicked! Enjoy Megan’s Waltz ...

Ethan - still skates solid as a rock!

Fun all day mon-tue-wed 11am-6pm $15 all you can bounce! Add $3.50 for rents roller skates!

Come join the fun! Bouncy inflatables all day Mon/Tue/Wed 11am to 6pm, just $15! Add roller skate rental for just !$3.5...

Nicole working on her loop jump and salchow jump at lessons this morning, Sunday, April 14, 2019.

Invisible ball with Gabe!
The invisible ball with Gabe! A birthday party favorite at Skate Time 209! How does he do it?????? Gabe = Level Exp...

Appearing Magic Wand Baseball bat and invisible ball catch
Tan produces a magic wand baseball bat out of nowwhere!!!! then his the invisible ball that Gabe throws to him and Gabe ...

Gabe has mastered the invisible ball, paper bag toss!

We love this video, Len and Terry spent the morning watching the whole thing. It's Tony Hawk riding around in a car fin...

Dancing outside of Skate Time 209 - Senior High School Class trip

Welcome Tan to the Skate Time 209 team! Tan’s working hard sweeping the Skate Park - come on down tonight 7-10pm and sk...

An exclusive roller skating performance by Clifford the Big Red Dog at Skate Time 209 fundraiser for the Little Ones Lea...

Art Teacher and Bronx Skate Key Alum Adrienne West and Terry!Soon - Adult Night at Skate Time 209!😁😀😃😸😺

Saturday morning at Skate Time 209 so crazy right now!
Saturday morning got me looking so crazy right now at Skate Time 209 . Welcome to John Bowen High School, Flushing Qu...

Birthday Party Pinata
The Birthday Party pull string pinata at Skate Time 209! So much fun!

Skateboard Park - Skate Time 209, Accord NY
Skateboard Park - Skate Time 209 , Accord NY

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