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Trail conditions at the Vasa Singletrack


Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association

Good advice for all who like groomed trails!

We've got a heatwave! The warmer temperatures are a break from January's frigid start, but we're all going to have to be smart about how we use the trails this week. Check out our guide on when to ride, and make sure you're pinching tires and running a low pressure!

[02/11/17]   Both TART and NMMBA will be heading out to do a final groom on the trails starting about 9pm tonight. Please stay off the courses until after the races tomorrow. The ski racing should be done by 3:00pm and the Fatbike race by 4:30pm. If you are looking for a place to ride and are not racing both Cadillac Winter Sports Trail and Glacial Hills are groomed and ready for you to enjoy. Go try something new and have fun.

[01/18/17]   Traverse City WSS/Cadillac WST and Glacial Hills

With the warm temperatures and rain all trails are very soft. We are asking that you do not use them until further notice.
In Traverse City with our break from grooming Dave Hagan was able to do some needed maintenance and head out to build some burns on the trail. If they don't melt they should freeze hard and be a blast to ride when we get colder temperatures and more snow.


Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association

Don't forget to purchase your badges.

ATTENTION FAT BIKERS: we get a lot of questions regarding grooming badges and passes so we wanted to take a minute while we pause for rifle season and let you know how you can help us to keep the trails groomed better this winter. Please see the details below and keep in mind that these trails can't be maintained without everyone's help.

Supply Road Singletrack lot - A Recreation Passport is mandatory to park there anytime. Cost is $11/with annual plate renewal or $9 non resident day pass.

Timber Ridge Resort - Winter Passes: Single $99.00 Couple/family $139.00 Timber Ridge helps NMMBA out by letting us house our grooming equipment there- so this is important


VASA and Leelanau Ski Trails $100/annual - this money goes to TART for grooming.

Winter Sports Singletrack Fatbike Trail $100/annual - this money goes to NMMBA for grooming.

Combined VASA, Leelanau and Winter Sports Singletrack $165/annual - this is split between TART and NMMBA.


Grooming Report #7

Latest grooming report is up, the singletrack is stellar right now, go get it before it warms up! Report: Update #7 Date: 1/5/2016 Time: 10:15 am John completed a second pass on the red trail last night to help firm up the softest section. The rest of the trail is quite firm and should be in excellent shape for the next 24 hours or so until the warmer temperatures arrive Wednesday. We'll haveā€¦


Grooming Badge | TART Trails, Inc.

The groomers will be moving into Timber Ridge this weekend. We'll be ready for December 1 as long as we have snow.
Don't forget to purchase your grooming badge here. TART Trails relies on generous contributions from individuals, families, businesses, and organizations. Become a supporter of TART Trails!

[11/06/15]   Great news! You can order your Winter Sports Singletrack grooming badge tomorrow at the Iceman Cometh Challenge Expo. Stop on by the NMMBA/IMBA booth and visit us. 06/29/2015

Opportunity to share ideas on state forest planning for Benzie, Grand Traverse, Kalkaska and...

Time for your voice to be heard. Attend an open house in Traverse City or Kalkaska, or send an email.Having trouble viewing this email? View it as a Web page.


Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association

Be careful on the VST tomorrow a couple of events are using the trail.

If you're out riding the Vasa Singletrack tomorrow April 18, there is an endurance running race happening. They will be on the singletrack from 13 to the Kinglet and the backwards to the trailhead and returning to Timber Ridge via the fatbike connection. The bulk of them will be off the trails by 9:30 am. The 25k and 50k racers might be out there into late afternoon. Yield to them and cheer them on. Also NMMBA will be doing trail maintenance tomorrow. 04/14/2015

TART Trails Grooming Survey 2015

Here is your chance to tell us how we did grooming this winter. Please take this Survey Thank you for taking a few minutes to complete this survey which will provide valuable feedback for us to evaluate and improve on the winter trail Grooming Program. Please note that your responses are anonymous.

[04/01/15]   The Vasa Singletrack is currently a mix of very wet, dry, snow covered and some ice. We expect it to be at least another week or two for it to be mostly open and dry enough to have minimal impact.

We are all chomping at the bit to ride singletrack so we appreciate your patience while mother nature sorts things out.


Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association

Hope to see you there!

Don't forget to come to the Groomer Appreciation Party this Tuesday 5-7 pm at the Workshop Brewery in Traverse City.

[03/21/15]   Report: Final
Date: 3-21-15
Time: 10:30 am

With the snow quickly melting the Winter Sports Singletrack will no longer be groomed this season to make way for summer trail riding. Thank you for all your support we had a very successful first year. Don't forget to come thank the Singletrack and Vasa groomers this Tuesday, March 24 from 5 to 7 pm at the Workshop Brewery.

Come join us for our Spring Vasa Singletrack Cleanup on April 18, 8:30 am in the Supply Road parking lot.

[03/09/15]   Report: #35
Date: 3-9-15
Time: 8:30 AM

Spring like temperatures have arrived which will create challenging conditions for the groomed singletrack as well as all groomed trails in the region. Temperatures are not supposed to dip below freezing once again until Wednesday night. While the tread is holding out fairly well in most places as of last night, we fully expect conditions to deteriorate quickly this afternoon and tomorrow until we get a few hours of freezing temperatures once again.

Avoiding use of the trail after Noon today until Wednesday morning would be best if you wish to preserve a shot at some great morning rides later on this week. We'll do our best to groom out any damage, but the warming trend with no snow in sight will make it difficult.Thanks again for your support this year and we'll keep you posted the best possible on the latest conditions.

[03/06/15]   Report: #34
Date: 3-6-15
Time: 12:20p

We have been in a grooming holding pattern for the past few days waiting for new snow or conditions that will allow us to improve the trail. Currently the singletrack is firm and riding well, but the underlying snow pack is warming with the higher temps and sunny days. Over the past week snow temperatures have gone from -14F to +13F which should be no issue for the next 24 to 48 hours. However, we are anticipating potential trail softening by Sunday evening or Monday given the current forecast for the next week. We ask that you use good judgement on riding and to try to stick to the morning hours after overnight temps will help firm the trail as we progress into the warm week ahead.

Also, it's time to raise a glass to those that keep your local trails groomed for winter enjoyment. Please join us at the Groomer Appreciation Party on Tuesday March 24th at the workshop brewery from 5:00 to 7:00PM.

Good luck to those racing in the Beard Of Zeus tomorrow at Timber Ridge and enjoy the trails this weekend!

[02/27/15]   Report: #33
Date: 2-26-15
Time: 8:20p

Mike finished grooming the trail tonight. It is setting up firm. Our next groom will be dependent on conditions. We will be grooming less often soon in order for the trails to be less compacted and open sooner for spring riding.

[02/25/15]   Report: 32
Date: 2-25-2015
Time: 8:30 am

Groomer Dave finished up around 8:00 last night plowing and compacting the fresh snowfall. While the bulk of the snow had let up, we did receive more so expect to find some loose fluff on top of a fairly firm base today with drifting in a couple locations. Overall it's in great shape for riding and more.

The next groom is scheduled for Thursday.

[02/24/15]   Report: 31
Date: 2-24-15
Time: 8:00 am

Glen got out Sunday night to break drifts and compact the light snow we received on Saturday. Yesterday afternoon part of the outer loop received additional grooming while filming a fatbike report with 9 and 10 news which will air this Friday at 5:00.

Current conditions are a firm base with semi-loose snow on top, it's riding great with 3 to 5 PSI of pressure.


[02/21/15]   Report: 30
Date: 2-21-15
Time: 9:30 am

I finished grooming about 7:45 this morning, all trails are groomed with several passes over the drifted areas. The trails have a firm base with soft snow on the surface due to the cold dry snow. Low pressure will give the best traction and least ruts. With warmer temperatures today the trail should setup quite firm. We do not plan on grooming again until we have significant snowfall.

Happy Trails

[02/21/15]   Report: # 29
Date: 2-20-2015
Time: 7:00 pm

Dave W. groomed the trail last night with little snowfall and minimal blowing until late in the day John will be holding off to groom at 5 am Saturday morning. The trail should be in excellent condition for riding this weekend.

Don't forget our Annual Meeting and Elections are this Tuesday, February 24, 7 pm at Timber Ridge. NMMBA will provide refreshments.

[02/20/15]   Report: # 28
Date: 2-19-2016
Time: 3:30 PM

Yesterday evening groomer Mike got out and completed a pass compacting the light snow we received this week and broke open the drifted areas. While the temps will be quite cold this evening the trail will be in excellent shape for the warm-up starting tomorrow and Saturday.

Again a huge thanks again to all the badge buyers and supporters. With your help, TART had a record year for badge sales helping to ensure well maintained trails all winter long. We are glad to be in a partnership that brings such great recreation opportunities to Traverse City.

[02/16/15]   Report: # 27
Date: 2-16-2016
Time:11:00 am

John got out and was able to groom everything except the section between the red trail and the Timber Ridge connector. The trail is in great shape although there are some drifted areas that are still fully ridable.
The next groom will take place when we receive ample additional snow fall. Aside from the low temperatures, it should be wonderful riding this week.

[02/14/15]   Report: # 26

Date: 2-14-2015

Time: 6:45 pm

NWS Forecast here.

Groomer Steve did a post race groom of the long race loop. He reported there are several drifts, there is a firm base under the soft fresh snow and withe the wind drifting will continue. Due to the extreme cold and concern for our groomers we will be holding off on grooming Sunday, February 15. Stay inside and spend the day with family and friends unless you are racing, volunteering or spectating the Grand Traverse tomorrow.

[02/11/15]   Report: #26
Date: 2-11-15
Time:5:50 pm

Groomer Tim is on deck for tomorrow should we get more than a couple inches of fresh snow from the latest system that is moving in. Friday evening we will be preparing the trail for the King Vasa race.

f it's actively snowing, our final pass will be early Saturday morning to allow time for the trail to set up prior to the race. Limited use before the race on Saturday morning would be appreciated if you are leaving an impression on the trail.

Non-race use between 2:00 and 5:00 on Saturday should be avoided out of safety concerns for both users and racers.

We'll post more grooming details as they become available. Stay warm and enjoy!

[02/09/15]   Grooming Report: #25
Date: 2-8-15
Time:9:43 pm

Mike groomed the singletrack late this afternoon. Three complete laps. The trail is firming up again and should be setup nicely for Monday riding.

[02/07/15]   Report: #24
Date: 2-7-15
Time: 9:00am

Patrick finished grooming the entire Winter Sports Singletrack at 8 am. He reports that the trail is very firm. If you have not tried the Red Trail yet check it out this weekend. We will not plan on grooming again until we receive more snowfall.

[02/05/15]   Report: #23
Date: 2-5-15
Time: 1:15 pm

Groomer Tim just got back in from grooming in any new fluff that fell in the overnight hours and this morning. The trail is setting up nicely and should be in great shape for this afternoon and evening.


[02/04/15]   Grooming Report: #22
Date: 2-4-15
Time: 3:00 PM

Groomers Mike and Dave did clean up earlier this week and the other groomer Dave will be going out today after the snow stops to pack in the fresh snow we received.

Thanks for supporting us and the grooming effort this season, the feedback on the trail has been awesome and it wouldn't be possible without our volunteers and your financial support.

[02/01/15]   Report: #21

Date: 2-1-15

Time: 3:00 am

NWS Forecast here

Glen and John just finished grooming the entire Winter Sports Singletrack the base is as hard as it can be given the cold temperatures and low moisture content of the snow. That said it is much improved over earlier today and should setup well before the race tomorrow. Run Low Pressure and you will stay on top.


[01/30/15]   Grooming Report: #20
Date: 1-30-15
Time: 1:00 PM

Groomer Patrick will be heading out around 4:00 this afternoon to break drifts and continue packing in the new snow fall. Conditions should be good after it sets up for a couple hours post grooming.

Next groom will be Saturday afternoon as the temperatures drop in preparation for the ControversiALE fatbike race running out of Timber Ridge starting at 10:00 AM. If you plan on riding or skiing the singletrack on Sunday, wrapping up by 10:00 AM or starting after 3:00 PM is suggested. If you are feeling competitive, day of race registration is open from 8:00 to 9:45AM.

[01/29/15]   Grooming Report: #19
Date: 1-29-15
Time: 11:00 am

The latest system gave us a bit more than the weather folks said was coming so Tim will be headed out this afternoon to roll the 4" of fresh powder. The new snowfall is quite fluffy so it will take at least a couple grooms to start to harden up. Conditions should be excellent for skiing this afternoon, bikes will need to run very low tire pressures until we can make another couple passes on the trail.


[01/26/15]   Report: Grooming Update

Date: 1-26-15

Time: 5:20 pm

The Singletrack has been widened for the upcoming races, no further grooming will take place until we have more snow. The trails are firm and in great condition get out and ride.

There have been reports of signage being removed from the fatbike race course near and on VASA, hopefully this is due to wind and riders will not end up lost on the VASA because the missing signage directed them back on the Singletrack.

If you experience an incident that affects your safety or enjoyment while using the Winter Sports Singletrack, Vasa or any of the trails in the TART system of trails, please file an incident report. A link to the online reporting form is located here.


Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association

Ready to ride!

Singletrack Grooming Report #16
Date: 1-19-15
Time: 8:00 AM

The trail held up fairly well over the warm up and groomer Mike went out last night just as temps started dropping to the freezing mark. The trail is once again firming up however the base is thinning due to the sun and warm temps over the weekend. Unless the forecast changes, the next few days should be great conditions but we could certainly use more snow.


Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association

Conditions will be unfavorable for use by Saturday afternoon, please plan your rides accordingly and help keep the trail in good shape.

Singletrack Grooming Update #15

Date: 1-16-15
Time: 3:00 PM

We have had plenty of activity on the singletrack loop but with no new snow to groom. While the trail is still firm at this time, tomorrows warm up will create soft conditions and impressions left by any type of use will be very tough to groom out without additional snowfall. We are asking that users be aware of their impact and to try and keep their activities to the morning hours on Saturday when the trail will still be firm. The trail will need several hours below freezing temps to firm up again when the next cold front moves through on Sunday.

Thanks and think snow!



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