Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association

Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association


I live north of Lansing and am looking for trails that allow dogs off leash to ride.
Looking for input! when trail riding, do most of you prefer flat pedals or clip in pedals? I currently use clip in but I am thinking about going back to flats.
Does anyone have a good route road/gravel/trail route from Ludington to Baldwin? I'm trying to find something that doesn't follow US 10 directly.
Powerful video about trail building in Japan. Originally posted on The Radavist
Trail conditions around Glacial Hills/VASA?
Anyone here have any experience with Norco bicycles? Currently looking at this option. Pros? Cons?
Ebikes allowed on VST? Just curious.
Hey everyone, I'm new to this page so if there's a more appropriate place for this post, please let me know and forgive me. Besides the Marilla section of NCT, are bikes allowed anywhere else? and, for those who have biked that section, what kind of time commitment are we looking at? I'd love to explore the Marilla section once all this COVID shenans settles down and I'd love some info! Be safe!
Comment: won’t make in Trail Conditions Over the past few days I have been riding Vasa trails. Trails are 👏 I have on 3 occasions come upon people who have decided to stop and have a conversation 🤔 on the trail. Today at VST / marker 4. No where to go!!!!! With Covid19 - pls everyone think of others. The 2 (anti social distancing) individuals could have went way off to side to continue their discussion. We can all get through this!!! Love common sense.
Is the signage on the Vasa ST updated yet? I rode out there in the fall and knew how to bypass the new section near the end, but I couldn’t explain it to a friend cause it’s kind of wonky.... any update is appreciated!!
I live in NMMBA territory but work in TOMMBA territory. Other than Palmer Woods (which was actually pretty tame in my opinion) why isn't NMMBA doing this?
Found: Cell phone on VASA single track, between markers 5 and 6. April 1st. If its yours or you know who's it is, leave a note.

Dedicated to mountain biking, trail building, trail maintenance and advocacy in Northern Michigan. Featuring the Pere Marquette Forest, Glacial Hills, Cadillac Pathways, High Country Pathway, and more!

For over 25 years the "Northern Chapter" (now known as Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association) of Michigan Mountain Biking Association has been advocating for mountain bike access, trail building and maintenance. We support trails such as the High Country Pathway, VASA Single Track and Winter Sports single track, Glacial Hills, Cadillac Pathway, Hanson Hills, Leelanau State Park winter sports trail and sections of the North Country Trail.

The mission of NMMBA is to promote responsible mountain biking and to work toward the goals of common land access and natural resource protection through interaction with policy makers, mountain bikers and other trail users. Our membership represents all levels of riders, from beginners to champion racers. A common passion for trail riding and stewardship brings us together as a collective voice.

Mission: The mission of the NMMBA is to promote responsible mountain biking and to work toward the goals of common land access and natural resource protection through interaction with policy makers, mountain bikers and other trail users. Our membership represents all levels of riders, from beginners to champion racers. A common passion for trail riding and stewardship brings us together as a collective voice.

Glacial Hills Pathway and Natural Area: What’s Next

Check out the second part of a two-piece collaboration on the past and future of some world-class trails. Glacial Hills Trails and Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy bring you a neat look at what's next for Glacial Hills! Our second installment on Glacial Hills turns from the history of the trails to the future! From new forms of recreation to updated wayfinding, there is still

Great post from Glacial Hills Trails to remind us all how to be safe and responsible in the woods. A big thanks to everyone doing their part!

Just a reminder that we're not out of the woods yet! Take a second to refresh yourself on the "new" trail etiquette and the steps we've take to keep everyone safe!

Glacial Hills Pathway and Natural Area: A Community Treasure

Last week, Glacial Hills Trails and Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy unveiled a really cool two-piece feature on the history of the Glacial Hills. Check out part one, just in case you missed it! We are extremely excited to offer you the first of a two-part series on the history of the creation of Glacial Hills Pathway and Natural Area. We asked our fri

May The Trails Never End.... — Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association

Did you make the most of a glorious weekend? While we missed Mud, Sweat, & Beers - The Filthiest Thing on Two Wheels, we've still got a lot of things to be excited about! We’re finally into May! It was a pretty unusual spring for all of us. But that doesn’t mean the trails aren’t calling!  Normally, this update would be chock-full of thank-you’s to our board and trail crew for all the hardwork they put into designing and primping the course for Mud, Swea...

The best thing about school at home? Recess is way, way better.

Need some motivation? Remember Dan Morley. Few people have as much passion and enthusiasm for life as he did. Nothing made him as happy as waking up and riding his bike.

Get up, get going, and make the world, your community, and the people in your life happier. Let's do this.

We're not out of the woods yet. Enjoy the great weather responsibly by riding solo or with those from your household. Avoid crowded parking lots. Bring tools and spare tubes to make sure you can get out of the woods on your own. And this probably isn't the time to practice your double-knack-knack-paddy-whack-back-flips.
Let's have fun. Have a great Friday!

DNR updates opening dates, modifications for outdoor recreation sites

Really important update from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources this morning addressing trails openings and more recommendations on use as we roll into better weather! Take a second to give it a look. Under updated EO, most state parks, trail and boating access sites are open for local use; campgrounds, other lodging, shelters to open in phases

Hey all! We just sold our last few Scout Tools. Just testing the waters: should we order another batch? They're handy. They're locally made by @updotbike and they're also very shiny.

NMMBA Scout Tool — Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association

Our pals at whipped up these ultra-handy Scout Tools with our logo! Support the trails and grab one today. The multi tool that does everything your other one doesn’t. The Scout Tool offers a variety of spoke wrenches, spaces to store quick links, a valve core remover/tightener and, of course, a bottle opener. With the NMMBA logo on it, folks are going to know you’re prepared… It’s the tool we hop...

NMMBA Board Meeting Minutes: Our First Virtual Meeting! — Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association

We did April's Board Meeting on Google Hangouts. Check out the minutes and leave your guess for who couldn't be coaxed onto the Internet to join us right there in the comments... NMMBA Board of Directors Meeting Date and location: Wednesday, April 8th, 2020. Virtual online meeting Board present: Chad Jordan, Tim Reicha II, Mike Walters, KIm White, Tim Jenema, John Roe and Steve Mentzer Board absent: Michele Andrews and Tom White Guests: Cody Sovis and Kate Whit

An important note we wanted to pass along from Grand Traverse Conservation District. Thanks for respecting the trails!

Unauthorized trail construction has been recently documented at the Commons Natural Area. The creation of indiscriminate trails causes erosion and threatens the integrity of the vegetation and our natural resources. Please respect the rules of the Natural Area and help us maintain it for the enjoyment of all users as a greater multi-use trail plan develops. To report parkland concerns, please contact Garfield Township Park Steward, Derek Morton, at 231-225-3158, or the Grand Traverse Conservation District at 231-941-0960 or [email protected].

Top 10 Tips for mountain biking and social distancing with Coronavirus -

This isn't over yet. Here's a good reminder of how to ride responsibly right now, especially with packed trails due to the great weather in the forecast. Most shelter-in-place mandates have identified outdoor recreation and trails as essential activities and facilities. Here's how to do it safely -

Could it possibly be the first short-sleeve weekend of the year?

We can't wait to get back out there. Stay tuned; when it's time, we'll be calling on YOU to help get all of our trails dialed in for summer!

NMMBA Board Meeting Minutes: Our First Virtual Meeting! — Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association

We had our first-ever online board meeting and it went better than expected...except for Tom. See what's on our radar as we roll through spring. NMMBA Board of Directors Meeting Date and location: Wednesday, April 8th, 2020. Virtual online meeting Board present: Chad Jordan, Tim Reicha II, Mike Walters, KIm White, Tim Jenema, John Roe and Steve Mentzer Board absent: Michele Andrews and Tom White Guests: Cody Sovis and Kate Whit

In a normal year, we would be digging deep to get things ready for Mud, Sweat, & Beers - The Filthiest Thing on Two Wheels. We're ready to get out there and have things ready for the new August date! Are you missing MSB or glad to have more time to find some fitness?

Socially distant and loving every minute of it! A huge thanks to everyone who has been riding to the trails, parking away from trailheads, and giving other trail users plenty of elbow room.

It's going to be a great weekend to ride. Enjoy the trails, but let's all make an effort stay safe. Avoid crowded parking lots, ride early or late if you can, and consider parking at closed businesses or locations and riding on safe roads to your local trailhead. The best solution? Ride to the ride. Together, we can ride and keep trailheads (and trails) open!

#TBT to the days when we could all ride together, chew the fat, and ride home. These days will return, believe it!

#TBT to a sunny day at our NYD Ride to kick off 2020!

Word from @gtrlc this week. Arcadia is closed to mountain bikers until the end of the current COVID-19 concerns. Arcadia isn't technically a part of our "map", we love riding there as much as anyone! You can still go for a hike and check out the trilliums, though.

(Virtually) Enjoy Glacial Hills From Home!

Staying close to home to ride? GOOD! You can still enjoy a taste of Glacial Hills Trails thanks to this rad video from Paddles & Pedals. Across the state and around the world, we’re facing uncertainty and fear. From threats to our health, setbacks in our economy, and a sense of isolation few of

NMMBA Merchandise: Looking Good From The Belly Button Up — Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association

Win that Zoom call. Dominate the Google Hangout. With NMMBA hoodies and tees, you'll look like a rugged, bold least from the belly button up.

Support all your favorite trails with a fresh new look! It’s another week of weird. Across the country, folks are hunkered down and making the most of close quarters with family. All of us (except Tom) have turned to technology to connect. Even NMMBA held our April board meeting on Google Hangouts, with everyone showing off their ‘home office’

Stay tuned for chances to help out this spring! As the snow melts and things clear, we're working on a trail day or two to get things cleaned up. Remember, the biggest thing you can do any time is to pick up sticks! That lets Roe focus on the tougher stuff.

Of course mountain bikers like Easter. Why do you think they call it a bunny hop?

Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association Join Us

If you love the trails, join us! We rely on members to help us grow our mountain bike community, maintain and expand trails, and add their voice to the direction of outdoor recreation in our neck of the woods. Our success is wholly dependent on the generosity of our MEMBERS, sponsors and the dedication of our volunteers – together we manage the land that hosts great outdoor experiences for Northern Michigan trail users. Our volunteers understand that trail maintenance and advocacy is essential for the h...

The trails are open, but before you head out, take a second to think about how you may be affecting others!

You, too, can be an everyday hero like Eric. Don't litter. And if you see litter, seize it. You may not be wearing a cape, but like just like Batman, you're a grown adult wearing spandex in public.

Embrace your hero status.

You can still 'visit' some of your old pals without breaking any guidelines. Tag us in your adventures this spring and go check-in on all the NMMBA logs out there!

Gorgeous George Report: Pathway is clear. VST is clear. Unmarked is clear.

Your daily schedule? Clear it.

Pick Up Sticks. No, Really, That Would Be A Big Help. — Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association

Need to get out of the house? If you're jonesing for something to do, we've got a noble endeavor for you... What a weekend! April has rolled in and brought spring with it just when northern Michigan really needed some sunshine and warmth.  We’ve all been cooped up for a few weeks now, and from the whole NMMBA board, we hope you and your family are safe and healthy. As this great weather gets eve

Northern Michigan Mountain Biking Association | Trailforks

Hitting the trails this weekend? Considering linking your Strava to Trailforks and posting updates on conditions when you're out of the woods!

Hey family. Our friends at Ranch Rudolf are closed and for a good reason. Please respect their property; that means no parking, no riding. If you choose to ride in that neck of the woods, consider parking at the expansive Muncie Lakes Lot just up the hill, located where we go into the woods for the TCTF.

During this unprecedented time of COVID-19 we are all facing challenges. We are asking that you respect the fact that the Ranch is closed right now and please refrain from driving through when we are closed. We have our own circumstances and family to think of and care for that includes both young children and an immune suppressed family member. Over the past week countless people have drove through, stopped to talk, brought out applications, parked their vehicles to ride bikes, used our playground, etc. On average we have had 10+ people a day stop out, and significantly more on these warmer days. Please respect the fact that we are currently closed. Call Us. Email us. But please refrain from entering the property at this time. We can’t wait to see you all soon. We will update when things start to open up again for the season, but right now we are looking at May at the earliest. Stay well, stay healthy. Thank you for your understanding.

Paddles & Pedals with the Glacial Hills Trails update...get up there!

As of this afternoon Glacial Hills Trails is nearly 100% snow free from the Eckhardt lot to Vandermark. Still a little ice-pack on the trail where we groomed from Vandermark to Orchard, but with these continued warm temps we expect them to be melted soon.
Go get some sunshine and Socially Distance yourself in Nature!

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NYD Ride
Iceman Re-Route by Grady Ellis
Dave Grooming!




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President: Chad Jordan Treasurer: Kim White Secretary: Steve Mentzer Trails Director: Tom White WSST Director: John Roe Communications Director: Cody Sovis Cadillac Pathway representative: Michele Andrews Bear Claw Epic Event Management: Dustin Webb Glacial Hills representative: Tim Reicha VST Coordinator: Mike Walters
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