Doshi-Kai (meaning “the group pursuing the way”) was founded by Master Nagao Matsuyama, in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1984. The atmosphere at Doshi-Kai is unique—serious and focused, but friendly and not militaristic. In this setting, you can really feel the difference between “commercial” martial arts and the rare traditional non-profit groups where the “art” is more important than the promotion, the technique more valued than the belt, and the individual progress is not measured by how much you’ve paid out, but by how hard you work on yourself.

Mission: DoShiKai is a traditional Japanese Shotokan dojo.

Kindness means acting in a way that will not hurt others. One of the easiest ways to tell whether or not something is kind is by asking, “Would I want that said/done to me?” If the answer is no, there’s a strong chance that you should not do it. This month at Doshi-Kai, we will be teaching our students that kindness is a gift. When you give it to others, you feel good, too. #LessonOfTheMonth #June2019 #DoshiKai #Karate

A handful of photos from our annual Mother’s Day classes last night! Shout out to all the awesome dojo moms who came out yesterday - we had a blast! Thank you for all you do for your children 💕 💐

[05/12/19]   Happy Mother’s Day to all of our amazing dojo moms! We appreciate everything that you do!

Hey moms! Join us on Monday during either your child's beginner or intermediate class for some fun with your kids! We hope to see you all there 😀🥋

Very proud of our students and the work they put in this weekend at the 2019 Worcester Classic! Win or lose, the most important thing is getting out there. Congrats everyone!

Leaders can come in all shapes and sizes. In yesterday's class, it was 11 year old Mason's turn to lead the warm ups for our beginners and help out Sensei with class. He did outstanding! Great job Mason!

Tindivanam karate Warriors Renshi Vijay bharath

Every children’s class at Doshi-Kai ends with three claps - celebrating mind, body, and spirit! Great examples in this video of just how karate trains all three for students.

Karate trains your mind body and spirit to act as one..children who get involved in martial arts reap many benefits in several areas of life.lets check some of those...

Had a blast with some speed kicking on the bags last night! Made for a great action shot too 😊 Have a great weekend everyone!

(Tomorrow will be perfect weather to practice your kata outside!)

Our annual Saint Patrick’s Day class was a blast tonight! We found out leprechaun hats don’t stay well during burpees but we managed. Special shoutout to Mason and Eliza for going the extra mile with the green! ☘️☘️


Confidence is our trust in ourselves. This trust
is what allows us to make decisions, both big
and small. For example, when you pick out a
new T-shirt to wear, you do it because you think
the T-shirt looks cool. You are confident that
you will like how it looks. You are also being
confident when you stick up for a classmate
who is being bullied. You trust yourself to know
that bullying is wrong, and you should stop it.

Martial arts offers brain-boosting benefits for all ages

Just another one of the many benefits of martial arts, no matter the age! (And couldn’t we all use a brain-boost now and then 😉) As well as increasing physical fitness and mental health, martial arts can boost brain cognition too

The importance of karate tournaments for young recreational athletes, and FAQ from their parents

We agree! From self-confidence to overcoming fears, there are many benefits to competing in karate tournaments; something many of our youth students already partake in! If you'd like to join us at an upcoming event, just talk to Sensei Rich or Sensei Katie! Ask any karate instructor or parent of an experienced karate student and they'll agree: young karate students benefit greatly from tournaments. But why? Read on to understand the top five benefits of karate tournaments for students.

We had a great weekend at the 2019 Ippone Kick Off Tournament and Awards Banquet! Congratulations to our seven students who competed on Saturday and to our team members who ranked in their respective divisions for the 2018 season! Job well done everyone!

Our children’s class tonight wrapped up its last few minutes with all the students writing down one karate goal and one personal goal for the new year. From better technique to being more respectful to mom and dad, they covered quite the landscape! Looking forward to checking back in on these in December 2019! Job well done everyone, you make your Senseis proud!

From all of us at Doshi-Kai we wish you and your family and very Merry Christmas!

We had a great time at our Annual Holiday class and party! Thank you to all our students and families that were able to attend last night. Looking forward to another year of great classes and fun!

Happy Holidays to all our marital arts families!

Another excellent Saturday training with Sensei Nago while he continues his visit from Japan. Job well done to all those who attended and thank you Sensei!

We had a blast with our children’s classes this week! Our beginner students loved the chair kick drills - and of course a chance to make a few funny faces while they’re at it! 🤪

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Doshi-Kai! May your day be filled with family, friends, food, and fun!


Gratefulness is to be appreciative and show
gratitude. It is being thankful for all you have
and not taking things for granted. While we
should be grateful every day, Thanksgiving is
the perfect time to share what you are most
thankful for.

What are you grateful for?

Congratulations to our youth students who promoted to their next rank last night. The Senseis are proud of your hard work! Next goal... getting everyone to look at the same camera 😉

On this Veterans Day, let us remember the service of our veterans, and let us renew our national promise to fulfill our sacred obligations to our veterans and their families who have sacrificed so much so that we can live free.

Team AIKA had a great time at the IPPONE Finale this past weekend. Lots of trophies and a couple grand champions! Looking forward to the 2019 Season!!! 🥋👊🏻🏆

We hope our students have an awesome night of trick-or-treating this evening! As a reminder the dojo is closed tonight. Happy Halloween, and remember, Senseis like candy too 😉

We had an awesome weekend of training with Sensei Clay Morton at Mello's Institute of Martial Arts! Well done to all of our Doshi-Kai students who attended - way to work hard! 🥋👊

How to Encourage Your Child’s Success in Martial Arts

Some great tips included in this article - worth a read! As always, looking forward to seeing our awesome students in class this evening! Attention parents! You want your kids to thrive at anything they do, including martial arts, right? Supporting your kids in martial arts is unlike other activities, however -- you can't do it well from the sidelines! Here are some tips for encouraging your little ninja. The best tip: take a class!

A few more photos from the 2018 Vermont State Nationals tournament. Thank you Central Maine Photography & Video for the great shots! One more tournament left in the IPPONE season - go Doshi-Kai!

Raising Empowered Daughters with Martial Arts

Increased self worth, lessons in self defense, and so much more! We truly believe martial arts is is one the best things for children - especially girls. We couldn't be more proud of our awesome female martial artists at Doshi-Kai! Training in martial arts can offer valuable experiences to anyone; however, some of the benefits it offers are especially suited to young girls. If you are focused on raising empowered daughters, here are six reasons why you should give martial arts a go.

As parents, we want what’s best for our children. The reality is that today’s children are pushed to their limits with extra-curricular activities by well-meaning parents. With that said, I’ve put together some details about how over-committing children are retroactive for their development.

For starters, let’s look at why we tend to over-commit our children:

1. We feel we need to fill up our children’s schedule so they aren’t just sitting home watching television or playing video games.

2. We want to give our children what they want, like when they beg to take soccer with their friends.

3. We try to keep up with other ‘super-parents’ who boast and brag about all the activities their children are involved in.

Next, let’s consider warning signs that your child may be over-committed:

1. Your child looks and acts tired. They are physically exhausted.

2. Your child’s grades are dropping. They are intellectually exhausted.

3. Your child has mood swings. They are emotionally exhausted.

4. Your child has anxiety. They are socially exhausted.

These warning signs should be taken very seriously. Let’s face it, they are not equipped with the mindset to push through so much adversity.

So, what do you do when you see these warning signs?

Although your intentions are good when you try to put your child in a variety of activities, there are more productive measures you can take for the proper growth, development, and happiness in your child’s life:

1. Take control. Put your foot down and limit extra-curricular activities. Don’t give in to pressure from your child or other parents.

2. Survey. Pay close attention to the overall value of the activities, including the experience of the facilitators. Is the activity highly-structured with well-trained people? Or is the activity something conducted with little structure and people who have little or no experience?

3. Prioritize. Decide which activities have the highest VALUE when it comes to helping your child develop physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially.

4. Follow-through. Once you decide which activities are best for your child, be sure to commit and stay engaged.

Dealing with an over-committed child is difficult. The solutions in this article are simple, but not easy. Examining your child’s activities with respect to your goals will help you make the right decisions that will help bring more balance and happiness to your child’s life.

Reply with a ✊ if you found this helpful!

Have a great weekend!

Couldn't make it to our Buddy Week last week but still have someone you'd like to join you in karate class? Bring a friend to any children's class this week and let's end the summer on a fun note!

It's Buddy Week at Doshi-Kai! Bring a friend along to any of our children's classes this week for some karate fun! Whether you bring the same buddy all week or change it up each day - we'd love to have them at the dojo!

Congratulations to our newly promoted students! Yuzuki 6th kyu, Rishab 5th kyu, Sofia 4th kyu. (And one very proud 3rd kyu sister!) Well done last night, all! You make us proud.

Doshi-Kai Karate-Do's cover photo

A little wisdom for this evening's children's and adult classes!

Congratulations Sensei Katie!!! Bronze medal in traditional weapons at the US National Karate Championships.

Leadership knows no age! Great job leading the class warm ups, Eliza! Some great life lessons (and plenty of kata!) in our Level 2 class last night.

Sensei Katie, Sensei Rich & Allie and Sempai Joe are in Las Vegas this week for the 2018 Century Martial Arts Supershow to train and learn from some of the best. Never stop learning!

Acton schools got out for summer vacation yesterday but our awesome karate kids still headed straight to the dojo! Some fun new agility drills, sparring and kata were in full swing. Looking forward to a great summer of karate!

A great reminder for this Monday as we kick off another week of outstanding karate classes! Children's classes kick off at 6:00 tonight - see you at the dojo!

We had a great time with our first annual Father’s Day Class last night! Shout out to all our dads who joined us and earned their camouflage ranks last night!

Happy Father's Day to all our Karate Dads out there!

JUNE 2018 Lesson of the Month - Awareness
Awareness is having knowledge of a situation or fact. At Doshi-Kai, we understand the importance of educating our students to be aware of their surroundings. Whether it is taking note of people and objects around us or being self-aware of our own character, actions, and feelings - awareness can keep us safe and have a positive impact on ourselves and the community.

We had an outstanding time yesterday during our first ever Mother’s Day classes! Seven of our awesome (and brave) dojo moms hopped on the floor for a quick lesson in basics, a little kata, and of course a few push ups! Congrats on the pink belts ladies, you earned them!

Very proud of our student's who attended this weekend's AIKA Special Training in New Bedford. Three hours of basics, kata, and over 300 squats, sit ups and pushups made for a fun Saturday morning! Well done, all!

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