Mass BJJ, Acton, MA Video May 29, 2017, 5:34pm

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Open mat is on, food starting soon! Come down if you're hungry!

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Congrats to Declan on earning his Yellow/White belt! Declan is one of the originals from when we started our 3-5 year old kids class around 5 years ago. He is one of the kindest kids in the mat and is a great training partner if a kid is nervous on a first day and needs to go slow, or another kid wants a tough roll. Every time I ask the kids if they remember what we worked on in the last class, Declan’s hand shoots up and he can recite step by step what we’ve been working on. Good job buddy!

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Friday night fundamentals, a little something for everyone. . . . . . #bjj #jiujitsuforeveryone #girlsingis #actonma

The noon class finishing up a week of mount attacks. 7 women on the mat was pretty awesome to see as well!

Thanks for joining us for camp last week- we had such a great time. The kids worked so hard and played even harder. Here’s a little ninja video showing off some of their hard work! There are still spaces available for August 19th-22nd ~ contact [email protected] to register. #kidscamp #bjj #workhardplayhard #fun #summerfun #newlevels

Welcome to Sumo! Before you can attempt a takedown make sure you can control the chaos!

Manage distance, just keep fighting. We just wrapped up a week of striking in all of our BJJ classes. I know that most people have no interest in getting in the cage for an MMA fight but it is crucial that our Jiu-Jitsu is effective when dealing with an aggressor that is striking. When our opponent is striking, our priorities shift. Controlling the distance between us and our opponent becomes one of our top priorities. The second big lesson was, “just keep fighting”. It doesn’t matter if you just got hit or you don’t know what exactly the right technique is to do next. If you stop, you are done, just keep moving. Many of us were inspired to start Jiu-Jitsu after watching Royce Gracie defeat fighters of all different styles of martial arts. I know most people don’t want to jump in a cage and take a professional mma fight. But I never want us to lose the base of the art. It is my hope that all of our students feel comfortable and confident that what they are doing will work for them if someone does come after them with strikes. The only way to know that, is to get someone on top of you and have them punch away. (with control!)

“Think Street, train sport, practice art.” - Chris Haueter

Friday night fundamentals. Drill drill drill!!! Roll Roll Roll!!!

Hot Feet! Sprawl!

Always remember to work on being a complete martial artist. What inspired you to start BJJ? Learning to rack up advantages or learning how to defend yourself?

Noon class surprise you get to hit your training partner! Make your Jiu-Jitsu still work for you!

No Gi for lunch this week!

Noon class was full of people that had a snow day. We are going to keep all kids and adult classes on today as scheduled, but stay home if you aren’t comfortable driving on the roads!

Armbars for lunch!

550 lbs of rolling crucifix action!

Wrestling Fundamentals!

Playing Kouchi Gari tug of war at noon!

42 students on the mat for fundamentals today!

Open mat is on, food starting soon! Come down if you're hungry!

Congrats to Acton's first student of the month!

A few shots from last week. Each week is a chance to grow and improve on and off them mat!

Dan thought he could take the Carroll brothers on both at once. He had enough confidence that he got Bill to bet that he could last 2 minutes without getting tapped. Bill now owes me a coffee.

A tough group in for the noon class with non-stop rolling. See the rest of you tonight!


Positional Wrestling - BJJ Fundamentals

Fundamentals BJJ

Jab cross to double leg. Just some of the basics!

Nicholas Bennett and Alejandro Montero show a sneaky calf slicer

Front head lock to double leg take down.

Working hard on fundamentals! Good job tonight everyone!

Thanks to everyone for an amazing In-House tournament this afternoon, an equally amazing party this evening and a less than amazing experience of having you all try to steal my wallet :) Walked away from today very happy with what we have all built together in Acton and Arlington.

Some great work tonight! Live wrestling and BJJ rounds for about and hour straight. You could see the humidity in the air looking across the mats once things got going!

Cleaning the Mats!

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