Mass BJJ, Acton, MA Video May 10, 2019, 9:57pm

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Friday night fundamentals. Drill drill drill!!! Roll Roll Roll!!!

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Lord of the Flies Mass BJJ Kids
This is the moment we lose control of the kids class to the kids! (Honestly my favorite moment of the online kids classes so far!)

Kids BJJ Zoom Class
We had a blast with the zoom Kids BJJ class yesterday and want to do more of them. There were about 30 kids in the class and it was the highight of my week to see all the faces we've missed so much! We plan on running a Kids BJJ class on Zoom every Wednesday and Friday at 4:00pm. Yesterday we had people messaging us from Facebook, instagram, and emailing 2 different accounts to get the invites and we missed some of them, so we will run everything from this closed page. "Mass BJJ Kids" We will continue to try to refine what we are doing in class to make it enjoyable for the kids. We will be doing some solo drills, but the kids should ideally have access to a parent or older sibling to practice some of the moves that we will be drilling. If that is not an option, no problem! We still want them to join in and we will try to give them something else to work on at that time. Look forward to seeing you and great job to all the kids and parents who participated yesterday!

Can't Stop us!
Thank you so much for all the pictures and video's! It sucks being off the mat, but I've been so inspired by all of you. Hopefully this will inspire others to keep training hard and making the best of this situation until we can start training together again!

A request for all the parents (Or adults that have been doing the "kids drills.) We want pictures or video's of your kids/family practicing at home! We've got so many awesome shots and we wanted to put up a montage of everyone training at home! Post them here or message them to me, miss you guys!

Congrats to Declan on earning his Yellow/White belt! Declan is one of the originals from when we started our 3-5 year old kids class around 5 years ago. He is one of the kindest kids in the mat and is a great training partner if a kid is nervous on a first day and needs to go slow, or another kid wants a tough roll. Every time I ask the kids if they remember what we worked on in the last class, Declan’s hand shoots up and he can recite step by step what we’ve been working on. Good job buddy!

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Friday night fundamentals, a little something for everyone. . . . . . #bjj #jiujitsuforeveryone #girlsingis #actonma

The noon class finishing up a week of mount attacks. 7 women on the mat was pretty awesome to see as well!

Thanks for joining us for camp last week- we had such a great time. The kids worked so hard and played even harder. Here’s a little ninja video showing off some of their hard work! There are still spaces available for August 19th-22nd ~ contact [email protected] to register. #kidscamp #bjj #workhardplayhard #fun #summerfun #newlevels

Welcome to Sumo! Before you can attempt a takedown make sure you can control the chaos!

Manage distance, just keep fighting. We just wrapped up a week of striking in all of our BJJ classes. I know that most people have no interest in getting in the cage for an MMA fight but it is crucial that our Jiu-Jitsu is effective when dealing with an aggressor that is striking. When our opponent is striking, our priorities shift. Controlling the distance between us and our opponent becomes one of our top priorities. The second big lesson was, “just keep fighting”. It doesn’t matter if you just got hit or you don’t know what exactly the right technique is to do next. If you stop, you are done, just keep moving. Many of us were inspired to start Jiu-Jitsu after watching Royce Gracie defeat fighters of all different styles of martial arts. I know most people don’t want to jump in a cage and take a professional mma fight. But I never want us to lose the base of the art. It is my hope that all of our students feel comfortable and confident that what they are doing will work for them if someone does come after them with strikes. The only way to know that, is to get someone on top of you and have them punch away. (with control!)

“Think Street, train sport, practice art.” - Chris Haueter

Friday night fundamentals. Drill drill drill!!! Roll Roll Roll!!!

Hot Feet! Sprawl!

Always remember to work on being a complete martial artist. What inspired you to start BJJ? Learning to rack up advantages or learning how to defend yourself?

Noon class surprise you get to hit your training partner! Make your Jiu-Jitsu still work for you!

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