Assabet River Rail Trail

Assabet River Rail Trail


Thanks for keeping the trail open in these difficult times. May I make a request to the old timers not to stop and block the trail while guiding new comers? We should all follow the distance rule to win against this deadly virus. Thanks.
Today on the rail trail I noticed the birdhouse had been damaged and taken down near the old dumb!
I see that Mass DOT is holding a hearing Thursday evening on plans for the Gleasondale bridge replacement in Stow: Until we find some other solution to Honey Pot Hills' refusal to allow the ARRT to go through, this bridge is the only way to connect the two severed portions of the trail. My concern is that we will need more than "bicycle accommodating shoulders" on the bridge. Ideally, this bridge would include a dedicated path that would meet the standards of the ARRT for both bicyclists and pedestrians. Would it be advantageous to have some advocates for the ARRT at this meeting?
Dog walkers leaving presents for everyone to see and enjoy ...Thank you!!!!!
Northbound, shot last weekend. Full route.
I hope it is okay to post this on here. Marlborough Diner Named #1 in America By Travel & Leisure! We are located at 353 Lincoln Street, Marlborough, right down the street from the end of the trail. We would love to see more people come in for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!
The rail Trail rocks for so many reasons!
Today my wife and I walked the trail from downtown Maynard to the Acton train station and back. It was our first time on the trail and we are impressed with all the quality work. The walk also left us with a few questions that someone here might be able to answer: - Between the Subway and Summer Street there is a fairly steep hill to climb. I assume that trains would not have been able to make that kind of climb. So was there some kind of trestle along where the parking lot is now, or was there an earth embankment for the railway that was removed before the parking lot was built, or what? - What sort of contamination behind Duncan's Beemers required such a deep hole? What is the purpose of all the piping and pressure vessels? - That large office building built right in the path of the trail... how was that ever allowed to happen? - When we finally arrived at the the South Acton station after our warm 2.6+ mile hike, we thought surely there would be a soda/bottled water machine or at least a drinking fountain there. Nope. Nor did there seem to be any vending machines or retail shops within a reasonable walking distance in any direction. I wonder if that could be addressed somehow? Seems like a missed opportunity. Thanks!
Is the Assabet River Rail Trail in Acton and Maynard now officially complete and open? When I visited two months ago, there were still two short stretches of a few hundred feet each in Maynard, one under construction and one not yet started.
Saw some men on the way to clear these in Hudson, just North of the tunnel
Just when you think there's enough grumpy farts in the world....

The Assabet River Rail Trail consists of two completed sections: the 5.8m Marlborough-Hudson section & the 3.4 mile Maynard-Acton section. ARRT inc is a volunteer organization that supports cleanups and other projects on the trail.

Operating as usual

Assabet River Rail Trail's cover photo

Now when you're at the Summer St. crossing of the Assabet River Rail Trail in Maynard, not only can you enjoy Maplebrook Park (maintained by the #MaynardCommunityGardeners), but just a short distance down the road you can get yourself an ice cream treat from the recently opened Theatre Creamery featuring Gifford's Ice Cream.

Good news for trail users: bike racks have now been installed in front of Fine Art Theater / Theatre Creamery in Maynard.

One of the best parts of Theatre Creamery is how walkable & rideable it is without going on a high traffic road! We have seen many kids and families riding down from the #assabetriverrailtrail and wondering where to put their bikes! Well the #maynarddpw came to the rescue today and installed 3 bike racks out front of the Creamery and Theatre! We love this town for continuing to improve this amazing downtown! @ Assabet River Rail Trail

Two weeks ago, the Channel 5 Chronicle show spent 5 hours filming on the ARRT, in all 5 communities. It will be part of their show about Massachusetts rail trails. The broadcast date is Wednesday July 29th at 7:30 PM. But if you miss the live broadcast, no problem, as every show is permanently accessible on their website within a few hours of broadcast.

[07/13/20]   On Saturday, the 2020 Stow Town Meeting voted to approve article #56, which appropriates $70,000 to do a feasibility study for upgrading the 2.0 mile Track Road section of the ARRT.

Terry Bicycles

Science! 🤓🧪

For those of you that park in the Mill Pond parking lot for Saturday morning trail exercise in Maynard, please note the Maynard Farmers' Market starts this Saturday 6/27 and No Parking is allowed in the back corner of the lot from 7am to 2pm. That includes the nice shady area under the trees. It’s the rectangular roughly bounded by the 1st tree & the telephone pole at the end of Front st.
Bruce Freeman Rail Trail Berlin/Hudson Rail Trail

[06/21/20]   ... speaking of parking lots, the ARRT has a new one! Last month the Maynard DPW put down a modest 4-space gravel lot at the corner of Rockland Avenue and Acton Street. But that was just the start. Last week the town meeting approved a warrant to make the adjoining Marble Farm site into a town park.

Yesterday (May 25, 2020) the Town of Acton opened the 1/2 of the parking spaces at the ARRT South Acton trailhead that had been blocked off since early May. All other Covid related best practices are still in effect.

Assabet River Rail Trail Map

The parking lot map for the ARRT ( has a new feature. All 14 lots have been reviewed over the past week to document which ones have any full or partial parking spaces closures. Any lot that has restricted parking will display a yellow marker. A 100% closed lot will have a red marker. Clicking on each yellow or red marker will display the date it was last checked.

On Friday May 1st, the Hannaford Supermarket on RT-85 in Hudson will start their May Community Bag Program. Each time a shopper purchases the $2.50 Community Bag or the Fight Hunger Bag (both featuring the Giving Tag) they will have the power to direct a $1 donation to a local non-profit of their choice within 7 days of their purchase.

If the customer does not direct the donation within 7 days, it will automatically be donated to the non-profit that each store's leadership has selected for the month. This will be the 2nd time we have been one of Hannaford's non-profit participants.

Lots of spring biking along the trail these days.

The invasive garlic mustard is up & in some sunny spots already blooming. Please lend a hand & pull plants you see along the trail.

The Trail of Flowers daffodils are now blooming at the South Acton trailhead. This summer and fall, we will be planting in Acton, Maynard and Marlborough.

Help Maynard Reduce Polluted Runoff and Keep Our River Clean by Removing Pet Waste - Maynard Town Administrator

For any dog owners that need more convincing that they need to not only pick up, but also dispose of their dog's waste in a trashcan or toilet please think about the spread of bacteria and keeping our waterways clean. Maynard officials are reminding residents of their civic “doody” to scoop the poop in public areas and in their yards. Scooping up pet waste in public areas is important for keeping Maynard clean and inviting to both residents and visitors. But it’s just as important to properly dispose of you...

Exciting news for the #BruceFreemanRailTrail in Concord about upcoming bridge construction over route 2.

MIG Corporation of Acton has been awarded the contract for Phase 2B (the bridge over Rte. 2). Construction is expected to start this spring.

Daffodils blooming at the Marble Farm site along the trail in Maynard. A big thanks to David Mark & all the planting volunteers for the beauty.

[04/06/20]   The health and recreation departments of the 5 ARRT communities have reached out to us with COVID-19 advice:

Although most parks and playgrounds are currently closed, the Assabet River Rail Trail remains open to users. All of the 13 (official) trail parking lots are open.

It's been observed that social distancing is mostly being very well followed. But please remember that unless needed, there is no significant reason for bare-handed touching of trail kiosks, railings, signs, benches and picnic tables.

Great bike riding news for Maynard middle school students.

Check your email to read about the Fowler Cycling Club - Spring 2020 season! #bikeclub #EriksonsIceCream #AssabetRiverRailTrail

In the fall of 2018, the towns of Acton and Maynard launched a two-year pilot bike share program with assistance from local sponsors. This survey is being conducted by the Town of Acton and the bike share company Zagster.

The Town of Acton is evaluating the first year of this pilot program. Your participation in this survey will help us make improvements to the program, gauge interest in continuing and/or expanding the program. Your feedback is important, and we thank you for your participation.

If you complete the survey, there will be promo code for free rides at the end of the survey.

The DCR and their consultant VHB have just finished the design of the MCRT (Mass Central Rail Trail) in East Hudson, Stow and West Sudbury. Why should ARRT users care?

That's because the western terminus of the new 4 mile Hudson section will end at the ARRT Wilkins Street parking lot! Here is page 7 of their 1/2/2020 document ( on the Hudson Conservation Commission website.

The ARRT non-profit has received a $2500 donation from DuPont Electronics & Imaging of Marlborough. The money will be used to support our 'Trail of Flowers' project that started in 2018. Specifically, there will be more plantings in the spring and fall of 2020 in Marlborough, Maynard and Maynard.

In Marlborough, DuPont Electronics & Imaging staff volunteers will be planting the bulbs along the trail gardens.

The rail trail has 4 boating access points on the Assabet River. So it was not surprising to see the Maynard Fire Department doing some ice rescue training at the White Pond Road landing today! Two trucks, 6 support staff and 2 ice runners.

The Acton-Boxborough Cultural Council has awarded us $300 for future expenses of the ARRT Trail of Flowers on the Acton section of the trail! The first Acton plantings were in November 2019 and will continue in the spring and fall of 2020.

[10/18/19]   Since yesterday’s windy storm may have brought down some tree limbs along the trail, this is a good time to remind all trail users that each town’s DPW department is responsible for the maintenance along the portion of the trail in their town. You should report any maintenance issue you encounter directly to the applicable DPW dept.

Maynard Fest

Maynard Fest is Saturday Oct 5 in downtown Maynard. You still have until Wednesday at 10am to sign your group or business as a sponsor.

Sponsorship Opportunities still available
until 10 am. on 9/25!
$500, $250, $100, and $50!

Summer is ending, but the Market is still here!

If you're near the Maynard section of the ARRT this Saturday morning, be sure include a visit to the Maynard Farmers' Market. There's a great music line-up, things to snack on, giant hoops to play with, and more. See the blog post for full details. It runs from 9am-1pm by the Mill Pond right along the trail. Don’t forget to include a slot for the Market into your new fall schedule; there are only three dates left and you won’t want to miss a single one. This Saturday, we have a great line-…

The Town of Acton has just installed 2 more bike racks at the South Acton commuter station, across from the ARRT trailhead. They are temporary until the town works out the final design of the Maple Street parking lots, but add 36 more spaces, continuing the tradition of the station with the most (136!) bike spaces in the commonwealth.

If you’re out for a morning walk, run, or ride on the Maynard ARRT section on Saturday morning, you can enjoy some great music & pick up a beverage and breakfast at the Maynard Farmers Market, which runs from 9am-1pm in the Mill Pond parking lot on Main st (adjacent to the trail).

Saturday is looking to be another great weather day for the Market. Come down & visit Applefield Farm, Balance Rock Farm, Brigham Farm, Cookie Lady Treats, Hudson Hives, Muddy Water Coffee Roasters (they'll have the tent this week) and The Compulsive Baker for all kinds of wonderful local foods. B-Organic bags is here for the final time this season (Cathy's produce bags are getting rave reviews) and Everything Alpaca will have the alpacas along with the softest gloves, socks and other alpaca items. Nan of groovyhome will show you how to create a home that you love. The Maynard Historical Commission is at the Community Table and visit volunteers from the newly launched Maynard Repair Cafe to find out what kinds of items to bring to the first Repair Cafe event on Sept 21. Staff from Be the Love Yoga will be doing yoga and activities with the kids and Graham Peck will be performing at the Serendipity Cafe Music Tent. Hope to see you there and bring along a friend or neighbor that's never been to the Market.

Large tree fell across the ARRT in Maynard, near Christmas Motors. This happened at 6:30 PM Sunday evening, about 18 hours ago. It's important to call these into the appropriate town's DPW directly, not emailing the volunteer group. This was important, not because of the relatively minor inconvenience of walking around the branches, but the same branch is leaning up against the power lines on RT-27.😟

Eversource is expected to arrive soon.

Boroughs Loop Trail to open in fall 2019

Connection coming this fall to Marlborough ARRT. A 33-mile trail that links existing trail systems in Marlborough, Northborough, Westborough, and Southborough will open in fall 2019.

Breakfast will be waiting for you at the Maynard Farmers' Market if you take a ride, walk or skip along the Assabet River Rail Trail in Maynard on Saturday morning. The vendors are there from 9-1pm. There's also music with Average Joel starting at 9:30 and craft mocktails with the team from Orange Door Hospitality at 10.

Another teaser, this time for a new item - Lime and Mint Scones!

Summer Greenway Ride and Walk Series – MAPC

For those of you who like to explore other trails, MAPC's Summer Greenway Ride and Walk Series is back. Summer Greenway Ride and Walk Series Posted on May 14, 2018 at 1:21 pm.Written by Kit Un 2019 MAPC Summer Greenway Ride and Walk Series Join MAPC and some of our many partners to explore our growing greenway and trail network. This network is part of MAPC's LandLine vision to connect 1400 miles thro...

Here's what's happening at Hudson Community Fest on Saturday 6/8. Be sure to look for the ARRT volunteers at their tent along with lots of other great community organizations at 'Non-Profit way' on South Street.

What's your favorite part of Fest?

Town of Acton, Mass. Police

Detective Jon Stackhouse and Tom Kelleher of the Assabet River Rail Trail restocking the bicycle and pedestrian safety pamphlets. These pamphlets and other information can be found here and here

Our Story

The Assabet River Rail Trail consists of two completed sections: the 5.8m Marlborough-Hudson section (completed in 2005) and the 3.4 mile Maynard-Acton section (ribbon cutting August 10th 2018). The northern trailhead is on Maple Street, Acton at the South Acton MBTA station.There is also public access to the unpaved section of ‘Track Road’ in Stow which runs from White Pond Rd to Sudbury Rd. The remaining sections of the railroad route through Stow are privately owned and there is currently no workaround to connect. ARRT, inc is a volunteer organization that hosts cleanups and other projects in support of the trail. Each individual town manages its section of the trail.

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Trail of Flowers
South Acton Trailhead
Maynard Bridge Installation
Packing down the fill




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