Assabet River Rail Trail, Acton, MA Video July 26, 2016, 3:01am

Videos by Assabet River Rail Trail in Acton. The Assabet River Rail Trail consists of two completed sections: the 5.8m Marlborough-Hudson section & the 3.4 mile Maynard-Acton section. ARRT inc is a volunteer organization that supports cleanups and other projects on the trail.

It's moving so fast, we switched to video!

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Trail of Flowers
18 Maynard volunteers planting 900 & 200 daffodils at Marble Farm & near Cumberland Farms for the first year of the 'Tra...

South Acton Trailhead
The South Acton trail head construction has started. Left to right, will be the rail trail out to the MBTA station, eigh...

Maynard Bridge Installation
The new Maynard ARRT bridge was installed today. One heavy crane, 9 crew, 1 reporter, 3 spectators, 1 MassDOT drone, a f...

Packing down the fill
Packing down the fill, across from the Maynard Golf Course.

It's moving so fast, we switched to video!

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