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More and more core! And upper and lower, too 😉
Using core activating moves is so much more important (and fun) than ab-only moves. Always mindful of keeping the hips square, the belly pulled up towards the spine, and full engagement, I bring you the following challenges:
*TRX split squat short jump (on tired legs, you can see how hard this was for me)
* renegade rows with monster climbers
* TRX side plank dip with pike
* BOSU side plank with leg abduction and straight arm raise
* TRX plank circles
* TRX high plank tabletop to pike
* TRX offset curtsy lunges

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Full Body Killer HIIT!
Here’s a full body HIIT that laid us OUT after, right, @akenneymontero ? Thank you, @plantsandburpees for the inspiration that went into the planning of this one! Workout is slide #8- AMRAP 50 minutes: *double push up into snatch x6 ea *plank knee to elbow with slide down x20 *plate push x:35 *bum to box squat x9 *lunge push press x6 ea *hollow hold with OH weight to v sit x12 *med ball slam shuffle x:35 *KB swing with push out x10 Good luck!

Training that chain (the posterior one)! Lots of strength, agility, and speed moves here. Some are more sports-specific than others but definitely all contribute to stronger athletic performance and improved strength and balance in the lower/posterior half. 💪🏼 eccentric hamstring curls 💪🏼 single leg hamstring curl 💪🏼 long line bridge sprinters 💪🏼 lateral lunge to half deadlift stand 💪🏼 banded knee driver sprints 💪🏼 curtsy/curtsy hop alternates 💪🏼 paused step down 💪🏼 single leg dead lift with lateral hop 💪🏼 banded adductors 💪🏼 wide kneeling hip hinge

Slideboard stuff! Incorporating a few of these into a routine adds a unique, dynamic challenge! If you don’t have one of these, grab some paper plates or paper towels and use them on a hard wood or linoleum floor! *fly to wide push up *single arm push out *plank jack *hinge lunge *prone plank with tuck in *pendulum swings *alternating hamstring curls *tabletop to pike *lateral lunge *pike with adductor squeeze

More and more core (and shoulders and back and chest)! None of these are easy; if you’re a beginner, consider starting with the banded dead bug and the ball trunk rotation. •TRX partial handstand with foot tap/crunch •TRX side plank dip/crunch •TRX trunk rotation •BOSU wall jump •dead ball side slam •ball plank with knee to elbow static hold •ball trunk rotation •banded dead bug •BOSU leg taps 💪🏼👏🏼🙌🏼👍🏼

Ask and you shall receive! DB only workout that results in a full pump and a big anaerobic hit for full burn! .DB skiers .dead bug .shoulder opener .tabletop front raise .side lunge to reverse lunge (one working leg throughout!) .squat thrusters .DB jacks .lunge to row .squat hold with concentration curls .standing march 💪🏼💪🏼👏🏼👍🏼😍 (Divya)

Loving the Landmine! I love landmine work- it requires a combination of power and serious focus on balance and keeping control on the bar. A few new favorites! -rotational lift and press -single leg RDL -jump squat -reverse facing RDL with row -two handed side facing squat rotation -bar hold leg raises -anti rotation hand pass -one armed roll out push ups -side driving curtsy lunges 🔥💪🏼🙌🏼 #landmineworkout #bestofboston #fullbodyworkout

Monday madness! CRAZY 8s WORKOUT! Get read to work! *8 moves *8 reps of each *8 rounds •BOSU plank pike •squats (70#) •1/4 turn straddling bench jumps •sandbell wall toss (25#) •hanging cleans (95#) •deadlift row (75#) •DB skiers (35# each hand) •jump over burpees *This isn’t for the faint of heart, guys. Leave yourselves an hour and some good music! #fullbodyworkout #bestofboston

Tackle it Tuesday! Here’s a total body workout that focuses on the use of the core in each move. Get after it! *BOSU plank up/push up jacks *tabletop plate push *seated up and overs *reverse lunge/press into kneeling oblique lean *straight arm lat pull *raised drop squat *TRX pistol squat with trunk rotation and row

It’s Monday and it’s time to work! Today is a shoulder/focused HIIT workout and it’s no joke! *lunging ball slams *alternating squat snatches *double rope slam burpees *kneeling squat with band face pull *controlled cross body plate raise *banded plank walks with jump in *double DB hanging cleans *prone bent arm fly *now flex and dance! 💪🏼😬

Hello Ripped fam! Here’s a midsection medley for you to try out! Enjoy!

Full body Friday and this is NO joke. Did this with my girl @akenneymontero and we were flat out afterwards! ROUND 1 AMRAP 25 minutes Atomic pushups (10) Banded Arnold press (8) kB swing into goblet swing (7) Heavy OH plate hold lunges (12) Battle rope jacks (35) ROUND 2 AMRAP 25 mins Pike pull ins (8) Curtsy lunges with front raise (8 ea side) Bag drag (16) Sit up to stand (8) Burpee with upright row (8) 🙌🏼👏🏼💪🏼💗

Legs/shoulders/core HIIT! 1 min of each back to bank for 5 rounds. GO! .deadball pass .plank with plate pull/push .half kneel KB press .KB swing to goblet squat .ballet lunges .DB skiers

Ball that and a Bag of Chips! Abs, Swiss ball style!

More leggggsss. Here’s a HIIT routine geared towards the stems and stomach! These are definitely some of my new faves! *monster climber burpees * heavy 1/2 deadlift to squat *single leg hip hinge with resistance *banded sprinters *paused step downs

Legs/core workout! ✌🏼💪🏼👏🏼

TRX Tuesday! Upper body and core! *high row with fly *tabletop shoulder taps * seated bicep curl/sit up * BOSU atomic push up *face pull *kneeling oblique reach *lateral mountain climber *trx muscle ups GO! Try these news ones out now! 💪🏼✌🏼👏🏼

Shoulders, glutes/hammys, and abs! GO!

LOWER BODY TRX TODAY! Some new killers for you! 🙌🏼 . ***and there is a TYPO! The second one should read, “ABDUCTION”. 😩😡😤

Core values today! It is true that abs are made in the kitchen; regardless of whether your goal is washboard or well-being, it’s always important to strengthen that mid-section. Some new goodies for you. 💪🏼🙌🏼

Lucky Number Seven! 7 moves 7 reps each 7 rounds Not for the faint of heart. Watch me struggle through my final round; worth ever bit of grit!

That’s Ball, Folks! Using the Swiss ball for core moves encourages the use of smaller stabilizing muscles otherwise hard to reach. Here are a few core moves that may be new to you!

WANT A HUGE (MASSIVE) CHALLENGE? Try this. 4 or 5 moves/1 min ea/back to back/5 rounds GROUP A Cross through push ups TRX pike to ab circle Heavy OH walking lunges (45 lbs here) DB snatch alternating (35 lbs here) GROUP 2 V sit Jump rope (I threw a couple double unders in there but I struggle with them!) Side wall ball toss (20lbs) Front squat (35lb DBs) Box jumps

Want to WORK? Did this full body KILLER yesterday and was spent. The format is key. 16 minutes, AMRAP, 8 sets of each move so go HEAVY. *group 1 *resisted push ups *bosu crunch to tabletop *wall jump burpees *ball pike *group 2 *heavy wall ball *deep step up with press *other side *heavy front squat *group 3 *double DB hanging snatch *offset curtsy with front raise driver *other side *max kB swing hand to hand

Full body workout for Wednesday this week, guys! IF THERE IS WEIGHT, go heavy! In the next minute and a half, you’ll see: *tabletop wall walk *narrow plié dead left (think Mary Poppins) *individual weighted hollow hold *power push presses *plank kB pull through- don’t rotate the hips at all! *goblet squat *iso kB curl to halo *in/out box jumps *push up to knee tuck burpees

New toy! 🙌🏼💪🏼 Sandbag training is a perfect compliment to conventional training; it has a constantly moving center of mass and, more often than not, will make you fight for each and every lift, giving you a high return on the time and effort you put in.

More unilateral training! Want to know what’s so cool? When training unilaterally, the pathways in the brain used for the primary unilateral exercise stimulate the same muscles on the opposite side of the body. Your non-working side ALSO makes gains! But that’s not the only reason: Train away imbalances Reduce bilateral deficits Strengthen core Increase functional strength Increases focus. Part of the reason I love training this way is because it is one of the only ways to shut my chaotic brain OFF and focus on just this one task. Magic, as far as this busy brain is concerned. You go, unilateral! 🤓🙌🏼

Lower body/core! Some of these were new to me and these guys left me SORE 🍑🔥 Leaning surrender to press Lunge to short lunge with OH hold Walking short lunges Side lunge full matrix KB squat to RDL Dig that derrière! 😍

Bodyweight and ball to build a better everything! Key points for each clip: 1• between each break dancer, glue the heels together for this donkey kick for full burn and to hit the adductors hard. 2• hold your wall sit for a few full seconds, pulling belly into spine throughout. 3• use the full body to push the ball up the wall, keep the back flat-no swaying! 4• if you struggle with single leg dead lifts, try these. Legs crossed will give you better balance but still use only the rear leg as long as you drive the back heel into the floor. 5• offset weight on a squat using one working leg will challenge the core and the legs. 🙌🏼💪🏼😘

BODYWEIGHT HIIT with a focus on core/legs. YOWIE!! 💪🏼💪🏼🙌🏼

HEY! Did you guys know we won’t Best of Boston 2019 by Boston Magazine?! Just making sure. 😉 You’re Ball That! The medicine ball is so much more versatile than the slam and the toss. Check these belly and back strengtheners using nothing but that ball! * floating table top ball adduction * accordion crunch with ball pass (only cross the ball to the shins if you are confident that you can keep that low back pushed down) * side plank with ball hold * ball balanced plank with knee driver * superwoman with ball hold * ab twist with speed slam * full sit up with OH ball pass Get your head all about that med!

Pushing your push ups! Push ups are my favorite. They challenge you front to back, core to clavicle! One you’re proficient in push ups, it’s important to stay challenged. Here I give you 10 plays on the practical push up. Which ones can you do? *pike push up to walk out *push up with contralateral raises *push up with toe touches *offset push up *reverse grip push up *corkscrew push up *triangle push up *tiger push up *typewriter push up *push up bottom hold

More and more core! And upper and lower, too 😉 Using core activating moves is so much more important (and fun) than ab-only moves. Always mindful of keeping the hips square, the belly pulled up towards the spine, and full engagement, I bring you the following challenges: *TRX split squat short jump (on tired legs, you can see how hard this was for me) * renegade rows with monster climbers * TRX side plank dip with pike * BOSU side plank with leg abduction and straight arm raise * TRX plank circles * TRX high plank tabletop to pike * TRX offset curtsy lunges

Ball about that mid section this morning! Check out these challenging core strengtheners, all including the ball. • ball plank saw • plank knee to ball • v sit • windshield wipers •oblique crunch • dead bug • ball flutter • transverse crunch 💪🏼💪🏼😘

Core PLUS! 5 beast moves requiring super focus and patience! 💪🏼

Wondering what to do with a wall? Watch! Work! 🙌🏼💪🏼

Ripped fam! Today it’s about body weight core. Even though these are all different, they all share one single and crucial component; pay attention! Always think about pulling the navel towards the spine and always breathe! And remember that sometimes simple is best!

It’s Tuesday and I’m on the TRX! Check these out for some new ones! ^ adductor squeeze weight hammy curl ^ ball push up to pike ^ split squat w ball slam ^ static hold reverse squat w kb row ^press up to knee tuck ^ straight leg split squat ^ oblique crunch with knee raise ^ X body bicep curl ^ side lunge w kB clean

BURNIN’ BURPEES! They’re the exercise we love to hate... or love to love 🙂 Burpees are a mega burn, calorie torching, crazy conditioning conditioning, strength building, and portable exercise. Say goodbye to the basic burpee and hello to these alternative style burpees sure to keep it even more interesting and challenging! While not all of these include getting your chest to the floor, the change of levels and use of fast twitch muscles appears in each, creating the same effect as the classic burpee. ENJOY! Banded burpee jumps Plank up lunge hop burpees BOSU burpees Box jump burpees Single leg trx burpee **ADVANCED Full sit up kettlebell swing burpee

You’re Ball That! Especially when you choose to use a slam ball in your workouts. These medicine balls (called, “medicine balls” because ancient drawings going back thousands of years show Persian wrestlers training with sand-filled animal parts) can enhance your workouts because of their shape, durability, and evenly dispersed weight. Here’s a bada$$ ball workout featuring my favorites! Square leg ball crunch Squat with front ball raise Heavy ball slam with lunge pick up Plank ball roll in Ball push up Lunge with overhead ball pass Bridge with adductor ball hold Single RDL with ball pick up/hop

Band The Winner Is.... Current fave: resistance bands. We have all seen them used in the most basic (albeit) challenging ways but here are a few you may not have tried yet: *lateral switch hops * plank jack to bear * elbow to knee pause plank * offset single leg squat to stand * leg compass * stationary sprinter with knee pause * plank with front and lateral arm raise * single leg bridge with reverse lat pull * side plank with leg crunch * hammer curl to press Try these for something band new 😬and tough! 😘👍🏼💪🏼

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