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Mission: Leaving No Child Inside!

Natural Start Alliance

“If a child is to keep alive his inborn sense of wonder...he needs the companionship of at least one adult who can share it...rediscovering with him the joy, excitement, and mystery of the world we live in.”

Wise words by Rachel Carson, illustration by Zen Pencils.

Happy holidays from all of my family to yours!

The best things in life aren’t those which you buy in the store. It’s much simpler than that. It’s the time you give to others and the experiences of life. It’s seeing your son reel in a couple bass on a cold day and making a homemade dish of risotto with the foraged mushrooms you’ve found for your family. Put away your wallet this season and give time to your family. @ Warm Springs, Georgia

Free Wilderness Science and Mountaineering Program for Adventurous Girls

What a fantastic opportunity to add some adventure in the life of a girl you know or maybe just you! Applications are now open for this unique, tuition-free wilderness science program!

I’m proud to announce two big accomplishments for 2019. These two awards were for my leadership on the RiverSchools project through Mass Audubon in collaboration with school teachers in Sudbury and Wayland and funded through the River Stewardship Council. The RiverSchools program connects students with their local watershed through a yearlong, direct, hands-on study of the rivers in their communities. Students also deepen their understanding of climate change issues that directly affect their watershed as they work on solutions within their communities. On March 4, 2020, I will be presenting this model with fellow team members at the MEES ( Massachusetts Environmental Education Society) Conference in Worcester, MA. If you are interested in learning more about how to engage youth in student-driven, action-based projects in your classroom or center, join us at the conference!

Youth Climate Summit 2019: Youth For Climate Justice. High schoolers from across Massachusetts came together to learn and take action against climate change and injustice. It is inspirational and hopeful to see the energy and motivation these teens exhibit! Take action!#youthclimatesummit @ Brandeis University

Northern Woodlands

Strange but true: an electric eel lights up a Christmas tree

Teachers!! Not sure how to get kids outside? Contact me about hosting a professional development workshop for your school or organization. In turn, you will walk away with the tools and curriculum you need to lead programs outside with children K-12. This program is taught in collaboration with Mass Wildlife through the Project Wild and Growing Up Wild programs. #projectwild #growingupwild #masswildlifeandfisheries

Happy Hollow School

November trek with the scouts. Every year, the troop backpacks to one of the AMC huts where the scouts prepare a full Thanksgiving dinner for all. This year , we commemorated the life of one of our former leaders, James Norton, who passed on this trip three years ago. In his memory, the troop presented AMC with a plaque which is now hanging in the Carter Notch Hut. If you are ever there, look for it above the kitchen window. @ Carter Notch

Wilder Child

In case you missed getting outside on this incredible spring day, this is for you!!

Zoo New England's Grassroots Wildlife Conservation

This is an important time of year for many amphibians! With spring officially in bloom, salamanders like the spotted salamander in the picture below start the long trek from their homes in forested uplands to vernal pools, where they will choose a mate and lay eggs.

This movement means they’re easier to us to find and count! It also means that they are more vulnerable to depredation and road mortality, so drive carefully on any warm, wet, spring nights. The salamanders and frogs will thank you!

To laugh or not to laugh???

Vulture ~ scavenger humor 🤣🤣
#humor #funny #vultures #lovevultures

Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife

SLOW DOWN: When we experience rainy nights above 40°F, salamanders and frogs will begin emerging from their forest retreats and moving across the landscape to breed. Use caution driving on upcoming rainy nights, there could be amphibians crossing!

Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife

PEREGRINE FALCON CAMERA: Take a look inside a nest of this threatened species! So far, two eggs have been laid in the Clock Tower at the Marriott Vacation Club Pulse at Custom House, Boston. The eggs are expected to hatch in about a month. Watch live!

Just love this!

Credit to Life, Love, and Sugar.

The Old Farmers Almanac

A little gardening humor . . .

Northern Woodlands

Do you have a rock wall running through your backyard? Other than an iconic, historical symbol of New England, they provide an important habitat to many animals as well.

How much do you really know about stone walls? This week’s Outside Story takes a closer look at the history of these iconic New England structures, and discusses their significance as habitat. #TheOutsideStory

Happy frog day!!

ICYMI, it's international frog day (or so we're told. It's also the vernal equinox, of which we're sure) and here's a picture making the rounds on the interwebs that is actually pretty incredible. Enjoy.

National Park Service

For years, women's park uniforms varied widely and tended to follow fashion trends of the time. In the late 1970s, the National Park Service authorized women to wear the same green and gray, in all of its configurations, as their male counterparts. Learn more about the evolution of the park uniform at

#WomensHistory #StPatricksDay ☘️ #FindYourPark

Hey Georgia! It looks like pollen season is just around the corner!

We Are Wildness

Dam! Beavers are some of the only mammals that intentionally modify their natural environment. Their main concern: building dams.

Timeline Photos

Avian Conservation & Education Network


Birds fly by flapping their wings, steering mainly with their tails. Compared to the parts of an airplane, a bird’s wing acts as both wing and propeller. The basal part of the wing supplies most of the supporting surface, the wing tip most of the propelling force. A bird’s wing has many adjustable features: it can be shortened or lengthened by flexion; the feathers of the tip can be spread or closed; the angle of the whole wing or its parts—on one side or both—can be altered. All of these adjustments make the aerodynamics of a bird’s wing much more complicated than those of the airplane; consequently, the flight of a bird is much more varied and adaptable.

The types of flight found in birds vary considerably, and different types of wings correlate with different types of flight. At least two major types of modifications for gliding or soaring are found. Albatrosses and some other seabirds have long, narrow wings and take advantage of winds over the oceans, whereas some vultures and hawks have broad wings with slotted tips that permit more use of updrafts and winds deflected by hills. Short, broad wings are characteristic of chickenlike birds, which fly up with a rush of rapid wing beats. Birds such as ducks, pigeons, and falcons, which fly rapidly with continuous wing beats, tend to have moderately long, pointed wings. Many songbirds use their short, rounded wings to move with quick wing beats from perch to perch or from ground to perch. Ducks have pointed wings that, beaten at high speed, provide rapid flight for long distances. Swallows, terns, and frigate birds have long, pointed wings that enable these birds to fly and maneuver gracefully for hours with leisurely wing beats. Large herons with long, broad wings travel far with slow, measured strokes, while buzzards soar high in the sky on their long, broad wings. Gulls and albatrosses, with their long, narrow wings flapping infrequently, sail along the beaches or over the waves. Swifts and hummingbirds, with their narrow, curved wings, fly rapidly and maneuver easily. A hummingbird can whir its tiny wings so rapidly that it can hover as it thrusts its long bill into a blossom; it can even fly backward as it leaves the bloom.

#conservation #conservationist #education

Avian Conservation & Education Network

Ever got to see the amazing goshawk flight in the woods? Here you can see it's agility flying through two tree's, while chasing prey. An amazing view of wing control and adaptation to flying in this terrain.

#conservation #conservationist #education

Wilder Child

The Joy of Hydrogen

Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge

Please join us at the Visitor Center (680 Hudson Road, Sudbury, MA 01776) this Saturday (March 3rd) at 7PM for our last Owl Prowl of the season. We'll begin with an indoor presentation on owl ecology and then go out for a moderate hike (30-45 mins.) on the trails to look for owls. All ages are welcome and please dress for the weather.

And check out the article below to hear some of the calls that we might hear during our prowl:

Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife

It's not everyday that you see a blond porcupine! Albinism is caused by the absence or reduction of melanin, giving the animal pink eyes and skin with a pure white or yellowish appearance. 📷: Jared Adams (Orange, MA)

Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust

Winter tracking program at Hawk Valley Farm.

What a beautiful day passing on a little tracking knowledge out in Lowell!

Thank you to everyone that joined us this past Saturday for our Winterfest activities!

We had a blast at Hawk Valley Farm learning about the different clues that animals leave behind in our wildlife tracking program. Later, at our maple sugaring program, folks got the chance to tap a maple tree and enjoy a taste of real maple syrup.

Big thanks to Mass Audubon Drumlin Farm for partnering with us on these programs.

Just a beaver sculpting or Leaning Tower of Assabet??

So what if it’s cold?! Get outside!!

Backpacker Magazine

Looking for a healthy alternative to the processed, pre-packaged treats at the supermarkets? Try these instead! Kid approved too!

This is what we're snacking on this week.

Have you heard any drumming in your backyard lately? It could be hairy!


As tempting as it is to refer to the drumming of a Hairy Woodpecker or a Downy Woodpecker as a sign of spring, the truth is that both males and females drum at any time of year. However, there's definitely an uptick at this time of year. Drumming rates are usually highest prior to nesting, lower during nesting, and increase again after young leave the nest.

Much of the drumming in late winter has to do with courtship. Woodpeckers drum to define territories, locate a mate, summon a mate and to solicit copulation, among other things. Males are already busy establishing and defending territories, so keep an ear tuned for the sound of a bill pounding repeatedly against a tree or other hard surface.

For those wishing to distinguish between Hairy and Downy Woodpecker drums, according to David Sibley the drum of a Hairy Woodpecker is extremely fast and buzzing, with at least 25 taps per second, but has long pauses of 20 seconds or more between drums. Downy Woodpeckers drum at a slower rate, only about 15 taps per second, and drum frequently, often with pauses of only a few seconds between each drum. (To hear their respective drums, go to ) (Photo: male Hairy Woodpecker)

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Sudbury Valley Trustees

OTW: Family Programming for School Vacation and More

Northern Woodlands

The assumption that eastern cottontails are crepuscular is called into question in this week’s Game Cam Blog.

Town of Cobourg, Ontario

A fox and a snowy owl met one wintry night...

COBOURG MARINA: We had some night visitors at the Cobourg Marina on January 4th.

Can you believe how close they get to one another? Watch this video and comment on who you think is braver! #foxORtheowl?

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The Old Farmers Almanac

Happy Groundhog Day!!

Groundhog Day is tomorrow. Just a bizarre tradition involving rodents? Actually, Groundhog Day is full of amazing sky-related stuff. Even its date relates to the heavens. Held on February 2, this was traditionally called Candlemas, which marked the midpoint of winter. Here's Bob's latest post--with a sort of prediction and some shadow fun . . .

The New York Times - Science

Scientists are trying to understand the limits to the well-established intelligence of crows.

Outdoors Alliance for Kids

Hear, hear!!

The key to better learning? Get them outside.

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