Get In Shape for Women - Acton

Women's only small group personal training program. We help women loose 12 - 20 lbs. in 12 weeks or less.

Get in Shape for Women in Acton was named the #1 Studio nationwide for 2013! Get In Shape For Women provides a unique body transformation program that guarantees results! We offer small-group personal training for women in a private, upscale studio. Each session consists of 30 minutes of weight training, 25 minutes of cardio, and nutrition coaching for a complete balanced fitness program that produces amazing results! Visit to see our incredible client transformations and learn more!

Mara's Total Body Workout - 8

We know it's been tough to stay on top of your health & fitness but we're here to help. Give yourself a half hour a day with our live or virtual workouts and we promise you'll feel great!

Get In Shape For Women's Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach Mara with a great full-body workout.

[04/30/20]   Mara is back with a great upper and lower body workout for all fitness levels! Take a half hour this morning before the day gets away from you to give your health the attention it deserves. If you want to work out with Mara live, check your email for the login to her workouts every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday at 9 am est!

Matt's Total Body Workout - 1

Today's workout is with our amazing trainer Matt! Join him every Monday and Wednesday for his live Zoom workouts at 6 pm est - which we'll post here on Facebook the next day too.

A good workout will help with every part of your day so Go Go Go!

Get In Shape For Women's Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach takes you through an awesome workout you can do anywhere!

Mara's Total Body Workout - 6

Kick off your week feeling strong and ready for anything with a great workout! Mara makes it easier with a fun, total-body session today. Stay with your program Ladies - you know what a difference exercise makes in your life!

Get In Shape For Women Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach Mara with another full-body workout (with some great nutrition advice too)!

Mara's Total Body Workout - 5

Another great, full-body workout with Mara! You've got the time ladies - make it count!

Get In Shape For Women's Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach Mara takes you through a full body workout with an emphasis on balance.

Mara's Total Body Workout - 4

Good morning!! Another great total-body workout with Mara, with an extra dose of lower-body moves. Mara will host another live ZOOM workout today at 9:00 am est too! Check your email for details.

Get In Shape For Women's Trainer & Nutrition Coach Mara takes you through a full-body workout at home!

Lisa & Candace's Full Body Workout - 1

Get In Shape For Women Personal Trainers & Nutrition Coaches Candace & Lisa take you through a full-body workout today. These two are so much fun to workout with!

Get In Shape For Women's Lisa and Candace get your heart pumping with a full-body workout you can do anywhere!

Mara's Upper & Lower Body Workout

Another great workout with Mara! By now, we all know that good nutrition and exercise builds a strong immune system - which is especially necessary during these challenging days. Stay on course and reach out if you need help! 💪☀️

A great mixed-workout, using every day items you have at home!

Mara's Total Body Workout - 3

Until we can see each other in the gym again, PLEASE be sure to exercise at least 30 minutes a day! It strengthens your immune system, boosts your mood and will help you fight off illness. Here's an awesome 30-minute total-body workout you can do anytime!

Get In Shape For Women's trainer and nutrition coach Mara leads you through a full-body workout at home!

Regular exercise can help prevent coronavirus complications from worsening, study finds

Prevention is key! As we work on our healthy lifestyle and engage in regular exercise and good nutrition, we get the benefit of a highly functioning immune system🙏💪🏼❤️ A preventative medicine study is claiming, according to reports, the best way to prevent coronavirus complications from worsening is regular exercise.

Mara's HIIT Workout

Welcome to our first Zoom workout with Mara! You can still get a great High Intensity Interval Training at home, which is such an important part of your fitness plan - especially through these difficult days. Please carve out at least 30 minutes a day for these workouts. And if you miss a day, just scroll through this page to find a workout that will work for you!

Get In Shape For Women's home workout with fitness and nutrition coach Mara. Join us here every day for a workout that will help you stay fit and strong when...

Mara's Lower Abdominals Workout - April 17

The lower abs are often the toughest areas to tone and strengthen - especially for women. This is one seriously effective workout so stick with it and you'll see (and feel) the difference sooner than you can imagine!

Working your lower abdominals will help stabilize your core, improve your balance & flatten your stomach - but it takes commitment as we store much of our fa...

Mara's No-Weights Upper Body Workout!

Strong, fit arms take work ladies but it's worth it! You've got thirty minutes today to take care of YOU!

You'll feel the difference in your arms, core and even glutes with this amazing at-home workout!

Mara's Lower Body Blast April 14

Mara's got an amazing workout that will blast those legs with lunges, squats, airplanes & more! Give it 30 minutes to feel strong & fit today!

An amazing workout that can be modified for any fitness level!

Mara's Zucchini Pizzas

Good morning ladies! Today we're sharing a quick & easy recipe while you're planning your meals for the weekend. For your workout, scroll through this page and find one we've already shared that works for you today - upper body, lower body, full body workout - maybe even the backyard obstacle course ☀️ Just get at least 30 minutes in!

Who doesn't love pizza!?! Here's an amazing option without all those unhealthy carbs! You might think it's more of a zucchini parmesan but either way - it's ...

Mara's Family Workout - April 10

A fun & family-friendly workout today although made for a solo session too! Go at your own pace just get that heart rate going ❤️💪

A family workout helps builds healthy bodies & strong family bonds! Mara's husband Bryan and her girls Zoe, Lexi & Lucy share a total body workout in just 22...

Today we're doing something special and inviting you to our virtual "Walk & Talk" with 99 Walks! It's like having a friend over for cup of coffee & some a good chat ☕️ Dial in then walk with us if you can or while you work out at home. A half hour of inspiring and surprising conversation today!

Mara's Thighs & Glutes Workout - April 8

A great workout for any fitness level just push yourself to the limit - you've got this! 🔥

Give your lower body the attention they need to stay strong & fit!

Mara's Lower Body & Abs - April 6

We're back from Mara's 'rest' day with a great lower body workout for you to kick off the week. 💪

Share any of our workout videos with your friends and host a virtual workout - helping you to stay motivated and accountable! 😅

An amazing session to get your heart rate up, your muscles working and your mind feeling strong & powerful!

Mara's Egg Muffin Recipe

A quick and healthy recipe that's loaded with protein. If you plan on making these tomorrow morning, please post your pics! ☀️ Enjoy!

A great way to make breakfast for the week with any ingredients you have in the fridge!

Mara's Upper Body with Weights - April 4

Today's workout is all about those arms - so you'll need to add cardio if you can. The sun is peaking through so get outside for a walk or turn up the music & throw yourself a dance party!

Time to balance those lower body workouts with a solid upper body session! As always, modify this workout to where you are in your fitness journey just push ...

Mara's Inner and Outer Thighs with Core - April 3

Today's workout is all about working those thighs! Don't let these days away from the gym set you back - stay with your workouts EVERY DAY!

All of Mara's moves can be modified to work for your fitness level. Keep going ladies!

Mara's Cardio/Plyo Cardio Workout - April 2

No matter what's happening in our lives, exercise will help! Make sure to get that cardio in every day - and if you want to pair today's workout with a weight training session, just revisit any of the upper or lower body workouts we've posted here on Facebook. Stay strong ladies!!

Get your heart rate pumping with an awesome at-home cardio workout! Cycle through it twice if you can - and as always, modify the movements for where YOU are...

Mara's Chicken Stir Fry Recipe

A quick and easy recipe with some healthy twists!

Most of us think of Soy Sauce is a must when making a stir fry, but Mara has a great alternative that is much healthier for you and just as delicious!

Mara's Stability Ball Workout - April 1

A stability ball workout is a super-effective way to build muscles, endurance, strengthening your core, and developing flexibility and balance. If you don't have a ball, use a chair, step, bench or anything at home to give you an incline. NO excuses for not getting a great workout in today!

There are so many ways you can use a stability ball to get a great total-body workout!

Mara's Total Body - Gallon Water Workout!!! - March 30

You don't need actual weights or kettle bells to for a great workout! Push yourself to more do reps than usual as these gallon water jugs are typical lighter than what you’d use at the gym. Keep going ladies!

With this workout, not only are you working out your whole body, you’re also getting in cardio!

Mara's Core & Glutes Workout - March 29

Today’s workout will really work your core which is SO important for stability, balance and overall health. Core exercises train the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen to work in harmony. Weak core muscles can lead to more fatigue, less endurance, poor posture, lower back pain and injury.

So, don’t forget to include a great core workout into every session!

We often focus on upper and lower body workouts but it's equally important to give your core the attention it needs to promote total body strength. Push your...

Mara's Total Body Workout - March 28

Daily exercise raises endorphins, energy & mood (among SO many other benefits - especially in challenging times)! Mara is making it easier with her daily workouts that you can do anywhere, anytime of the day!

There's no wrong time of the day to workout - just find at least 30 minutes everyday to stay strong & healthy!!

Mara's training her Mom today with a great workout for all! - March 27

Staying fit, strong and healthy at every age means working out at every stage of life!

Make sure you're getting at least 30 minutes in today 💪

A great full-body workout for women of any age looking for more balance, stability and strength.

Mara's Workout Obstacle Course for Kids (and Moms!) - March 26

With schools closed, this is a great workout for Moms and kids alike! Repeat the circuit 8 times for a solid 30 minute workout.

For a more traditional in-home workout today, you can find Mara's upper body, lower body and total body workouts from the week by scrolling down on our page!

If the weather allows, get outside and get some fresh air & sunshine! Remember that our children learn their healthy habits from us too, so include them in f...

Mara's Lower Body Blast - March 25

Half hour is all it takes to get a great lower body workout in today - keep going ladies!

Our GISFW's corporate trainer Mara is switching up where she's working out today and taking it to the basement!

Mara's Egg & Banana Pancakes Recipe

When you're planning your meals for the days ahead, give this protein-packed breakfast option a try!

Who doesn't love pancakes! Here's a great recipe to make with your kids that are natural, healthy, simple and absolutely delicious.

Mara's Upper Body Workout - March 24

Grab your weights for a great upper body workout today with GISFW's Massachusetts Trainer Mara! 30 Minutes is all it takes 💪

Mara's working out with her husband Brian today - grab your hubby and get a great workout in together!

Mara's Workout - Core/Back/Glutes - March 23

Mara's workout today is all about the core, back and glutes (with some cardio too!) Find a comfortable spot on the floor and give yourself a half hour for a great workout at home!

Most of today's workout will be on the floor with a bit of outer and inner leg work. Remember that exercise raises your endorphins, so these daily workouts w...

Casein Pudding Recipe - March 22

How many of you crave a sweet treat at the end of the day? Here's one of Mara's favorite recipes that is made with Casein protein (be sure you're not using Whey protein) that is healthy, delicious and will help regenerate muscle tissue as you sleep!

A delicious, easy to make and so healthy treat for any time of the day!

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