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We are still live with one on one remote video sessions! #sisuUP #sisufitness #thisisSISU

[03/14/20]   *Sisu Fitness Coronavirus (COVID-19) response.*

After much consideration Sisu fitness personal training will remain operational this next week for personal training until further notice.

In response to the virus we must all do our part as a team to be responsible with our own health and the health of others who may be particularly vulnerable during this time.

The following steps and options will be in place.

Whenever possible we will limit our exposure and physical contact with as many people as possible both in and outside the gym to help reduce the spread of this virus.

While both in or outside the gym all surfaces during training that will be touched shall be thoroughly sanitized both BEFORE and AFTER use. Please do your part!
Avoid touching your face; eyes, ears nose and mouth during this time.
If you sneeze or cough please cover your mouth and if you are feeling ill or sick please stay home and get well.

The option of both indoor and outdoor training sessions will be available to you during this time.
Outdoor workouts will take place in the backside of the building.
This option will be available this week for all who wish to limit contact with others to the upmost degree at this time.
Please dress accordingly!!

Questions and concerns please reach out to me directly.

We are taking this situation very seriously, but we are also taking your continued health and wellness journey very seriously. In the interest of continuity of services, we will also be exploring options for and create systems for one-on-one remote online sessions and group online sessions. For those most vulnerable and for all of us who may need to isolate, group online sessions is one way we can continue to support each other in our pursuit of fitness. Information will be forthcoming after an evaluation of the quality of services that might be provided remotely.

With health and wellness

- Anthony

A few more added vegetables to your diet a day, a few more trips to the gym, a few more days preparing your own lunch, a few more glasses of water, a few more steps each day, may not seem like it would make a big difference in your life.
But remember what poor Richard says, “many a little, makes a mickle!” #sisuUP #sisufitness #personaltrainer #personaltraining #transformation #lifestyle #lifestylechanges

Sometimes people wish they were where they want to be sooner.
But I promise you, the time passing working towards what you want, makes you appreciate the things you shall receive that much more!

It’s an amazing feeling!
And I wish everyone in the world could know how I appreciative I feel.
I feel like the luckiest man in the world to watch people find these truths out for themselves!

To see people start believing in themselves and working towards the life they want to live each day. No matter what adversities are in their way, they keep working towards what they want because their beleif in themselves is so great!

It’s an honor and a privilege every damn day!
Thank you all soo much

#sisuUP #sisufitness #appreciative


One of my all time favorite meals!
Baked sweet potato, one whole egg, egg whites, black beans, onions, and 0 fat Greek yogurt!
The Greek yogurt acts as an amazing low calorie and high protein sour cream replacement.
For a huge flavor blast sprinkle in some nutritional yeast.
The nutritional yeast adds a cheese like flavor without the added calories of traditional cheese! Adding huge flavor and an amazing nutritional profile!

Give one of my personal favorites a try. Gym approved! #sisuUP #sisufitness

Wild vs farm raised salmon. Notice the difference in color?

7grams of fat vs 15 grams
160 calories per 4oz serving vs 230 calories

Be safe and sound and do your Segmental “cat camels” / “cat cows”
Whatever you call them, I do them prior to each training session.
This version of the cat camel can be used as a teaching tool for spinal awareness/positioning.
The focus is fully going through flexion and extension one vertebrae at a time from your tail bone to your head.
This is often programmed as a general warm up for the posterior chain but serves mobility and injury reduction drill as well.
Try 2-3 sets of 8 repetitions
#sisuUP #sisufitness #catcamels #catcows #segmentalcatcow #spine #health #fitness #wellness #posteriorchain #personaltrainer core #back #warmup #fitness #gym #motivation #exercise #yoga

“Thoughts become things”

Thought: I hate going to the gym
Thing/action: You do not go to the gym
Thought: I can’t loose 10lbs insert blank excuse
Thing: You do not lose 10lbs
If you are looking to make changes in your life for the better remember to control your thoughts. If you are entering the gym with negative thoughts but want to live a healthier life, living one will be unlikely and the attempt a hard and unenjoyable experience .
The reason is, if you are not exercising positive thoughts with the activities you need to partake in to support your goals how likely are you to achieve them?
My suggestion would be to change those thoughts, for every negative thought you need to think of two positive ones, until the positives out weigh the negatives so much you can easily dial the negative back at a moments notice.
For example if discomfort in the muscle is what I need to reach my goals, then my thoughts about discomfort in the muscle need to be positive.
When I experience this discomfort aka reaching my goals. I will remember my goals vividly, what reaching them will look like, what it will feel like. Remembering all the positives associated with them and that discomfort I am feeling. I will then tell myself I like it, I love it I want more of it!
Remember, your outward expressions are an example of the things and thoughts you believe and entertain all the time.
Thoughts become things.

#sisuUP #sisufitness

Don’t get so caught up in the daily grind that you never find time to enjoy yourself.
I promise you, no matter how busy you are you have time to enjoy a warm cup of coffee, the smell and taste of the beans. Even for a moment, stop, enjoy it and smile
Don’t get so caught up that you miss all the bliss the small things in your life can bring.
Practice this daily!
It could be something as routine as taking a shower 🤷🏻‍♂️ how the warm water feels on your skin and the smell of the soaps. Be grateful and enjoy the small things they are right in front of you.

Knock one meal out of the park each day! Every time you’re up at bat, you don’t need to hit a home run! But hitting a homer at least once a day feels pretty damn good!

#sisuUP #sisufitness

Remember, a home run or a meal that feels like a home run will look different for each individual, depending on how long they have been playing the game or where they are in their career!
For me at this point, it’s a meal that hits the calories, macro nutrients and micro nutrients I feel I need to reach my goals and feel the best!
For others, a homer may be a meal that hits the calories one needs to reach their goals! Little by little, each day, after many consistent at bats, you will drive that ball farther out of the park!

Swing away! #sisustrengthkitchen #sisueats

Another happy client!
“I have 2 more months of training until I run 🏃🏻 the Acadia National Park half marathon which will be my last run over a 10k, but while juggling lifting and running I managed to achieve a single rep bench press personal record of 190 today such a proud and exciting moment 🏋️‍♀️”

- David Zanca

#sisuUP #sisufitness

Earned not given!
Kodiak cakes. “Whole grain” chocolate protein pancakes with vegetarian bacon: To keep the fat intake down we went with one egg and four egg whites as this is a higher carb meal! Serving as some good fuel before our weightlifting session!
After all sunday is for pancakes; also for picking things up and putting them down!
Earn it! Happy Easter #sisuUP #sisufitness

Sisu strength kitchen!

Greek yogurt - a protein power house!

This is a great post workout meaI I will do at times! Full of protein to help my body repair and quick digesting carbs to restore depleted glycogen stores to my muscles after a demanding workout 💪🏻

Plain Greek yogurt, granola, with blueberries, cranberries and a few almonds!

#sisuUP #sisufitness #sisustrengthkitchen

This was a fun one
Sisu strength kitchen breakfast mash
Five egg whites
three pieces of vegetarian bacon
half an avocado
Chopped and sautéed kale, green/red peppers, onions and mushrooms
One piece of whole wheat avocado toast on the side. (Will nix this next time and add in some black beans to the mash!) Once mixed and prepared try topping it off with table spoon of mild salsa 💃
Washed it down with a cup of Pete’s Italian roast Coffee with a touch of cinnamon and turmeric powder 👌🏽 Mm mm good adjust portion sizes for your individual caloric needs and goals!
#sisuUP #sisufitness #sisustrengthkitchen #health #fitness #wellness

I say this often when in doubt think protein and vegetables! Found a 20 dollar steak on sale for 6 dollars! And cooked it to perfection, paired with one of my favorite salads! When consuming meats high in fats, it’s in my opinion smart to pair them with vegetables at times. Remember 9 calories in 1 gram of fat, 4 in each gram of protein and carbohydrates. So if your meal is high in fat it’s likely high in calories. Pairing with lean greens can prove to be advantageous because it’s keeps overall caloric intake of the meal in control, it’s hard to eat too many calories of broccoli or leafy greens. #sisuUP #sisufitnes #steak #health #fitness #wellness #tip #greens #sisustrengthkitchen #food #diet #energy #meat #gym #exercise #body #muscles #protein #fat #carbs #calories #awareness

Salmon salad in the #sisustrengthkitchen

Spring mix, Beats, almonds, quinoa, cranberries and stuffed salmon!
Mmmm mmmm good! #sisuUP #sisufitness

Sisu strength kitchen breakfast burrito

Half an avocado, six egg whites, Kale, red and green peppers, onions and sliced tomatoes on a whole wheat wrap!

Mmm mmm good
#sisuUP #sisufitness #sisustrengthkitchen #morning

Sisu strength kitchen
Spring mix, beats, quinoa, cranberries, honey roasted almonds and a pinch of feta cheese. #sisuUP #sisufitness #sisustrengthkitchen #sisukitchen #strengthcoach #nutrition #salad #nutrients #greens #plants #gym #personaltrainer #food #diet #feelgood #pairedwithredmeat

The Mask You Live In - Trailer
Worth the watch.

For at least the last 7 years I have tried to rid myself of what I deemed as unfair standards that society calls male masculinity. I chose to do this because I felt that due to these standards I was not truly expressing myself honestly and honoring myself. I was holding back thoughts in conversation, even things as simple as posts I wanted to make on Facebook. I would ask is this masculine enough or too sensitive or caring? If it didn’t fit the standard it would get changed.
It is in my opinion this lack of true expression and great suppression of ones self causes great anger and sadness inside. And is an issue we face as men in society.
We do this as men and adolescent boys in hopes we will one day become men, or this is what would be deemed cool because society tells us that is what we should do.
But in-fact I think it may not be until we rid ourselves of such acts and become true to ourselves without fear or judgement from others that we actually become anything.
I practiced ridding myself of such standards by making a cognitive choice to be true to myself and who I am. I said to myself this is my life and surely I should live it to make myself happy is it not? If someone didn’t like me for my essence that was ok but I knew it wasn’t ok to me to not be true to myself:
To be honest not doing such destroyed me inside.
I practiced riding myself of such standards by being true to myself as often as I could.
I started posting things that society would deem questionable in the world of male masculinity. Each time becoming more and more enlightened and free of worry of judgement from myself and others.
From my experience the more true we are to our selves the happier we become and our spirit thanks us. And when we do such an act we unconsciously given others the strength to do the same.

I write this in hopes that we remember to always do our bests to be ourselves. The strength is within us and us as a people to choose what we address.
Be true to yourself and don’t let the world change your essence.
“For those those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind”

#sisuUP #sisufitness #themaskyoulivein #coaching #health #fitness #wellness

From the team behind Miss Representation. Coming in 2014, an exploration of American masculinity.

[02/13/18]   Tuesday thoughts

Often we stress too much about uncertainties in our lives and this kills us inside.
But we have to learn to let go of these uncertainties and know we can not control every area of our lives.
So little is really certain in them. This doesn’t mean you can’t put yourself in a better position to obtain and keep what you want. But we must remember to let go and enjoy the ride while working towards it. There are no certainties except one day you will die and you will pay taxes. What will be will be and all there truly is is this moment, which is happening now, enjoy it.

Spicy peanut tofu.
Tofu,brown rice, chick peas carrots, spinach and broccoli

For the full recipe click here!

#sisuUP #sisufitness

When the world kicks you on your ass you have to get back up. Third death in my family in three months. Although I don’t view this as great suffering by any means as my current worse problem is only as relative as my last most worst problem. And any situation in which life has placed me and I had previously thought of as tragic has been my greatest blessings.
The universe has a strange way of dealing us the hands we need to play in order to be the person we need to be. But we must play the hands we are dealt as best we can and view the positives in them no matter how bad or good they may look.
Trust it’s unfolding as it should, ask the universe for what you want while working towards it.
Things could always be worse and it’s all relative remember that. It’s always hard and I am exhausted but I keep pushing and try to view the positives and find the blessings in these things as I have practiced so many time before.
I can view situations like this because I have been training for these moments for over 10 years and quite frankly my whole life, is it not?
Dedicating myself to finding myself and being comfortable with who I am, finding happiness from within independent of any one person or external thing, learning to build a strong mind and mental toughness along the way has been key. I have had a lot of help along the way and I am thankful for that and these lessons have helped me and I am hoping me writing this they help someone else.
Over 10 years I have trained to endure physical and mental struggles past the point of what my mind believed I could endure.
In tests both large and small there were thousands of moments my mind wanted to quit on myself but I challenged myself to prove I am stronger then the limits my mind places on me in moments of vulnerability. You practice this day in and day out so when life kickes you on your ass you can pick yourself up and be strong for yourself and others in your life.
Remember you are stronger then you think you are, keep this in mind when you want to give up. Keep practicing, find yourself, you are much bigger then you think, live without limits and remember to work towards a better you each day and view each situation through positive lenses. It’s all unfolding as it should. And when life gets “hard” smile in the face of adversity and #sisuUP it is in you it is a blessing. You are the creator.

[01/08/18]   The word of this week is grateful!
Please remember who and what you are grateful for. We did not get where we are today alone! Don't forget to stop, reflect, be thankful and show gratitude to all who have helped and shaped you to who you are today!
Remember to be thankful for both the positive and negative.
"If you are going to blame certain people for all the bad in your life you have better be sure to blame them for all that's good too!" #sisuUP #sisufitness

New powersystem bands are in. Power your potential! #sisuUP #sisufitness

Remind yourself often to enjoy the simple things, the simple moments.
How much pleasure and bliss they can bring us when we truly allow ourselves to be engulfed in a given moment.
How wonderful it is to have the feeling of warm water running over your hands and face in the morning, the smell of the soap.
Sitting down with a warm cup of coffee, taking in the smell and the feeling of a warm mug in your hand.

Although these are simpler things to learn to enjoy we can take it a step further.
Can we allow ourselves to find comfort in the uncomfortable accept it and still smile and view it with positivity. That's the power of the mind that's the power of #SISU.
From stepping on a treadmill and enjoying instead of dwelling on the feelings of our heart racing, the heaviness of our legs, the cool sweat running down our brows. The feeling of breathlessness, the thirst on our tungs, the hunger in our bellies. Can we learn to smile in these moments and reach inside us and find strength in the face of adversity and look at what is to come!
(30 more minutes you say to yourself, yes I can)
How wonderful a glass of water will feel then. (25 more minutes)
How I will appreciate a well deserved meal
(20 more minutes)
I can do this. How proud I will feel when this is done.
(15 minutes)
How much stronger I will be both physically and mentally.
(10 more minutes )
I am ok I am getting my second wind. How many people would give anything to be in the position I am in, to be feeling what I am feeling. I am alive.
(5 more minutes)
Think about how far you have come not how far you have left to go!
Many times our minds want to give up in uncomfortable situations and we then doubt ourselves and our abilities. But we must reach beyond observed capacities and believe in ourselves and find the positives in these situations and the strength within us to persevere. To find comfort in the uncomfortable. For the best views come after the hardest climbs.
And when it's all said and done we can walk away with a feeling of accomplishment and relish in our work. For we have found within us one of the most valuable tools we all carry within us in life. SISU!

Remember when things get hard it is within us -
"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what lies within us out into the world, miracles happen."
This is #SISU #sisuUP #sisufitness

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