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How to Get Your Nutrition Game Back in Shape

New article up on the LPGA Women's Network website. If you have gained a few pounds over the past couple of months or have noticed your regular eating patterns have changed, you are not alone. Many of us have been turning to food for comfort and are eating more than usual during this time. Maybe you have been stuck to your desk at home

What Golfers Should Specifically Keep in Mind About Nutrition?

Be Fit Nutrit took over the LPGA Women's Network Instagram account last week. Here is the recap and my first ever live Instagram cooking demo. It is harder than it looks! If you could only give three health tips, what tips would you give? 1. Limit highly processed foods and replace them with fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein. 2. Get your body moving every day. Even 10 minutes of exercise is better than none! 3. Manage stress, anxiety, and other me...

If you have any questions, send them to the LPGA Women's Network and I may answer them during my Instagram Takeover on April 22. Follow

Let's talk nutrition!

Be Fit Nutrit, the official nutrition consultant for the LPGA, is taking over the LPGA Women's Network Instagram on April 22nd.

Leave your questions in the comments about health, hydration, body positivity, and what the pros on the LPGA Tour do to stay on top of their nutrition game on and off the course and you might just see them answered!

The Game Changers Review - A Scientific Analysis (Updated) | Biolayne

Have you watched The Game Changers on Netflix? Please don't go changing your whole diet based on this documentary. There is a lot of misinformation and inaccurate science in there. Don't believe everything you see, hear or read about nutrition in the media. Of all the reviews I have read, this is the best so far. Updated on November 20th, 2019 at 6:17pm EST Fixed pdf reference link A clarification regarding energy emissions as opposed to merely transportation

LPGA players walk past the tan pastries and grab some colorful fruit with breakfast. Essential nutrients, energy, and extra hydration before you play, especially on a warm day. Good luck to all in the CME Tour Championship! #lpga #cme @lpga_tour @lpgawomensnetwork @girlsgolf @lpgaamateurs @ Tiburón Golf Club

My new partnership logo is finished!

2019 Be Fit Nutrit is Appointed Official Nutrition Consultant | LPGA | Ladies Professional Golf Association

I am incredibly honored and excited to work with the amazing women golfers and staff of the LPGA! 'I aim to help players fuel to compete on the course, and also provide them with nutrition coaching for lifelong health,' says sports nutrition consul...

Day 2 talking nutrition with the women of the LPGA!

[09/13/19]   I am honored to announce that Be Fit Nutrit has been named the Official Nutritional Consultant Partner of the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA). I can't wait to get started working with the amazing women golfers and the LPGA staff! Proud to be a member of the LPGA family! See you in Indianapolis September 24 & 25.

#befitnutrit #lpga #golf #sportsnutrition

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Think before you snack. Pear = 50 calories, no fat, and natural sweetness. 5 snack size leftover Halloween candy = 400 calories, 20g fat, and 40g added sugar.

Thank you to Teamworks Sports Performance and all the adult athletes who came to my nutrition talk tonight! I hope everyone learned something that they can start implementing today 😀👍

Sports Nutrition: Eat To Win - Acton-Boxborough Community Education

I am teaching another one-hour sports nutrition basics class for high school students and adults on Wednesday, October 10th at 7:00 PM. If you are interested, please sign up through Acton Boxborough Community Education. Proper nutrition for athletes can help increase strength, reaction-time, speed, and stamina.  It can help improve concentration and decision-making, delay fatigue, minimize soreness, and lessen recovery time between workouts and competitions.  This one-hour presentation will cover the basics of sp...


Love this idea of a "reset plan." There is no need for cleanses as your body naturally cleanses itself of toxins. That is what your liver and kidneys do for you. Instead, try helping your body do its job by eating nutritious, natural, unprocessed foods.

Did you go a little crazy this weekend food-wise? Then you might need this easy reset plan.


Delicious Drinks Under 200 Calories

Love your Starbucks drinks but not the calories? Try one of these under 200 calorie beverages. Remember, these are based on Tall sizes. Choose from our delicious low calorie, sugar free or nonfat delights with all the flavor you desire. Yeah, happiness is a world where your food restrictions don’t limit your taste satisfaction.

Sport supplements for runners |

"Hands down, the most effective way to enhance sports performance is via your day-to-day sports diet, coordinated with a consistent training program. . . Despite the ads you see for a zillion sports supplements, very few have strong proof of directly enhancing performance. These include caffeine, creatine, specific buffering agents, and nitrate. Period." -- Nancy Clark, sports nutritionist and author of the Sports Nutrition Guidebook. Great summary of sports supplements in this article. Along with safety information for runners, an illustrated collection of suggestions on where to run in all the seven continents, running articles and stories, running-related humor, software, news and more, you will find a Wiki section open to your own running content. is a webs...

The little sweet Cherubs tomatoes have a sense of humor.

Sports Nutrition: Eat To Win - Acton-Boxborough Community Education

I will be teaching a one-hour sports nutrition class for high school students, coaches, and parents on January 28th 4:00-5:00. You can sign up through this link: Proper nutrition for athletes can help increase strength, reaction-time, speed, and stamina. It can help improve concentration and decision-making, delay fatigue, minimize soreness, and lessen recovery time between workouts and competitions. This one-hour presentation will cover the basics of sp.....

Pedestrian Question - What is Gluten?

Do you know what gluten is?

Some people can't eat gluten for medical reasons, but a lot of people in Los Angeles don't eat gluten because someone in their yoga class told them not to. J...

USA Track & Field

“I’ve always been on the bigger side,” she said. “For a long time I felt like I needed to look like Shalane Flanagan or Mary Keitany to do well, especially in the marathon, where everyone talks about how lean others are . . . If there’s anything I could pass along to younger runners: Love yourself, eat healthy through your college years, and you’ll be stronger on the other side.”

Eat right, be healthy, be strong! Congratulations Allie Kieffer!

Just three years ago, Allie Kieffer didn’t see herself ever jogging a marathon, never mind racing one, against the world’s best at TCS New York City Marathon.


While bananas are an easy and great source of potassium, here are some other options if you are looking to add more potassium into your diet.

Potassium can help ward off muscle cramps, keep your ticker happy and blood pressure in a healthy range.

Here are 8 foods with more potassium than a banana:

[10/14/17]   Parents and athletes: Remember to pack your own healthy snacks before heading out to your games this weekend so you don't end up buying junk food from a refreshments table like the one below.

Dear Younger Me: Lauren Fleshman

Track Champion Lauren Fleshman has some great advice for young female athletes about body image, food, and choosing a healthy collegiate sports environment. Great read for female high school athletes and their parents. Stanford graduate Lauren Fleshman, a World Championship XC medalist, co-founder of Picky Bars, and former professional runner for Oiselle, writes a letter to her younger self.

Cooking Light

Labels and packaging can be confusing when you are trying to buy healthy items in the grocery store. This video gives a great and simple explanation of the difference between whole grains, whole wheat, and multigrains.

POP QUIZ: What's healthier: Whole-wheat, whole-grain, or multi-grain? (via Well Done)

5 Tips to Curb Your Late-Night Snacking

Do you eat right all day but cave at night in search of some unhealthy late-night snacks? Here are some tips to try to curb that late-night snacking. After-dinner and before-bedtime snacking habits can result in consuming unneeded calories and unhealthy choices. Try these easy tips to banish evening cravings and curb after-dinner snacking.

Athletes traveling: skip the greasy egg sandwiches and donuts in the airport. If you have passes to a lounge, head there instead for a healthy breakfast to start your day. Make sure to combine some protein and carbs to fuel your body. This breakfast courtesy of #prioritypass at Logan International Airport.

I'm looking forward to talking about nutrition and hydration to young athletes at the Colonial Hoop Clinics Fab 50 Camp! It's never to early to talk to athletes about how nutrition can improve their training, performance, and overall health.

The Fab 50 Basketball camp begins August 7th! Just a few spots remain.
* Boys in grades 4-10
* Outstanding teaching including 2-Time Nat'l P.O.Y.
Joey Flannery + additional guest presenters.
* Special presentation by Sports Nutrition Siobhan Donofrio
on Nutrition and Hydration for young athletes
* Camp in the beautiful, air-conditioned facilities at the
Nashoba Brooks School in Concord. Two minutes from the
Acton line.

Don't miss out! Details at

Instagram post by Siobhan Donofrio • Jul 22, 2017 at 11:10pm UTC 2 Likes, 1 Comments - Siobhan Donofrio (@befitnutrit) on Instagram: “Maine lobster roll at Harraseeket Lunch and Lobster Company in Freeport, ME. Lobster is an…”

Instagram post by Siobhan Donofrio • Jul 21, 2017 at 8:47pm UTC 0 Likes, 1 Comments - Siobhan Donofrio (@befitnutrit) on Instagram: “Enjoyed meeting and talking nutrition with the UMASS Lowell Men's and Women's Basketball teams this…”

Instagram post by Siobhan Donofrio • Jun 23, 2017 at 5:35pm UTC 10 Likes, 1 Comments - Siobhan Donofrio (@befitnutrit) on Instagram: “Strawberry picking and lunch at Verrill Farm in Concord, MA. Strawberries are a great source of…”

What I'm reading now: Making the Transition from Athlete to Normal Human by Lauren Link, Sports Dietitian at Purdue. This is an easy-to-read, practical guide to eating for the recently retired elite collegiate athlete. While it is aimed at college grads, there is a lot of useful information for the former high school athlete who won't be playing in college.

Drink Up to Stay Healthy and Hydrated This Summer - Tufts University Health & Nutrition Letter Article

As temperatures rise, don't forget to increase your fluid intake. The "average" female adult requires approximately 2.5L (10-11 cups) and the "average" male adult requires approximately 3.5L (14-15 cups) of fluid daily. When it gets hotter and If you are exercising, you need even more. Every cell in your body needs water to function. Water transports nutrients and oxygen throughout the body, and carries away waste materials. Water makes up most of your body, ranging from about 75% of body weight in infancy to 55% of body weight at older ages. Your brain and heart are almost three-...

Sometimes when we eat out, we are faced with limited healthy options. This is a menu from an eating establishment in a large athletic facility. If these were your only choices for a post-practice or post-game recovery meal, what would you pick?

Team USA

Feed your desire to win. Fuel with food. #befitnutrit @befitnutrit

#MondayMotivation: The first step towards Olympic glory starts right at home!

Join #TeamUSA and USA Volleyball this weekend as we kick off #SCS2017 presented by Comcast. MORE:

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