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Do you long for a life that goes beyond the "blah"? If you know that there is way more to life, but you're just not sure how to access it, or what to change to create what you really want … or, how to move past fear to take action My next guest life coach Kate Dorsey knows you weren't born to just get by … you were born to live in BLISS! Kate is stopping by to share the insights that she's gained after having interviewed dozens of expert speakers, teachers, healers & coaches for her upcoming "Live Your Bliss Online Masterclass - How to be Fiercely You, Play Full Out, and Be Unstoppable" >>> Gain free access to the upcoming masterclass at

Why settle for a half-lived life when EXCELLENCE is an option? Learn how to create the life that you desire.

Offering 1on1 healing and coaching sessions or group programs that has helped people reclaim their personal power and self confidence, have harmonious relationships, stop undesired thought and behavior patterns. If world peace is to happen we must first find peace within our own hearts. My intention is to help people live in harmony with themselves and others, to "Know ThySelf", honor the wisdom of their Soul and live Sovereign (health, emotional, spiritual, personal) I help people overcome undesired patterns and develop their consciousness so to see and choose new options for making positive choices that lead to personal & professional growth.

Operating as usual

Spiritual “work” is never about escaping the realities of life. It’s about remembering who and what you are at all times, including when engaging in the mundane tasks.

I’ve met many people who claim to be Spiritually enlightened. The ones I trust the most are those who are humble.

We are all gods and goddesses in the flesh. The weak and poor, the strong and rich, and everyone in between.

We are ALL worthy and deserving of the joys of life, and no-one is above the other.
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@genekeys 🧬 #48

"Wisdom lies between the words, behind the concepts. It’s older than the mind. It may be reached through the mind, like sunlight through a prism, but it doesn’t attach itself anywhere.

It emerges spontaneously, right from the heart of creation.

It’s alive, intelligent, and it lurks in our DNA.

It’s hard to explain this to people with a strong mental polarity in life.

We can’t grasp onto Wisdom. It will elude us like a slippery fish, and if we make it into knowledge, it’ll no longer be Wisdom. It’ll have become ossified and only have limited use.

Wisdom is endlessly useful. We speak about pearls of Wisdom, and that’s what they are - endlessly dripping from the heavens.

The beauty of Wisdom is its very ephemeral nature. Because it detonates like soap bubbles it can’t be trapped, caught, or materialised.

Wisdom emanates from everything, even the very smallest things. A snail has more Wisdom than the greatest logician or scientist.

But the greatest wisdom of all lies in our body."

- Excerpt from The 64 Ways

Discover your unique path of purpose, love, profit - see bio for details

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If you’re an American woman who enjoys the privilege of having full access to benefits at your job, or a credit card, or a mortgage... you are a recipient of a sliver of Ruth Ginsburg’s legacy.

I, for one, am grateful for this trail blazer. Our very own heroine for women’s rights. And I hope to honor her by living up to my potential.

Thank you, Justice Ginsburg, for fighting against injustice so that (those who identify as) women everywhere can be free to pursue our hearts desires without discrimination. 🙏🏼 RIP

With liberty and justice for all ⚖️

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Gene Keys wisdom 🧚🏻‍♂️

"At a certain stage, contemplation gives way to absorption. When this stage is reached, we know.

Our whole frequency begins to move into another realm. The intensity remains, but our life becomes at the same time softer, quieter, and our effort begins to drop away.

The Transfiguration actually begins at the higher reaches of the Gift frequency, as our aura enters the state of Absorption."

- Excerpt from 64 Ways
have your profile read to discover the keys to your unique journey of Self-Actualization (see profile for a free consultation)

💜 Our High-Vibe Tribe is growing 🌱

Join us for our —free—

✨MONTHLY healing transmissions (tonight 7pm est)
✨Virtual social hour / Study Hall
✨Weekly meditation
See bio for links to Programs for fundamental wellbeing

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(If you know the creator of this beautiful watercolor image with two people sharing their hearts, please pm me so I can tag them and give proper credit! 😊)

QuantumSHIFT 💛 Monthly Healing Transmission -

It’s fair to say that we are living through the most challenging times of recorded human history, and it is totally understandable if you’re feeling afraid or uncertain.

I don’t know who needs to hear this right now, but I want to remind you...

As scary or impossible as things may seem, you were born for this moment.

Every sh*tty thing you’ve ever overcome before this has prepared you to navigate these troubled waters.

Who and what you really are, your core essence, is powerful beyond measure.

And when you learn to tap into that infinite wellspring of power, mountains will move and seas will part.

Imagine what’s possible when you step into your authentic power like the Divine being of light that you are?

Think of how many people will benefit as a result of you standing in your radiance?

Learn how to activate your potential and unleash it out into the world... join a commUNITY if conscious seekers and change makers (see bio for link)

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Setting goals is one thing... anyone can do that. It’s the follow through that makes the impact!

I just got off a call with a great accountability Coach, AK @ak.ikwuakor .

He’s going to help me 10x my productivity for reaching my next level of success as a conscious entrepreneur. 🙌🏼

I’m here to make a positive impact... but how can I fulfill my purpose if I don’t complete my tasks?

Procrastination can leave me feeling overwhelmed and bogged down by my “to do list”.

If anyone’s looking for support with creating new habits that make a difference, reach out to AK! 😃

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Ep #27 | Leaving corporate America to pursue a life by design with family in tow, with Chris and Heather Gilman - The Quantum SHIFT Podcast

:: Quantum SHIFT Podcast - New Episode::

Talking about dropping the 9-5 to pursue a more fulfilling lifestyle.

In my latest episode, I get to share a great conversation had while reconnecting with old friends, Chris and Heather Gilman, who gave up their busy big city lives and moved to Costa Rica with their 5-year-old son.

Here are a few things they're passionate about

Creating a life by design
Escaping the 9-5
A shift in perspective
Creating a vision Money mindset
Vibration as your wealth
Being of service
Putting family first

--- You can connect with Heather & Chris ---
[email protected]_lenah

and ask them about how they get to pursue their passions and
request access to their Free webinar - The 7 Pillars to Create a High-Profit Business Online

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The commUNITY is growing! To join our high-vibe tribe, go to My guests today talk about dropping the 9-5 to pursue a more fulfilling lifestyle.In this episode, I get to share a great conversation I had while reconnecting with old friends, Chris and Heather Gilman, who gave up their busy big city lives and m...

👀 Do you see what I see? 😬 Gr8 start to the weekend with a hike in the woods near my home. I love being outdoors in nature!

Do you have a favorite hiking trail?

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Sending prayers of ease and safety for Californians during fire season 🔥

Credit 📸 @spirit_rock

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Just in case you needed to hear this today... there’s nothing missing from you to be who you were born to be. It’s all within you, waiting to be activated and expressed. An infinite supply of creative energy is what you are MADE OF!l

Stop holding yourself back and start fulfilling your potential at

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🙌🏼What are you creating today? More importantly, what part of your mind are you creating from? 😬

🤔 Think on this.... When we’re locked in the protective part of our mind (hyper vigilance) we see, think about and react to threats in the environment.

Therefor, what we are creating is associated with a state of distrust.

Did you know that when we come from an open heart 💕 we move into the higher mind (executive thinking) and have access to new creative thoughts, come up with new solutions to old problems, and even deepen our connections with others and the world around us! 🌎

A part of the problem with what we are experiencing in life is related to our habit of living in hyper vigilance. A state of anxiety; STRESS brain! 🧠

To remedy this, simply commit to a regimen of creating Coherence within oneself and watch the ripple effect take place 💓

Try it and let me know how it goes!

Need help? I offer free weekly heart Coherence meditations.
DM me for details 👍🏼

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A pearl of wisdom, original wit or personal experience one shares to positively impact as many people as possible; Insights to Live By. 🙌🏼 @matthewzinman

•Quantum SHIFT PODCAST-new episode #26 - Matt shares incredibly insightful and practical wisdom from his experiences in life and business 😃 (see bio for linktree)


"Virtue is as delicate as a wild orchid. It is also something we can accumulate, just as water accumulates beneath the ground over the centuries. We accumulate Virtue through our positive actions, thoughts, and deeds. We don’t see the drops of water filling the great lakes below, but every drop brings the water closer to the surface. One day, when our Virtue is brimming over, suddenly it erupts through the cracks of our lives and begins to flow from our hearts, through our aura as effervescent light and as tangible goodwill and benevolence."

- Excerpt from the 64 Ways

📷credit: @genekeys

Details on what to expect for tonights healing transmission -

Body Groove

Such a Powerful message 🙌🏼 I realized something similar regarding not having many female role models for a positive relationship with your own body. Now I can see how it has affected me in life. I’m still learning how to connect with and love myself.

Can I ask you for a favor?

I need help to spread the message of being a positive role-model for health. A message that so many of us need to hear and embrace... especially children.

Because we all have an incredible impact on those around us, we need to champion the idea that it's more important to be healthy, than to look a certain way, or to be a certain size.

I believe the best way to do this is by example and I talk about this in the video below.

Please watch and let me know what you think.

Also, if you can think of anyone that might benefit from hearing this message, I'd love it if you shared.

Thank you so much.

Much Love,


Just a girl and her dog 🥰 I found out that #doberman s don’t like the #beach 😆 Loki was afraid of the waves 🌊 so I had to show him that it was safe to explore @ Winthrop Beach

::Quantum SHIFT Podcast 🎤🎧- new episode #25:: with special-guest, @theblindblogger
I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Max Ivey at the phenomenal @podfestexpo event in March (right before the whole world shut down). We had a great time talking about podcasting and forming lasting friendships with the community members.... he is truly an exceptional human that I’m so grateful to have met, and even more thrilled to be able to share an interview we did on the show.... I got to ask him difficult questions that I was curious about related to some of the challenges related to living as a visually impaired person, and also heard about his life growing up in the carnival, his blog, and travel adventures!!!
Take a listen (see my bio for a link) and I hope you find inspiration from our chat!

Listen to the Ask The Midlife Midwife! Episode - The Quantum Leap of Ascension on iHeartRadio | iHeartRadio

What an incredible interview with DrSirena Pellarolo of Ask The Midlife Midwife Radio Show!!!!

We got to chat about something that’s not being covered on most shows, and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to share this information during these times ❤️

Stream the Ask The Midlife Midwife! episode, The Quantum Leap of Ascension, free & on demand on iHeartRadio.

💥 new episode 🥳 ::the Quantum SHIFT Podcast:: (see bio for link)

Andy Grant is a best-selling author, speaker, Transformational Energy Coach, Akashic Records Reader, Healer, and is the founder of Real Men Feel, a movement encouraging men to accept and express all of their emotions. Andy has been producing and hosting the Real Men Feel podcast since February 2016.

As a survivor of multiple suicide attempts, Andy knows how low we as human beings can feel, and he is committed to helping people realize how magnificent life is meant to be.

His Amazon best-seller, Still Here: How to Succeed in Life After Failing at Suicide, has helped people around the globe and includes everything he wished he knew at a younger age. Andy is also a contributor to the Good Men Project; (, and an initiate of the Modern Mystery School.


Get ready for the second wave ☮️🙌🏼✨❤️

In 1987, people around the world convened, meditated, danced, and tuned in to the earth, each other and the cosmos during what was to become the first ever global coherence and contact event, the Harmonic Convergence. Find out more about exactly what occurred when Jose and Lloydine Arguelles initiated this event in Part 1 of this exciting documentary.



Listen to the Ask The Midlife Midwife! Episode - Metaphysical Transformations on iHeartRadio | iHeartRadio

I had such a great time on Dr Sirena’s show, “Ask the midlife midwife “ she ashes great questions and really has a gift of bringing out the best in people.

I think you’ll love this show! Have a listen and leave me a comment or question about what you want to dive deeper into on my next upcoming interview happening next week

Stream the Ask The Midlife Midwife! episode, Metaphysical Transformations, free & on demand on iHeartRadio.

✨Building a new perception of Self✨

This is the most incredible time to be alive! Why? Because we are all going through the GREAT AWAKENING!

It’s arguably the most powerful time for our healing, individually and collectively. The energy is alive with possibilities, and many are here to usher in this energy for a new earth🌎 birthing a new humanity - homoSanctus 🌟 (evolving from me focused to we centric)

Of course, there is an alternative 👿... to devolve down into the pit of greed, avarice, despair, lust, ignorance, violence. That’s also possible. 😬 And for a while, it will seem as if that’s where we’re headed.

Don’t lose hope or focus! ✊🏾✊🏼✊🏽

It’s going to be a challenging time, asking us to face our darkness, act courageously, take a leap of faith in the name of our innermost Truth, to “know thyself” as Divine brings and take a stand for what we’re most passionate about, giving al voice to our hearts ❤️ allow it to be heard. Invest in learning, growing, healing so to build a new perception of Self.

As we choose to step into our power this way, and say YES to doing our part in creating change, the energy grows strong in favor of our highest outcome. 🙏🏼

Easier said than done, but none the less, we were born for these times.... to be the bridge between heaven and earth. 🕉

🌈Join the quest at🌈

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Meet my teacher/mentor for the {Energy Codes}, Dr Sue!

Her ~Body Awake yoga~ has been a life saver for me.

If you don’t think you’re a yoga person... this is for you

If you think you know everything there is to know about yoga ... it’s for you, too

Come try it out and see for yourself!

Today is International Yoga Day! This year's 2020 theme is, "Yoga at Home and Yoga with Family."

To celebrate and support the International Yoga Day and the spread of yoga awareness and benefits of practice, we invite you to sign up for FREE BodyAwake Yoga classes with Dr. Sue!

Classes are scheduled for Mondays and Thursdays through June beginning at 8am PT / 11am ET.

You can register for classes (and receive replays) here:

To learn more about International Yoga Day and this year's theme, visit:

Join us at 9am est Fridays for *Heart Coherence* meditation, and create some space for the light to breakthrough!

✨✨Doors are now OPEN✨✨

To the Quantum SHIFT 🦚 Inner Power Circle

☀️if you feel your Soul yearning for something MORE

⭐️You’re wanting to find your path of healing, purpose, love, profit.

💛Are ready to live in alignment with your powerful potential and

🌎 Find the courage to follow your heart, to step up, speak out, show up for what you came into this world to do / be

If you’ve been struggling to access your joy, find your way, heal your body/mind:heart

⭐️I’m here to say there’s another way of living.⭐️

I’d like to invite you to join me and a high-vibe tribe online for a unique healing and transformational journey

💟More than reducing stress with mindfulness training (which we do together in class)

🕉More than coaching (which you’ll receive)

⚛️More than healing practices (which you’ll learn to master)

This is a new online commUNITY that will be supportive for your journey of fundamental wellbeing and Self-Actualization

And I’d love nothing more than for ✨YOU✨ to join us!

Learn more....


Shawna’s Story

Discover how to get unstuck & actualize the full spectrum of your potential

It’s said that information is power, but only when we use it to transform ourselves, relationships or organizations for the greater good with intentional actions that have a positive impact on the world around us.

I’m dedicated to teaching purpose-driven people how to create positive personal & professional change for fulfillment in life and to make a meaningful impact on the world.

If you’re looking for a proven professional who can mindfully guide you to:

  • put an end to self-doubt, fear or sabotaging habits and maintain a positive mindset with a greater sense of self

  • uphold personal boundaries without losing your power due to stress

  • develop emotional, spiritual, & conversational IntelligenceTM for a calm, clear mind, vision & generativity

  • learn how to trust again after loss, failure, rejection or betrayal

  • master interpersonal skills to handle emotional triggers within a professional organization to avoid disruption and uplevel the company culture.
  • Then you’ve come to the right place! Shawna has nearly 2 decades of experience in elevating amazing clients who’ve shared similar worries while achieving remarkable results for reducing fear & uncertainty in a world of rapid change.

    People who work with me 1on1 or with my Transformational Healing & Conversational Intelligence™ group programs can learn to

  • change old patterns and put an end to sabotaging habits

  • heal core wounds and be free from self-imposed limitations

  • be empowered to uphold personal boundaries

  • navigate the emotional terrain of grief and live with a positive mindset

  • build trust after loss, betrayal, disappointments

  • develop greater interpersonal skills and engagement within a professional organization
  • WHY NOW?

    We’re living in a microwave mindset society, where people are quick to judge or react to challenges irrationally, making impulsive decisions that come with a high cost to self-esteem, personal or professional relationships as a result of living distracted without direction, purpose or focus.

    When we give into our fear-based motivations to be liked, avoid pain, stay safe & comfortable, gain power over others, we lose sight of what’s really important; our need for authentic growth and meaningful connection. Only to end up repeating sabotaging patterns that keep us stuck in an old outdated paradigm.

    What is it that makes people act this way?

    The former Surgeon General Murthy suggests that “The world is suffering from an epidemic of loneliness,” and the latest neuroscience teaches us that isolation & social rejection activates fear networks in the brain. Feeling rejection causes great emotional and physical pain due to an increase in stress hormones, which moves us into protective behaviors (the fight, flight, freeze or appease response.)

    When pain goes unresolved, people tend to distrust others and protect themselves from making deep, heartfelt connections. Even though there has never been a greater opportunity for personal development and social connections, somehow, we are missing the mark.

    It’s my belief that we can learn to heal the inner wounds our painful past (personal or professional) and learn new skills to gain self-mastery. Doing so enables us to move out of our protective behaviors and feel more accepting of self and others.

    This is what leads to a more authentic, fulfilling life and engagement within professional organizations.

    With positive focus on partnering, not protecting, we are elevated by our conversations and can build meaningful relationships; reducing fear and uncertainty in a world of rapid change.

    Learn how to cultivate resiliency & activate your ultimate potential

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    Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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