Teamworks Sports Performance, Acton, MA Video June 3, 2019, 8:27pm

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Look at coach @ndiverdi getting after it today prepping for a big summer on the platform!!!! #Repost @ndiverdi with @get_repost
155kg Clean Deadlift at 73kg BW. Trying to get stronger. 💪🏋️‍♂️ @teamworks_sp

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THE TIME IS FINALLY HERE 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 We’ve been given permission from our local BOH that we may resume 1 on 1 training as well as small group training! You know what that means!!! 💥💥COLLEGE ATHLETES💥💥 Let’s get you set up with some of our custom programming! DM us to find out when are classes will be offered! You can also email [email protected] to learn more! 💥💥we have limited spots available so don’t miss out💥💥 @r_barry4 @fivestarsrpt @teamworks_acton #collegeathletes #ncaa #letsgo #notimetowaste #offseasontraining

BIG NEWS from TSP, tomorrow 4/6 we will be launching an online based platform that will allow you to continue your workouts from home at your own time!!! You will be able to get completely customized at home workouts with videos of EVERYTHING. These videos are going to take you step by step through each of the exercises so that you perform them correctly and safely! @r_barry4 @ndiverdi @jackiepinney @fivestarsrpt #onlineworkouts #athomeworkout #getafterit #quarenfitness #getyourmindright

Day 5 of the January challenge is a 1 min plank. This can be a high or low plank based on your own preference. Remember to keep you’re back flat and squeeze those rock hard abs and get those washboards ready because summertime and bathing suit season is almost here! @r_barry4 @cchsball @ndiverdi @jackiepinney @coachchris @fivestarsrpt @teamworks_acton #monthlychallenges #day5 #1minplank #dontbeshyjustdoit #strictlybusiness #wintheday

A little late but this is going to be a great way to spend the half time of tonight’s patriots game! DAY 4 of the challenge is 10 lunges steps, they do not need to be moving/ walking lunges. They can be completed in the living room of your house. . . . Our focus with these lunges is to step out in front, then drop down into the lunge because we do not want our chest or knee going to far in front of our feet. One thing to keep in mind with these lunge steps is to keep you’re core tight, control the decent, chest up tall and work in you’re pain free range of motion. . . . Keep going on these challenges everyone, before you know it you will be able conquer everything that is put in front of you!! @r_barry4 @ndiverdi @jackiepinney @coachchris @fivestarsrpt @teamworks_acton #januarychallenge #dailyexercise #day4 #10lungesteps #patriotsfootball #strictlybusiness #wintheday

Day 3 HERE WE GO!!! Today’s challenge is brought to you by coach @ndiverdi . Our challenge today is 10 push ups!! . . Main thing to keep in mind is you can do this from a wall, chair, bench, or the ground. Use whatever tools you need. When doing your push up you want to keep the elbows close to the body to prevent any harm to the shoulders. If you have any questions don’t be afraid to reach out, DM us, call us, stop by. We want you to make the COMMIT TO FIT challenge the best one yet. @teamworks_acton @r_barry4 @ndiverdi @jackiepinney @coachchris @fivestarsrpt #committofit #day3 #10pushups #areyoustrongenoughtastthewholetime #strictlybusiness #wintheday

Hey everyone we are starting the year off with a bang!!! We are doing a challenge for the month of January🔥🔥🔥🔥💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 . . . The coaches of TSP are challenging you to make a commitment to yourself for 1 month. We are looking for the most dedicated and committed people who are trying to be the best version of themselves. . . . Each day one of the coaches will post a video of our Daily challenge video and if you complete everyday this month you will win a prize. You must wait for the video before you complete the exercise because it is about the long haul and not the short sprint. . . To get credit for the exercise, you can either: tag us, send a coach a video, or complete the exercise in front of a coach. If you would like to know more do not be afraid to reach out to a coach or DM us. @teamworks_sp @teamworks_acton @r_barry4 @ndiverdi @jackiepinney @coachchris @fivestarsrpt #committofit #newyearschallenge #makethejump #howlongcanyoulast #letsgo! #makethecommitment #strictlybusiness #wintheday

Don’t wait until it’s too late to order the fresh new gear 🔥🔥🔥👀👀from our brand new online store! . . We have so much stuff that you just need to check it out for yourself!! Clink the link in our bio for more information, or just stop on bye and ask for an order form!! @r_barry4 @fivestarsrpt @ndiverdi @jackiepinney @coachchris @teamworks_acton #newswag #swagfordays #underarmour #lookgoodfeelgood

Here we have coach @jackiepinney leading the next generation of top notch athletes at TSP! It's never to late to get a jumpstart on your fitness or athletic career! Contact us or check out our website Can't wait to see you there! 📸 cred: @ndiverdi #getbetter #middleschool #athleticdevelopment #nextgeneration #traintheyouth #strictlybusiness #wintheday

Sometimes we have some fun! #bigkidsatheart @teamworks_acton @fivestarsrpt #Repost @r_barry4 with @get_repost ・・・ Having a little fun with our college group today. These kids have been busting there butt this summer to prepare for the upcoming college season! It's the mini band waddle! @teamworks_sp #collegeathlete #strengthtraining #minibandwaddle #almostgotime #strictlybusiness #wintheday #purdue #bentley #tufts

Look at coach @ndiverdi getting after it today prepping for a big summer on the platform!!!! #Repost @ndiverdi with @get_repost ・・・ 155kg Clean Deadlift at 73kg BW. Trying to get stronger. 💪🏋️‍♂️ @teamworks_sp

Check out Coach Nick with this unbelievable balance and core stabilization. He is demonstrating to our intern that having a strong core you can push the limits of what's possible. @perform_better @usa_weightlifting #olympicweightlifting #strongcore #squats #balance #stability #strictlybusiness #wintheday #Repost @ndiverdi with @get_repost ・・・ Just messing around before my 9:30am class @teamworks_sp @fivestarsrpt

If you are interested in learning more about Olympic Weightlifting then look no further @ndiverdi specializes in all lifts weightlifting. If you start with the mechanics at an early age then it translates to success later on. . . . If you have any questions don't hesitate to DM @ndiverdi or stop by and talk to him about getting involved in this fast growing sport. #Repost @ndiverdi with @get_repost ・・・ First day of weightlifting! Learning how to use those legs!🏋️‍♂️

It was a full house today at TSP! Some of the best high school athletes in the area are preparing for there upcoming seasons... they were getting after it! (Even though the video just shows some awesome dance moves by @emmabouley @nbrown7_ and @king_berrouet) sometimes they work hahah. When you get things done with intention then fun can happen naturally. . . If you're still looking for a home to train then look no further! Contact us about setting you with our group classes. If that's not your style we also offer 1 on 1 training. We can help make you the best version of yourself! @r_barry4 @paz.performance Five Star Sports Rehab and Physical Therapy #athleticdevelopment #strictlybusiness #wintheday #unrealdancemoves

Now introducing Freestyle Fridays. The first Friday of every month we are added a new component to our adult fitness regiment. . . . Adding a game for the adults is challenging because it has to be something that can appeal to a large variety of clients but also serve a purpose. Here we are playing some physioball soccer. A great way to get some cardio in at the end of a warm up. . . . This was brought to my attention by one of clients. These guys come in every day and work so hard so I thought I'd pull the inner kid out in them all and reward them! @r_barry4 @teamworks_acton #adultfitness #igfitness #fitfam #PBsoccer #cardio #fitnessisfun #strictlybusiness #wintheday #positiveminds #newbeginnings #freestylefriday

We got a full house of people here trying to get Better on this cold Saturday morning!! Love to see people killing it even on the weekends. . . . This group believes in a 6 day work week! Do you live for Friday night at the bar or are you one of the few who is working even on your days off??? . . . Let's get ready for testing this week in our adult fitness classes!!! Who's going to have the highest totals?? @r_barry4 @paz.performance @sarahbriones17 @raybri3 Five Star Sports Rehab and Physical Therapy @teamworks_acton #saturdayamfitness #groupex #bebetter #betougherthantheworkout #strictlybusiness #wintheday #fitfam #adultfit #igfit #pickthingsupabdputthemdown #positivevibes #healthylifestyle #changinglivesonedumbbellatatime

HEY EVERYONE ITS THE LAST DAY OF THE DECEMBER CHALLENGE!! We've made it to the end!! Thank you to all those that participated you guys rock! The amount of support we got from this challenge is simply amazing!!! . . . Day 31-3 rope climbs. If you do not have a rope then you can climb something, anything!! Finish this challenge off the right way! . . . Happy new year to everyone and can't wait to get back at in 2019!! So much new and exciting things to happen next year!!! @r_barry4 Five Star Sports Rehab and Physical Therapy @coachdiverdi @paz.performance @jaredclyle @kev_oc31 #finishwhatyoustarted #dontquit #mentaltoughness #day31 #decemberchallenge #onedayatatime #oneexerciseatatime #strictlybusiness #wintheday #thatsawrapfor2018

Day 30- 10 yards of a crab walk. We have one more day left of this challenge! Let's all finish this challenge tomorrow at TSP with some rope climbs! I challenge you to come in and see what you got! We are so thankful for all the great memories we were able to create with our athletes in 2018!! @r_barry4 Five Star Sports Rehab and Physical Therapy @coachdiverdi @paz.performance @jaredclyle @kev_oc31 #committofit #decemberchallenge #day30 #crabwalk #onedayatatime #oneexerciseatatime #strictlybusiness #wintheday #adultfit #oakley #cranberrybowl

Day 29 - 40 yard farmers walks. We have 2 more days left. I know you guys are sick of this but that's no excuse to stop! You MUST FINISH what you started!! Don't be weak minded, don't quit, fight through the mental struggle that is telling you to stop and go do a challenge!! @r_barry4 Five Star Sports Rehab and Physical Therapy @coachdiverdi @paz.performance @jaredclyle @kev_oc31 #day29 #decemberchallenge #onedayatatime #oneexerciseatatime #dontstop #noweakmindshere #finishwhatyoustarted #strictlybusiness #wintheday #letsgooo

Day 28- 8 DB snatches. Keep going with all the momentum you've built up this far! Lets crank these last couple days out! @r_barry4 Five Star Sports Rehab and Physical Therapy @kev_oc31 @coachdiverdi @paz.performance @jaredclyle #committofit #decemberchallenge #day28 #onedayatatime #oneexerciseatatime #strictlybusiness #wintheday #healthylifestyle #dclchamps #adultfit #snatch

Day 26 of the #committofit December challenge here at TSP! We have a 6" ISO leg hold for 1 min. We only have 5 days left, I know you guys are super bummed that this challenge is almost over.. . . . Here's a great idea, it doesn't matter if you've been doing it every day or waiting for an opportunity to join. Start today, not tomorrow but today and go for the rest of the year as hard as you can! You can do this! we are doing it together. Keep up the AMAZING WORK!!! @r_barry4 Five Star Sports Rehab and Physical Therapy @coachdiverdi @paz.performance @jaredclyle @kev_oc31 #committofit #decemberchallenge #day26 #mentaltoughness #healthylifestyle #strictlybusiness #wintheday

Merry Christmas, Day 25- 25 Russian Twist. Got the whole family down on the floor doing it. Although the video died midway through we did finish it all. They all must love me lol 😂 #decemberchallenge #committofit #onedayatatime #oneexerciseatatime #healthylifestyle #mentaltoughness #strictlybusiness #wintheday

Look everyone it's Ryan the fitness elf. He is here to help demonstrate day 24- we have 10 flutter kicks each side! We have one week left on this challenge! Come on guys let's finish it out strong! @r_barry4 Five Star Sports Rehab and Physical Therapy @coachdiverdi @paz.performance @jaredclyle @kev_oc31 #committofit #decemberchallenge #onedayatatime #oneexerciseatatime #healthylifestyle #strictlybusiness #wintheday #adultfit #clearthemind #

Half time of the New England Patriots game calls for the day 23 #committofit cedember challenge. 5 reverse inch worms. This is a great way to warm up the whole body before a work out or if you are so fired up for a New England Patriots victory you just want to burn some energy! @r_barry4 @jonesy5135 Five Star Sports Rehab and Physical Therapy @coachdiverdi @paz.performance #decemberchallenge #committofit #day23 #onedayatatime #oneexerciseatatime #mentaltoughness #healthylifestyle #strictlybusiness #wintheday #teddybruschi #troybrown #patshof #legends

Day 21- 8 side lunges each side. We are almost there, tomorrow begins the single digit countdown. Keep up the amazing work. . . . (Yes I did not know what to do with my hands) This has been one of the best challenges yet! A great way to finish out the year! We are so exciting about what 2019 has in store for us! #committofit @r_barry4 Five Star Sports Rehab and Physical Therapy @coachdiverdi @paz.performance @jaredclyle @kev_oc31 #decemberchallenge #committofit #day21 #10daysleft #dontquit #trusttheprocess #betougherthantheworkout #mentaltoughness #strictlybusiness #wintheday

It's day 20- we have 10 push press's. Listening to Ed Mylett and Billy Gene Is Marketing learning some tips to help take this business to new heights for 2019!! #committofit every damn day! Let's go people the finish line is right around the corner and we are within two weeks of completing this challenge. @r_barry4 Five Star Sports Rehab and Physical Therapy @coachdiverdi @paz.performance @jaredclyle @kev_oc31 #committofit #decemberchallenge #day21 #onedayatatime #oneexerciseatatime #trusttheprocess #betougherthantheworkout #createastreak #strictlybusiness #wintheday

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