580 Barbell Club & CrossFit Unforgiven, Ada, OK Video July 15, 2016, 7:40pm

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Can you say amazing?! Wow...we have an awesome, strong, motivated group of teens at the Club! Here is just a few of them PRing their Deadlifts! Jaeden is 13 and hit 215lbs, BJ is 15 and hit 300lbs and Tapanga is 14 and hit 300lbs!
We are proud of you kids!

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Just a bit of our amazing CFU gym fam! We sure do love our crew! Best support system & cheering section out there! #best...

How cool! Murph 2019 πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Dumbbells and morning class for the Wednesday win! #cfu #wakeupandbegreat #crossfitunforgiven #580barbellclub #dumbells

Ok...so I'm quite chatty, but wanted to talk to everyone a little bit about what the TRAINER WARS is all about! This 4 w...

A little Card Deck Game FUN in class this morning! How do you spend your Saturday morning?! Come join us next Saturday a...

Come getcha some Strongman Training at 580 Barbell Club! Your looking at girls, teenage boys, and men from all different...

Can you say amazing?! Wow...we have an awesome, strong, motivated group of teens at the Club! Here is just a few of them...

Ricky Smith with a 515lb Squat today!

A couple more PRs from our Teens!BJ with 285lbs and Nikki with 215lbs! We've got some strong kids! πŸ’ͺ

This...this right here! You are looking at a 14 year old Jr High girl who is squatting 225lbs! Let that awesomeness sink...

Justin Booth hitting a new Squat PR! 525lbs!

A couple of the girls hitting 8 minutes of EMOTM squat reps with 285lbs!

Coach Landon Hitting 475lbs and then 500lbs for a Deadlift PR tonight! Love watching the guys get hyped!

Cole Booth PRing his Overhead Squat at 300lbs and the 320lbs!

They guys getting a little tap and go Clean n Jerk action going at 225lbs getting ready for the next comp!

Coach Landon got his very first Muscle Up today! Congrats!

Tons of BIG PRs in the gym today! This is Harley getting a 145lb OHP! Landon hit a 275lb Clean at only 18 years old! The...

A little OHP fun in BTRx KIDS class! See you amazing and strong kids at 4:30!

Just a few of the Front Squat PRs from last night! Cole with 475lbs, Cabo with 335lbs and Dr. Heimer with 525lbs! Great ...

That's a 330lb thruster! Yep...strongest guys around fo sho! #evenourgirlsarestrongerthanyou

Just a few of the paused rep Bench Press I was able to snag on video last Friday! Powerlifting Meet prep is on point!

The girls pulling a 600lb partner Deadlift today! Awesome job strong mommas!

That Bench Press! Gotta love Fridays!

It was max week for Harley on a couple lifts! New PR on Deadlift and Overhead Press!

Had some awesome squats PRs in the gym tonight! Congrats Trae on 405, Mo on 425 and Bordan on 335!

Equal parts 255lb snatch and Mean Mug! Dr. Brad Heimer setting a new PR!

Harley PRing his Bench Press at 220lbs! I just want to take a second to brag on just how amazing this is! Not only does ...

Happy 49th Birthday to the Clubs own, Tim and congrats on your 300lb Bench Press PR this morning!

Do you know what a thruster looks like? How about 2 guys doing a 330lb thruster?! Well here you go!

Let's play a game...you power snatch, then I'll power snatch! Great job guys...250lbs!

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