On Target Training LLC

Local, professional, handgun training for the Ada area. Classes offered are Oklahoma SDA(concealed/open carry), Private and NRA classes.

[12/15/16]   Next Oklahoma SDA (concealed/open carry) class is January 7th 2017

Enjoy our comfortable chairs, luxury conference room with plenty of space, professional instruction, and a catered lunch. Rain or shine hot or cold it doesn't matter because we shoot at an indoor range!

Do you have your handgun license but it's been a while since you've taken the class? Not sure about the new laws? No problem! For $30 (lunch not included) you can sit through the legal portion of the class and get a refresher!

Our instructor loves answering questions, is an Iraq war veteran, and has honed his skills in countless handgun competitions both USPSA and NRA.

Shoot with the best and call 580-399-3320 to reserve your seat today!

[06/12/16]   July class schedule is out - Oklahoma SDA (Concealed carry) July 9th - Intermediate Pistol July 10th.

Concealed carry class comes with a steak lunch, comfortable chairs and a friendly environment.

Call 580-399-3320 to enroll today!

[06/01/16]   Just two spots left for the Intermediate Pistol class June 5th at 1pm!

Cost is $125.00 or $110.00 with your concealed carry license. 250 rounds, holster, and two magazines are required.

Class size is extremely limited! This is the best bang for your buck to get great instruction on your pistol and quality training customized to what you need to grow as a shooter.

[04/25/16]   Had a blast teaching our intermediate pistol class today!

Do you want to be a better shot?

Want to learn how to shoot faster and still get hits?

Enroll in the intermediate pistol class May 14th! This four hour class uses 250 rounds and expert instruction to take you beyond basic pistol into more advanced shooting. Be more effective with your handgun, more confident in its operation, and test your limits.

[04/24/16]   May class schedule:

Concealed Carry May 14th

Intermediate Pistol May 15th

concealednation.org 03/26/2016

Armed Intruder Kicks Down Bedroom Door, Is Shot By Homeowner On Other Side

Remember that when seconds count the police are minutes away. You are your own first responder.

concealednation.org FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- One fast-thinking gun owner saved his brother when he saw his family member face down on the ground with a gun pointed at him. Police in&hellip

concealednation.org 03/22/2016

CCW IN ACTION: Armed 22-Year-Old Woman Stops Three Men Attempting To Rob Her In Store Parking Lot

A quick reminder that just because you might feel comfortable in Oklahoma does not mean you are safe.

A recent example of CCW in action in Oklahoma City.

concealednation.org OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- A concealed carrier successfully thwarted the efforts of three men to rob her late at night outside a Dollar Tree. According to police reports from the&hellip

[03/19/16]   Pass the word about our April class schedule and don't forget to like and share our page! We will be giving away a gift card when we hit 200 likes!

April class schedule:

April 23rd

Concealed carry class:

Have a steak lunch, shoot at an indoor range, and enjoy a comfortable classroom. $75.00 per individual or $130.00 per couple.

Call 580-399-3320 to enroll!

April 24th

Intermediate handgun class:

Want to take your handgun skills up a notch? Learn draw stroke, faster follow up shots, types of reloads, and how to transition between targets effectively! 4 hour class - 1 hour classroom 3 hours range. Required items handgun, holster, 2 magazines (revolvers must have speed loaders), 250 rounds of ammunition, eye and ear protection.

Recommend magazine or speed loader pouches but not required.

Cost $125.00 per person $15.00 off when you show your concealed carry permit.

Call 580-399-3320 to enroll!

bearingarms.com 02/25/2016

Correcting Your Vulnerability Index

What is your vulnerability index?

bearingarms.com You, and you alone, are responsible for your safety. Using a tool like a vulnerability index can help you to assess your personal safety gaps.


BAS Targets - splatter/fragmentation control

I've been getting some questions about what I practice with.

Without getting into great detail I use a few steel targets for the majority of my drills. This is one of them, it's 3/8ths AR500 steel with a 20deg forward lean to control splatter and reduce/eleminate ricochets. These targets and stands are available at Gun Runners Inc in Ada for very reasonable prices.

Remember this is an AR500 Armor Steel impact face and is rifle rated for impacts under 2600FPS in most calibers under .338 Lapua. You can shoot this target for years and years without having to replace it.

Looking at the splatter/fragmentation control of targets from www.BAStargets.com

[02/22/16]   The response to this page has been incredible! We will be giving away a $25.00 discount on a concealed carry class once we get to 200 page likes!

The winner will be chosen randomly from those who shared and liked this page.

thetruthaboutguns.com 02/20/2016

Eat-Cheese-Or-Die State (Wisconsin) Concealed Carry Permits Top 280k - The Truth About Guns

A concealed handgun can make you and by extension your neighbors safer IF you are properly trained!

Take your Oklahoma Handgun License class with us on Feb 27th!

March 12th and 26th will be our next class dates, subscribe to our RSS feed to stay up to date on our class schedule.

thetruthaboutguns.com Wisconsin issued its first concealed carry permits late in 2011. From that auspicious beginning, the number of concealed carry permits issued has soared. Speaking to wsaw.com, citing his wife as a case in point, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker revealed the extent toRead More

[02/19/16]   Have you seen your instructor shoot? Are they teaching you with a skill set that is current and maintained or training methods and skills that are decades behind?

These are important questions to ask when considering an instructor for all but the most basic of training.


USPSA Single Stack Division Stage Win

Shooting from a seated position is covered in our advanced handgun class.

Here our instructor solves a shooting problem from the seated position.

Notice the pace change on the two back targets. Knowing when you can go faster is a critical part of building your skills with a pistol.

Winning the "seated" stage at H&H Gun Range Single Stack Division. Shout out to the guys at Gun Runners Inc and BoomerShooter.com the nations premier shootin...


4 5 15 Stage Win SS H&H

This is our instructor shooting with rhythm to manage recoil, sight picture, and transitions between targets.

This run won single stack and placed 4th out of 19 shooters at the Easter H&H match.





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