Ada Firemens Rodeo Pageant, Ada, OK Video October 29, 2017, 1:29am

Videos by Ada Firemens Rodeo Pageant in Ada.

So many beautiful girls! And Sam! 😍😂

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What a turn out for the Pawnee Bill Memorial Rodeo this last Saturday night. Cowboys and cowgirl got some rematches from last October at the Firemens rodeo along with our traveling Royalty reminding our Cowboys and Cowgirls that we love the IPRA.

Great week at Miss Rodeo USA pageant and the IFR

So many beautiful girls! And Sam! 😍😂

Friday night queen runs! #letthatponyrun #sosparkly

When you win too many prizes... 😂💄👑 #welloveoursponsors #adafiremensrodeopageant

Welcome visiting royalty to Ada!

Our girls are looking FLASHY! ✨

Life is never dull with rodeo queens, especially not when Miss Rodeo USA 2016 Harmony Latham is your emcee! We had a rock paper scissor contest with the remaining two princess contestants on who went next. Jalie vs Bailey..we think Jalie won, it was unclear 😂

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