Oklahoma USA Umpires

Oklahoma USA Umpires


A tale of warning: I have been stiffed by The Alliance Fastpitch Network, specifically Heart of America Elite Fastpitch League. I umpired a total of fifteen games over a four day span: June 17 – 20. Additionally, I had to pay for my own hotel, but was promised I would be reimbursed. As I finished my final game I was told that whomever was paying umpires had ran out of checks and that we would be paid via PayPal the very next day. That did not happen; I am still not paid. I have called or texted the UIC (my only contact, but not the paymaster) several times and was told that I would be paid “tomorrow.” Tomorrow has never come, and now the UIC is ignoring my texts and calls. I am left to assume that I will never be paid for those games and hotel nights, approximately $950.
Do what you want, but take this as a warning about with whom you do business. The Alliance Fastpitch Network stiffs umpires.
Good morning fellow USA Softball of Oklahoma umpires. Letting you know that I have negotiated a deal with Frontier City and Whitewater Bay for discounted tickets for USA registered teams, adult or youth -- and umpires. Normal ticket prices are around $50 for each park, plus taxes.
As a registered USA Softball of Oklahoma team or umpire, tickets will cost a flat $30. No taxes. Do not have to buy as a team; individuals can purchase so long as they are a member of a USA Softball of Oklahoma registered team.
I am the contact for FC/WB and will have the tickets in hand sometime this week. I figure we can use these as enticement to register USA and perhaps even to add to our tournament prize packages. Do this by adding a little to the entry fee to cover the cost, then award the tickets to the winner of the tournament. The added cost should be minimal when spread across all the teams’ entry fees.
Additionally, I am in talks with Royal Caribbean cruise lines for similar deals. Not much progress there yet; haven’t got to speak to the right person yet, but I’m working on it. Also making calls to other nontraditional “sponsors/partners.” Going outside the softball box for potential prizes other than shirts, jackets, bats, and balls.

Oklahoma USA Umpires

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 07/06/2017

Here's a chance to watch some great softball and get a chance to hear Team USA players talk about that their faith. I wish other sports would be this open about the players belief in God!

Timeline photos 01/28/2017

Mike Herring receiving his Elite status for slow pitch with USA softball.

Timeline photos 06/04/2016

Another view.

Timeline photos 06/04/2016

Any words of encouragement or improvement for this umpire?


Play: B3 is in the batter’s box. R1 is on 3rd base and R2 is on 1st base. B4 swings at the pitch and tips F2’s glove and hits a slow roller to the F1. R1 stays at 3B, R2 makes it to 2B base and B3 is out at 1B. As B4 walks up to bat the head coach for the offensive team asks for time. The coach asks the plate umpire about the catcher obstruction.

What is the ruling?


Play: (Coed SP) No outs in the 3rd inning B1 (a female) hits a double to left field. The team manager sends a male roster member in as a courtesy runner for B1. The umpire does not allow the courtesy runner because male runners cannot be used as courtesy runners for female players and female runners cannot be used as courtesy runners for male players.

Was this the correct ruling?


Plays and Clarifications:
Play: R1 on 2B, R2 on 1B, 2 outs and B5 at Bat with no count. F1 delivers an illegal pitch. B5 hits a ground ball to F6. As F-6 is attempting to make a play on the batted ball, R1 lowers their shoulder and plows into F-6, driving them to the ground. The umpires call time and interference and call R1 out and since this is the third out end the ½ inning.

Is this the correct call?


Calling Distance on Tag Plays: The correct distance in our umpire manual for tag plays is 10 to 12 feet. Since these plays involve a defender tagging a runner, the interaction of the four basic elements are much closer together, allowing the umpire to keep all elements in their primary viewing area even at this reduced distance. In addition, the ability to transition to a secondary position as the play develops allows umpires to obtain an unobstructed view of the play. This allows the umpire the ability to see the entire interaction between all four elements.


Calling distances for Force Plays or Plays on the Batter-runner beating the throw to 1B:
The ASA/USA Softball Umpire Manual states that the correct calling distance for these plays is no closer than 18 Feet. We feel that 18 feet is the closest you should be to allow you to see all the dynamics of the play by keeping the interaction of the four elements in front of you. We used to say 18 – 21 feet in our manual but felt that in some plays, even though few and far between, you should be allowed to be a little deeper than the 21 feet.


Mechanic Issues
We mentioned in January’s Plays and Clarifications that we wanted to concentrate on mechanic issues we saw during last year’s National Championships. Some of them are minor issues however we want to make sure we are all on the same page when discussing ASA/USA Softball Mechanics. This month we will discuss a few of them


Safety Awareness Guide: Page 188 in the Safety Awareness Guide, under Helmets, still contains the sentence, Please note: chin straps are mandatory on all youth batting helmets.

This sentence needs to be removed or changed to may be worn.


Rule 8 Section 9B2: This new rules states, (All Adult Slow Pitch except Seniors) Any eligible player on the official line-up including available substitutes may be used as a courtesy runner. A courtesy runner may be used once per inning.
A question came up on the definition of an eligible player. Can a player who has used up their reentry, run as a courtesy runner. In ASA/USA Softball an eligible player is a rostered player.

The intent of the rule change was to allow any rostered player to be a courtesy runner. This is interpreted as any rostered player not ejected and or disqualified from the game may still be used as a courtesy runner.


A question came up regarding if you have only one available substitute on base as the courtesy runner and the next player at bat gets injured, what would be the ruling? In similar cases where a new rule does not cover every situation, we review the entire rule book to see if there is any rule discussed in the rule book that would cover that play. In this situation we do, in the Fast Pitch and Modified Pitch courtesy runner rule, this is covered. Therefore, the interpretation for this question would be that the only available substitute, which is being used as a courtesy runner, would be removed from the base and entered as a substitute for the injured player and the player the courtesy runner was running for would return to the base and run for them. This would make the new rule read as follows:
(All Adult Slow Pitch except Seniors) Any eligible player on the official line-up including available substitutes may be used as a courtesy runner. A courtesy runner may be used once per inning.
Exception: Should an injury or disqualification occur and no substitutes are available, the courtesy runner must be used as a substitute and take the place of the injured player. Should the courtesy runner be on base and is entered as a substitute, the person for whom the courtesy runner is running must run in their place.


Rule 8, Section 9B2: This is the new rule for Adult Slow Pitch allowing a courtesy runner. This new rules states, (All Adult Slow Pitch, except Seniors) Any eligible player on the official line-up including available substitutes may be used as a courtesy runner. A courtesy runner may be used once per inning.


Rule 8, Section 9: The title now reads Running Masters and Seniors and should be changed to reflect the new courtesy runner for Adult Slow Pitch.


Rule 8, Section 7Q Effect 2: The effect states “that the runner closest to home is out”. However this is an incorrect statement. It was scheduled to be corrected in the 2016 ASA/USA Softball Rule Book but was missed. The correct statement should read: “The runner is out”. This is the same as in most base running cases of interference. This will be corrected in the 2017 ASA/USA Softball Rule Book to read: Rule 8 Section 7Q: When a defensive player has the ball and the runner remains upright and crashes into the defensive player.
1 The ball is dead.
2 The runner is out.
3 Runners must return to the last base touched at the time of the interference.
4 If flagrant, the offender is ejected.


Rule 8, Section 2M: The Batter-runner is out (Slow Pitch) for excess over-the-fence home runs. In Class E/REC it also ends the offensive half-inning. The sentence for the half inning ending out should have been removed from the new rules.


Rule 7, Section 4 Effect 4I-L: This is when a strike is called on the batter. The Effect: 1.The ball is dead. 2 A strike on the batter. 3 Each runner must return to the base occupied at the time of the pitch, should include letter H which states “For each pitched ball swung at and missed which touches any part of the batter.”


Rule 4, Section 6F3 Exception: Under Illegal Player in our rules we define an Illegal Runner. The exception to the Illegal Runner is in games where a Courtesy Runner is allowed. By our new rule change in Rule 8 Section 9 B2 we allow a Courtesy Runner in all Adult Slow Pitch Classification of Play. This was not listed in the rule as an effect of the new rule change and should be listed in the Exception


The 2016 Official Rules of Softball have been printed and are in the hands of several Local Associations. There are a couple of items we wish to bring to everyone’s attention with regards to the rules as written in our rule book.

Timeline photos 02/27/2016

Charles Newsome presenting Vicente Olmeda with his National Indicator Fraternity Award


ASA Umpire Clinics at the Hall of Fame Stadium, Muskogee, and Broken Arrow on Saturday February 20. The cost to attend and get registered is $65.



Clinics start at 9AM with registration beginning at 8:30AM. Cost of the clinic and registration is $65. Bring cash or cashiers check made out to OASA. You can register online at www.registerasa.com and then attend the clinic of your choice. You will be able to register and pay online but you must attend a clinic to call championship play. You can go to http://www.eteamz.com/oklahomaasa and watch a powerpoint on the online registration if you have questions.



March 5 Enid Dennis Wanzer 580-484-9211
March 5 Adair Robert Stokes 918-605-8510
March 5 Broken Arrow Mark Hagerdon 918-695-2529
March 12 McAlester Dave Southerland 918-351-3153
March 13 Stillwater Danny Gaches 405-747-4621
March 19 Norman Dale Scott 405-642-7457
April 17 Weatherford Mike Herring 580-471-2801
April 24 Hall of Fame Dale Scott 405-642-7457


Feb 27, Ardmore Mike Thomas 580-220-8558
Feb 27, Lawton Horace Whetstone 580-713-1373
Feb 27, Claremore Monty Wickliffe 918-338-9055


Feb 13, Skiatook Albert Ridenhouer 918-724-3484
Feb 20, Broken Arrow Mark Hagerdon 918-695-2529
Feb 20, Muskofee Dave Southerland 918-351-3153
Feb 20, Hall of Fame Dale Scott 405-642-7457
Feb 21, Pryor Robert Stokes 918-605-8510


2016 ASA Umpire Clinics have been set.
Feb 6, Tahlequah Dave Southerland 918-351-3153
Feb 6, Bristow George McMillian 918-807-0331
Feb 7 Mustang Wayne Vaught 405-245-4069

Mobile uploads 07/27/2015

14U Girls Fast Pitch Southern National.


Only 4 clinics left to get certified for ASA softball this year. The next one coming up is this Saturday April 11th in Norman. The clinic registration begins at 8:30 and it starts at 9:00. Call Dale Scott at 405-642-7457 for location. We have clinics in Weatherford, Lexington, and at the Hall of Fame coming up and that will be the last one for this year. If you have questions please let us know.

Timeline photos 02/01/2015

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Here is a link to the 2015 Oklahoma ASA Umpire Clinics



2015 ASA Umpire Clinics
February 1 Pryor Dwayne Wagnon 918-805-9685
February 14 Claremore Mark Hagerdon 918-695-2529
February 21 Lawton Horace Whetstone 580-713-1373
February 21 Broken Arrow Mark Hagerdon 918-695-9685
February 28 Bristow George McMillian 918-807-0331
February 29 Ardmore Mike Thomas 580-220-0502
March 1 Hall of Fame David Anderson 580-436-9390
March 7 Norman Dale Scott 405-642-7457
March 7 Enid Dennis Wanzer 580-484-9211
March 8 Stillwater Danny Gaches 405-747-4621
March 14 Broken Arrow Mark Hagerdon 918-695-2529
April 11 Norman Dale Scott 405-642-7457
April 19 Weatherford Mike Herring 580-471-2801
May 2 Lexington Billy Mounger 405-630-6786
May 3 Hall of Fame David Anderson 580-436-9390

Clinics are $65 and we only accept CASH, CASHIERS CHECK, OR MONEY ORDER. Registration starts at 8:30 and clinic begins at 9AM. You will receive a rule book, umpire manual, bat ring, test, test refrence page, and clinic instruction on rules, mechanics and positioning. Please call the person listed for the clinic you want to attend to find out the location of the clinic.

Photos from Oklahoma USA Umpires's post 11/12/2014

At the ASA National Convention in Reno




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